Engineer builds glitter bomb with stinky farts for package thieves

A genius invention for revenge



There are times when the receiver of a package is away, it’s just placed on the doorstep. This opens a chance for thieves to steal unprotected goods. Stealing is not cool, but instead of simply relying on the police, a former NASA engineer built something to teach thieves a lesson.

After a couple stole his package one afternoon, Mark Rober decided to create a device that would deliver an ultimate prank. Disguised as an Apple HomePod box, the carefully engineered creation is equipped with four cellular-connected LG G5 phones to record videos in 360 degrees. The phones let Mark see the spectacle of a glitter bomb that showers in all directions. Not only that, but it also fumes a stinky scent using a fart spray. 👀

It’s a harmless way to send a colorful and strong scented message. The only damage is the large amount of glitter that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Check out the epic video:

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10 free apps to improve your Instagram stories

Level up your IG story game




Using the basic editor of Instagram Stories is easy adds some flair to your stories. But, if you want to be extra and you want your Story Highlights to look as creative as possible, these apps should help.

These are all free but there are monthly and yearly subscriptions that unlock each one’s full potential. It’s not mandatory but it sure helps. Here are the apps in no particular order.


The templates may already be familiar to most of you since Unfold has been used by a lot of people. You can choose from several templates including classic, film, or ripped paper. Inside the app, you can create a “story” and add several pages so you can export them all at once. Aside from changing background color (or texture), you can also add stickers, texts (font selection is a tad limited), and even GIFs.

Download: iOS | Android


With Made, you’ll get templates not just limited to classic, film, and ripped paper as there are also travel boards, golden frames, and more. What’s great is the selection of photo filters and page backgrounds — glitters, marble, wood, paper, food, you name it. You can even add your photos as the background proving how versatile the app is. The text editor is a bit tricky as you can’t resize it as freely as Unfold, but its font selection is still a great addition.

Download: iOS


Nichi is your best pick if you want your stories to look more like a journal. Aside from various paper textures and organic-looking graphics, you can also change your photo filters between film, polaroid, and other retro-styled choices. The font system isn’t limited to English letters as it supports Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters. Best of all? The template board isn’t fixed as you can freely resize assets depending on your liking.

Download: iOS | Android


Just like Unfold, this app also has the versatility of adding texts and videos. But unlike the apps aforementioned, you get more free fonts, graphics, and templates, even without additional subscription. You can even add your own graphics (such as logos) and install your own fonts — making it more flexible. Each project you make is saved, so that you can re-use the layouts in your future stories.

Download: iOS | Android

Canva: Stories

Canva has been a popular editing website for presentations and print layouts. Now, Canva isn’t limited to computer systems anymore as you can access it across your devices with their app. What’s great with Canva: Stories is the inclusion of free 700 templates and enjoy their quality assets as much as you like. Canva: Stories may not be available yet for the Android system but you can use the regular Canva app as it still has a dedicated Instagram Stories maker with free templates.

Download: iOS | Android (Canva)


The Mojo app is perfect for those who want animated templates — which makes it stand out from the previous apps that all include static layout. There are more than 100 templates to choose from and animated text styles aren’t limited as well. Other than that, you can also customize fonts, colors, sizes, positions, alignments, and many more.

Download: iOS

Story Art

Story Art has huge selections of story templates of more than 1000, including 300+ animated templates. There are also 70+ themes (like film, marble, retro, and minimalism), as well as 100+ highlight covers. Aside from that, it features vintage film filters, and even a VHS camcorder that adds a retro effect to your stories. Just like other layout apps, you can add and customize texts, plus adjust video speed when needed.

Download: iOS | Android


There are 500+ static and animated templates alongside 50+ themes (love, summer, travel, memory, among others) when you use StoryChic. Other than that, this app also features several high quality filters to match your story’s mood. There are more than 40 fonts you can select and rotate, plus hundreds of color options and several effects to add context to your stories. Not something most people will use but there’s a blur option for the photos and videos you’ll add.

Download: iOS | Android


Just like StoryChic, this app also includes more than 500 photo and video Instagram story templates in various styles such as film, paper, love, collage, and even neon. You can also add backdrop textures to fit your aesthetic. There are 16 fonts that are color customizable. Powerful and unique photo filters are also present, including a vintage selection. Its great reviews prove that you don’t need to break a sweat as its easy and fun to use.

Download: iOS


StoryLab consists of over 200 customizable collage and layout templates. You can choose from different styles of frames and borders and supports both photos and videos. Other than that, there are dozens of high-quality background options, even for your highlight cover. Texts, stickers, and filters are the usual features of a layout app but what makes it unique is the inclusion of a unique brush set which you can use to draw over your stories.

Download: Android

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AMX XP 60: The most convenient USB-C PD charger

One brick, four devices



MicroUSB used to be a must-have on all phones a few years back. With rising megapixels and resolutions, the industry also moved on to a new port called USB-C. It’s easier to use thanks to a reversible connector and also carries more power as well as data. OnePlus was among the first to incorporate the port and pretty much every other brand has made the shift.

Though, Apple is yet to make up its mind. The Cupertino giant has equipped the MacBook’s with just USB-C ports and removed all older lesser beings. Unfortunately, the brand still uses a lightning port for the iPhones and that means I need to carry at least two charging wires — one for the MacBook and one for the iPhone.

And, if you’re carrying along any other Android phone or accessory, it’s a bare minimum rule to also carry a microUSB wire. With so many different ports, how do you charge your devices on the go? Each will need a separate charging brick that not only takes space but also weighs you down.

I’ve been using AMX’s XP 60 charger for a couple of weeks now and it has definitely become one of my favorite accessories of 2019. The brick has one USB-C port and three USB-A ports along with a tiny blue-colored indicator showing successful power delivery.

Obviously, finding a brick with multiple ports is not groundbreaking. However, the USB-C port on this charger supports PD charging, a standardized protocol for faster charging. PD charging doesn’t require any proprietary gear, so you can simply plug your mobile, laptop, accessory, or even power bank.

On top of that, PD optimizes power management across multiple peripherals so each device will draw only the power it requires for the current process.

The rest of the USB-A ports support 18W fast charging cheap. And it was pretty much every phone shipping with fast charging tech, it’s always nice to have more options. I’ve quickly managed to charge my iPhone 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Mi A3, and MacBook Air simultaneously from just one power outlet.

Considering the price of INR 1,199 (US$ 17), this is a steal. OEM chargers sometimes cost more than that and are often limited. However, the charging brick feels a little flimsy. Some improvements to the overall build quality would be highly appreciated.

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Casetify’s collaboration with Pangram Pangram is inspired by travel

For those diagnosed with a serious case of wanderlust



Nothing inspires us to keep hustling like the places we want to travel to — whether that’s a remote island or a concrete jungle. Packing and carrying a heavy suitcase, going through airport security and passport control, waiting at the airport and finding nothing but overpriced food — all these are so much more exciting than going through everyday commute and the routine of office work.

If nothing feeds your soul like a travel adventure, Casetify’s collaboration with type foundry Pangram Pangram is made for you. It’s inspired by the journey through the airport, from luggage scan tags to boarding passes, and airport restaurant bills.

Customize your iPhone case by choosing an airport and adding your name — et voila! You now have your very own luggage scan tag case. As of writing there are more than 30 cities to choose from, and here are some of our favorites:

New York





San Francisco




Casetify is adding more cities based on the demand, so if you don’t see your favorite destination or hometown let them know on Instagram. The cases are available for iPhone 7 and up, including the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max starting at US$ 35. Cases for Airpods 1 and 2, as well as Apple Watch bands for Series 1-4 are also available.

To shop the collection visit

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