The Playground: An Instagrammable pop-up



OPPO has done it again. The Chinese selfie phone manufacturer launched the OPPO R11s, their newest borderless phone, in Singapore with a very interesting pop-up store.

In a move that benefits Instagram feeds all over Singapore, OPPO introduced The Playground. Much like the OPPO Beauty Box we got to visit last month in China, The Playground is home to many wondrous things.OPPO pop up Singapore

The pop-up along Orchard Road has a bunch of pretty neon signs…

OPPO pop up Singapore

… and funky backgrounds. Perfect for photos! They even have a ring light setup ready for use.

OPPO pop up Singapore

Every corner is a photogenic spot.

OPPO pop up Singapore

Can you imagine the IG possibilities? Well, you don’t have to. We have photo samples!

The photos below were shot with the R11s (as with all the photos in this article). This was done on the phone’s rear cameras with the portrait mode. There are two settings: a closer, tighter portrait like the one on the left, and a wider shot like the one on the right.

OPPO pop up Singapore

Of course, the R11s’ artificial intelligence beauty mode shines in terms of performance. Taken by the cute back drops, they make for great selfies.

OPPO pop up Singapore

After your mini photoshoot, this printing machine awaits.

OPPO pop up Singapore

What’s even better than perfect selfies? Why, perfect selfie printouts, of course! Hence:

OPPO pop up Singapore

After going through everything in The Playground, you get another treat.

OPPO pop up Singapore

This jumbo treat dispenser has great surprises!

OPPO pop up Singapore

Beauty brand Benefit partnered with OPPO for cool goodies to be given away. You either win this…

OPPO pop up Singapore

… or cute Ollie speakers!

OPPO pop up Singapore

The experience finishes with, of course, the R11s. You get hands-on time with OPPO’s newest release, so you know what that means, right? More selfies!

OPPO pop up Singapore

Well played, OPPO. You make Instagram feeds the world over a better, more aesthetically pleasing place.

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Overwatch Puppy Rumble: Cutest game of Capture the Flag!

All the puppies were adoptable!



This is one tournament of Capture the Flag you don’t want to miss. It may sound pretty silly but it’s ridiculously the good kind of silly. To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Blizzard put together an event called the Overwatch Puppy Rumble and it’s too adorable to miss out on.

The Overwatch Puppy Rumble not only had some intense capture the flag action, but it also had cute adoptable puppies dressed up in little Overwatch outfits. The whole rumble is a must-watch. And, if you’ve already seen it, it’s worth rewatching.

The event was in partnership with Wags and Walks, a dog adoption center in Los Angeles. All of the dogs featured in the Puppy Rumble were available for adoption. If this doesn’t convince you to watch it, I honestly don’t know what will.

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Shelter dogs get their portraits taken for a good cause

All shot with a smartphone!



This was not your ordinary smartphone photo session.

In the wake of the Chinese New Year and with the start of the year of the dog, a special project was born. Famed animal photographer Ernest Goh took portraits of dogs with his iPhone X. But, these are not just any dogs.

These photographs show the everyday lives of dogs in shelters. Ernest explains the story behind these pictures:

“The images give a glimpse of the life of a sheltered dog. From morning runs to stretch their paws to lazy naps in the afternoons to moments of joy when a visitor comes to the shelter. Chinese New Year is about celebration, but what is a celebration without the company of loved ones. Ask any dog owner and he or she will tell you their dog is very much part of the family. Sheltered dogs are not so lucky to have a family so more importantly, this photo-story goes to anyone who would like to get a pet dog this year — do consider adopting sheltered dogs!”

Mutts and Mittens, an animal shelter, explains that there are hundreds of cats and dogs living in shelters in Singapore. It’s their hope that this series of photos will be able to show the world the plight of these lovable creatures and hopefully inspire people to adopt these pets.

See the rest of the photos below:

In an effort to find these gentle creatures homes, Mutts and Mittens will also be having an adoption drive. (Details on their Facebook Page)

It seems that the iPhone X’s Portrait Mode worked wonders even on non-person subjects. What’s more wonderful, however, is how this whole project came together because of well-meaning people and simple technology.

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Acer Spin 5 hands-on: What goes around, comes around

Yes, it spins!



These days, we use technology in a number of different ways for our many different needs. It would only make sense that we’d need a machine that will cater to all our modern-day whims.

Acer’s Spin 5 may just be that machine.

Aside from the sleek metal body, powerful speakers, and touchscreen LCD, my favorite feature remain to be this special feature.

The Acer Spin 5 may look like your typical laptop

It’s equipped the latest Intel Core i5-8520U processor and an Intel Graphics 620 card. It runs on Windows 10 and has8GB of memory, and 256GB SSD.

But it’s called “Spin” for a reason

Yep, you can flip it…

… and reverse it.

Its 13.3-inch 1080p LCD is perfect for showing off things to a friend or presentations at work. There are two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and even an audio port.

You can use it as a tablet

Great for binge-watching your shows — or your favorite tech channel. 😉 The speakers on this thing are always perfectly positioned, no matter what angle it’s in.are

… and even draw on it with the Acer pen!

It works seamlessly with this device! The Acer Active stylus has sensors which means you can draw with different stroke thickness, depending on how much pressure you apply. There’s also a “palm rejection” feature which assures undisturbed scribbling when the pen is on.

Best of all, you can share the whole experience with friends

The more the merrier!

Acer’s Spin 5 is one versatile device. Designed for your everyday hustle, this 360-degree notebook will adapt to your every need.

Yep, a definite all-around machine.

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Acer.

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