Razer is seriously creating its own toaster

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How much do you believe in April Fools’ Day pranks? Even at this age, everyone still falls for the occasional prank. Thankfully, April Fools’ Day ends after only 24 hours. The pranks eventually stop.

Sometimes, pranksters can go awry, though. For one, a prank can get too successful. In 2016, Razer unveiled its April Fools’ Day prank — a branded toaster called Project Breadwinner. Obviously, it was a prank. The Razer toaster drew a lot of sniggers. Unexpectedly, it also got a lot of support.

Since then, Razer’s fans have — sarcastically and seriously — clamored for an actual toaster. Unbeknownst to most, the movement originated from a dedicated Facebook page called “Give Us the Razer Toaster.” According to the page’s founder, Mark Withers, the movement started from a random comment way back in 2013. In the comment, Wither suggested the eventual toaster to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Surprisingly, Tan replied: “You get a million likes on your page I’ll make you a Razer toaster.” The game was on.

Now, the dream has finally come true. Sort of.

Right now, the page has more than 44,000 likes, a far cry from the promised million. However, Tan issued a strange stipulation. If fans get tattoos of a toaster, Tan will add 100,000 more likes per tattoo to the official count. Currently, twelve fans have declared their tattoos. (Withers himself has one.) The count is now well beyond the goal.

In a Facebook post, Tan confirmed the upcoming toaster. “I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years — but I’ll be sure to share the progress — and make it a community affair,” he said. The Breadwinner is real.

Unfortunately, Tan hasn’t released any official details yet. However, according to a long-standing rumor, it can burn the Razer logo onto the toast. On our end, we’re also hoping for some RBG lighting on the side. Let’s get some Razer peanut butter while we’re at it.

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Motorola has launched a designer inflatable chair

Comes with a free discount coupon for the razr



Late last year, Motorola launched (or relaunched) the iconic Motorola razr flip phone. Despite the much-hyped launch, the foldable phone ultimately fell to weird design flaws soon after the launch. However, if you’re still on the fence about this particular phone, Motorola is tempting potential razr buyers with something new. Motorola has launched a designer inflatable chair.

In what essentially sounds like a buy-one-get-a-free-toaster deal, Motorola has partnered with inflatable designer brand Minnidip for an officially licensed inflatable chair. The Minnidip x razr Ch(air) — yes, that’s what it’s called — brings back a whirlwind of nostalgia for 90s kids. Available in Blush Gold, the opaque seat and backrest rests on a bed of transparent material, giving the illusion of floating. If you’re into the uber-nostalgic razr, you can get a chair that fits with your nostalgia.

What does this have to do with the Motorola razr? Two things. One, the chair has a holder made especially for the phone on the right armrest. Two, customers will get a US$ 200 coupon for the purchase of a Motorola razr after they buy the chair.

The Minnidip x razr Ch(air) retails for US$ 70 and ships starting September 21.

Now, you might think that the coupon is a big discount. However, the Motorola razr costs a whopping US$ 1,499.99. Even with the discount, you’re still shelling out big bucks for the foldable phone. If you’re still on the fence, Motorola is likely working on the razr 2, preparing for a launch very soon.

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The Samsung AirDresser reimaigines clothing care

A dresser for the new normal



With no certainty of when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, we try to find ways to adapt to the new normal. New safety measures are put into place and everything must now be properly sanitized. That’s where the Samsung AirDresser comes in.

Usually after coming from the outside we’d make it a habit to change our clothes immediately and set it aside for washing. However, special garments like suits need to be treated differently. We try our best to limit our going out in this pandemic and having to go out just to get your suit dry cleaned every time you use it just doesn’t seem efficient nor ideal in this situation.

A dresser for the new normal

Samsung’s AirDresser makes it possible to clean and sanitize your favorite suit at the comforts and safety of your home. Its Jet Air and Air Hangers removes the dirt and dust while the JetSteam sanitizes the clothes and gets rid of bacteria, viruses and allergens.  It not only cleans your suit but also presses and smoothen outs the wrinkles with its Wrinkle Care.

Another great feature of is that it has a Deodorizing Filter that breaks down odor particles caused by sweat, smoke and food. This is perfect for people like me who get allergic reactions to smoke and scents that stick to clothing.

With its Self-Clean technology, you need not worry about daily cleaning and sanitizing of the insides of the AirDresser as it has its own built-in sanitizing feature that makes use of heat, air and steam. After 40 cycles it will notify the user when it needs to be cleaned.

This appliance is a perfect match for those individuals who want to look sharp and stay safe. It allows you to confidently power dress in your favorite outfit without having to worry about the bacteria, viruses and scents from your previous use.

Pricing and availability

The AirDresser is retailed at PhP 129,995 (US$ 2657). You can also enjoy up to 20% off when purchasing at the Samsung Digital Appliances during their Better At Home promo running until August 31, 2020.

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TikTok user shares DIY projects that anyone can do at home

Create your own DIY motion-activated dispenser



These days, there is no shortage of content on TikTok. Users can discover all sorts of memes and mashups within the platform. They can even discover educational content by following the right people. One of those sharing educational content is Angelo Casimiro, a student who creates DIY projects on TikTok that anyone can easily make.

Angelo Casimiro is an electronics and communication engineering (ECE) student from De La Salle University whose feed on TikTok is full of easy-to-do DIY projects that anyone can make at home. These DIY projects range from doing a simple smartphone projector to making a real-life BB8 droid.

Most of these projects are easy to follow for anyone wanting to do DIY objects. Also, most in-depth tutorials of his projects are viewable on his YouTube channel.

One of Casimiro’s projects recently made rounds because of its practicality and usefulness. His motion-activated dispenser is the perfect DIY to encourage more people to sanitize their hands often. It is also made from recycled household materials, so it is environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient.

Here are other DIY projects by Angelo Casimiro.

Easy-to-do smartphone projector


DIY Shoebox Smartphone Projector! #learnontiktok #diywithme #doityourself #fyp #foryoupage #artsandcrafts #foryou #hacks #lifehacks #fyphilippines #diycraft

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Watching a movie in a whim? This DIY smartphone projector just takes minutes to build. You only need a shoebox, a tape, and a little creativity to make it happen.

DIY stove


BUILD A STOVE OUT OF SODA CANS! Take your survival skills to the next level! #learnontiktok #diy #doityourself #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #survival #diywithme#ph

♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

Soda cans are everywhere, so this DIY should be a breeze to make. You’ll also need alcohol to make this work. Unsurprisingly, Angelo demoed this hack with a can of the popular alcoholic beverage, Red Horse.

Phone trigger for mobile gaming


Easy DIY Phone Triggers! #gaming #mobile #pubg #ros #cod #HUAWEINova5TPH @huaweimobileph #learnontiktok #diy #doityourself #diywithme#fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Lose Control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

The struggle is real for battle royale gamers who need to respond quickly to take down enemies. Luckily, this DIY phone trigger is easy to follow.


Truly, TikTok can be a powerful tool for spreading knowledge and information. There’s so much more content for users to explore on the platform. To view more educational content and creators, users can just follow the hashtag #TikTokU on the Android and iOS apps.

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