Globe projects more 5G customers in 2022

Higher 5G device penetration



File Photo: Watching a YouTube video on the POCO M4 Pro 5G

Globe is projecting higher 5G device penetration among its customers in 2022 as the telco brand continues to expand its 5G coverage in the country along with the release of more affordable smartphones.

As of December 2021, Globe detected 1.62 million 5G devices in its network, mostly from prepaid brands — a 300 percent ownership growth in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to its first.

Delivering 5G nationwide

Among Globe’s efforts in bringing 5G devices to more of its subscribers include making several entry-level and mid-range 5G models available for free when subscribing to a post-paid plan, or for an affordable price if bought separately.

With speeds up to seven times faster than 4G, 5G technology, at present, offers the fastest mobile connectivity and download speeds.

And Globe is continuously bringing 5G closer to Filipinos, with over 2,000 5G sites providing outdoor coverage for about 96 percent of Metro Manila and 84 percent of key cities in Visayas and Mindanao.

All these were done after pioneering 5G in the country, as Globe was the first operator in Southeast Asia to introduce 5G AirFiber for home use back in 2019.

International partnerships

Likewise, Globe added 5G roaming services in more countries in Europe, making it the only Philippine telco with the widest 5G coverage in the continent.

The company is also partnering with 5G-ready telcos worldwide to allow customers to enjoy a convenient and high-speed roaming experience when overseas.


Google implies Pixel 8 will be more innovative than iPhone 15

Through a new ad



Almost a week ago, Apple released a new ad campaign to make fun of the newly released iPhone 15 series. Though the campaign seemingly started a new era after the #BestPhonesForever campaign, Google isn’t done with the latter yet. A few days before the launch of the Pixel 8 series, the company is back with a new #BestPhonesForever ad to both hype the upcoming flagship and ridicule Apple’s devices.

In the most recent video, the iPhone and the Pixel are alone in the woods telling scary stories with each other. Scary as it seems, the setting is only a backdrop for the meat of the ad. After the Pixel shared a story, the iPhone voiced out worries about the upcoming Pixel 8 launch.

According to the ad, while the iPhone 15 got a “different mute button, a dynamic-er island, and a new charging port,” it was scared that the Pixel 8 was going to easily take the spotlight in a few days. “What if your launch is more innovative?” the iPhone asks.

The ad doesn’t really get into how the Pixel 8 might be more innovative. However, with the sheer number of leaks available now, it’s already clear what the company is launching on October 4.

Regardless, it’s abundantly clear that Google believes highly in its upcoming presentation, especially when compared to the iPhone 15 launch.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash character trailer revealed

Check out what the cast can do in battle



Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash

The first cast of playable characters for upcoming Bandai Namco title Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash has been revealed through the game’s first trailer.

Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki and Satoru Gojo are all shown in the trailer. Meanwhile, battle footage featuring Ryomen Sukuna has been showcased as well to give fans a tease of what to expect.

Itadori is a melee puncher who has a passive skill called “High Gear,” relying on Cursed Energy for him to be able to dash easier. He also has “Divergent Fist” for close-range situations.

Fushiguro is a close-range Combo Master that specializes in coordinate strikes with Shikigami. His “Ten Shadows Technique” will summon Nue, Toad, and Divine Dog. These can be commanded by players to attack on their own.

Meanwhile, Kugisaki is a mid-range striker who uses the “Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin” attack on opponents. This hammers several nails onto foes several times, inflicting more damage. Moreover, “Marking” will allow these planted nails to detonate from any distance.

Gojo specializes in crowd control. He utilizes “Technique Amplification: Blue” to block the movement of enemies. Then there’s “Cursed Technique Reversal: Red” to keep enemies from coming toward him.

His powerful “Hollow Technique: Purple” takes time to build up, but can finish off enemies using a powerful move to knock them all down.

Lastly, Sukuna acts as an anti-hero who can make it difficult for both friends and foes. The wide-range melee attacker can blow up an entire battlefield, while his “Reverse Cursed Technique” allows him to heal by counterattacking.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam at a yet to be announced date.

Watch the trailer.

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Fitbit Charge 6 now available for pre-order in Singapore

Fitbit’s latest premium fitness tracker



Fitbit Charge 6

Google has announced the launch of the new Fitbit Charge 6 in Singapore for SG$ 229.95 with pre-order now available.

The Charge 6 is the latest generation in Fitbit’s line of premium fitness trackers which features advanced sensors and a new machine-learning algorithm to bring the most accurate heart rate tracking yet.

The new wearable is compatible with gym equipment and fitness apps to see your real-time heart rate during workouts. It has over 40 exercise modes and a battery life of up to seven days.

On the go, it has a new haptic side button for users to control more directly from their wrists, like YouTube, Google Maps (it has built-in GPS), or Wallet. Phone calls are likewise made smoother with Clear Calling while Assistant allows users to write using their voice.

To complement the use of the Fitbit Charge 6, a newly-redesigned Fitbit app has been introduced. It has a more simplified and refreshed interface with three tabs (Today, Coach, and You).


The Charge 6 is available in three colorways: Black with Obsidian Infinity band, Silver with Porcelain Infinity band, and Champagne Gold with Coral Infinity band.

It will be available online and in-stores via the Google Store and Fitbit website, as well as the following retailers:

  • Amazon SG
  • Best Denki
  • Challenger Online
  • Courts Online
  • Gain City
  • Harvey Norman
  • Lazada
  • Popular (Selected stores)
  • Shopee
  • Sprint Cass
  • AdvanceLap
  • ConnectIT

Purchasing the device entitles users to six months of Fitbit Premium.

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