Popular dating apps like Bumble, OkCupid are at risk

Here’s everything you need to know



Grindr, Bumble, OkCupid, Cisco Teams, Yango Pro, Edge, Xrecorder, PowerDirector, and many other popular apps are still vulnerable due to a flaw in the Play Store’s core library. The vulnerability affects hundreds of millions of users worldwide, despite Google releasing a fix in April.

According to a Check Point report, the bug that Google had fixed in April 2020 is still affecting many apps, and the app developers have not fixed the flaw on their end yet. Many app developers are still using the outdated version of Google Core Library (GPC), a library that enables in-app updates and other features.

The researchers at Check Point randomly tested some of the popular Google Play Store apps and found that 13 percent of them were using GPC, and 8% of them were still using the vulnerable version. Google rated the flaw severity at an 8.8 on 10.

The vulnerability is limited to Android phones because they leverage Google Play Services, while apps on iOS are completely safe.

The vulnerability is called CVE-2020-8913, and millions of users are at potential risk of a cyber attack. Its ramifications are severe as it can steal 2FA SMS codes, inject code into a banking app, snoop on instant messengers, and even tamper with enterprise apps.

The development teams behind some popular apps like Viber, Meetup, Cisco, Grindr, Moovit, Cisco Teams, and have updated the library in their apps after being notified by Check Point. Viber and Booking have now updated to new patched versions, but the other apps have not yet.

There isn’t much you can do as a user since the issue originates from the developer. Ensure all your apps are always updated because the fix shall drop soon.


Pre-booked parking now possible with Dibz app

Call dibs on your parking space




Ever encountered a situation where you saw a vacant parking slot while scouring the parking area of a mall or any other establishment – only to find out that someone is standing on the actual slot to “reserve” it?

It has got to be one of the most frustrating moments for any vehicle owner. Fortunately, an app to address parking concerns has finally been born: Dibz.

MPT Mobility’s Dibz pre-booked parking is a secure and convenient app which allows drivers to search, pre-book, and pay in advance for a smooth and hassle-free parking experience.

Dibz guarantees parking space close to one’s destination, and offers reward points for users.

A detailed history of a customer’s bookings will also be made accessible – which comes in handy for reimbursements or simply tracking expenses.

Initially launched in Makati City, the service is now available in Dela Rosa Car Park 1 and 2 and Valero Car Park.

Dibz is downloadable on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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Replay! Apple Music launches new year-end experience

2022 Top Charts revealed




So, what have you been listening to an Apple Music in 2022? The redesigned Apple Music Replay experience will let you know what you’ve bopping to this year.

Apple Music Replay recaps what users listened to the past year. But new in 2022 is a year-end experience complete with expanded listening insights and new functionality. This includes a personalized highlight reel.

Users can discover their top songs, top albums, top artists, top genres, and more. Superfans can even discover whether they are in the top 100 listeners of their favourite artist or genre.

Apple Music listeners can continue checking Replay until December 31 and once the new year begins, keep listening on Apple Music to explore and share new 2023 insights each week.

All insights on Replay are optimized for sharing on socials or on any messaging platform.

How Apple Music Replay Works

Visit and log in with the same Apple ID used for Apple Music. Play highlights or scroll through the page for more detailed insights. A truncated version of the site is available all year or as soon as a user is eligible.1

How to See Listening Stats

  1. Listen to enough music to qualify. Gauge qualification with a personalised progress bar on the Replay website. Both playlist and insights eligibility happens with the same listening threshold.
  2. Once a user is eligible for Replay, they can visit
  3. Explore listening stats, listen on the site, and share.

Replay is localised in 39 languages for all 169 countries and regions where Apple Music is available.

Top Charts 2022

Apple Music also revealed its year-end charts, spotlighting 2022’s top songs, top Shazams, top fitness songs, and most-read lyrics. Apple also shared a list of the most Shazamed K-Pop songs in 2022.

Top Songs of 2022: Singapore

1 The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – STAY
2 Troye Sivan – Angel Baby
3 Justin Bieber – Ghost
4 Shivers – Ed Sheeran
5 Harry Styles – As It Was
6 Adele – Easy On Me
7 WeiBird – Red Scarf (“Till We Meet Again” Movie Theme Song)
8 Glass Animals – Heat Waves
9 Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits
10 Elton John, Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
11 Joji – Glimpse of Us
12 OneRepublic – I Ain’t Worried
13 GAYLE – abcdefu
14 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
15 Zhang Yuan – 嘉宾
16 Baby Lullaby Academy – Brahm’s Lullaby
17 Charlie Puth – Light Switch
18 The Weeknd, Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Remix)
20 Charlie Puth, Jung Kook – Left and Right
21 BLACKPINK – Pink Venom
22 Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X – INDUSTRY BABY
23 Marshmello, Jonas Brothers – Leave Before You Love Me
24 Renran – 飞鸟和蝉
25 Jamie Miller – Here’s Your Perfect

Top Shazamed Songs of 2022: Singapore

1 Troye Sivan – Angel Baby
2 Stephen Sanchez – Until I Found You
4 Ed Sheeran – Shivers
5 Glass Animals – Heat Waves
6 OneRepublic – I Ain’t Worried
7 Justin Bieber – Ghost
8 Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
9 Harry Styles – As It Was
10 WeiBird – Red Scarf (“Till We Meet Again” Movie Theme Song)
11 Nicky Youre & Dazy – Sunroof
12 Marshmello & Jonas Brothers – Leave Before You Love Me
13 Tate McRae – she’s all i wanna be
15 Jaymes Young – Infinity
16 Zhang Yuan – 嘉宾
17 Ruth B. – Dandelions
3 JIN – Yours
14 V – Christmas Tree
18 Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits
19 The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber – STAY
20 Joji – Glimpse of Us
22 Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst
23 Chris Brown – Under The Influence
25 Renran – 飞鸟和蝉

Singapore: Top K-Pop Songs Shazamed

2 ENHYPEN – Polaroid Love
4 BTS – Moon
5 Jessi – ZOOM
6 B.I & Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – BTBT (feat. DeVita)
7 TWICE – The Feels
9 BTS – Epiphany
10 IVE – After LIKE
11 BLACKPINK – Pink Venom
12 Jung Kook – Stay Alive (Prod. by SUGA of BTS)
13 BTS – Awake
15 PSY – That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)
16 BTS – Dynamite
17 CHUNG HA – Killing Me
18 BIGBANG – Still Life
20 BTS – Filter
21 GOT the beat – Step Back
22 BTS – Butter
23 BTS – Permission to Dance
24 BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls
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BeReal, Apex Legends Mobile win in Apple’s App Store Awards

With notable Cultural Impact Winners



App Store Awards

If you’ve been looking for new apps to download on your Apple device, then look no further. Apple has just announced winners of the 2022 App Store Awards. It’s a list filled with everything from productivity to gaming and everything else in between.

The winners were selected by Apple’s global App Store editorial team. They were chosen based on the app’s ability to deliver exceptional experiences as well as make a profound cultural impact.

2022 App Store Award Winners


BeReal — iPhone app of the Year

BeReal gives users an authentic look into the lives of their family and friends. The user is given a prompt and has a day to post a BeReal in order to see posts from friends. The posts are always only real-time and thus, can’t be curated unlike ones in existing social media apps.

GoodNotes 5 — iPad app of the Year

It’s a free form digital paper that lets users annotate PDFs, share notes with colleagues and more. The CEO and Founder had the idea after he realized he was wasting so much paper solving math equations — which is easier to do in handwriting — during his college years. It was around this time that the first iPad was released and he saw the potential for a truly digital writing solution with it.

Mac Family Tree 10 — Mac App of the Year

MacFamilyTree 10 sparks the exploration of genealogy through stunning visual family trees and collaboration with loved ones around the world.

Gentler Streak — Apple Watch app of the Year

Gentler Streak helps users balance fitness and rest to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Apex Legends Mobile — iPhone Game of the Year
Moncage — iPad Game of the Year
Inscryption — Mac Game of the Year
El Hijo — Apple TV Game of the Year

Cultural Impact Winners

Apple also selected five Cultural Impact winners that have. These apps made a lasting impact on people’s lives and influenced culture.

How We Feel

We track steps, our weight, sleep, and what not. But what about tracking our feelings? That’s what the app How We Feel from the How We Feel Project, Inc. does. It starts with a four-color mood meter. Select which color best represents how you’re feeling and it’ll expand to more granular emotions. You’ll then be asked to write what caused you to feel that way.

The team behind the app are working off three core principles; Free and accessible, Accepting of all feelings, and Research backed strategies.

Other than tracking, they also provide instructional videos as well as strategies to help improve your mood in case you find yourself in a feelings pattern that isn’t healthy for both you and the people around you.

Dot’s Home

Dot’s Home from the Rise-Home Stories Project spotlights systemic housing injustices and the subsequent impact within communities of colour through a compelling and thoughtful time-traveling tale.

Locket Widget

Locket Widget from from Locket Labs, Inc. allows users to send live photos right to family and friends’ Home Screen, Locket Widget drives intimate connection between loved ones, free from traditional social media pressures.


Waterllama from Vitalii Mogylevets is probably the cutest way to monitor your liquid intake. Yes, not just water. Initially, the developers’ goal was just to track water intake. But the app has grown to taking note of hydration levels, taking into account every type of drink we take in.

There are even challenges in case you want to start drinking soda or coffee less. And they’re all presented in cute, bright packages featuring animals that are dressed to impress.

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time from ARTE Experience provides an engaging, mystical adventure for users to explore historical events that weave in elements of Inuit traditions, folklore, and breathtaking tales.


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