Facebook is working on a video conferencing device — report



We all know how Facebook likes to snoop in on our lives through their social network. With more users signing up every day to join their platform, Facebook wants to create something new.

Facebook is already into making hardware with Oculus for virtual reality, so the venture into making another consumer product is not entirely new to the company. According to a report from Bloomberg, the social networking company is working on a video calling device with a wide-angle camera, microphone, speakers, and a touchscreen display of up to 15 inches.

Bloomberg‘s sources say that Facebook’s own video calling machine might run Android and could be relatively affordable at just a hundred US dollars. If you’d ask us, it looks like Facebook is cooking up something like Amazon’s Echo Show.

Facebook’s F8 conference is happening soon and, most likely, we’ll be seeing this mystery device on stage along with Mr. Zuckerberg on that day. It’s interesting to know what Facebook wants to achieve with this product, but we’ll not get ahead of ourselves.

Do you want Zuckerberg to place a video camera in your house?

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Huawei P20 Lite leaks in full unboxing video

More than a week before the actual launch!



With more than a week to go before the big Huawei launch in Paris, rumors and speculations circulate on what handsets the Chinese phone brand could be announcing.

At least for one of the three devices allegedly being released, we need not speculate any further. A full unboxing of the Huawei P20 Lite has been posted by an Italian tech blog and it leaves little to the imagination. Watch below:

From the looks of it, Huawei’s release, or at least one of them, will indeed have a notch. Also according to, the Huawei P20 Lite is powered by a Kirin 659 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It has a dual-camera setup on the back with 16- and 20-megapixel shooters, plus a 16-megapixel shooter up front.

Of course, nothing is for certain at this point, although the video above can be pretty convincing. As for the two other rumored Huawei handsets, we’d have to wait until March 27.

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Vivo V9 will launch on March 22 in the Philippines

Sooner than expected



The Vivo V9 has been subjected to multiple leaks — from both independent outlets and the company itself. But as fun as early previews are, there’s nothing like watching an actual launch. For the Philippines, it’s happening sooner than expected.

Vivo Philippines has sent out invites for the March 22 unveiling of the upcoming V9. This is several days earlier than what was previously rumored.

The V9 is the successor to the V7 series that came out last year. Different this time is the higher screen-to-body ratio with a noticeable notch on top, as well as an impressive 24-megapixel selfie shooter and a pair of cameras on the back.

While this isn’t an innovative as the concept phone we saw at MWC 2018, it does ride on the full-screen trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. How the V9 will take advantage of the larger real estate is the question we want answered during the official unveiling.

With OPPO getting ready to release the F7 and Huawei prepping for a grand launch, Vivo will have some tough competition ahead.

Here’s an advertisement from Vivo Indonesia to get you excited:

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Cebu billboard hints that Amazon is coming to the Philippines

Hello, Amazon



The online marketplace in the Philippines thrives with popular companies like Lazada, Zalora, OLX, and Shopee steering the ship. However, an elusive website might soon crash the waves of the populated market — Amazon.

For years, rumor mills have already speculated on the shopping giant’s entrance into the Philippine market. Sadly, no such talk materialized into an actual opening.

Today, a confirmed billboard in Cebu points to the possibility that Amazon hasn’t closed its doors to a Philippine launch.

Taken and posted by Redditor u/Jones_tm in the subreddit r/Philippines, the billboard advertises that Amazon is hiring in the region.

Image source: Reddit

Further delving into their job listing site, Amazon is specifically looking for Customer Service Associates who have experience in the call center industry. While not alluding directly to a country launch, the listings indicate that Amazon is still interested in expansion in some capacity.

Previously, the global company set up shop in the Philippines for its Amazon Web Services branch. AWS is the company’s subsidiary for cloud computing services. Without any confirmation, the current job listing could very well be for AWS, rather than the marketplace itself.

With the popularity of Lazada in the country, an Amazon Philippines office remains a tempting (and welcome) opportunity for business partners and shoppers alike. However, Lazada’s popularity is a double-edged sword. It will take a while for Amazon to chip away at the ASEAN giant’s market share.

Currently, Amazon busies itself with Echo launches, launching of cashless brick-and-mortar stores, and developing their own debit cards. For the Philippines, Amazon still ships directly (albeit after weeks of waiting) or through third-party courier services like Shipping Cart.

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