How you can use your smartwatch to be healthier

Track what’s important



Fitness trackers and smartwatches have gotten a lot of useful features and have improved a lot over the years. But when it comes to trying to be more fit and healthier, knowing how many steps you’ve taken doesn’t mean anything if you don’t make incremental changes to your daily habits.

There’s more to health than the number on the weighing scale or the calories you’ve burned. Here are some things you can track instead to help you become healthier.

Heart rate

Your resting heart rate says a lot about your overall well-being and current state of fitness. If you live a sedentary lifestyle (i.e. you sit all day in front of your computer) chances are your average resting heart rate is high.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, for most healthy adult women and men, resting heart rates range from 60 to 100 beats per minute. However, a 2010 report from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) indicates that a resting heart rate at the low end of that spectrum may offer some protection against heart attacks.

If your smartwatch tells you that your resting heart rate is consistently at 80 beats per minute though, you’re going to need to start moving more.

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It might be counterintuitive to exercise when you’re feeling low on energy, but moving little by little daily will actually help increase your energy over time.

If you don’t have a workout routine, start small. Working out for the first time will always seem daunting, but your body will thank yourself later once it becomes a habit.

Want to workout without equipment? Stuck indoors because of quarantine? With fitness trackers and apps, there are a lot of workout options that you can try until you find one that matches your needs.

If you want to try running, tracking your VO2 Max will provide a good snapshot of your fitness. Monitor this number, not the one on the weighing scale.

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Fitness tracking, if done right, can help you become more mindful of your progress.

If you do strength training for example, a smartwatch can track the number of reps that you do. After a while, you’ll notice that you’re actually getting stronger. The same number of reps you do for a particular workout will no longer as challenging as it used to be.

When that happens, it’s time to change things up. You can either increase your reps or weight, depending on your goals.

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It cannot be emphasized enough: getting a good night’s sleep is important.

Tracking your sleep can give you an overview of your sleeping patterns so you can make adjustments where necessary. Going to sleep one hour earlier or later can sometimes make you feel more well-rested.

Sleep tracking will also make sleep a priority if it isn’t. When making changes towards a healthier lifestyle, it’s important that sleep is prioritized along with exercise and eating better. Good sleep can make or break your day.

Menstrual Health

There hasn’t been a lot of research done on menstrual health so it can sometimes be difficult assess whether the symptoms we’re feeling are associated with our menstrual cycle or something else.

Tracking not just your cycle, but also your symptoms and sexual activity can go a long way when it comes to understanding your own body. The clearer the patterns, the easier you can manage your cycle and your life.

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The We-Vibe Bond takes your stimulation to greater heights

Bring that foreplay to another level



Sex toys aren’t just toys anymore. They’re infused with technology — aiming to help people in the art of self-pleasure, improve their relationship with themselves and their partners, and in some cases, aid in medical reasons.

The topic of sex, sex toys, and owning your sexuality is still a taboo in several countries — mine included — but it’s slowly turning around. This year, we’ve seen sex tech dominating the consumer technology scene. While most of them are apt for women, recently, some toys meant for men are evolving into connected wearables.

Such is the case for the We-Vibe Bond — a connected, vibrating stimulation ring (also known as cock ring), designed by We-Vibe, a brand specializing in all kinds of sex toys.

Cock ring, but make it connected

Connected cock rings like We-Vibe’s Bond can be worn discreetly and be operated and controlled remotely using an app. What sets Bond apart is a dedicated remote control that you can use when you and your partner are together.

The stimulation ring is designed in ultra-soft silicone material and comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Meaning, you can play with it in the shower or in your tub.

It has ten levels of intensity and ten modes of vibration, with an autonomy of up to two hours. Further customization of the intensity and vibration can be adjusted using the We-Connect app or via the remote control.

Price and availability

The We-Vibe Bond retails for US$ 129. Shop it on We-Vibe’s official website.

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Fitbit decks out Charge 5, partnership with Will Smith

Strengthen up and join Will Smith in his journey



Fitness company Fitbit has just announced the Fitbit Charge 5 — its most advanced health and fitness tracker yet. The fifth iteration of the Charge lineup comes with new features and a thinner, sleek design built to empower you to focus on your health.

What do we have here?

First and foremost, the new Charge 5 comes with a brighter, colored touchscreen. It’s designed aerodynamically, and optimized for performance. It’s now equipped with a new AMOLED display, allowing the tracker to have an Always-On display option. Plus, it has better sunlight legibility — two-times brighter than its predecessor.

You can easily view your statistics, receive and send notifications from and to your smartphone, and choose from colorful clock faces — all with a swipe of a finger.

Like other Fitbit wearables, the Charge 5 tracks your heart rate 24/7 and constantly update you on your personal ranges. It also provides a holistic view of other wellness metrics through its Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app. This includes breathing rate, skin temperature variation, and blood oxygen level (SpO2).

Furthermore, Fitbit’s industry-leading sleep tools such as Sleep Score, Sleep Stages, and SmartWake alarms are present in the new Charge 5.

So, what’s new?

Interestingly, the Fitbit Charge 5 comes with Daily Readiness Score. The new features helps you understand if your body is ready for a workout or if you need to rest. Its data is based on your fitness fatigue, heart rate variability, and recent sleep.

It also has a built-in GPS, with 20 exercise modes, and automatic exercise recognition for when you forgot to track your workout. And it has an estimate of your VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during your exercises.

Another noteworthy feature is its EDA sensor, which was first launched in the Fitbit sense. The sensor measures your body’s response to stress through tiny changes in the sweat glands on your fingers. And the Fitbit Charge 5 is the first tracker to include the sensor.

What else?

Of course, the battery still lasts up to seven days. And you can choose different bands to personalize your tracker. From lightweight silicone infinity bands, to breathable sport bands, plush nylon hook and loop bands, and even hand-crafted premium Horween leather bands.

The Charge 5 also allows you to experience in-depth analysis, guides, tips, and tricks using its features when you subscribe to Fitbit Premium.

Fitbit Premium with Will Smith

Speaking of Fitbit Premium, Fitbit recently partnered with actor, producer, and musician Will Smith. Smith is joining the Fitbit family as its newest ambassador. Premium members can join along his journey through his video sessions together with Smith’s training team.

The sessions will showcase mindfulness sessions and a wide range of workouts — from HIIT, strength, to yoga, and even meditation. The first session is launching on September 27.

Price and availability

The Fitbit Charge 5 is available online at for US$ 180 (PhP 11,990), which includes a six-month Premium membership for both new and returning customers. It will also come to major retailers such as Digital Walker and Fitbit’s Official Store on Lazada and Shopee, with worldwide availability this September.

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LG PuriCare VoiceOn: Price and availability in Singapore

It’s called the LG PuriCare VoiceOn



LG PuriCare VoiceOn

LG’s futuristic face mask got an upgrade adding a built-in mic and speaker. Officially called the LG Puricare VoiceOn, the pandemic-necessary accessory is currently available in Singapore.

Wearing a face mask is mandataory but it presents a few problems. If you’re speaking to someone else, hearing their voice can prove difficult if you’re both behind masks.

LG is solving this by giving LG PuriCare VoiceOn users  access to a speaker and a built-in mic. With a voice amplifier, the mask can detect whenever the wearer is speaking and amplify it for them.

This upgraded version has a larger battery at 1000mAh compared to the first generation’s 820mAh. Charging time, LG says, will be around two hours. It also has a smaller motor that should make it easier to wear.

From filtering out the nasties in the air you breathe, reducing waste by allowing you to skip disposable face masks, and down to keeping your skin clear of maskne, it’s definitely tech’s answer to one of the biggest needs during this pandemic. Watch the video below:

Price and availability

The LG PuriCare VoiceOn comes in Creamy White and and Ocean Black and retails for SG$ 249. It’s available through official LG LazadaLG Shopee, LG KrisShop and across all authorized retailers — Best Denki and COURTS.

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