Cat Condo: Another adorable mobile cat game is out!

I want all the cats!



Remember Neko Atsume? It was a mobile game where you could collect cats and watch them laze around your house doing silly things. Remember Cookie Clicker? That free-to-play web game where you would click the cookie or upgrade your equipment to bake more virtual cookies? Cat Condo is a mix of both these games and here’s why.

What’s Cat Condo?

Cat Condo is a free-to-play clicker mobile game that lets you generate new cats and discover new breeds. This is done by merging already existing cats. The game was created by a Taiwanese start-up called Zepni Ltd. The design resembles Neko Atsume, but Cat Condo is a drastically different game.

In Neko Atsume, cats have the liberty of going about their business and the potential joy of the game is seeing them being adorable as they are. In Cat Condo, the cats sit atop cat condos and generate money for you. Once you merge similar breeds of cats, they generate a larger amount of money.

More than just adorable

I said this before and I’ll explain it here: Cat Condo is just like Cookie Clicker. In what way, you ask? Besides the obvious of both games being clickers, these games latch on to simple and adorable elements. In Cat Condo, it latches on to discovering more and more breeds of cats and adding them to your gallery.

When I first played this game, it was undeniably charming and the fun didn’t come from just the adorable factor — there was also the challenge of discovering other breeds of cats the game had.

Waiting game

Playing this game can become tedious. It isn’t a game you should play seriously, and if you did, you just took the fun out of it. There are no quick ways to earn new breeds of cats unless you earn enough money to buy specific breeds. Also, factor in the cats that are generating money for you. Essentially, this game will take time and that is what a majority of clicker games do.

Its charm

What makes this game worth installing despite how simple and ironically tedious it can get? The cute cats! It makes you want to sing along to this song.

Some of them are fluffy and tubby, while others are strange and scrawny. Merging cats has nothing to do with how they are bred in real life, but it’s pretty silly to do in the game. The fun is having no idea what you’ll get next.

If you’re looking for a silly, casual game to play, this might be the game for you. If you played Neko Atsume or Cookie Clicker and like cats, this is also the game for you.

You’re free to try it out yourselves on either iOS or Android to see who among your friends has the most extensive collection of cats!

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YogiFi is a yoga mat that corrects your form in real-time

Your personal yoga instructor



Many of us are coming up with new routines as we stay indoors. If you’re finding it hard to find a physical activity that you can do in a limited space, yoga is something you can try.

Practicing yoga may look easy, but doing it right can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re only following a YouTube video. YogiFi is an AI-powered yoga mat that provides guided instructions and real-time corrections on your poses.

The sensors on the mat tracks your yoga sequences and tracks your vitals before and after each session. This lets you track your progress so you can feel more motivated the next time you hit the mat.

It comes with a companion app that offers 25 programs. You can select your personal trainer and set your goals.

YogiFi is live on Kickstarter and is currently available for backers at US$ 199.

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Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign will help you stay active at home

Let’s get physical!



Photo by Form Fitness

When gyms are out of reach and when your home doesn’t have any equipment, how do you continue your pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle?

In a time when we absolutely need to stay at home, Nike runs its ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign so we can still get physical.

Nike’s goal is to help everyone stay active, positive, and healthy — even when we’re all miles apart. Through their microsite, Nike shares tips and tricks tackling self-care, modified workouts, nutrition, and meditation.

For those who want to feel connected, Nike hosts community workouts through Instagram Live. Local Nike athletes, trainers, and coaches lead live-streamed sessions — whether it’s HIIT, Hip-hop dancing, or power yoga. Schedules are updated weekly, so it’s best to check it from time to time!

Schedule for May 25-29, 2020

If you just want to focus on your own workouts, Nike Training Club can be a great companion. The app houses free workouts you can do at home, which will help you with strength, endurance, and mobility. There are also guided yoga sessions, in case you’re into that.

Personally, I enjoy Nike Training Club’s bodyweight exercises, and I’ve been using their Bodyweight workout plan. In case you didn’t know, you can create a workout plan (and modify it to your liking) so you can commit yourself to an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Nike Training Club app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

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GrabTaxi resumes operations this May

GrabPay will double as contact tracing system



Grab Philippines is now resuming GrabTaxi operations as more areas in the country ease their travel restrictions. As a safety precaution, the company is also adopting new measures that will be implemented once GrabTaxi’s operations resume.

Grab is implementing cashless transactions for all its GrabTaxi fleet once service resumes on May 22. The company has already trained more than 7,000 drivers in preparation for the change. It has trained and encouraged drivers to use its GrabPay service to minimize physical cash transactions. After all, banknotes and bills encourage the spread of the virus that cause COVID-19 disease.

Using GrabPay will also benefit the public by acting as an efficient contact tracing system. Combined with Grab and Department of Health’s (DOH) contact tracing platform, the service will allow for faster and accurate contact tracing whenever possible.

The first two cities where GrabTaxi will resume operations this May are Baguio and Naga City. Around 400 drivers are to be deployed in these cities as operations resume. Grab is targeting to train more GrabTaxi drivers in handling cashless transactions along with other safety and health practices so they can quickly resume their jobs once restrictions are lifted. Those interested in undergoing the training can visit Grab’s website.

Elsewhere, Grab has also introduced cashless payments for the rest of its services. Grab users can now use GrabPay to pay for their essential goods and services. With GrabPay coming to GrabTaxi, users don’t have to bring physical cash and risk themselves to COVID-19.

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