LG rolls out 2020 Gallery series, 8K ZX TVs

It’s a whole lineup of eye-popping TVs



Strap yourselves onto your couches. LG is rolling out 14 new OLED models including the art inspired GX Gallery series, real 8K ZX models, and 4K Ultra HD TVs.

Being one of the undisputed leaders of OLED TVs, LG is taking the viewing and gaming experience into a whole different dimension starting this month. LG is making sure users have a good sense of sophisticated through their 2020 premium TV designs. Their goal? To keep at seamlessly integrating and elevating any space with their line-up.

Since OLED relentlessly continues to offer the best viewing experience, they’ve stuck with it, developed it, and grown with it.  The self-emissive display technology is able to precisely control light at the pixel level for the deepest blacks, most realistic colors, and stunner contrasts.

LG GX Gallery series models

As LG struts into their new line of TVs this 2020, they’re committed to outstanding design with three of their new GX Gallery series models. They have 55-inches, 65-inches, and 77-inches variants for this model. This set offers a uniquely minimalistic aesthetic through OLED’s revolutionary panel technology.

This model series holds water with state-of-the-art picture quality with an ultra-thin form factor, without the need of a separate control box! Pushing the simplistic design further, the TV mounts flush to the wall blending these slick bad boys right into your living room.

LG OLED ZX Real 8K models

Detail and clarity. Two things we wish our eyes would improve on overtime. Do you know what stays consistent on this matter though? LG. Producing images of unprecedented detail and clarity, LG launched their most anticipated OLED ZX Real 8K models: models 88 OLED ZX and 77 OLED ZX.

Promising to deliver four times the screen resolution of 4K and 16 times that of Full HD, it’s everything we wanted and maybe a little bit more. To guarantee the authentic 8K experience, LG brags to meet and exceed the industry definition for 8K Ultra HD TVs by making these models among the very first 8K models qualified to use the CTA 8K Ultra HD logo.

LG 4K Ultra HD models

LG isn’t holding back. On top of all those models already mentioned above, they’re also rolling out all-new 4K OLED TV models for 2020: models CX and BX with 77-inches, 65-inches, and 55-inches variants.

They swear by how each of the models on this series each deliver outstanding picture quality that LG OLED is known for. LG is also dabbling into releasing a new size to choose from when the 48-inch CX OLED TV becomes available later this year.

LG NanoCell 8K models

But wait, there’s more. LG isn’t done just yet. They’ve developed Real 8K units for their NanoCell TV series with is LG’s premium LCD TV lineup. They come with 75-inches and 65-inches in Nano99, Nano97, Nano95 series variants as well as, a 55-inch Nano95 series variant. Like, their OLED counterparts, they all carry the standard CTA 8K UHD logo. Not to mention how all of LG’s 8K TVs support 8K content streaming at 60FPS and are all certified to provide 8K 60P over HDMI.

Upgrades and new features

Most of LG 2020 OLED and 8K NanoCell TVs get an upgrade with their all-new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. The company’s third-generation processor builds on its predecessors’ capabilities with their new models leveraging on additional processing power and advanced adaptive algorithms that boost photo and sound quality. Being decked out with this processor helps LG heighten viewers’ sense of immersion with several new features designed to enhance user experience with movies, sports, and games.

LG has a lot to flex about after their latest OLED models won the Hollywood Professional Association’s Excellence in Engineering Award. Their models are the first TVs to deliver integrated calibration software that doesn’t just talk a big talk but walks the talk by performing to a hardware level. With support from the new Dolby Vision IQ and the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode, LG OLED displays movies almost exactly as the filmmakers themselves intended. From stunning visuals and quality sound performance, the new OLED and NanoCell TVs provide high-quality immersive content to a whole new level with top providers like Apple TV, Disney+ and Netflix.

Sports, esports, and gaming

Being the first manufacturer to offer TVs that are NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, LG is introducing a total of 12 new OLED models that support this essential gaming tech. Why you ask? Well, G-SYNC ensures graphics are rendered perfectly, ultimately reducing inaccuracies with real-time in-game display delays with their swift and crisp 120Hz refresh rate.

This doesn’t just make it gamer or esports friendly though. With OLED TVs racking up this much detail into their large screens, they’re sure to make watching any sports feel like you’re there. And they even integrated a Sports Alert feature that lets users follow their favorite teams with real-time scores and up-to-date schedules across a wide range of professional sports (ie. Baseball, football, soccer, etc.)

Again, LG prides itself with its self-emissive OLED technology which employs the individual pixel precision control, allowing them to produce exceptional picture quality with low input lag and ultra-fast response time. And, with their 360-degree soundscape on their 2020 LG TVs, you’ll be having the time of your life watching, playing, and cheering.


Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign will help you stay active at home

Let’s get physical!



Photo by Form Fitness

When gyms are out of reach and when your home doesn’t have any equipment, how do you continue your pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle?

In a time when we absolutely need to stay at home, Nike runs its ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign so we can still get physical.

Nike’s goal is to help everyone stay active, positive, and healthy — even when we’re all miles apart. Through their microsite, Nike shares tips and tricks tackling self-care, modified workouts, nutrition, and meditation.

For those who want to feel connected, Nike hosts community workouts through Instagram Live. Local Nike athletes, trainers, and coaches lead live-streamed sessions — whether it’s HIIT, Hip-hop dancing, or power yoga. Schedules are updated weekly, so it’s best to check it from time to time!

Schedule for May 25-29, 2020

If you just want to focus on your own workouts, Nike Training Club can be a great companion. The app houses free workouts you can do at home, which will help you with strength, endurance, and mobility. There are also guided yoga sessions, in case you’re into that.

Personally, I enjoy Nike Training Club’s bodyweight exercises, and I’ve been using their Bodyweight workout plan. In case you didn’t know, you can create a workout plan (and modify it to your liking) so you can commit yourself to an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Nike Training Club app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

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GrabTaxi resumes operations this May

GrabPay will double as contact tracing system



Grab Philippines is now resuming GrabTaxi operations as more areas in the country ease their travel restrictions. As a safety precaution, the company is also adopting new measures that will be implemented once GrabTaxi’s operations resume.

Grab is implementing cashless transactions for all its GrabTaxi fleet once service resumes on May 22. The company has already trained more than 7,000 drivers in preparation for the change. It has trained and encouraged drivers to use its GrabPay service to minimize physical cash transactions. After all, banknotes and bills encourage the spread of the virus that cause COVID-19 disease.

Using GrabPay will also benefit the public by acting as an efficient contact tracing system. Combined with Grab and Department of Health’s (DOH) contact tracing platform, the service will allow for faster and accurate contact tracing whenever possible.

The first two cities where GrabTaxi will resume operations this May are Baguio and Naga City. Around 400 drivers are to be deployed in these cities as operations resume. Grab is targeting to train more GrabTaxi drivers in handling cashless transactions along with other safety and health practices so they can quickly resume their jobs once restrictions are lifted. Those interested in undergoing the training can visit Grab’s website.

Elsewhere, Grab has also introduced cashless payments for the rest of its services. Grab users can now use GrabPay to pay for their essential goods and services. With GrabPay coming to GrabTaxi, users don’t have to bring physical cash and risk themselves to COVID-19.

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Apple moving its AirPods assembly line to Vietnam

iPhone production is next in line




Apple has started shifting its iPhone production line to India but it doesn’t end there. With the ongoing trade war between China and the US, more companies are slowly finding alternatives — such is the case with Apple moving AirPods assembly to Vietnam.

Asia Nikkei‘s report indicated that Apple has already done production trials of the AirPods line in Vietnam last year. Just this month, numerous buyers (including a MacForums user) have pointed out the sudden change. The ‘Assembled in Vietnam’ engraving at the back of the AirPods Pro is prominent since loyal users know that Apple products are assembled in China.

A Reddit user initially shared his concern about the product’s authenticity, even before the mentioned tweet started gaining attention.

It says mine are made in Vietnam but all other ones say China ? Should I be worried or it has nothing to do with it?? from r/AirpodsPro

Even a staff from The Verge shared a photo of her recently bought AirPods Pro with the same engraving.

Photo by Kara Verlaney (The Verge)

A follow-up report stated that the mass production of the new AirPods units took place in Vietnam last March. Despite the pandemic, they were able to secure permits from Vietnamese officials to bring in engineers for better and smoother production.

Some of the old EarPods were also assembled in Vietnam, which means the country isn’t exactly new to assembling Apple’s audio accessories. Even Apple’s long-awaited AirPods Studio might be produced there as well.

A recently-published article by DigiTimes states that other than India, they’re also moving the iPhone production line to Vietnam. It makes sense considering Foxconn has already built factories in the northern province of Bac Giang.

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