How to Make a McWhopper



To generate awareness for International Peace Day on September 21st, Burger King reached out to rival McDonald’s to create a burger that represents the best of their respective iconic burgers, the Whopper and Big Mac respectively. Unfortunately McDonald’s is unwilling to play.

Still want that McWhopper?

In this video we’ll show to make a McWhopper and how any of this is related to technology and gadgets.

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How to use your selfie camera for better photos

The front-facing camera is all you’ll ever need



When someone says “selfie,” most people think of photos similar to this:

Shot with the Honor 10 Lite

And while there’s nothing wrong with photos like these, I’m here to tell you that pictures with your smartphone’s front-facing cameras can be way better. No, really.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get picturesque selfie shots that are Instagram-worthy.

First off, you’ll need a smartphone with a powerful selfie cam. Gone are the days when front shooters were considered secondary cameras. Brands have now recognized the importance of selfie shooters and they’re now putting in even better ones — thank heavens! The weapon of choice for this activity was the Honor 10 Lite with a 24-megapixel camera equipped with AI.

The next step is finding a great spot. Find a way to mount your phone — whether it be with a phone tripod, or entails propping it up on a wall or your coffee mug (like I did). What’s important is that your phone is on a stable place. Now you can fix your framing!

The camera timer is the most commonly used feature for these photos. All you need to do is turn it on and pose.

Actual outtake shot on the Honor 10 Lite

My favorite selfie feature would be the Palm Gesture. Simply raise up your palm when you’re ready. This saves you the trouble of having to physically tap the shutter button over and over. On the Honor 10 Lite, there’s also the Smile Shutter feature which triggers the shutter every time you smile, and the Volume Control feature which triggers the shutter when you say “Cheese,” or when your voice reaches a certain decibel.

How Palm Gesture works

What I love about shooting with the selfie cam is the fact that it shows me what my photo looks like before I hit the shutter. This means I can move around and make sure none of my body parts are cut out. I can also make sure I’m not shooting an unflattering angle and adjust accordingly. Here are just some samples I shot with the Honor 10 Lite:

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Honor.

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How to experience ‘Dark Mode’ in Google Chrome

Here’s a simple guide



Dark mode is not new, but it’s becoming really popular. With more people appreciating how easy it is to the eyes with a dark background, we get flooded with questions asking how to activate this mode. Facebook recently rolled out its dark mode feature for its popular Messenger app, which triggered the curiosity of clueless users.

Another well-known desktop application will soon have its official dark mode: Google Chrome. There’s no exact release date yet for the browser’s upcoming feature, but there are ways to experience it now. If you use Chrome, you might find these tips very useful.

Apply “Just Black” theme

There are a lot of black or dark themes on the Chrome Web Store. Even before dark mode was a thing, black themes were already available for Chrome, at least for its desktop version. Although, not all dark themes are created equal. There are some that aren’t dark enough and some are too complicated.

Just Black theme | Image credit: Google

Thankfully, there’s no need to dig inside the Themes section of the Web Store because Google has its own dark theme called Just Black. The theme is available to download for free and it’s one of the 14 official themes made by Google’s Chrome team.

Like other themes available in the Web Store, the Just Black theme skins the surface of the browser including the title bar, start page, and tabs. What’s not darkened are the drop-down menus and the settings panel. If you want a deeper dark mode, check out the next option.

Try out Google Canary

In order to try out the official dark mode that’ll come to Chrome in the coming months, you’ll have to be adventurous and “get on the bleeding edge of the web.” I’m not talking about Chrome Beta or Chrome Dev; the official dark mode is in such an early stage that you’ll have to download Chrome Canary. This version of Chrome is experimental, but it’s usable.

Chrome Canary 74 in dark mode | GadgetMatch

Canary’s dark mode is dynamic and it adjusts accordingly to your operating system’s setting. Both Windows and macOS have their respective dark options, so you’ll have to turn them on in order to activate Canary’s dark mode.

As mentioned, the official dark mode of Canary goes deeper, which means even the settings panel and menus are darkened. It’s slightly different from the Just Black theme and is more similar to the dark mode of Android Pie and YouTube. The official dark mode has gray tones with blue highlights.

Chrome Canary can be very unstable, but it gives you an early look at the upcoming dark mode for Google’s well-loved browser.

Go incognito

One of the earliest and easiest tricks to enjoying a dark-themed Chrome is to hit Ctrl+Shift+N or select “New incognito window” from the browser’s menu. Incognito mode has been around for years and it saves us a trip to the delete button in the browser’s History section. 😉

If you’re using the default theme of Chrome, the instant dark theme of incognito also helps in distinguishing which of your Chrome windows is not recording your visits.

Bonus: Dark mode for all websites

Even if your theme is now dark, it doesn’t mean that the websites you’ll visit will darken as well. Most websites today have a plain white background (like ours) which means it’ll contrast with your dark theme. If you prefer to make the websites dark as well, there’s an extension for that.

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The extension is aptly called Dark Mode and it’s free on the Chrome Web Store. It adds a toggle beside the browser’s omnibar. It works on most websites, but it’s not perfect in some cases. Still, it helps reduce eye strain when you’re browsing a website in the dark.

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Here’s how you can enjoy Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Dark Mode on every app, please



Since the initial rollout of the redesigned Facebook Messenger app, we’ve been patiently waiting for Dark Mode. What we got first was the unsend feature which is handy to have, but we really wanted a dark-themed Messenger. Finally, the wait is over!

Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger is now live on both Android and iOS. It’s not outright available for everyone, though; it’s more of an easter egg. The steps in activating it are super easy, so let’s get right to it.

All you have to do to is send the crescent moon emoji (🌙) to anyone on Messenger. We’re told that you’ll have the chance to activate Dark Mode when someone sends you the emoji as well.

Dark Mode turned on and off

How would you know that Messenger’s Dark Mode is now available for your phone? A number of smiling crescent moons will fall down and a pop-up notification will let you know about Dark Mode.

Simply head over to the settings panel or “Me” profile section of the app and a Dark Mode toggle is waiting for you.

The app’s background will turn to pitch black

Turning Dark Mode on will completely darken the app’s background. From clean white, it’ll become pitch black. Dark Mode is ideal for phones with OLED displays, but LCD phones can also take advantage of the dark background.

Dark Mode is getting popular lately. Some apps already have it, and we know that Google Chrome and Android Q are next in line to promote this feature.

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