Razer and miHoYo drop stunning Genshin Impact peripherals

Paimon is here to help!



Razer recently announced their new partnership with miHoYo for its free-to-play, award-winning title, Genshin Impact. What came out of it, you ask? Well, they’re delivering on stunning licensed co-branded peripherals to enhance your immersive gameplay.

As our official guide in Teyvat, Paimon’s never left your side. From fiesty adventures to roaming city grounds, she’s been there for Genshin Impact players through thick and thin. So, it’s no surprose Razer and miHoYo dropped a lovely loot of Paimon inspired peripherals to keep you safe on your journey!

Plunge into the open world with Razer

Fans can look forward to stunning Genshin Impact themed designs on three of Razer’s products. Which ones? The DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse, Razer Iskur X ergonomic gaming chair and the Razer Goliathus Speed gaming mouse mat! Plus, each item comes with its very own exclusive in-game rewards.

To top it all off, Razer has a custom-tuned THX Game Profile via the THX Spatial Audio app. The app is sure to deliver on quality surround sound and positional accuracy. It swears by its realistic acoustics of lifelike reflection of in-game surroundings. Giving you the best immersive gameplay you probably never had.

Here’s the full Genshin Impact drop:

  • Guiding your hand with the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro (Genshin Impact Edition).
    Bonus In-game Reward​
    200 Primogems, Mora x80,000
  • Let control take flight with the Razer Goliathus Medium (Genshin Impact Edition)
    Bonus In-game Reward​
    30 Primogems, Adventurer’s Experience x5
  • She’s got your back with the Razer Iskur X (Genshin Impact Edition)
    Bonus In-game Reward​
    500 Primogems, Hero’s Wit x20, Mora x100,000

The Genshin Impact designs will soon be available on Razer Customs, an online service by so, if you wanna keep up tfo date, check them out and sign up for pre-orders!


Kena: Bridge of Spirits isn’t for everybody

And, that’s fine




Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure third-person video game. The game is developed and produced by Ember Lab. In the game, you play as Kena. She’s a young spirit guide who uses her magical abilities to help people pass on into the spirit world.

The game is stunning and deep dives into spiritual aspects like emotional entanglement with the physical word after passing away.

In case you don’t have a working pair of eyes

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a gorgeous game. Stunning yet scuffed at times, this game is nothing short of eye-candy. The background details and character design is just *chef’s kiss*. But, big butt (Editor’s Note: Not sure if this is a typo but we’ve decided to keep it as is), by the way, this aesthetic might not be to some people’s liking. Hear me out: this game looks and feels like you’re playing through a Disney Pixar movie. And, honestly, that might not be for everyone.

On the scuffed end of things, you’ll find that some things glitch through objects and terrain. But, to that, I think it adds to its charm. The silliness is often welcome and strangely expected in the whole gaming sense. This isn’t the first scuffed game to come across a gamer’s life and it won’t be the last. I think each game has its improvements and patches to develop and incorporate and the glitches make the whole experience memorable and meme-able.

The crutch everyone won’t shut up about

This game is weirdly forgettable for people who’ve played a lot of third-person action adventures. Why? Well, this isn’t the first of its kind. Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes from many games before it and blends its inspirations together pretty nicely without overcomplicating its mechanics.

I would say though, that this can be what I personally found to be endearing with Kena. It unapologetically makes for a good entry-level action-adventure game for people who might not normally gravitate to games like it. With its beautiful visuals and memorable take on grievances, Kena pulls at sentimental heartstrings without the stupidly complicated skill building of most other action adventures out there.

Don’t hate the game

Nor, the player. The game is simple. That can be refreshing for some players or just boring to some. Which, I’ll say now, to each their own. Most games under the same category are far more convoluted and complex. So, if that’s something you like, this isn’t for you. And that’s totally fine.

Most of the game plays on collecting cute Rot along the way. And, on top of the usual skill building, most rewards you’ll find in hidden spots are either more Rot or hats for them. It doesn’t really require that much mental gymnastics to play this game. You can play to relax and just enjoy the journey. Which, for me, is great! Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the perfect game for when you want to play with family watching. I’m sure it’ll feel like a movie to them.

Is this your GAME Match?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a game worth trying no matter how familiar you are with video games in the same category. The barrier of entry is super friendly and simplistic so, you won’t need that much video game experience to immerse in the story. Plus, you can customize the game for when you want more of a challenge.

I do have to say though, that this game might fight to keep your interest at times but, it sure can lure you back in. As for me, I was happy to play this game. It was challenging at times and, it might not be the best one on my list. But, it gets honorary points for being simple, gorgeous, and family-friendly.

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Call of Duty announces a new anti-cheat system, Ricochet

Will this solve all the rampant cheating in game?



Picture this: you just finished up a good amount of work for the day and you just wanna play video games. Specifically, you boot up your PC or console and play some good ol’ fashioned Call of Duty: Warzone. All of a sudden, even playing this game isn’t enjoyable because of all the cheaters in your server. It’s not fun, but the developers of Call of Duty have a solution for that with their new anti-cheat system, Ricochet.

Basically, Ricochet will serve as the game’s way of tracking and investigating any and all kinds of cheating activity taking place on the server. Apart from this, the anti-cheat system allows for tighter account security especially when playing on your PC. With a dedicated PC kernel driver, the system will assist users in identifying cheaters and cheating software present in their systems.

In terms of rollout, Ricochet will be available on Call of Duty: Warzone later in the year. Meanwhile, the anti-cheat will make its way to Call of Duty: Vanguard at a much later date.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Unboxing and Review

Should you upgrade?



Michael Josh might have forgotten to pre-order the newest Nintendo Switch OLED, but that doesn’t stop him from lining up to the nearest Nintendo Store in New York.

After hours of waiting and shopping spree, he finally ordered not one, but two on the line!

Other than the classic red and blue Switch, there’s also a new white version available.

But should you upgrade? Or do you just need to keep your existing Nintendo Switch for now?

Head over to our Nintendo Switch OLED Unboxing and Review now!

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