Globe vs Smart: Huawei Nova 3i postpaid plans

Where to get the new phone for free?



Huawei officially launched the Nova 3i in the Philippines over the weekend. For those who like to buy it unlocked, it’s available for PhP 15,990 through Huawei Experience Stores, Lazada, and authorized retailers nationwide. But, the new midrange phone is also available on postpaid from Globe and Smart.

You can avail of the Nova 3i through Plan 599 on both telcos, but the phone is available for free starting from Plan 1499. If you don’t want to shell out a large amount of cash to get a new phone, you can choose between the two plans:

Plan ThePLAN 1499 GigaX Plan 1499
Calls Unlimited to Globe/TM 60 minutes to all networks
Texts Unlimited to all networks Unlimited to all networks
Data 8GB 5GB + 10GB for video streaming
Freebies • Disney Life for 6 months
• Free Facebook w/ 1GB allowance for 24 months
• Spotify Premium w/ 1GB allowance  for 3 months
Device Fee Free Free
Monthly Fee PhP 1,499 PhP 1,499
Contract Period 24 months 24 months
Total Cost PhP 35,976 PhP 35,976


Since both Globe and Smart offer the Huawei Nova 3i for free on Plan 1499, the choice now is about which telco plan caters to your needs. Let’s break them down.

When it comes to SMS, both let you text anyone with no limits and have a standard 24-month contract. What differs between the two plans are their call and data offers.

If you rely a lot on voice calls, Smart’s plan allows you to make 50 minutes of calls to all networks. But, if most of your contacts are under Globe, their plan offers unlimited calls to any Globe or TM subscriber.

As for data, Globe’s 8GB allowance is free to use on any website and is good for a mobile hotspot. Smart, on the other hand, only offers 5GB of open data but gives you extra 10GB for video streaming on YouTube, iFlix, Fox+, and iWantTV. Keep in mind that subscriptions to paid services are not included in the plan.

Speaking of paid subscriptions, Globe throws in six months of Disney Life and three months of Spotify Premium with 1GB of extra data. Free data access to Facebook is also part of Globe’s freebies, although it’s capped at 1GB per month.

You can check out the postpaid product page on Globe and Smart’s website to apply.

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Razer Phone has major discount ahead of successor launch

From the official source



Just as Razer subtly announced that the Razer Phone 2 is on the way, their original Razer Phone is experiencing a major discount on the company’s website.

Go the Razer Phone’s official product page, and you’ll be greeted by this text:

“Limited time offer: Get US$ 300 off your Razer Phone. Use Code WOOHOO on cart.”

This deal brings Razer’s one and only phone down to just US$ 399 from its original US$ 699 price tag. That’s a discount of about 42 percent!

That’s great for a gamer-centric smartphone with hardware that’s still competitive with this year’s best. However, Razer didn’t specify how long this promotion will last.

In our own review, we praised the Razer Phone for its great balance of power and entertainment features, as well as the long-lasting battery and incredible display.

Even if the Razer Phone 2 is bound to show up soon, grabbing the first-gen model at this price is a steal.

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ASUS ZenFone 5 gets its price slashed in early holiday sale

It’s about time!



We’ve just entered September, and you know what that means? The holiday season is starting in the Philippines!

Yes, it’s premature, but this also means we’ll be seeing more discounts and sales from our favorite brands. The latest one to do so is ASUS with its popular ZenFone 5.

The company’s flag-bearer got its price slashed from PhP 19,995 to only PhP 17,995. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to this promotion, so you can taking your time in considering one.

The ZenFone 5 is best known for its AI-powered cameras, 6.2-inch display with a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, and reliable Snapdragon 636 processor.

ASUS may have also been considering the rising competition from rival brands when discounting this smartphone. Honor has a bestseller in its hands with the Honor Play, and the Pocophone F1 is gradually finding its way to more markets this month.

You can learn all about the ZenFone 5 in our full review:

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ASUS ZenFone Max (M1) and Max Plus (M1) receive major discounts

Get ’em while they’re hot



The entry-level and midrange smartphone segments are getting fiercer than ever. While ASUS doesn’t have anything new to offer lately, the Philippine branch is at least cutting down the prices of a couple of their more popular models.

To be specific, the ZenFone Max (M1) and ZenFone Max Plus (M1) are getting their prices slashed in the Philippines. The former now retails for PhP 8,495 (from PhP 8,995) and the latter is currently going for PhP 8,995 (all the way down from PhP 11,995).

These phones carry the Max label for a reason. Both devices have a battery capacity of 4000mAh or more, making them endurance champs — or in ASUS’ words, “Battery Kings.”

Besides that, the two ZenFones own balanced specs fitting for their segments — including handy takes on dual-camera setups — and have even made appearances on our Best Smartphones lists.

You can learn more in our individual videos for these ZenFones:

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