24 Hours Series

24 Hours in Venice Beach with the LG G6

Lots of sand, sun, and silhouettes



I’ve been to the actual city of Venice in Italy a few years back, and while the breathtaking sights I enjoyed then are still fresh to me, I had no qualms visiting what’s called the Venice of America.

The moment my trip to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California was booked, I had a choice of nine different smartphones to take with me on the trip. After much self-deliberation, it came down to one premium handset, and that was the LG G6.

Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has the single best camera right now and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus narrowly bested the LG handset in a recent shootout, but the G6 has something neither of them have: a secondary rear camera that can take extra-wide-angle landscape photos.

I figured it would be perfect for the views I was about to experience, and on top of that, the G6 is both water and dust resistant — perfect for the wet and sandy terrains I was about to set my feet in!

Right by the beach

The photo above is Venice Beach in a nutshell: shirtless folks traversing paths beside the beach and under an endless line of palm trees. Despite the clear, blue sky and beaming sun, not once did I shed a drop of sweat. Either the sea breeze was that cool, or my body was preserving all the liquids it stored!

What I loved most about Venice was the diversity of activities. I’d go from a chill Gelato bar to a high-speed skate park like this in a matter of steps!

Music of all genres filled the air at every corner. Each band had their own playlists which never overlapped with the following group’s. How they coordinate that, I may never know.

While I didn’t have the guts to come up and buy something, every street vendor braved the heat to show off what they got — love and peace were universal themes.

Right behind this set of junk-built statues of (copyrighted) characters, is the biggest selection of hats I’ve ever seen! I’m not a hat person, but I couldn’t help but try on a couple.

If you take a detour through one of the less-busy side streets, you’ll be treated to some hidden wall art such as this. I love how the possibly unintentional growth of weed underneath makes it seem like the man is peering right through.

Back on track, here’s one of Venice Beach’s trademark outdoor gyms. As you can tell by my nearly shot-ruining finger on the lower-left corner of the photo, I have to keep my hands clear of the lens when going extra wide.

The rise of corporate overlords

This is a long and narrow Snap shop containing a few vending machines for the company’s sole physical product, Spectacles.

Sadly, Snapchat’s success means office expansion along Venice Beach, and people clearly aren’t happy about losing their land to tycoons.

Another standout business is this string of stores by “Green Doctors.” I have no idea what they sell, but whatever it is, customers walking out seem extra happy and laid back.

Back to business

As much fun as it was to leisurely walk around the beach, some work had to be done. Here’s Michael Josh setting up the camera for an unboxing we were shooting. It’s coming soon!

A trip to the grocery store before dinner gave me the perfect chance to test the G6’s color reproduction. I must say, the hues here are spot on, and this shot is making me hungry again!

On to Santa Monica

Memories of the TV show Baywatch sprung to mind here — except there was no Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff to save me from the biting cold of the ocean!

This shot was taken during our long walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. The linear direction meant sunburn on just the left side of my neck and arm.

Finally, here’s me feeling like a champ after walking 4,000 steps to this point. Maybe next time, I’ll rent a car and drive 4,000 kilometers to the other end of Route 66 — Chicago, Illinois.

24 Hours is a series on GadgetMatch.com where we showcase our travels through a smartphone camera’s perspective. It’s also a documented guide on things to see and do in a city in case you happen to plan a trip there.

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