Cat Condo: Another adorable mobile cat game is out!

I want all the cats!



Remember Neko Atsume? It was a mobile game where you could collect cats and watch them laze around your house doing silly things. Remember Cookie Clicker? That free-to-play web game where you would click the cookie or upgrade your equipment to bake more virtual cookies? Cat Condo is a mix of both these games and here’s why.

What’s Cat Condo?

Cat Condo is a free-to-play clicker mobile game that lets you generate new cats and discover new breeds. This is done by merging already existing cats. The game was created by a Taiwanese start-up called Zepni Ltd. The design resembles Neko Atsume, but Cat Condo is a drastically different game.

In Neko Atsume, cats have the liberty of going about their business and the potential joy of the game is seeing them being adorable as they are. In Cat Condo, the cats sit atop cat condos and generate money for you. Once you merge similar breeds of cats, they generate a larger amount of money.

More than just adorable

I said this before and I’ll explain it here: Cat Condo is just like Cookie Clicker. In what way, you ask? Besides the obvious of both games being clickers, these games latch on to simple and adorable elements. In Cat Condo, it latches on to discovering more and more breeds of cats and adding them to your gallery.

When I first played this game, it was undeniably charming and the fun didn’t come from just the adorable factor — there was also the challenge of discovering other breeds of cats the game had.

Waiting game

Playing this game can become tedious. It isn’t a game you should play seriously, and if you did, you just took the fun out of it. There are no quick ways to earn new breeds of cats unless you earn enough money to buy specific breeds. Also, factor in the cats that are generating money for you. Essentially, this game will take time and that is what a majority of clicker games do.

Its charm

What makes this game worth installing despite how simple and ironically tedious it can get? The cute cats! It makes you want to sing along to this song.

Some of them are fluffy and tubby, while others are strange and scrawny. Merging cats has nothing to do with how they are bred in real life, but it’s pretty silly to do in the game. The fun is having no idea what you’ll get next.

If you’re looking for a silly, casual game to play, this might be the game for you. If you played Neko Atsume or Cookie Clicker and like cats, this is also the game for you.

You’re free to try it out yourselves on either iOS or Android to see who among your friends has the most extensive collection of cats!

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Google is under investigation for abusing Android

Dominating the market comes with a price



Google has often been accused of monopolizing the smartphone market with the use of Android. While Android as an operating system is open source and anyone is free to make or use the system however they wish, Google’s push of its apps is a bigger problem.

Android is maintained by the search engine giant and the code is available for everyone’s use. But, Google pushes its range of apps in stock Android like Gmail, Maps, Play Music, YouTube, and more. Many accuse the company of forcing itself upon users and blocking the competition from a fair chance.

India’s Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been reviewing Google’s case for the last six months. The enforcement agency is currently at a preliminary stage and no official release has been made. Google, as well as CCI, have declined to comment.

The European Commission found Google guilty of dominating the market since 2011 and it’s abusing its standard practice of installing Google apps. The investigation led to a US$ 5 billion fine from the antitrust agency.

Google and CCI have met in recent months and the complaint was filled by a “group of individuals.” The agency has a track record of taking years to finish or conclude a case and we never know when a verdict might actually come.

Although, the CCI did impose a US$ 19 million fine on Google for “search bias” and abuse of its dominant position.

Android has a massive 85 percent market share and almost every Android phone ships with Google’s suite of apps. These apps, in return, help the search engine push ads to the user and generate revenue for the company.

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EA is looking into making a mobile version of Apex Legends

To battle with Fortnite



Image credit: EA

EA‘s battle royale game is a certified hit. Apex Legends, which was developed by Titanfall makers Respawn, has no fewer than 25 million registered players in just one week. The game is playable for free on multiple platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), but why not make it available on mobile as well?

Early reports don’t indicate mobile plans for the game, although during the Electronic Arts Q3 2019 earnings call, EA Games CEO said that they are looking into bringing Apex Legends to mobile devices.

Fortnite‘s userbase ballooned when it became available on Android and iOS, so it’s a no brainer than EA also wants mobile gamers to join the fun.

“We are looking at how to take the game to mobile and cross-play over time, and I also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we’re in conversations about that,” EA Games CEO Andrew Wilson said during the conference call.

There’s no definite timeline for the release of Apex Legends on mobile, but it’s certainly on the drawing board. For now, EA plans to introduce direct purchase options for players to buy items and new legends or heroes. They will also offer the so-called Apex Packs or simply loot boxes for more random items.

Apex Legends is not a pay-to-win game, so these items are purely cosmetic and can be used to customize your hero’s looks in the game.

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Introducing Bumble’s Spotlight: Pay to get to the top of the page

For just two Bumble coins!



You can’t buy your way to true love but you can now buy a top spot on Bumble’s swipe page.

You heard that right. Bumble just announced their new feature and they’re calling it Spotlight. For two Bumble coins, which is around US$ 2, you can get your own profile to the top of the swipe page — the most conducive spot for swiping. Your profile stays there for 30 minutes and people won’t even know you paid for the extra airtime.

Similar to Tinder Boost, this new feature allows for a bigger shot at better swiping results. It basically bumps you up in the queue. Remember, though, that you can only pay for being more visible on the app, but the swiping is still left to the other party.

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