How to Make a McWhopper



To generate awareness for International Peace Day on September 21st, Burger King reached out to rival McDonald’s to create a burger that represents the best of their respective iconic burgers, the Whopper and Big Mac respectively. Unfortunately McDonald’s is unwilling to play.

Still want that McWhopper?

In this video we’ll show to make a McWhopper and how any of this is related to technology and gadgets.

Galaxy Note 9

How to be productive with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Not your typical Note 9 hands-on



The Galaxy Note 9 just dropped and like any self-respecting strong, independent working woman, my mind has quickly shifted to how I can utilize this productivity device.

Fig 1. Me, a strong, independent woman figuring out work things

Historically marketed towards power users (and those who really like using pens, I assume), this device is filled with features that help you optimize your workflow. For this piece, I focus on the new S Pen features because the stylus is definitely the highlight of this release. Also, it comes in new yummy colors that are definitely eye-catching.

Fig 2. Popping yellow S Pen that comes with the blue Note 9

Just how will I use the S Pen? Let me go through a whole work day and show you.

Prep away

Part of my mornings includes setting time aside to have my coffee and think about the busy day ahead. It helps to get into the right mindset each day, and makes me prepare better mentally.

When my mind is ready, the rest follows (sounds cheesy, but it’s true!). I prepare stuff I need for the day ahead of time. Being a natural slob, I find that this practice helps me get more organized.

I usually note down my to-do’s in a journal because science has proven that there’s better memory retention when you write things by hand. Doing this on the Note 9 works, too. The fuss-free onscreen note function is a godsend — I can’t be bothered navigating to my clutter of apps in the morning just so I can jot down my thoughts. Simply take the S Pen out and write away to your heart’s content.

Fig 4. Stop hating on my handwriting!

This new S Pen, because it’s now Bluetooth-enabled, is always connected. The best part? You won’t ever need to go through that annoying pairing process because simply plugging it into your Note 9 will automatically pair the devices. This action also charges the pen, not that you’d ever notice since it only takes 40 seconds to fully charge.

And for those who always worry about losing stuff: Don’t fret.

Fig 5. Life challenge: Don’t lose the small moving parts!

This feature isn’t exactly new but it’s definitely something worth taking note of (pun intended) again because we all need it.

Psych yourself up

When you look good, you feel good.

All days start with a good outfit, and for days when you need an extra push, power dressing is key. Of course, if I have a great outfit on, it calls for an #OOTD photo — this is easy to do with the new S Pen. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to take remote selfies even from 10 meters away.

Fig 6. Quick outfit selfie before the day starts

Now that we have the look covered (and something to post on IG), let’s move on.

Seeing the bigger picture

People are very visual beings. That being said, know that explanations or presentations are always better when bigger and prettier for maximum effect. Paint them a better scene and open up their mind’s eye — those pesky PowerPoints and video presentations are easier done with Samsung DeX integration. This allows you to mirror what’s on your phone on a bigger screen.

Fig 7. Presenting stuff like a real adult

I know what your thinking: Who has time to set all that up every time? Girl, you do.

The Note 9 needs no dock to connect to a screen; all you need to do is plug it in and it’ll work.

Fig 8. Make sure what’s on your phone’s screen is safe to show the room before plugging in!

Of course, this works wonders for meetings and presentations, but it really works best as my Netflix watching setup or checking out my IG feed in all its full-sized glory.

Be in command

For added life points and presentation impact, take control — like literally.

That PowerPoint your presenting? The S Pen can control it with a click or double-click.

Fig 9. Clickity, click, click!

That’s not all you can control with your new remote — er, pen. The features are assignable, meaning you can customize button functions to your heart’s content.

Fig 10. Changing stuff around because I can

And yes, you can set it to work with your image gallery, voice recorder, music, and like mentioned earlier, your camera.

It’s all in the details

In life, it’s worth it to note that incremental changes can go a long way. Tweaking little things in your every day can result in a more optimized life.

Fig 11. Looking serious while on a non-serious phone call

It seems the Note 9 has followed the same mantra as the phone sports the same cameras and processor as the Galaxy S9, and it’s almost identical to the Note 8. But, the devil is in the details: More memory means better multitasking features (because we all do a gazillion things on our phones at the same time), bigger storage means having space for all those selfies, and a better battery life at 4000mAh means more power because power banks are so 2017 and I never have enough space for them in my purse.


Make sure that you have a little fun in everything that you do. Anything done as you enjoy yourself always leads to more productivity and enthusiasm. Go forth and be productive!

Fig 12. Live messaging on AR Emoji is a fun way to make a point

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How to get McDonald’s new MacCoin currency

The hunt is on!



You may have heard about the Big Mac Index, but how about the first fully food-backed global currency called the MacCoin?

The iconic Big Mac celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018 and McDonald’s marks this milestone by introducing the limited edition MacCoin across the United States and more than 50 other participating countries including China, Indonesia, and South Korea. (Here’s a full list.)

The MacCoin comes in five unique designs, each representing a decade of the Big Mac.

One MacCoin highlighting the 1970s showcases the decade’s Flower Power, and the 1980s token features pop art. Abstract shapes are reserved for the 1990s MacCoin design, and the coin representing the 2000s shows technology that was hip back then. The 2010s MacCoin celebrates the past 10 years and the evolution of modern communication by displaying emoji. Additionally, the seven languages featured across the various designs are Arabic, English, Indonesian, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

In the US, you can get a MacCoin for every Big Mac meal. If you want to collect all five designs, you better have a big appetite for the Big Mac and a deep wallet, because five Big Mac meals will cost you more than US$ 42 (including tax) and they are going fast! This will also leave you with a bigger belly after more than 5,000 calories — double that if you redeem your MacCoins for free Big Macs before the end of the year.

The promotion started August 2, which would have been the 100th birthday of the founder of the Big Mac, the late Jim Delligatti. Some countries have different ways for you to get your hands on a MacCoin. In China, for example, you can get a MacCoin by singing the birthday song for the Big Mac starting August 6.

What is the value of the burger currency, you may ask? You can either keep the MacCoin, give it away or trade it in for a free Big Mac until the end of 2018. Redeemed coins won’t be brought back into circulation. Therefore, each coin will be for one-time use only. On the other hand, eBay turned into a flourishing marketplace for the coins, trading as high as $35 per coin and prices will likely go up from here.

So, how has it been hunting for MacCoins in Chicago, the home of the global headquarters of McDonald’s? Four days into it and stores are running out of the coins. It didn’t help that Chicago hosted Lollapalooza — a music festival attended by hundreds of thousands of music fans — from August 2 to 5, and the Big Mac would have made a perfect midnight snack after each day of dancing and partying.

I did manage to get my hands on a couple: the 1990s coin with all its abstract and geometric shapes, and the 2000s coin showing a tech bubble design.

Image credit: Kimmee Rae Pineda

I spent a good 15 minutes walking to the first store (burning maybe two percent of the would be gazillion “Big Mac and Fries” calories I’d eat), lining up along with the lunch-hour crowd and being told they are all out. So, I put my general knowledge of McDonald’s locations in Chicago Loop to good use (I can name the cross streets of each branch without needing a map!) and googled the phone numbers to find the closest store with MacCoins left.

After a few tries, I found one with some left and promptly raced over, placed my order, and patiently waited for my food and coin. I learned that you had to specifically ask for the coin after getting your food, and the branch manager personally hands you your hard-earned — or shall we say digested — MacCoin after checking your receipt. Also, you can’t just order five meals and get all five coins at once. I know, because I tried to save myself the trouble and just throw a Big Mac party for anyone who’s hungry so I get to complete the collection before they run out. We all have to do it the old fashioned way: ballooning with one Big Mac at a time.

All that remains to be said: Happy birthday, Big Mac! You don’t look a day over 50 and are as yummy as you always have been.

Need more burgers in your life? Watch this experimental video:

This article was contributed by Kimmee Rae Pineda.

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How to activate the redesigned desktop Gmail

Material Design everywhere!



As expected, Gmail is getting a design overhaul that you may or may not like. Fortunately, you can try it out now, and if you don’t dig it, there’s an option to revert back to the stone-age look everyone’s accustomed to.

Doing so is incredibly simple, but does need a few screenshots to show you the way. Here’s how:

Click on the gear icon and select “Try the new Gmail”

Choose your type of view (this can be changed anytime)

And you’re done!

Image source: blog.google

If you don’t like the new look, you can always revert back

So, what’s there to see other than the wonders of Material Design? A lot, actually.

For one, you can access attachments straight from the inbox without having to open any conversation. This allows you to go straight to the files you’ve been sending without going through each sent and received email.

For the absentminded, reminders are in place if you haven’t replied to certain emails for days. But, if you’d rather not be bothered, you may snooze emails and deal with them some other time.

Smart replies are also available just like on the Gmail app. Now you’re able to get conversations over with using a single click — perfect for that annoying friend who won’t get off your case.

There’s more to see, but it’ll take a while for most users to get the hang of them all. I myself am a little overwhelmed by the new arrangement; although I’m sure it’s good to invest early (before Google kills off the classic design like it does with other old products).

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