5 reasons why Disney+ is better than Netflix (and 1 big reason why it’s not)

Is it really the better option?



The streaming landscape just got a lot more crowded. At Disney’s D23 Expo earlier today, the entertainment giant shared more official details surrounding its upcoming streaming platform, Disney+. Set for a November launch, the exclusive platform will include the entire Disney movie library, Disney’s latest acquisitions from Fox, and a slate of original movies and series. It’s a great day to be a Disney fan.

As details surface, Disney+ is already positioning itself as a worthy contender against Netflix’s streaming empire. With an exciting archive of content, is it any wonder? Let’s run through the reasons. Here are five ways that Disney+ is better than Netflix (and one big reason why it’s not).

1. An insanely tempting price

Right off the bat, Disney+ has already claimed the most competitive price tag for a streaming service. The platform’s basic plan will cost only US$ 6.99 (approximately PHP 366). Further, Disney is offering a premium ESPN+ and Hulu bundle deal for only US$ 12.99 (approximately PHP 680).

In comparison, Netflix is charging a steeper US$ 8.99 (approximately PHP 469) for the basic bundle. Netflix’s midrange plan costs US$ 12.99 (approximately PHP 680). Finally, the premium plan costs US$ 15.99 (approximately PHP 837).

Objectively, Disney+ is cheaper than most streaming alternatives today. Of course, prices are more than just static numbers. What makes Disney+’s cheaper price worth it (or even better than Netflix’s)?

2. Better device flexibility

Streaming has always worried about rampant account sharing. Most notoriously, Netflix enforces its simultaneous screen limit through its package deals. Its basic plan is compatible with only one screen. From there, the limit increases to two and four screens streaming concurrrently, depending on package.

Disney+ offers a cheaper alternative. Disney+’s basic plan already supports four simultaneous screens — a big win for the family-oriented streaming platform.

3. Sharper resolution

Another common pricing scheme involves the segregation of video quality. Netflix limits its basic plan to standard definition. The premium package, however, ramps it up to UHD resolution.

Again, Disney+ already offers the best available option with its basic plan. At its cheapest, the platform streams in 4K resolution. Similarly, it offers HDR video and Dolby Atmos audio support.

4. 3-in-1 streaming bundles

Disney+’s premium package offers a simultaneous subscription with ESPN+, Disney’s livestreaming platform for sports including basketball, football, and tennis. Similarly, the bundle offers a subscription to Hulu’s ad-supported streaming service. Currently, the separate platform has created timeless originals like The Handmaid’s Tale and Veronica Mars.

On its own, ESPN+ costs US$ 4.99 (approximately PHP 261) per month. Hulu starts at US$ 5.99 (approximately PHP 313) per month.

5. Exciting originals

Naturally, Disney+ is hyping its launch with a slate of much-awaited originals. Since its initial announcement, the platform already has a lot of great titles lined up. For one, Marvel’s upcoming series will stream exclusively on the platform. In fact, D23 announced previously unannounced series: Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk.

Further, several Star Wars shows are making their way to Disney+: The Mandalorian, an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and a Rian Johnson-led trilogy.

Finally, Disney also announced its own properties coming to the platform: a live action The Lady and the Tramp, a High School Musical series, a Lizzie McGuire revival, and a Phineas and Ferb movie.

Disney+ is too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is. With a lot of amazing features, the platform is bound to stumble somewhere. Despite the hype, Disney’s content plan is a big reason why Netflix still beats Disney+.

1. The same old Disney flavor

Before Disney+’s official announcement, Disney already started pulling out its properties from other streaming services. Starting this year, Disney’s blockbusters will stream exclusively on Disney+. For example, the company has claimed streaming ownership over the recently released Toy Story 4 and The Lion King. Upcoming titles like Frozen 2 will also stream exclusively on Disney+.

Coupled with the recently acquired Fox titles, Disney+’s roster is exciting. However, how exciting will it get? Disney is maintaining an iron grip over its content. In comparison, Netflix offers a wider range of titles spanning through romance, horror, action, indie, and comedy. Of course, because of the library’s size, Netflix’s gems are too few and far between. However, Netflix’s wide variety of choice is much more refreshing compared to Disney’s limited options.

Further, Disney’s current hype hinges mostly on nostalgia. Except for Marvel’s entries, Disney’s upcoming slate are either reboots or long-awaited sequels to past properties. Disney’s only “new” exclusives are Noelle and The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Compared to Netflix, Disney+ doesn’t have a powerful headliner yet, one that it can proudly call its own.

Finally, Disney+’s lack of originals points to another underlying problem. What exactly is its mission? Disney already has a robust blockbuster market. Through wide theatrical release, Disney puts out its best content. Naturally, the allure of ticket sales prevents Disney from switching entirely to streaming. As such, Disney+ operates as a streaming repository for past movies. It might also serve as a launch platform for “lesser” films, movies that won’t do well in the box office. For example, The Lady and the Tramp — both the original and its remake — arguably belong to Disney’s bench players, a roster that pales in comparison to The Lion King or Aladdin. Likewise, Lizzy McGuire and Phineas and Ferb belong to the same club. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, though stemming from a popular title, doesn’t feature the same cast of characters.

On paper, Disney+ is a mammoth contender in the crowded battlefield of streaming. However, Disney’s current content plan fails to show the same amount of gusto as its competitors. Undoubtedly, its launch slate will cause a tsunami of hype. However, the new streaming platform still must prove its chops as its own capable beast. For now, Netflix is still the streaming queen.

Besides, “Netflix and chill” sounds a lot catchier than “Disney+ and chill.”

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League of Legends’ animated Netflix show is coming soon!

Out by this fall!




The new animated series is titled Arcane. And, it’s coming from the League of Legends (LoL) publishers themselves: Riot games. Despite releasing countless animated shorts, Arcane is a first for the League franchise. Riot Games partnered with Fortiche Productions to develop and produce this series; keeping character designs and art close to home.

Since the first hint of it in 2019, fans have been waiting patiently for this release. And if you want the series now, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. It’ll be out on Netflix and on Tencent Video in China by fall this year.

We follow two iconic League champions, their origins, and the power that tears them apart. The backdrop to the story is the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

Riot Game’s Global President of Entertainment, Shauna Spenley said, “Arcane was created as a love letter to our players and fans, who have been asking us for more cinematic experiences that dive deeper into the worlds and champions in League of Legends.”

Netflix’s video game animated series

Arcane is just one of few new video game adaptation slates in Netflix’s lineup. Which, spells good news for fans and players of games. One recent release was Dota: Dragon’s Blood, an animated series inspired by Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena (moba) game DOTA 2. Other Netflix series based on the video game realm include Assassin’s Creed, Castlevania, Cuphead, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and Assassin’s Creed.

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Couple co-op games to play during the pandemic

Loving from a distance




co-op games

It goes without saying that the pandemic has drastically altered our lives. And, for the lucky few who’ve found love amidst the global chaos or barely kept their love life while apart, playing games has become one of the best past time in quarantine.

Below are cooperative games you can play with your partners or friends. We’re open to all forms of love here. Also, note that this list won’t include classic multiplayer games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons because I’m assuming you and your partner or friends have already played these for an ungodly number of hours. Which, by the way if you haven’t, I recommend you start there.

Not included on this list are multiplayer online battle arenas(mobas) since that’s a whole genre of it’s own. And, I’m sick and tired of blatant sexting and flirting on moba team chats. Get your lives together or stay alone, yeah?

It Takes Two

Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, & PC

It Takes Two is a cooperative action-adventure platformer with gripping stories and game mechanics. You play as arguing parents at wit’s end stuck in doll form. The doll form bit is due to your daughter’s attempt to cope with her parents’ eventual split. Speaking of splits, it’s a split-screen multiplayer that allows you to play locally or online. The game mechanics and design are witty and eloquent–drawing you into the characters’ stories.

It Takes Two is a good game to play with your partner to see how well you work through obstacles together–in more ways than one. It Takes Two was developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals labels.

Heave Ho!

Steam, Nintendo Switch, & GOG

Heave Ho! is a multiplayer co-op platformer where you and your partner or friends get through tough puzzles using your wobbly and dangly limbs. Grab on to each other’s hands, climb across dangling bodies, and swing your way into safety.

Heave Ho! forces you to work together by throwing the other, climbing over, and using our partner to get to the other side. It’s a quirky simple yet challenging game that have left players screaming desperate for hand grabbing. Heave Ho! was developed by Le Cartel Studio and published by Devolver Digital.

Overcooked! 2

Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, GOG

Overcooked! 2 is a cooperative cooking simulation video game. It’s the sequel to Overcooked! which had the same game mechanics just without the new and improved stages, mechanics, and features. Overcooked! 2 will make it necessary to yell at each other–which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You work together as a team to prep, cook, and serve.

It’s the perfect game to play to break the ice, work together, laugh, and panic. Test your relationship, strengthen it, or break up over a silly game. Overcooked! 2 was developed by Team17 alongside Ghost Town Games and published by Team17.



Do two burly Vikings braving the elements sound like a romantic way to spend the night with your partner? No, of course not, but you’ll get hours of entertainment riding together with your nordic allies. Valheim is an explorative survival game. Build yourself a little home, roam the giant wilderness for resources, and hunt some trolls. If Minecraft doesn’t hit the same way anymore, this will probably fill that gap. But make sure you’re playing together, microphone on, and you’ll get lost in purgatory.

Valheim was developed by Iron Gate AB and developed by Coffee Stain Publishing.

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Netflix working on live-action Gundam movie

Helmed by the director of ‘Kong: Skull Island’



Photo by Hkyu Wu on Unsplash

If you like movies featuring giant robots, you’re gonna like this latest development — Netflix, working with Legendary Pictures, is set to make a live-action Gundam movie.

The live-action Gundam movie will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts who also called the shots for Kong: Skull Island. Other than the fact that it’s happening and who’s directing it, there are no details yet. Clearly, the project is still in its very early stages. It’ll be curious to see which one from its wealth of source materials will the team behind the live-action film pull from.

Legendary Pictures is the same company responsible for the Pacific Rim movie franchise as well as the “Monsterverse” movies featuring Godzilla and King Kong.

h/t: The Verge

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