Dell launches first AMD laptop in over 10 years

Two laptops. Both with RTX 30.



It was only a matter of time. AMD has been making plenty of headway in powering gaming laptops. Not to be outdone by other manufacturers, Dell launches two AMD-powered laptops — the Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 and the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition.

Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5

The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 combines visuals, performance and sleek design. It has one of the fastest displays on a 15-inch notebook with up to QHD 240Hz or FHD 360Hz panels.

It comes in up to AMD Ryzen 5000 H-Series Mobile Processors and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptop GPUs. It also has a user-upgradeable 3200Mhz DDR4 memory for the first time on an Alienware 15-inch notebook. And, it’s the first Alienware notebook finished with the new Silky-Smooth High Endurance paint formula engineered for increased stain-resistance and premium surface feel.

The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 also has a feature called Dark Core which darkens the interior shade of the laptop to minimize distractions.

Dell G15 Ryzen Edition

This may not have the Alienware branding but the gaming experience will still feel nearly out of this world. The Dell G15 Ryzen Edition comes in up to AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptop GPUs and user-upgradeable 3200Mhz DDR4 memory. That’s plenty of power under the hood.

Need more power? It has “Game Shift” which is a functional key unique to G Series which instantly cranks up cooling performance for intense gaming sessions. It also comes with an Alienware-inspired thermal design to maximise airflow for optimal cooling and heat dissipation.

It also has a new sleeker look with its two-sided, narrow-bezel screen and uses low VOC waterborne paint. It’s available in 120Hz or 165Hz panels, with a 360Hz display coming later this spring; all featuring low-blue-light display hardware.

In addition to the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition, a new Dell G15 with 10th Gen Intel Core processors will also become available in Singapore.

New Dell Gaming monitors

Launching alongside the two new gaming laptops are Dell’s gaming monitors. Here’s what you’re getting:

Dell 25 Gaming Monitor (S2522HG) — Has 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Ideal for aspiring competitive gamers where every frame counts. Its Fast IPS technology provides consistency and clarity at all angles. It also features both NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible certification and AMD FreeSync Premium technology for smooth, stutter-free visuals.

Dell 27 and 32 Curved Gaming Monitors (S2722DGM and S3222DGM) — QHD resolution with 165Hz refresh rate and 2ms response time. Supports AMD FreeSync Premium or Premium Pro.

Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor (S3422DWG) — Also supports AMD FreeSync Premium or Premium Pro. Shows life-like visuals on its expansive curved WQHD 34-inch display with support for VESA DisplayHDR 400 and 90% DCI-P3 colour coverage. Has a 144Hz refresh rate.

Pricing and availability

All products will be available for purchase online at and at Dell exclusive stores in Funan Mall, NEX and Plaza Singapura. Pricing details have yet to be announced. Availability are as follows:

  • Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 — early May 2021
  • Dell G15 Ryzen Edition — early May 2021
  • Dell G15 with 10th Gen Intel Core processors — mid-April 2021
  • Dell 25 Gaming Monitor (S2522HG) — end-June 2021
  • Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitors (S2722DGM) — end-June 2021
  • Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitors (S3222DGM — end-June 2021
  • Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor (S3422DWG) — end-June 2021


Trials of Mana now available on mobile

Mobile gamers might want to try this!



Since its release in 1995, the Trials of Mana has come a long way. From the 16-bit era to the mobile gaming platform, this game is rich in history spanning 26 years. Now, the 3D remake of the JRPG classic Trials of Mana is now available on mobile.

The mobile version of the game includes many features, including new touch controls,  adjustable graphics settings and cloud save capabilities. Players can also receive two pieces of starting gear to help jumpstart their quest. The starting items are the Rabite Adornment and Silktail Adornment. 

Originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995, Trials of Mana is a remake of the third entry in the classic Mana series. The game features a selectable main cast  with upgradable classes and over 300 different abilities to learn as they discover a world of secrets and mysteries. The series’ action battle system will put players to the test as they encounter enemies. The game was received well by its release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam platforms.

Price and Availability

Trials of Mana is available on iOS and Android devices via the App Store or Google Play Store. The game is priced at US$ 23.99. 

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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is coming to Genshin Impact

Will be available for all players… eventually




Turns out the PlayStation and Genshin Impact collaboration goes beyond PlayStation 5 specific updates. Aloy from the PlayStation game Horizon Zero Dawn will be a playable character on Genshin Impact.

Aloy — a five-star character — will be playable for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players via in-game mail when Version 2.1 drops. The character can then be played on any platform thanks to the cross-save feature after being claimed from the PS5 or PS4.

Not a PlayStation player? Fret not. Aloy, will arrive to all players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 on Version 2.2. Her weapon, unfortunately, is a PlayStation exclusive.

Version 2.1 and Version 2.2 will also bring other updates that MiHoyo promised to release in detail shortly. Version 2.1 is coming on October 13, 2021 while version 2.2 will arrive on November 24, 2021. Could these also be clues on when the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will release? We’ll have to wait and see.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world action RPG that brings players to the world of Teyvat. The player takes on the role of the mysterious “Traveler,” who sets off on a journey to discover the fate of their lost sibling.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a PlayStation exclusive game that launched in 2017. It received plenty of critical and commercial success. Its sequel — Horizon Forbidden West — is set to arrive in late 2021.

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Steelseries unveils new Prime lineup of gaming peripherals

Get your head, and hands, in the game



Steelseries Prime

Steelseries has a knack for creating some of the best peripherals in Esports. This time around, they’re looking to expand their growing library of Esports peripherals with some “pro” help. After collaborating with over 100 competitive professional players, the company unveils its new Steelseries Prime lineup of gaming peripherals.

Within the Prime lineup, Steelseries introduces three new gaming mice: the Steelseries Prime, Steelseries Prime+, and Steelseries Prime Wireless. For the company, these three gaming mice bring their own set of features and customization depending on the user’s style of play. Although, all three mice come with a TrueMove sensor that provides proper tracking performance fit for competition.

Along with these, Steelseries also introduces the Steelseries Arctis Prime gaming headset. Built on the heritage of the Arctis franchise, this headset provides great sound quality in a comfortable and lightweight package. Also, the Arctis Prime comes with new noise-isolating ear cushions to eliminate background noise during playback.

The Steelseries Prime lineup is currently available in Steelseries’ official stores on Shopee and Lazada and select authorized dealers. For the SRPs, the gaming mice are priced at SG$ 119 (Prime Gaming Mouse), SG$ 149 (Prime+ Gaming Mouse), and SG$ 299 (Prime Wireless Gaming Mouse). Meanwhile, the Steelseries Arctis Pro retails for SG$ 179.

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