Mastercard will start accepting cryptocurrencies this year

No word on what cryptos yet



Because of the recent rise of Dogecoin, cryptocurrencies are once again in the spotlight. Despite their seesawing popularity throughout the years, the digital currency is here to stay. Thankfully, larger financial firms are starting to accept the new currency into their gallery of services. Today, Mastercard has announced that it will accept some cryptocurrencies going forward.

As reported by Reuters, Mastercard will start accepting select currencies into its network later this year. Even without the recent announcement, the company already takes the digital currency, albeit indirectly. This time, the card company will fully support it going forward.

Unfortunately, Mastercard has not announced when the support is coming. The company has also neglected to share which cryptocurrencies will come to Mastercard. Most likely, it will support the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Given its popularity, the company might even support the latest craze, Dogecoin.

Recently, Dogecoin raised its value drastically because of Reddit’s recent blitz against the stock market. Random cryptocurrencies and stocks suddenly experienced massive surges in the past few weeks.

In other cryptocurrency-related news, Elon Musk’s Tesla has also started accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. The billionaire has also invested US$ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, marking a huge investment in the currency.

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Manulife launches online shop for insurance services

Digitizing their insurance service



Manulife Shop

Manulife is riding the digitization train, launching a Manulife Shop that will allow Filipinos to purchase affordable insurance conveniently online.

The website may be accessed here. Customers may avail of annually renewable insurance products with up to a PhP 1 million life protection coverage.

The timing of the site’s unveiling follows suit Manulife’s recent study titled “The Modern Filipino Family: Exploring family dynamics and digitalization amid the new normal” where the insurance provider discovered the following findings:

  • 90% of Filipinos surveyed use e-commerce apps
  • 82% use finance apps for cashless payments or to buy insurance
  • 25% of Gen Xers and 33% of millennials have bought insurance online in the past year
  • 41% of Gen Zers are considering purchasing insurance online in the next year

Additionally, participants have citied convenience (45%), sense of security (22%), and protection (17%) as the top 3 reasons why they have bought insurance policies online.

Here are the three services customers may avail online through the newly-launched website:

  • 365 Ready Accident: Accident life insurance plan that covers accidental death, dismemberment, total permanent disability, double indemnity, and family assistance for as low as PhP 199/year
  • 365 Ready Life: Term life insurance plan providing coverage for as low as PhP 249/year
  • 365 Ready Duo: Combination of term life and personal accident insurance plan that provides both life and accident protection benefits for as low as PhP 448/year
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You can now customize your username with Maya!

Send and receive money with just your username!



Maya PayMaya

Maya, an all-in-one digital bank, rolls out a new feature that lets you send and receive money with your very own usernames.

The feature is a first-of-its-kind — giving a more personalized, convenient, and safer way to transfer money. It’s similar to how you tag your family and friends on social media.

Simply use your username when requesting payments! It also keeps your personal data private, hiding your account name and mobile number.

How to set it up?

To set up your Maya username, you just need to tap the profile icon and tap “get started.” Then, key in your preferred username and hit confirm. Finish the setup by keying in the one-time password (OTP) sent via SMS.

Once it’s registered, you can now ask your friends and family to use your username to send money to your account.

“Sending money via @username is just one of the innovative features which make money management with Maya more fun and rewarding. With up to 6% savings interest rate and free bitcoin or cashback offers, Maya is easily the most engaging and rewarding payments and banking platform for your money,” said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer for Maya Philippines.

A personal touch for your money transactions

Maya has also partnered with Giphy to help add a personal touch to every money transaction. Choose over 10 billion GIFs and throw off some GIF action.

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GoTyme Bank now official; brings financial solutions for Filipinos



GoTyme Bank

GoTyme Bank, a modern digital bank from Gokongwei Group in partnership with the Singapore-based Tyme Group, has officially launched in the Philippines.

The venture adapts a “phy-gital” model, combining both the physical touchpoints such as kiosks and secure digital transactions online via its app to help Filipinos with their financial needs.

As previously reported, GoTyme Bank received its Certificate of Authority (COA) to operate from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas last August. A month after, it partnered with BancNet and Visa.

With a high-tech approach, GoTyme Bank offers customers to open an account in just five minutes through its kiosks, for them to avail services such as:

  • bank transfers
  • shopping rewards
  • interest savings
  • trading
  • investing
  • customer service

Not only that, GoTyme will also have a debit card, rivaling the likes of Maya and GCash MasterCard. This allows customers to make transactions from local and international ATMs, including free transactions at Robinsons-affiliated retail outlets.

Currently, there are already 15 kiosks in select Robinsons supermarkets, with more locations set to open soon.

Send, shop, save

GoTyme Bank is also leaning on its Send-Shop-Save value proposition in hopes of standing out against rivals.

The service offers three free transfers a week straight from the app, on top of always free intra-GoTyme transfers.

The Go Shop feature, meanwhile, gives customers a better shopping experience, as each swipe of their GoTyme debit card will lead to GoRewards points at partner Robinsons stores. These points may be redeemed afterwards.

Lastly, Go Save lets patrons earn interest with no worries on promo durations and minimum balances. The “Save Your Change” feature will let people save too by rounding up to the nearest 10 or 100 pesos and putting that excess change automatically into a Go Save account.

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