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Infinix Note 10 Pro review: Spec’d out for its price

Not a game-changer, but definitely a performer



Over the years, budget phones became powerhouses in their own right. Gone are the days where we shun phones below PhP 10,000 or US$ 200, given that this new generation of affordable smartphones are capable of carrying our day-to-day tasks.

Taking the lead in this space are Redmi and realme. But recently, Infinix has been making a few strides in the budget category.

Game-changing specs?

The word ‘Note’ has carried the meanings of balanced power and performance. This is evident in the Samsung Galaxy Note series and even the Redmi Note series. Infinix has a Note series too, which is touted as a game-changer.

Its latest powerhouse — the Infinix Note 10 Pro — delivers specs you’d normally see on a midrange smartphone. But with a cheaper price tag.


MediaTek Helio G90T


8GB + 128GB


5000mAh + 33W SuperCharge


Android 11, XOS 7.6

Front camera


Dual-Flash Light

Rear camera

64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP

Quad-LED Flash


6.95” FHD+ IPS LCD

90Hz refresh rate

2460×1080 resolution


172.8 x 78.3 x 7.8 mm

On paper, the Infinix Note 10 Pro is promising. It nearly has the same specs as the Infinix Zero 8 which I reviewed back in 2020. But of course, you probably heard how ‘game-changing’ this phone really was, from reviews you’ve watched and read.

Now, let me preach: Specs don’t always translate to real-life performance. So, let’s dissect the Infinix Note 10 Pro to find out if it can be your GadgetMatch.

Dreamy in Purple

I got the Infinix Note 10 Pro in a 7 Degree Purple colorway. It has a pastel appeal which likens the coating to Lavender phones such as the Purple iPhone 11.

The back design is alluring, with its shiny, reflective two-toned design — that’s also susceptible to smudges — complemented by vertical patterns from its half to the bottom end.

Its cameras follow the same rectangular trend albeit with a small elevated plastic to kinda set it apart.

On its right side, you can find the volume rockers and the fingerprint scanner that also acts as the power button. For someone with small hands, the fingerprint scanner is easily reachable, which I deem strategic given that the Note 10 Pro is a humongous phone. And humongous phones are always enjoyed by those with big hands.

Meanwhile, the SIM tray can be found on the left side.

On its bottom part, you can find the headphone jack, a USB-C port, and its speaker grilles.

My only issue with its design is how I thought it has a removable battery. The back cover on one side is slightly lifted when I got my unit, which prompted me to check the Internet if it resembles the phones of the distant past. Unfortunately, it’s not, and it was an issue I shared with Infinix.

Nonetheless, the slightly lifted cover scared me a bit. Will there be an issue of overheating and bloating batteries? Will the back cover open if I accidentally dropped the phone without a case on?

Lots of questions that only time can tell. And I certainly hope it won’t be an issue in the near future. Maybe I’m just a rare case out of a bunch of shipments?

It’s… pretty huge

With a large display sizing up to 6.95 inches, watching your favorite shows is a treat. It comes with a higher resolution, so pixels won’t be much visible — that is if you have a speedy Internet connection. So pray to the Internet gods your connection stays stable.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

On another note, pun not intended, the Infinix Note 10 Pro comes with a vibrant display. My only problem is how limiting its sunlight legibility is when you use it outdoors.

The sun wasn’t still visible after a few hours of rain, which made it possible to view the screen easily

Even if you set the brightness level to 100 percent, it’s challenging to view the screen under extreme sunlight. It was the same case with the realme XT but was fixed through a software update. Here’s to hoping that Infinix does the same.

Anyhoo, the Infinix Note 10 Pro has a humongous size, considerable heft, and large screen real estate — which gives a lot of room for you to do your stuff. Whether it’s writing an email, or sending a long confession to your crush.

Although, what’s certain is you can’t use it single-handedly unless you really have big hands, and it won’t put too much strain — even for someone with small hands like yours truly — since I played games for an hour and a half. And I have yet to complain about its weight.

Budget powerhouse?

Now, let’s talk performance particularly in the gaming department, where the Note 10 Pro is positioning itself. Housing the same processor as the ZERO 8, you’d expect this powerhouse can handle all the titles you can play. So I installed three mobile games: Asphalt 9: Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Genshin Impact.

For Asphalt 9: Legends, I had a smooth run during the races, even with intensive graphics and animation. The game was a visual treat, thanks to the audio-visual prowess of the Note 10 Pro. That blaring audio — which I personally don’t like but a lot of people do — coupled with the phone’s vibrant display did a bit of wonder to my gaming experience.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, on the other hand, had some hiccups. There was a noticeable delay when toggling buttons and doing any activity inside the game — even if you change to the lowest setting possible.

Of course, I was still able to play in Ultra mode. Depending on your settings, the delay and occasional lag can occur between 1-2 seconds, and up to five seconds when your Internet connection isn’t working properly.

As for Genshin Impact, it stutters when navigating the game, and the frame drops are visible during scene transitions and while using special effects through skills and other in-game actions. Moreover, the phone easily heats up while playing the game as compared to Asphalt 9 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which the phone handled well.

Nonetheless, the Note 10 Pro’s configuration proved that it can run several titles albeit with limitations. If you want to press on, you just need to be resourceful and find a way to play these games smoothly.

Built-in apps are kind of annoying

The Infinix Note 10 Pro runs XOS 7.6 based on Android 11. It comes with a lot of bloatware that sends out multiple notifications as soon as you connect to your Wi-Fi. Apps like Palm Store, Hi Browser, and X Club — an online forum for Infinix users — send the most annoying notifications.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

But in a sea of bloatware, Infinix’s Game Mode is the only one that deserves attention. It helps with your gaming experience, blocking all unnecessary calls and notifications that disrupt your playtime. And it uses Dar-link game engine, which optimizes your mobile’s efficiency in computing power, enhances screen processing, and improves touch sensitivity.

Nonetheless, the UI and UX design for the XOS is quite hippy. The colors and style speak Generation Z, which seems to be the target market for the smartphone lineup. It comes with a handful of shortcuts and gestures that make navigation smooth and easier. At least for this part, there are no hiccups from my end.

After all, the Note 10 Pro comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. When you combine this configuration together with its hardware and software, you get a noteworthy budget powerhouse.

Kids Mode

Interestingly, Infinix has a built-in Kids Mode. This is separate from Google’s Parental Controls, which makes the Note 10 Pro a phone worth considering for parents and of course, their kids.

If you’re a parent, children surely borrow your phones (occasionally) if they don’t have one. This means you’ll need extra protection to safeguard them from accessing unnecessary content on the Internet.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

And probably prevent them from buying games and subscriptions using your bank accounts and credit cards without your permission. Or worse, read your messages that are confidential and inappropriate for their age.

That longer battery life

Having 5000mAh of non-removable battery, the Note 10 Pro has a larger capacity compared to the Zero 8. Expect battery life to be longer due to reduced power consumption especially when you’re on standby.

And if you’re a heavy power user who can’t keep their hands off their phone, the Note 10 Pro will surely stay with you for a day or less if you play non-stop games (especially if you’re running on mobile data).

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Regardless, don’t fret. With 33W of fast-charging capability, you can keep the juice back up in just an hour and a few minutes. Surely, that’ll give you some break for your eyes and hands.

Snaps and selfies

Now, onto what’s important to some: cameras. The Infinix Note 10 Pro is equipped with an AI quad-camera setup on its rear and a single selfie camera with dual-flash light.

For its rear camera, the Note 10 Pro doesn’t retain much details even with a 64-megapixel camera. Its software prioritizes smoothening and keeping the exposure and colors balanced. But it’s only a big deal if you’re nit-picking.

Since it isn’t pegged for mobile photography, its rear cameras work for your day-to-day stuff. From taking snaps and scanning QR codes, to capturing your meal to be shared with your loved ones, or even shooting vacation photos that are worth sharing and on social media platforms. Simply, it’s enough. Here are a few samples:

Portrait Mode + Beauty

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Meanwhile, the front camera didn’t entice me with its excessive sharpening and heightened contrast. Even with beauty mode and AI cam, the selfies I took made me look like I have a rougher skin texture than usual. I don’t want my selfies to look like a smudged painting, but I don’t want it to look like I haven’t taken care of myself for two days.

But, liking front cameras are always subjective. If these samples are okay to you, you do you.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Is this your GadgetMatch?

Budget phones will always be budget phones — that’s my rule in life whenever someone asks my opinion about these affordable devices. Some might perform exceptionally in certain aspects, but there will always be caveats. It’s not going to be perfect, but they’ll deliver on what’s expected out of a phone. At least, for average and casual users.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

If you have a niche that you enjoy, say mobile gaming or mobile photography, you’re better off looking for other alternatives. Or maybe raise your budget to find the perfect phone that fits your lifestyle.

The Infinix Note 10 Pro can do most of what you need, and it can put up a fight in the gaming department, specifically. But there will be hiccups along the way. So, if this phone is the only handset you can afford or avail of, you’re still in for a treat. Just don’t put it on a pedestal because it’s called ‘pro’.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Not a lot of smartphones below US$ 200 or PhP 10,000 offer such specifications, so those who love combining specs and cheap price tags, surely this is a GadgetMatch.

The Infinix Note 10 Pro retails for PhP 9,990. It comes in three colors: 95° Black, Nordic Secret, and 7° Purple.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits isn’t for everybody

And, that’s fine




Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure third-person video game. The game is developed and produced by Ember Lab. In the game, you play as Kena. She’s a young spirit guide who uses her magical abilities to help people pass on into the spirit world.

The game is stunning and deep dives into spiritual aspects like emotional entanglement with the physical word after passing away.

In case you don’t have a working pair of eyes

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a gorgeous game. Stunning yet scuffed at times, this game is nothing short of eye-candy. The background details and character design is just *chef’s kiss*. But, big butt (Editor’s Note: Not sure if this is a typo but we’ve decided to keep it as is), by the way, this aesthetic might not be to some people’s liking. Hear me out: this game looks and feels like you’re playing through a Disney Pixar movie. And, honestly, that might not be for everyone.

On the scuffed end of things, you’ll find that some things glitch through objects and terrain. But, to that, I think it adds to its charm. The silliness is often welcome and strangely expected in the whole gaming sense. This isn’t the first scuffed game to come across a gamer’s life and it won’t be the last. I think each game has its improvements and patches to develop and incorporate and the glitches make the whole experience memorable and meme-able.

The crutch everyone won’t shut up about

This game is weirdly forgettable for people who’ve played a lot of third-person action adventures. Why? Well, this isn’t the first of its kind. Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes from many games before it and blends its inspirations together pretty nicely without overcomplicating its mechanics.

I would say though, that this can be what I personally found to be endearing with Kena. It unapologetically makes for a good entry-level action-adventure game for people who might not normally gravitate to games like it. With its beautiful visuals and memorable take on grievances, Kena pulls at sentimental heartstrings without the stupidly complicated skill building of most other action adventures out there.

Don’t hate the game

Nor, the player. The game is simple. That can be refreshing for some players or just boring to some. Which, I’ll say now, to each their own. Most games under the same category are far more convoluted and complex. So, if that’s something you like, this isn’t for you. And that’s totally fine.

Most of the game plays on collecting cute Rot along the way. And, on top of the usual skill building, most rewards you’ll find in hidden spots are either more Rot or hats for them. It doesn’t really require that much mental gymnastics to play this game. You can play to relax and just enjoy the journey. Which, for me, is great! Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the perfect game for when you want to play with family watching. I’m sure it’ll feel like a movie to them.

Is this your GAME Match?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a game worth trying no matter how familiar you are with video games in the same category. The barrier of entry is super friendly and simplistic so, you won’t need that much video game experience to immerse in the story. Plus, you can customize the game for when you want more of a challenge.

I do have to say though, that this game might fight to keep your interest at times but, it sure can lure you back in. As for me, I was happy to play this game. It was challenging at times and, it might not be the best one on my list. But, it gets honorary points for being simple, gorgeous, and family-friendly.

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Apple Watch Series 7: In-Depth Fitness Review

For fitness buffs and starters alike



In our previous video, Michael Josh did an unboxing of the new Apple Watch Series 7 in Starlight. He even became NY’s next top model as the Apple Watch can also be your next best fashion piece.

This time around, we go all-out to show you the fitness benefits of using the latest Apple Watch.

While an incremental update and lack of new sensors mean little, the longer battery life, faster charging, and larger display of the Apple Watch Series 7 mean it’s even better than before.

Here’s our in-depth fitness review of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

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realme Book review: Done right the first time around



realme Book

The pandemic has brought about major changes on how we depend on our gadgets. We stay glued to our smartphones for hours to stay connected. Most of us also continue with our work from home setup, causing the demand for laptops to continue to rise and opening the market to new players. 

realme tries to steal the scene as they make their laptop debut with the realme Book, aimed at competing at the midrange level where many brands have already made their mark. 

Let’s check out if the realme Book can be a great contender in the laptop arena. 

Familiar yet better  

realme Book

Having a first look at the realme Book, the similarity of its design is undeniable with the MacBook though I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. Its sleek and stylish minimalist design actually makes me feel like I’m using a premium laptop. 

Compared to its smartphones that have those flashy labels, realme veered away from that with their first laptop as they kept the label subtle and you can barely see the “Dare to Leap” mark on one of its rubber feet. 

Its 14-inch sleek aluminum alloy body with matte finish really feels solid and has little or no flex on its slim chassis.

If you’re someone who likes to work in different corners of your home or at al fresco shops, the realme book can easily fit in your bag with its 14.9mm width and 1.38kg weight. When working on a flat surface, the rubber feet on the back actually help the laptop stay stable. 

In terms of port options, you get one USB-A port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and two Type-C ports, one being a Thunderbolt 4 for the core i5 variant.

realme Book

The USB port was a bit too tight that it required me to exert effort to pull out my USB device. Also, this laptop lacks an SD card slot and HDMI port. It doesn’t bother me that much but it may be a deal-breaker for other users. 

realme Book

Top-Notch Display 

One thing that the realme Book can really boast about is its display. As full HD display is common in laptops from its competition, the realme Book takes it up a notch with its 2K Ultra-HD screen with 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution delivering stellar image quality with sharp detail. 

The realme Book also packs in 100 percent sRGB wide color gamut that enables true-to-life visuals and a peak brightness of 400 nits which maintains high quality image even under direct sunlight. 

What also sets it apart from other laptops is its 3:2 aspect ratio, giving you more vertical room compared to most laptops that are either 16:10 or 16:9. This feature is an advantage when it comes to your productivity especially if you usually work on documents, spreadsheets or social media content for work. 

However, this becomes a disadvantage when you’re watching videos since you’ll have wider black bars at the top and bottom of the screen due to movies and series being usually formatted with 16:9 ratio.  

Another impressive feature of this laptop is that realme was able to fit its web camera on its narrow bezels, unlike Huawei that had to sacrifice a good camera angle with their Matebook’s hidden camera placed on its keyboard. 

realme Book

Comfortable for work 

Speaking of the keyboard, typing on the realme Book is satisfying thanks to its 1.3mm key travel and the sound of its clicks is just right for my preference.

The keyboard also comes with a 3-mode backlit option which you can activate and adjust by pressing the F7 key. This is convenient especially when you have to work or use the laptop for a while during the night. It is also interesting since this is a feature that you barely get to experience on laptops at this price. 

realme Book

Compared to other laptops, the trackpad on the realme Book is pretty huge but doesn’t get in the way of typing. It is also very responsive to the touch and works precisely with all gestures and clicks. 

realme Book

And similar to the Huawei Matebook devices, it also has a fingerprint-sensor embedded power button to boot it up which is actually a handy feature to have in a laptop. 

Power Performance 

As for breezing through tasks, the realme Book is highly capable to give you the best experience being powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core processor. Paired with this is the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, 8GB DDR4 memory and 512GB PCIe SSD storage. 

Aside from writing and creating social media content, I sometimes do photo and basic video editing for my side hustles. With the power combo under this laptop’s hood, it didn’t come as a surprise that the realme Book actually handled my tasks smoothly. 

Even with games such as Valorant, I was able to play it at 2K resolution at high settings and it didn’t feel laggy at all. Of course, if you’d want a faster frame rate, you can always lower down your settings to improve your gaming experience. 

realme Book

I also noticed that while playing games, the laptop didn’t feel heated up at all. I checked via HWMOnitor and its temperature was just hovering a little over 60 degrees. This is actually cool for its slim body. I guess we can attribute this to its efficient cooling system with dual 8mm heat pipes and high speed, high airflow fans.

Quick juice up 

When working, I usually take short breaks in between major tasks to refresh my mind. So it’s actually enough for me that the realme Book’s 54 Wh battery can support up to 9 hours of work and leisure, keeping me powered and connected.

And once the battery already ran out, the 65W fast charger got me to a 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes so I was able to conveniently continue with whatever I’m doing.

It’s also a plus that the charger of the realme Book is small and just slightly heavier than a smartphone charger so it’s an easy carry in the bag. It also has the same USB-C cable used to charge our smartphones so you won’t have to carry another charger for your smartphone when traveling. 

Immersive speakers  

For a laptop this slim, I was quite surprised that the sound coming from its down-firing Harman speakers is considerably loud and well defined. 

When I tried listening to my playlists, I did notice that while it did not have as much bass as I would have preferred, it does sound fuller compared to others. When it comes to binging series and playing games, the speakers did a great job of simulating space that sounds pleasant and immersive. I guess I can say, it does sound better than many of the laptops I’ve tried.

Is the realme Book your GadgetMatch? 

As a new player in the laptop market, the realme Book makes a pretty great attempt at laptops and definitely challenges competing and more established brands. 

Sure this laptop may not be perfect but realme has brought their expertise in creating attractive smartphones to this laptop that definitely looks premium for its price. Also with its 2K Ultra-HD display, sleek and sturdy aluminum build, premium design, powerful performance and immersive audio, this laptop is definitely a solid deal for its price. 

The realme Book is available in Real Grey and Real Blue colors and retails at PhP 37,990 for the i3 variant and PhP 47,990 for the i5 variant.

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