Razer is seriously creating its own toaster

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How much do you believe in April Fools’ Day pranks? Even at this age, everyone still falls for the occasional prank. Thankfully, April Fools’ Day ends after only 24 hours. The pranks eventually stop.

Sometimes, pranksters can go awry, though. For one, a prank can get too successful. In 2016, Razer unveiled its April Fools’ Day prank — a branded toaster called Project Breadwinner. Obviously, it was a prank. The Razer toaster drew a lot of sniggers. Unexpectedly, it also got a lot of support.

Since then, Razer’s fans have — sarcastically and seriously — clamored for an actual toaster. Unbeknownst to most, the movement originated from a dedicated Facebook page called “Give Us the Razer Toaster.” According to the page’s founder, Mark Withers, the movement started from a random comment way back in 2013. In the comment, Wither suggested the eventual toaster to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Surprisingly, Tan replied: “You get a million likes on your page I’ll make you a Razer toaster.” The game was on.

Now, the dream has finally come true. Sort of.

Right now, the page has more than 44,000 likes, a far cry from the promised million. However, Tan issued a strange stipulation. If fans get tattoos of a toaster, Tan will add 100,000 more likes per tattoo to the official count. Currently, twelve fans have declared their tattoos. (Withers himself has one.) The count is now well beyond the goal.

In a Facebook post, Tan confirmed the upcoming toaster. “I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years — but I’ll be sure to share the progress — and make it a community affair,” he said. The Breadwinner is real.

Unfortunately, Tan hasn’t released any official details yet. However, according to a long-standing rumor, it can burn the Razer logo onto the toast. On our end, we’re also hoping for some RBG lighting on the side. Let’s get some Razer peanut butter while we’re at it.

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Globe’s Virtual Hangouts: Music, campus, K-Pop, and esports

More coming this year




Last year, Virtual Hangouts brought you music festivals, concerts, youth summits, K-fan meets, and esports tournaments with the #OLTogetherNow. Well, strap up because they’re back.

Globe launched their Virtual Hangouts return with a virtual 360-degree view launch event last February 18. They, of course, had to tease us with sneak peeks of GoJAM, GoCAMPUS, GoKOREAN, and GoESPORTS this year.


Jumping off of last year’s GoJAM, Virtual Hangouts partnered with Karpos Live to bring a concert series featuring local and international acts from Paradise Rising, a music collective born out of Globe and 88rising’s partnership. Talents such as Jason Dhakal, Claudia Baretto, Leanne and Naara, and more are in this year’s line-up.

In light of circumstances last year, GoJAM brought you virtual Wanderland Music Festival 2020 and the Double Happiness: Winter Wonder Festival. So, tune in and wait for any new updates on this year’s events. While on the wait, GoJAM is stepping up their virtual immersive experience with virtual 360 concerts and choose-your-own-adventure interviews in this year’s plans.


GoCAMPUS is bringing in another virtual youth summit and Future Reinvented. Students will be challenged to put theory into practice through a 5G Hackathon where teams make real-life applications of 5G technology.

With these events, GoCAMPUS hopes to reinvent school and learning experiences for students. While, empowering them to eventually bring to life real-world applications of 5G technology in society, industries, and smart cities.


Globe and K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK’s partnership and the recently concluded THE SHOW virtual concert aside, GoKOREAN has even more in store.

With GoKOREAN, K-fans get to enjoy interactive activities, like the design-your-own cup sleeves event as a way of celebrating the birthdays of BLACKPINK members. Virtual Hangouts will be having the Kmmunity Fest where fans can have a safe space to mingle and share their love of all thing K-Culture. Kmmunity Fest will be new platforms such as SHOOR, Upstream, as well as Vlive and VLive+.


Globe’s ongoing efforts to improve the Philippine esports scene by developing and discovering new esports talents and athletes was loud and clear with their VH UltiCup last year. How? Well, they opened both professional and amateur gamers to the competitive scene and giving them the opportunity to represent the country at the SuperGameFest 2020.

With its recent partnership with Riot Games Southeast Asia, it is no surprise that Globe is paving way for new opportunities for local gamers and enthusiasts. GoESPORTS has a few tournaments on their line-up for this year so keep your eyes peeled for any announcements.

If you’re interested in music, campus learning, K-culture, and esports, you can be part of these upcoming events on Virtual Hangouts simply through the GlobeOne app. On the app, just click on the Virtual Hangouts tab to view the events and join.

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Globe debuts 5G roaming service in Thailand

In partnership with AIS



Globe continues to improve its 5G service for all users, gradually rolling out to more areas nationwide. However, it’s not just the Philippines anymore where subscribers can take advantage of the telco’s 5G service. Globe is debuting its 5G roaming service in Thailand, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity on fast network speeds.

Thanks to its partnership with Thailand’s AIS, Globe subscribers can enjoy 5G in the country. AIS has a large 5G coverage in Thailand, extending up to 77 provinces.

“Although traveling may be challenging at the moment, we recognize that some Filipinos will find it necessary to leave the safety of their homes to fulfill important obligations abroad. As such, they are assured of instant and seamless connectivity wherever they are with Globe’s 5G roaming service,” said KD Dizon, Globe’s Head for Consumer Mobile Business.

Globe also offers roaming packages for travelers on the go. One such package is the Roam Surf 399, which offers all-day data for postpaid subscribers and 1GB data for prepaid subscribers. Other packages are available on Globe’s website for 5G roaming.

Aside from Thailand, the telco also has 5G roaming in South Korea. Globe is currently is improving its 5G roaming service across different countries in Europe, North America, and the Middle East so travelers can leverage the telco’s offerings wherever they go in the future.

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Disney+ now streaming in Singapore

Have you subscribed yet?



The wait is over. Disney+ is now finally available in Singapore.

If you’ve been longing to stream Disney classics, new shows like The Mandalorian in the Star Wars universe, or just want a feel good flick from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can now do so via the streaming app.

The subscription costs SG$ 11.98 per month or SG$ 119.98 for a year. With it you’ll have access to a library of 500 movies and over 15,000 episodes of some of your favorite shows from Disney Channel.

You’ll also gain access to content by other major entertainment companies like Pixar, National Geographic, and Star.

To sign-up, users need to go to the Disney+ website and you’ll be asked to input your email address so they can keep you updated on how to subscribe. A subscription plan lets the user stream on four different devices at the same time. There are also different profiles for each subscription just like Netflix. However, instead of just five, Disney+ gives you up to seven profiles.

GeekCulture put together a list of supported devices so check them out to see if you have any of them.

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