Leaked GoPro Hero 7 promises to be as stable as a gimbal

Will come in Black, Silver, and White



The renaissance of smartphones upended the concurrent rise of action cameras. Huge advancements in phone photography eliminated the need for external cameras.

Threatened by obsolescence, camera makers are struggling to catch up. Despite the danger, the journey continues. For example, GoPro is rearing up to launch a new generation of its patented cameras. Perhaps soon, the camera company will launch the upcoming GoPro Hero 7.

Recently, leaked store images have displayed the new camera in all its gory detail. While the image itself doesn’t give too much away, the scant details hint that GoPro is going in an all-new direction.

Unlike previous iterations, the GoPro Hero 7 will explicitly focus on image stabilization. In fact, the leaked camera promises to outdate the modern-day gimbal.

The feature, if implemented, represents a big step-up for GoPro. Previously, the camera series constantly fell victim to shaky camera situations brought by the intense action scenes it promises to shoot. The company tried to solve this problem by releasing a gimbal grip of their own — the Karma Grip.

According to the original source (which was sadly deleted at the time of this writing), the new cameras will reduce shake even without an external grip — including GoPro’s own.

Unlike other generations, the GoPro Hero 7 will apparently launch in three separate variants — Black, Silver, and White. As always, the Black will take up the company’s premium line. It will have the traditional front-facing display.

Meanwhile, both the Silver and the White will not have front displays. Unfortunately, the images do not reveal whether they will get a rear screen.

In other news, the series will retain their waterproof nature. All three can submerge depths of up to 33 feet or (10 meters).

Sadly, the leak does not reveal when the GoPro Hero 7 will launch. However, rumors point to a launch happening soon.

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Sony ZV-1 Hands-On

Casual shooting made easier!



Sony reimagines point-and-shoot cameras with its digital camera, ZV-1. Built to capture picture-perfect moments, the Sony ZV-1 houses a lot of exceptionally smart features.

With intelligent autofocus, flawless fast-tracking, and world-class optical stabilization, shooting videos are a lot uncomplicated. Additionally, you can switch to a bokeh mode with just a single touch, and enjoy a haggard-free face with its built-in beauty mode. Moreover, its screen flips, swivels, and rotates.

Certainly, the Sony ZV-1 is the perfect companion for all your casual shooting needs. It surely made casual shooting fun and easier.

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Nikon offering free photography classes until December 31

Make your holiday 2020 worthwhile!



Photo by Kuk Thew

The holidays are here but we’re definitely staying at home for the season thanks to the coronavirus. Thankfully, we don’t have to bore ourselves out for there are many indoor activities worth our time. One of them is photography classes by Nikon, which is free to access until December 31.

You don’t need to have a Nikon camera to access the photography classes. A few of them may need exclusive Nikon gear though. But in general, all of them only need the essential gear like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. You only need to sign up with your name and email address to get started.

So, what can you expect from these free photography classes? Nikon has prepared hundreds of videos featuring experts from the field which will give you tips and advice on making great photos. All the videos cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from basic skills to advanced topics for budding professional photographers.

There is even a special class for taking great photos for the holidays so you end with memorable mementos this 2020 even if you wish to forget that this year really existed. Overall, the classes are really worth taking especially if you brought a new camera gear this or aimed to improve your photography skill at the last minute.

To sign up for the classes, you simply have to sign up with your name and email address. After the free offering expires on December 31, you may need to pay for access to the photography classes. These classes come at US$ 15 to US$ 100, so you’re saving a lot if you grab the free offer from Nikon today.

Source: The Verge

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Homam 64GB: Home Camera Like No Other!

Night vision, built-in storage, no monthly fees, and more



In a tech world full of start-ups, there’s always those who strive hard to stand out — Zorachka is one among those brands.

Usual home cameras serve their purpose of surveillance. Well, the Homam 64GB does that too. But with its built-in storage and a clear imaging sensor, expect countless of memories whether day or night. Best of all? Hideous monthly fees aren’t present with the Homam 64GB.

Know more about this amazing Homam home camera by clicking this link here.

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