Mother’s Day Gift Guide feat. Ruhens, Sharp, Casio, more

Make mom’s day even more special



Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers make homes even more special, and spending time with them make memories that last a lifetime. 

With the world celebrating Mother’s Day 2022 on May 8, here are gift suggestions for families to surprise the stars of their home and make the event even more enjoyable.

Ruhens home solutions

Ruhens Ice

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 4,299
Available via: Ruhens Showrooms 

Ruhens Ice functions as both a multi-temperature water dispenser and an icemaker, providing homes with convenience when it comes to refreshments.

With just a touch of a button, Ruhens Ice offers five different precise temperatures — 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC and 87ºC – and also dispenses ice while replenishing its ice storage with intelligent technology, so users never have to worry about cooling down at home.

Ruhens Vitamin C Scented Showerheads

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 129
Available via: Ruhens Online Store

The Ruhens Vitamin C Scented Showerheads comes in three scents including rose, lavender and lime, letting moms enjoy moisturizing effects.

Aside from filtering up to 99.9 percent chlorine and harmful particles by infusing water with Vitamin C, the showerheads also allow moms massaging effects with increased water pressure and calming effects with naturally derived essential oil filters.

Ruhens Classic Air Purifier

Mother’s Day Gift

Ruhens’ Classic Air Purifier features a 4-stage Air Purification System, with each of the four filters providing distinct features.

The Pre filter helps to trap large particles such as dust, hair, pollen, or dog fur which may be too stubborn to clean while the Anti-allergy Filter filters out airborne particles such as influenza viruses and daily odors.

Price: SG$ 329
Available via: Ruhens Online Store

Sharp must-haves with Plasmacluster tech

Sharp Plasmacluster Humidifier

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 298
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

The small and compact humidifier comes with a moisturizing effect while helping remove ingrained odors.

It is also USB-powered, so it can be a portable and handy partner for moms wherever they go like the office or gym.

Sharp Dehumidifying Air Purifier

Price: SG$ 599
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

Thanks to Sharp’s revolutionary Plasmacluster technology, homes are now more protected against viruses and microbes that contaminate the air.

Sharp’s humidifying air purifier does an effective job capturing odor and viruses and reducing dust mite remains for a better home.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hairdryer

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 299
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

Sharp also incorporates its Plasmacluster technology into haircare, with its hairdryer smartly using positive and negative ions to present beautiful hair by two core actions.

The ions smoothen hair cuticles by protecting them from static electricity, reducing damage. Negative and positive Plasmacuster ions also cover hair with water molecules to maintain hydration.

Sharp Plasmacluster Scalp Massager

Price: SG$ 239
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

The scalp massage is designed according to the technique of a scalp masseur, helping users relax and enjoy a quick scalp massage.

It even regulates the about of sebum with Plasmacluster ions while keeping the scalp moisturized.

Best of all, it comes with a rechargeable cordless design, so moms can simply turn it on whenever they feel like getting a quick stress relief.

Casio watches for style

Casio Baby-G Series

Price: SG$ 139
Available via

The Baby-G BGD-565 Series features an iconic and compact square design available in four basic colors (pink, white, black, and transparent).

It is smaller, thinner, and more compact than its previous design, making it an ideal complement to working moms’ outfits.

Casio G-shock GM-2100 Series 

Price: SG$ 299
Available via: G-shock Singapore online store and in stores

The GM-2100 Series adopted a more stylish design with changes to its dial, plating color, and more.

It is shock resistant and is able to withstand a 200-meter water resistance.

More gift ideas

Audio House Electronics Gift Voucher

Located above Ubi MRT, Audio House building will match the lowest prices offered by any authorized dealer in Singapore and gives a SG$ 20 no-expiry-date voucher with every SG$ 100 spent.

It allows customers to shop for over 3,000 electronics items including TVs, washers, fridges, bedding, furniture, smart home systems, aircons, small appliances, and more.

And from May 1 to 30, 2022, enjoy 10 percent off on any Pra.L products. 

Oddle Eats Bundle Deals

Lastly, Oddle Eats will be ideal for those wanting to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

Customers can order delivery or make reservations via their mobile app anytime and enjoy discounted deals such as:

  • Family Set of 5 Pax at SG$ 179.80 (from SG$ 219.10) from Soup Restaurant
  • 4 pax family set at SG$ 68 from Keng Eng Kee Seafood

4 pax set menu from SG$ 248 at Jumbo Seafood


Canva unveils new AI-powered Visual Suite, Brand Hub

It’s a Brand New Era!



Canva has just announced a new suite of brand management features along with AI-powered design tools at Canva Create.

Ushering in a Brand New Era to help teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes, the world’s only all-in-one visual communication platform focused on empowering brands to scale various creative outputs.

Canva is embarking upon a decade as a powerhouse design platform, with more than US$ 1.4 billion in annualized revenue and over 125 million monthly users.

Moreover, organizations such as FedEx, Starbucks, and even Zoom are embracing the all-in-one design platform — making Canva a home for every brand.

Brand Hub

Visual communication efforts are at an all-time high. With every organization regardless of size and industry producing high volumes of content, Canva’s new features help teams create with efficiency while staying on brand.

  • Brand Kit: Create a Brand Kit with logos, colors, fonts, icons, imagery, graphics, and brand guidelines. Teams will never have to scramble for the right assets and are empowered to create on-brand, standout content.
  • Magic Replace: Instantly update brand assets across your entire company with a single click, from changing the logo in your company presentations to swapping out photography.
  • Brand Templates: Design and share Brand Templates for teams to quickly create on-brand, compelling content. Save time on repetitive design tasks and scale up content output.
  • Brand Folders: Set up Brand Folders to keep branding organized and accessible. Create individual folders to group unique branding for specific events, campaigns, teams, or projects.
  • Brand Guidelines: Organizations’ brand guidelines be automatically and contextually surfaced within the Canva Editor as teams create designs, ensuring everyone is equipped with the knowledge to best represent their brand.
  • Brand Controls: Set brand controls and have the confidence teams are always designing on-brand content. Admins can limit fonts and colors, eliminating the need to check hex codes or look out for unapproved fonts.
  • Approval Workflows: Admins can use approval workflows directly in Canva, ensuring designs are reviewed and approved before being published.

AI-powered Visual Suite

Canva has also unveiled a collection of new AI-powered tools that hastens the design processes of any creative team.

  • Magic Design: Simply upload an image then select a style, and Magic Design will create a curated selection of personalized templates ready for you to download to further customize.
  • Magic Edit: Add or replace anything in an image. Identify where to add something, describe it to Magic Edit, and watch as it appears.
  • Magic Eraser: Clean up unwanted details in images with Magic Eraser. Brush over the area and watch as the distraction is magically removed.
  • New Presentations: Create engaging and on-brand presentations in no time. Prompt the editor and watch as Magic Design generates a range of presentations with an outline and content on each slide.
  • Canva Assistant: Unlock the best of Canva with the tap of a button. Search for eye-catching elements, get recommendations for images and layouts, or generate custom AI content to elevate your designs.
  • Beat Sync: Automatically match video footage to the soundtrack. No more manual editing. Save time and instantly find the perfect moment to play with the beat.
  • Translate: With the click of a button, automatically translate the text in designs to over 100 different languages and connect with audiences anywhere in the world.
  • Magic Write: Create content from a simple text prompt in seconds. Canva’s AI-powered copywriting assistant is now available across the entire Visual Suite including Presentations, Videos, and Websites making it easier than ever to write everything from website copy or presentation summaries.

Highly requested features

Canva also debuted an array of highly-requested features from its global community, while making an improvement to existing ones.

  • Draw: Unleash creativity with freehand drawing, underlines, or annotations. Sketch a simple shape, like a circle, and Shape Assist will transform it into a perfectly polished circle. Easily turn ideas into flowcharts, mind maps, and more.
  • Layouts: Add content to a page and be recommended layout ideas for a design.
  • Styles: Develop a signature look and feel by matching current designs to previous work. Find inspiration by browsing suggested color palettes and font pairings.
  • Layers: Adjust elements without affecting other parts of the design. See all elements in one place — whether it’s text, shapes, images, or video.
  • Gradients: Quickly add gradients to any background, shape, table cell, or frame.
  • Precision Position Tools: Customize positioning, alignment, spacing, and sizing with ease. Select one or several elements, then open the new Position panel and customize everything from one place.
  • Alt Text: Create alt text for media, images, and elements that describes what’s happening, providing extra context for those with visual impairment or accessibility needs.
  • Smart Design Imports: Drag and drop any file straight into the editor to transform it into an editable Canva design. Design Imports are now easier, faster, and more precise than ever.
  • 953 New Fonts: 953 of the world’s most popular fonts are now available including Arial, Avenier, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.
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Attack on Titan publisher is getting its own manga app



Getting into manga is both tough and accessible for a casual reader. While the popularity of the medium allows titles to promulgate so easily online, readers sometimes have to rely on fan translations and bootleg copies. Kodansha, one of the biggest names in the manga scene, is creating a platform to release official English-translated titles in the United States called K Manga.

In the manga scene, Kodansha is one of the most recognizable publishers, creating modern classics like Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell. Naturally, the publisher has a lot of history to bank on.

Starting May, Kodansha will release K Manga, an app which will offer access to both classic and newly released titles. On launch, the service will have around 400 titles available for users. These will include Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Blue Lock, and Tokyo Revengers. It will also release new chapters, officially translated in English, first before any other platform.

Right now, the company has not announced how the app will price its library. The announcement mentioned that it will offer select chapters for free, opening the possibility for a paid way to access more chapters.

K Manga will launch on May 10 in the United States.

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Tinder now lets users specify pronouns and relationship type

Including non-monogamous relationships



The world of dating evolves by the day. As long as consent exists between all parties involved, dating can happen between persons of different genders and quantities. To reflect on how the world is now, Tinder is allowing users to specify their preferred pronouns and monogamous/non-monogamous relationship types.

The availability of pronoun preference has been a long time coming for the popular dating app. With gender exploration and fluidity being important parts for today’s identity building, defining pronouns, especially on a dating platform, adds a lot of value for people looking for partners. Starting now, Tinder will offer 15 options for users and the ability to choose up to four from that pool.

In addition to more pronouns, Tinder will also allow users to specify what type of relationship they are interested in. Specifically, they can specify if they’re interested in monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, or are open to exploring. According to a survey from the company, 41 percent of Gen Z users are interested in non-monogamous relationships, prompting the availability of these options.

Finally, Tinder will also allow users to select how long of a relationship they are looking for. Users can now specify if they want a long-term relationship, long-term open to short, short-term open to long, short-term, new friends, or are still figuring it out.

However, the new features are not available everywhere just yet. For now, the United States is getting all three features.

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