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Life WAS Good



Last night before heading to bed, I got the news about LG closing down its mobile division.

And nope. This is no April Fools joke. LG isn’t going to be making and selling any new mobile phones. Instead, they’ll be focusing on other growth areas.

That said, I woke up feeling a bit sad, like anyone who has lost someone or something.  As a tech creator — I have many fond memories covering LG and am fond of many LG smartphones. As a lover of all things tech, I’m also sad to see a player in this space bite the dust — especially one that has done its part to push the boundaries of this space.

So before I continue with regular programming, I think it’s only fitting to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the legacy left behind by LG Mobile.


I was a bit late to the game. I had toyed around with other LG phones but the first LG smartphone I used as a personal phone and one that I actually reviewed was the G2 back in 2013. It was one of my favorites — so much so that I called it the best smartphone that year. And I think it’s because it had the best camera. Better even than the Galaxy S4.

Unfortunately, I dropped it, in Korea of all places and smashed its screen to smithereens.


Believe it or not, my first CES coverage was in 2014 and this is where I first got to play with the LG G Flex. The phone came at a time where both Samsung and LG were first experimenting with a flexible display.

LG’s version made more sense to me because it was Candybar-shaped, just slightly convex so it matched the curves of your buns. And if you put it in your pocket and sit on it and the screen would flex and give but just curve back to normal after.

I also liked that its back was made of self-healing material — that would repair minor scratches and scuffs over time. I still wonder why we never saw that feature again.


The next LG phone that I really liked was the G4. It was special for many reasons.

This could be the first time that we saw actual leather used on a phone. No faux leather — but actual leather. And it came in like a dozen colors. Despite that, the back was still removable. Meaning, you could also pop in and out the battery.

The G4 wasn’t the first phone I did a video on — on the GadgetMatch channel — but it was my first unboxing video as your Gadget Match maker.

It was also special to me because this is how I met my good friend Nicole Scott. Back then Nicole and I were based in Asia — and we were covering the regional launch event in Singapore.

Back then, we both didn’t have a device to review ahead of launch. So we stayed behind at the venue until we were kicked out. That’s how we realized we were made from the same DNA and have been close ever since.

Nicole and I did our first video together a few years later in Berlin and it was about Zoom vs Ultra Wide — where we compared the Galaxy Note 8 vs the LG V30.


Later that year LG introduced the V Series and the V10 has got to be one of my favorite of all the V phones ever released. I loved its rugged aesthetic including its rubber back and stainless steel frame. It also had a cool ticker display up top. The V10 was a precursor to some of LG’s best smartphones to date.


A year later I still wasn’t important enough to get review devices early. But in Barcelona, LG lent me a G5 in all colors. And this was an exciting time for LG.

While the concept didn’t take off. I still think the idea behind a modular smartphone is ahead of its time but possibly still in our future. Imagine you could pop in all sorts of modules to give the phone added functionality. A better camera. Better audio. Longer battery life.

But where LG and the G5 deserve the most credit is for the addition of the Ultra Wide Angle Camera — before Apple, before Samsung. Before the whole industry did it — there was LG and the G5. And perhaps we have them to thank for this trend.

The dark years

The last few years that followed were rough for LG and this is where it seems that they stopped getting love from creators. I do remember the G6 and how LG challenged me to dunk it in a tiny washing machine. That video was fun to make.

I will say around this time is where LG really came into its own. The V30 for example is where they embraced their own design language. That said the phones we saw from LG over the next few years weren’t particularly exciting even if they did excel in terms of audio quality.

LG V60

Currently the longest review video I’ve ever done — longer than 30 minutes — is on the LG V60. I spent so much time reviewing that phone because I believed it was so underrated and didn’t get the attention it deserved.

It was also one of the phones that LG shipped with a Dual Screen case, another feature that didn’t get a lot of love but still groundbreaking in its own right.

LG’s approach to multitasking on a device is perhaps ahead of its time in the sense that Android just isn’t designed for two separate screens yet. I’d like to think it paved the way for the likes of the Microsoft Surface Duo, which also didn’t take off not because two screened phones are not a great idea but more because the software isn’t ready to support the promised experience.

LG Velvet

Last year, apart from the fact that my review unit came in grey, I loved what the LG Velvet aimed to accomplish: offer an affordable phone with features most users needed and nothing more.

LG Wing

And finally the LG Wing — which is a phone I never got to review because it arrived late and at that time I was already busy with other stuff. I will forever cherish this device — as it was my last LG phone.

It came right after my birthday last year and the day it arrived, my friends and I were hanging on my roof, and LG had sent a whole bunch of chicken wings as a fun play on the phone’s name.

The Wing was cute, not necessarily practical but it was refreshing to see LG continue to experiment. And it’s unfortunate that their journey ends here. At least for now. I mean, you never know.

고마워 (gomawo), LG!

Earlier this year, we saw LG tease their rollable phone concept — that’s another something we’re never gonna get. I know some of you are wondering why I’m even affected by this news and no I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon.

LG has not only been part of my journey as a creator. Not only have I met plenty of LG Mobile employees over the years — many I now call my friends. But LG Mobile has undoubtedly left a mark on the industry — and while it might not have always come up on top, I think we can all look back and agree that the smartphone world as we know it today — wouldn’t be the same without them.

So thank you, LG.


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Our dads sometimes forget that health is wealth. Give them the gift of health through a treadmill, so you can encourage them to live an active and fit lifestyle to prevent diseases that come with age.

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First Look

realme 8 5G Unboxing and First Impressions

Midrange game changer?



Game-changer. It’s a bold adjective to use, especially when you’re describing a smartphone that’s situated in a competitive midrange segment. But realme has always dared to leap, and they’re doing exactly that with the realme 8 5G.

They’re calling it a 5G game-changer. It will require more extensive testing to determine whether that’s true or not, but for the meantime, here are our first impressions of realme’s newest offering.

But first, a quick rundown of the specifications for this device.

Display 6.5-inch IPS LCD display, 90 hZ 1080p
Processor MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 5G (7nm)
Cameras 48MP primary camera (wide)
2MP macro camera
2MP depth sensor
Battery 5000 mAh


The phone comes in realme’s signature yellow box. No surprises there.

Taking out the lid, you’re greeted by a short note from the brand. Nice touch!

Going through the rest of the box, you’ll find your usual set of manuals, a charging cable, and your charging brick. Realme also included a case for free out of the box. Good stuff!

It makes a good first impression, but can it last?

Out of the box, the first thing you notice is how pretty the device is. Without touching it, you’d think it was made out of glass. But in reality, they used plastic for this device. The radiant light effect is definitely a nice touch.

Outside of the fingerprint smudges you’ll definitely be leaving on the back, you’d want to rock this phone without a case.

The realme 8 5G uses a curved back for added ergonomics. The phone is well-built, and it doesn’t feel cheap even if plastic was realme’s material of choice.

That extra feeling of sturdiness matters, especially in a competitive midrange market. First impressions can make or break whether you get a smartphone or not. In this case, realme passed with flying colors. Early indications suggest that realme has a winner with the 8 5G.

That’s all we have on realme’s newest midrange offering for now. We’ll be testing the device to see whether the realme 8 5G can truly #CaptureInfinitePossibilitiesWith5G.

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First Look

Huawei MatePad 2021 Unboxing and First Impressions

The device for people on the go!



Huawei has updated its primary tablet the Huawei Matepad. Come and join me as we unbox the new Huawei MatePad 2021.


Starting off, we have the box. A clean and simple look, but definitely pleasing! The front of the box shows us the branding and the name of the device.

A Huawei logo on the upper left corner, the AppGallery on the lower right, and on the lower left, the screen size of the device.

The box also has an interesting texture, only on the top cover though.

Opening the box, we have the device itself wrapped in fine paper and a pull tab to assist you when lifting the device out of the box.

Underneath the device, you are presented with two boxes. One box for the charging brick…

and the second containing the paperwork, USB Type-C cable, a 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor, and a warranty card.

Only the larger box is removable so be careful not to rip out the smaller box. Behind the larger box is the sim ejector tool, be sure to keep it safe!

Huawei MatePad

Removing the paper, we now see the simple but gorgeous Huawei MatePad in the “Midnight Grey” colorway. Be sure to remove the sticker — it’s optional but I suggest that you do.

The device itself is lightweight and easy to carry around, as a slim device it’s very easy to place it in a bag and you will have no problem carrying it around all day.

Starting off at the front, you will see the 10.4-inch screen with the camera at the top. Referring to the format at the back of the device, the front-facing camera is placed at the top.

On the left side of the device, you will be able to find the speakers along with the sleep/wake button. The right side shows you another pair of speakers and a charging port.

The top shows 4 microphones with the volume up and down button at the very left.

Heading over to the back you’ll be able to see the single-shooter camera, the Huawei branding, and an indication of their partnership with Harman/Kardon. The camera is accompanied by a flash and a microphone.


  • Display: 10.4-inch 2000×1200 IPS, 225 PPI
  • Processor: Huawei Kirin 820 series
  • Memory: RAM – 4GB, ROM – 128GB
  • Camera: 8MP front, 8MP rear
  • Battery: 7250mAh

Final thoughts

Finally, now we have unboxed the new Huawei MatePad. With this, the device itself feels good to the touch and is a good size for a tablet. Additionally, the “Midnight Grey” colorway of the MatePad is a great choice, it doesn’t collect fingerprints easily and the device is lightweight so you don’t have to worry when taking it with you anywhere.

The initial setup of the new MatePad was fast and easy, there are pre-loaded apps that are ready to use. Although I’m not sure if it’s just me or the apps change from time to time when you open the designated folders of the pre-loaded apps. For media consumption, the experience was good. Although the YouTube app was not the same as the ones we see on our devices, it works well as it should.

The screen looks good so far with the 2000×1200 IPS display, trying a few videos and films, the quality was great. Additionally, the speakers are a huge boost to the volume — loud but good quality. The MatePad also doesn’t have a 3m5mm headphone jack, luckily, they provided an adaptor. The MatePad is looking good so far, stay tuned for the next article as we are going deep and we’ll be having a full review of the Huawei MatePad 2021.


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