The Moto M is real, launches in China



Moto M

So it seems like all the rumors matched the actual events: The midrange Moto M launched in China on November 8, and it looks just like it did in the leaked photos.

No surprises here, but it’s still strange to see a Moto product exclusive to China. There’s no doubt that Lenovo is gradually modifying its sub-brand’s image to favor its home market.

Moto M

Take a look at the modified Android user interface

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not complaining about the Moto M’s release. It strategically fits between the lower-end Moto G and flagship Z series. There’s no support for Moto Mods, but you can purchase the handset for only CNY 1999, which equates to $295.

As expected, the new midranger departs from Moto’s usual design language. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the back for the first time, and the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system isn’t stock, opting instead for an app drawer-less interface similar to every other Chinese smartphone look.

What you get in exchange is a full-metal unibody and minor water resistance — neither of which is enough to protect the phone from long drops or dips underwater. The screen specs are a standard affair: 5.5 inches in size and Full HD in resolution.

Moto M

The fingerprint sensor is located at the back — a first for Moto

More emphasis is placed on the MediaTek Helio P15 chipset, which is fresh off its recent unveiling. It’s not that powerful, but when paired with the 4GB of memory and 32GB of internal storage, processing will be very efficient.

Rounding up the specs is a 3050mAh battery that’s enough for a full day’s use, as well as a 16-megapixel rear camera with an advanced focusing mechanism and a regular 8-megapixel shooter in front.

Nothing really stands out for the Moto M; nothing fortifies it as an innovative Moto product or even an attractive deal. If you must have one, it’ll go on sale in China beginning tomorrow, November 11, with color choices being plain gold or silver.

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Upcoming Galaxy M41 will have a 6800mAh battery

Battery officially certified



Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy M31, a capable midrange phone sporting a huge 6000mAh. Naturally, the only thing to do with a sizable battery is to test it to the breaking point. In our hands, the smartphone lasts an impressive 28 hours with some change to spare. With such a fierce device, what else can Samsung do in the battery department?

Apparently, quite a bit. Spotted recently on a battery certification site by Rootmygalaxy, Samsung is already working on a sequel to this device, what is presumably the Galaxy M41. If the filing comes to fruition, the next device will come with an even larger 6800mAh battery.

The filing was issued on June 28, only a few days ago. It also comes with a photo of the Li-ion battery. Though bigger in power, the battery doesn’t seem to cause the phone itself to bloat in size. Of course, a photo of the battery is nothing without the actual device. No one but Samsung knows how the device will ultimately look at this point.

Image source: Rootmygalaxy

Another thing to note is the naming of the next device. Previous rumors have speculated that the company has ditched the M41, heading straight to the M51 instead. Either way, the device almost certainly belongs to the battery-centered series.

Though it is already in the works, the sequel might take a while before it comes out to the public.

The current generation, the Galaxy M31, is already available today in Black and Blue. It’s an online exclusive, retailing for PhP 13,990 (US$ 283).

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 coming on August 5, leak says

Earlier than last year



Recently, we compiled all the leaks, rumors, and confirmed details of the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series. Without a doubt, Samsung plans to go big with the latest release after a sour patch from the pandemic era. However, despite all the glitz that we already know, we don’t know when the next series is exactly launching.

Based on a previous report, the company is set to launch three new devices between August and October, with a different device launching each month. The same reports claims that the Galaxy Note 20 will launch in August, just as it does every year. However, without an official confirmation or invitation from the company, it’s all guesswork based on a rough timeline.

Thankfully, one of the most reliable sources for the upcoming series has just come in with a new update. According to a new tweet from renowned Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the next Galaxy series is coming on August 5, just a tad bit earlier than last year’s Galaxy Note 10 series.

Now, the leaker doesn’t explicitly state the Galaxy Note 20 series by name. However, given the amount of details that are out already, it’s almost definitely the Galaxy Note 20.

Without a doubt, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 20 series hard and fast. The premium smartphone series is expected to launch with two variants: a regular Note 20 and a Note 20 Ultra (or Note 20+, depending on who you ask).

The countdown is on. One more month, ladies and gentlemen!

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Leaked Galaxy Watch 3 gestures include very offensive hand movements

It’s what you do if you love yourself very much



Today’s gesture controls have appropriated our everyday movements for other purposes. With wearable technology, a finger twirl can answer a call or silence your phone. However, unless everyone else knows what you’re doing, gesture controls can mean that you’re doing a lot of weird motions in public. It’s part of a tech designer’s job to come up with gestures that don’t look too weird.

Unfortunately, Samsung might have misplaced their smartwatch designer. According to a Gizmodo report, the Galaxy Watch 3 has a couple of ill-advised gestures.

Starting with the upcoming device, Samsung is introducing gesture controls to Bixby, allowing users to control their watch (and subsequently, their phones) with a flick of the wrist. As the report has indicated, the more general commands are safe enough: raising your arm to speak, for example. Further, the device also comes with fall detection, which can alert authorities if ever you stumble and become unresponsive.

Another leaked gesture, however, is odd. A single fist pump is the “confirm gesture,” which presumably responds to yes/no/okay prompts. Though inoffensive on its own, the gesture can raise a few eyebrows when done in public.

Image source: Gizmodo

If that’s not awkward enough, the third leaked gesture is ten times worse. To mute the device, you have to shake your fist a few times. In a way, it’s a different type of fist pump. Further, if you’re in London, the gesture — known as the wanker hand sign — is as offensive as a middle finger. Now, we don’t think we need to explain what “wank” means. Certainly, it’s not a gesture you’d want to display in public.

Of course, Samsung has not officially launched or announced the watch yet. Currently, we know only rumors at this point.

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