Mother’s Day Gift Guide feat. Ruhens, Sharp, Casio, more

Make mom’s day even more special



Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers make homes even more special, and spending time with them make memories that last a lifetime. 

With the world celebrating Mother’s Day 2022 on May 8, here are gift suggestions for families to surprise the stars of their home and make the event even more enjoyable.

Ruhens home solutions

Ruhens Ice

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 4,299
Available via: Ruhens Showrooms 

Ruhens Ice functions as both a multi-temperature water dispenser and an icemaker, providing homes with convenience when it comes to refreshments.

With just a touch of a button, Ruhens Ice offers five different precise temperatures — 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC and 87ºC – and also dispenses ice while replenishing its ice storage with intelligent technology, so users never have to worry about cooling down at home.

Ruhens Vitamin C Scented Showerheads

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 129
Available via: Ruhens Online Store

The Ruhens Vitamin C Scented Showerheads comes in three scents including rose, lavender and lime, letting moms enjoy moisturizing effects.

Aside from filtering up to 99.9 percent chlorine and harmful particles by infusing water with Vitamin C, the showerheads also allow moms massaging effects with increased water pressure and calming effects with naturally derived essential oil filters.

Ruhens Classic Air Purifier

Mother’s Day Gift

Ruhens’ Classic Air Purifier features a 4-stage Air Purification System, with each of the four filters providing distinct features.

The Pre filter helps to trap large particles such as dust, hair, pollen, or dog fur which may be too stubborn to clean while the Anti-allergy Filter filters out airborne particles such as influenza viruses and daily odors.

Price: SG$ 329
Available via: Ruhens Online Store

Sharp must-haves with Plasmacluster tech

Sharp Plasmacluster Humidifier

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 298
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

The small and compact humidifier comes with a moisturizing effect while helping remove ingrained odors.

It is also USB-powered, so it can be a portable and handy partner for moms wherever they go like the office or gym.

Sharp Dehumidifying Air Purifier

Price: SG$ 599
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

Thanks to Sharp’s revolutionary Plasmacluster technology, homes are now more protected against viruses and microbes that contaminate the air.

Sharp’s humidifying air purifier does an effective job capturing odor and viruses and reducing dust mite remains for a better home.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hairdryer

Mother’s Day Gift

Price: SG$ 299
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

Sharp also incorporates its Plasmacluster technology into haircare, with its hairdryer smartly using positive and negative ions to present beautiful hair by two core actions.

The ions smoothen hair cuticles by protecting them from static electricity, reducing damage. Negative and positive Plasmacuster ions also cover hair with water molecules to maintain hydration.

Sharp Plasmacluster Scalp Massager

Price: SG$ 239
Available via: Sharp Cocoro Life e-store, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 official stores and authorized sellers

The scalp massage is designed according to the technique of a scalp masseur, helping users relax and enjoy a quick scalp massage.

It even regulates the about of sebum with Plasmacluster ions while keeping the scalp moisturized.

Best of all, it comes with a rechargeable cordless design, so moms can simply turn it on whenever they feel like getting a quick stress relief.

Casio watches for style

Casio Baby-G Series

Price: SG$ 139
Available via

The Baby-G BGD-565 Series features an iconic and compact square design available in four basic colors (pink, white, black, and transparent).

It is smaller, thinner, and more compact than its previous design, making it an ideal complement to working moms’ outfits.

Casio G-shock GM-2100 Series 

Price: SG$ 299
Available via: G-shock Singapore online store and in stores

The GM-2100 Series adopted a more stylish design with changes to its dial, plating color, and more.

It is shock resistant and is able to withstand a 200-meter water resistance.

More gift ideas

Audio House Electronics Gift Voucher

Located above Ubi MRT, Audio House building will match the lowest prices offered by any authorized dealer in Singapore and gives a SG$ 20 no-expiry-date voucher with every SG$ 100 spent.

It allows customers to shop for over 3,000 electronics items including TVs, washers, fridges, bedding, furniture, smart home systems, aircons, small appliances, and more.

And from May 1 to 30, 2022, enjoy 10 percent off on any Pra.L products. 

Oddle Eats Bundle Deals

Lastly, Oddle Eats will be ideal for those wanting to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

Customers can order delivery or make reservations via their mobile app anytime and enjoy discounted deals such as:

  • Family Set of 5 Pax at SG$ 179.80 (from SG$ 219.10) from Soup Restaurant
  • 4 pax family set at SG$ 68 from Keng Eng Kee Seafood

4 pax set menu from SG$ 248 at Jumbo Seafood


Netflix confirms ads are coming later this year

In a cheaper subscription tier



vivo T1x

Netflix is currently in a bind. As the platform’s rivals grow, Netflix has started shrinking and losing subscribers. The company has also started pondering on alternative strategies to maintain its grip on the streaming world. One of the most recent ideas involves the introduction of a cheaper, ad-supported subscription tier. Now, after much strategizing, Netflix has all but confirmed its addition later this year.

During the recent Cannes Lion advertising festival (via The Hollywood Reporter), Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed that the platform is indeed adding a cheaper option for subscribers by the end of the year. While the platform was initially averse to including ads, Sarandos has stated that some subscribers actually don’t mind ads in return for a cheaper price per month.

Prior to an official announcement, Netflix has not announced how much the new subscription will cost on launch. Likewise, they haven’t confirmed whether the tier will come to all countries and territories where Netflix is present.

If anything, Netflix isn’t alone or the first in adding an ad-supported subscription tier. Hulu, for example, already offers such a tier. Hulu’s partner streaming platform, Disney+, is also considering adding a similar tier later this year.

Besides adding the ad-supported tier, Netflix is also pumping up its presence in the gaming world. They are also considering another payment system meant for users who share their passwords to non-subscribers.

SEE ALSO: Netflix is losing a lot of long-term subscribers

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What I’ve been waiting for: An integrated Starbucks digital experience

Earning Stars through Grab and Lazada? Sign me up!



Hold up! Starbucks is expanding its Rewards program, as part of the company’s digital innovation initiatives for this year and beyond.

Earlier this year, Starbucks Philippines announced its expansion to digital services to enhance the coffee experience. The company launched its rehashed in-app feature called Mobile Pay & Order 2.0, and a partnership with Grab, Lazada, and GCash.

Now, the coffee company wants to push for a more connected future.

An integrated partnership with Grab

Earlier this year, Starbucks announced an integrated partnership with Southeast Asian superapp Grab. The partnership aims to provide a more seamless experience across Grab’s six Southeast Asian markets.

First in the market is the Philippines, where Starbucks is bringing the experience starting on June 23, 2022. Through the Grab superapp, customers can connect to their Starbucks Rewards program and earn 1 Star for every PhP 40 spent on Starbucks orders.

If you’re a member of the Starbucks Rewards program, you’d know that every 100 Stars collected can be converted to a free Starbucks beverage or food reward, redeemable in stores.

Starbucks Grab

With the partnership, customers will be able to enjoy the Starbucks experience through Grab’s services:

  • Pay your orders via GrabPay e-wallets both online and in-store
  • Order online for in-store pick-up via GrabFood
  • Instant delivery via GrabExpress using GrabFood’s self-pick-up feature

Together with Lazada

It’s not just Grab, though. Back in February, Starbucks announced the expansion of its Rewards program through Lazada. Rewards members can link their accounts to Lazada and start earning Stars — the same way as Grab — for every purchase from the Starbucks LazMall Flagship Store.

To link a Starbucks Rewards account, members can click the ‘Member’ tab found in the Starbucks LazMall Flagship Store. Sign-in using a registered Starbucks Rewards email and password, and voila!

Gifts for your loved ones

Previously, Starbucks teamed up with GCash to allow customers to order and send eGifts through GLife, starting at PhP 300. As the company expands its digital services, eGifting is also now available through GrabGift, starting at PhP 100.

eGifts from GLife can be used to pay in Starbucks stores. Meanwhile, eGifts from GrabGifts can be used to purchase orders from Starbucks on GrabFood.

FoodShare is here to stay

Starbucks FoodShare, a program established in the United States a few years ago, made its way to the Philippines early this year. The program capitalized on Starbucks and Grab’s partnerships, where participating stores can connect with Grab drivers to pick up and deliver food donations daily.

Donations are donated to the Philippine Food Bank Foundation, a local non-profit organization, to be distributed to select beneficiaries within Metro Manila.

The program started with 40 stores in Metro Manila and has expanded to 238 stores as of writing. To date, Starbucks FoodShare has served over 50,000 meals. The company is looking to make the program a long-term commitment, with the goal of expanding the program to stores outside Metro Manila and hopefully, serving more communities.

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The best gifts for any father figure in your life

Celebrate those who became a ‘daddy’ to you



Father’s Day can be quite celebratory if your family’s complete. For those struggling with an absent or problematic father, the holiday can be gloomy, most especially if you didn’t have any father growing up.

But the holiday wasn’t meant for fathers alone. Surely, there are father figures around you while you were growing up. Whether it’s your uncle, a mentor, or simply anyone who you look up to.

For the times they have guided you in this world, it’s only right to celebrate them in any way you can. Father’s Day or not, here are timeless gifts your father figures deserve to have, most of which are stuff they didn’t know they needed.

Hand tools

For when things break at home, our father figures are always there to the rescue. Give them a gift that will make their hands happy as they do the work for the people they love.

Take a trusted brand like the Bosch GSB 13 RE. Shop here.

Dash camera

Give the gift of peace of mind while on the road. A dash camera can be helpful to review incidents happening on the road, especially against corrupt road officers.

Shop a reliable camera like the Xiaomi Mi Dashcam 1S for their vehicles!

Blue-light blocking glasses

Help them maintain a clear vision through these stylish, blue-light-blocking eyeglasses from Shigetsu. They’re cheap, yet they’re effective in blocking radiation and UV rays.

Protect the eyes and get blue-light blocking glasses like the CHIBA RadPro Eyewear.

Set of underwear

Comfort is key when it’s something related to our bodies. Forget the usual cotton underwear, keep them cool with a quick-drying fabric that’s perfect for their on-the-go lifestyle. Trust us, they probably haven’t bought any set of underwear ever since they got one a few Christmases ago.

Get Huga’s Tech Series underwear.


We still don’t know the reason, but every dad seems to love and own a flashlight. Perhaps, it’s a boy scout thing. We’ll probably know when we become dads someday.

Pick this Forclaz Torch from Decathlon!

Massage gun

Forget massage parlors and spas. Break up those muscle knots and help them relax through an accessible massager that they can bring and store anywhere.

The Xiaomi Fascia Mini Gun Massager may be small, but it packs in power. Shop here.


For those trying to stop buying a pack of cigarettes, vaping might be the next best alternative. Get them a subtle, plug-and-play stick like the RELX Infinity.

Shop here.

Key holder

Say goodbye to those bulky keychains! The KeySmart Flex can hold up to eight keys so your father figures can easily organize their essentials.

It’s the perfect present for any occasion: Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, or just whenever you feel like it! Shop here.


Oh, you can never go wrong with Birkenstock. That timeless design? Its cult-lovin’ comfort factor? And a super skin-friendly material? Your father figures will love wearing the Birkenstock Arizona Birko, for sure!

Get it here.


Ah, belts. An essential to any man’s wardrobe. If you haven’t noticed, some of your father figure’s belts have shown their wear and tear. Some needed replacing, but it’s not their priority.

Give them a sturdy, versatile belt like the Pierre Cardin Cow Leather Belt that they can wear for any occasion with its timeless yet modern design. Shop here.

RFID wallet

Give the gift of protection with a wallet that’s not just stylish, but also keeps their cards safe and secure.

Get the Herschel Andy RFID here.

Electric shaver

Help them put their best self forward and give them an electric shaver to help them trim or shave their facial hair. Here in GadgetMatch, we believe that men should be as invested in grooming themselves just as much as women religiously do their beauty regimens.

Get the Philips Electric Shaver PQ206/18.

Wireless earbuds

For when they want to listen to music without being held back, give them the gift of liberty through a pair of wireless earbuds.

The UGREEN HiTune X6 has active-noise cancellation features that will certainly help them block off the noise so they can enjoy a bit of alone time in their little world. Shop here.

Bluetooth speaker

Let them bring the party wherever they go. The Soundcore Mini 3 by Anker is so compact, that it can be tugged along into the bathroom, hanging by the bags, or just basically everywhere you want it to be.

It’s small, but it’s loud — kind of like a chihuahua. Shop here.

In-Ear headphones — JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Yes, we know. There are the old-school types who clearly don’t want to let go of wired earphones. And even if they prefer what’s familiar, they deserve something that allows them to enjoy their preference and the music they want to listen to.

Get reliable in-ear headphones like the JBL C50HI.

Smartwatch — Huawei Watch GT 3  Pro

Move over, analog watches. It’s time for stylish, smart timepieces to take over. With a smartwatch, your father figures can get a glimpse of their health.

Hopefully, they can move and change their lifestyle to make sure they live longer to see you grow into the person you want to be. Get the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro here.

Gaming accessory

For gamer dads, a wired controller and cooler in one can deliver a console-like experience. Let them get serious in their mobile gaming.

Get the GameSir X3.

Computer accessory

Sometimes, all we need is space. Either from people or through storage. For our dads, it’s the latter. Give them the space they need, so they can always be cool and chill.

Shop the Seagate FireCuda 530 SSD.

Water Bottle — Klean Kanteen 320z TKWide

Drink your water, babes! And urge your daddies to do so. Klean Kanteen’s vacuum insulated water bottle is perfect for sports, hydration, and for the outdoors. Shop here.

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