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realme narzo 20 review: Unlikely power from affordable sources

A real good gaming device for those on a budget



One untapped segment of most smartphones today is the budget gaming smartphone. At first, you wouldn’t think something like this is possible, all things considered. But it’s 2020 after all, a time when pretty much anything is possible now. Just ask realme themselves, especially with their latest offering.

Introducing the realme narzo 20, the company’s take on a budget gaming smartphone. It comes with gaming-ready hardware, plus a big battery to keep you gaming for long. All of this within an affordable price, what else could you want, right?

Well, for starters, here’s what you are getting with the realme narzo 20:

It has a 6.5-inch Mini-drop display

realme narzo 20

It comes with a 48MP Triple AI Camera at the back

The back cover of the device is in realme’s signature V Design

realme narzo 20

It comes in two colors: Silver Sword or Blue Blade

realme narzo 20

As far as regular performance goes, it’s pretty good

The realme narzo 20 comes with a gaming-focused Helio G85 mobile processor and 4GB of RAM. By most budget smartphone standards, this is pretty decent hardware to have. Applications load smoothly and rather quickly, with realme UI optimizing the whole experience.

For most tasks, the device holds up pretty well even while multitasking. I didn’t experience any jitters while shifting through different apps, although adding games affected it slightly. Still, as a budget smartphone, I don’t recommend opening way too many apps with this device.

Although, don’t expect FHD videos to play when using this device. Due to the limitations due in part to its budget makeup, YouTube videos up to 720p are most viable. It’s not exactly great that there is such a limitation, but it may slip your mind if you’re using this device to game full time.

Gaming performance was astonishingly great

What makes this device ultimately stand out is in its gaming capabilities. Based on my initial run through of most games, I can confidently say that this device holds up quite well. While frame drops were expected — mostly because of the internet connection, gameplay was smooth on this device.

League of Legends: Wild Rift on 60 FPS showed almost no signs of lag throughout my playthrough. I’m surprised this device could handle all the textures and effects, especially during intense moments in the match. Unfortunately, it won’t play any higher than High settings, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Other games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and even some sports games like NBA Live Mobile play well on this device. I know that for the most part, some FPS games do require using most of the RAM. Even so, these games didn’t slow down during prolonged gameplay.

realme narzo 20

This battery is big, lasts long, and charges up fast

This phone comes with a whopping 6,000mAh battery inside, which realme claims is a first within budget smartphones. Using the device normally got me to more than a full day’s worth, with about 20 to 25 percent left. When playing full time across a variety of games, I was able to get about 12-13 hours.

Looking at these numbers, I think this is a huge deal for a budget smartphone. Even when you’re doing so many things with your phone, you wouldn’t need to reach for your charger as much. Also, this even helps you with the fear of overcharging your phone overnight since now, you don’t have to do that.

Another reason why is because the phone also comes with Quick Charge support. The 18W USB-C charger charges the phone in about two and a half hours, which plays around most fast-charging devices. This just reinforces that you don’t have to keep charging your phone overnight anymore.

It’s not a perfect smartphone, but don’t expect it to be

It’s pretty obvious at this point that most budget smartphones come with compromises. The realme narzo 20 is no exception to this, and the most obvious trade-off was in camera quality. Yes, it comes with a triple lens, AI-powered rear camera but it leaves much to be desired.

Nature shot


Up close using the Triple AI Camera


Selfie with beautification turned off

Image quality on this camera isn’t too bad, but the sacrifice on detail is obvious. Sometimes, images turn up a little oversaturated or lacking in detail when zooming in. It doesn’t have to be Leica-levels of quality, I get it; it’s just something you already expect.

Also, it would have been interesting to see a 6GB RAM variant for this smartphone. In some cases, 4GB isn’t enough to keep running games past 30 FPS. I get that this may be impossible for budget smartphones, but it’s something worth exploring.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

At PhP 7,990, the realme narzo 20 gives you the most viable option for a gaming smartphone. It crams in decent mobile gaming hardware to provide a great overall gaming experience. Plus, with a big battery inside, it will keep you gaming all day, or all night long. All of this stored in a package with a unique design to boot.

You can use it like any other smartphone for social media, watching live streams and Netflix shows. However, due to its budget category, some things had to be sacrificed like the cameras and higher RAM options.

For what it’s worth, the realme narzo 20 is a definite pick-up for those on a tight budget. It shows off some incredible power without burning your wallet.


Gran Turismo 7 might get a PC port

According to the creator



Between last year’s Forza Horizon 5 and the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound, it’s a great time to be a racing gamer. Now, if you prefer playing on the PC, you’re likely getting another title to fuel your racing ambitions. According to the creator himself, Gran Turismo 7 might make a pitstop for PC.

Speaking to GTPlanet, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi is “looking into” a PC port for the latest entry to the series. Released back in March, Gran Turismo 7 became the quintessential racing simulator for the PlayStation 5 (and the PlayStation 4, too).

That’s no surprise, though. If the “7” in the name of its latest entry hasn’t given it away, the Gran Turismo series has (usually) wowed gamers for years using the top-of-the-line hardware packed inside the most recent PlayStation console. It highlights and underlines the “simulator” in the car simulator genre.

However, amid all the hype, the series had a major flaw: You need a PlayStation. Now, as more former exclusives are making their way to the PC, the racing simulator might join in, adding another playable title for PC gamers. If the title makes the jump, it will join illustrious names like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, and Uncharted. In fact, more are likely on the way. Sony is now fine with exclusive titles making the jump.

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Genshin Impact v. 3.3 to arrive on December 7

First trading card game also announced



Genshin Impact v. 3.3

Version 3.3 of global gaming sensation Genshin Impact, called All Sense Clear, All Existence Void will finally be available on December 7.

There will be a new season of events, and two new playable allies in the powerful Wanderer and Faruzan to surprise players with more stories, fun, and challenges.

The trailer for version 3.3 may be viewed here:

Trading card game announced

Genshin Impact v. 3.3

On top of this, HoYoverse announced its first trading card game — Genius Invokation TCG. With it,  players will soon be able to duel NPCs, friends, and others online.

This combines the fun of Genshin Impact’s element-based combat system with strategy development, as players compete against each other with their collection of cards.

More wins here equal more redeemable cards and Dynamic Skins from the Card Shop.

Wander in the Archon Quest interlude chapter

After being defeated in the Archon Quest main story, Scaramouche is now the Wanderer in the interlude chapter called Inversion of Genesis.

Here, players will head to Irminsul with the Wanderer to discover how the story unfolds. The character is playable as a five-star Anemo catalyst wielder, and can hover and attack in mid-air.

The other character, Faruzan, will be a four-star Anemo archer. She’s an ageless Akademiya genius in mechanics. The character also wields a bow as a weapon and supports teammates with Anemo DMG Bonus effects.

There will also be more challenges as the new seasonal special “Akitsu Kimodameshi” is set to arrive. Players will meet with Arataki Itto to master a series of “brick-breaker” mini-games.

Another special event, “Across the Wilderness” will require players to collect Wilderness Balloons.

Windtrace and Misty Dungeon shall likewise return with new updates.

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Bardock backstory revealed in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC trailer

More from Goku’s father




The trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s upcoming DLC, “Bardock- Alone Against Fate”, has been released by Bandai Namco.

The gameplay video features a first glimpse of Bardock in action in the game, as well as thrilling battles in the planet of Kanassa.

The scene also shows more details into the adventures of Goku’s father, who serves as a member of Frieza’s planetary invasion force. His journey to Planet Vegeta was also teased.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions to be released on January 12 and 13, 2023, respectively.

Speaking of which, pre-orders for the physical editions for PS5 and Xbox Series are now available here.

There will also be a Special Edition which comes with additional DLC episodes currently available on other platforms, including “New Power Awakens – Part 1 & Part 2” and “-Trunks- Warrior of Hope”.

Meanwhile, players who already own the game for previous consoles may upgrade for an additional fee to enjoy better graphics and smoother gameplay.

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