ROG Phone 6 series now official

All new cooling, improved performance



ROG Phone 6

The latest iteration of the premiere gaming smartphone from ASUS ROG has finally arrived and it comes in two – the ROG Phone 6 Pro and the base model ROG Phone 6

The latest version of the ROG Phone maintains its distinctly gamery look and feel. The specs have obviously bumped up for 2022 standards. But ROG is proud of what it did with its cooling technology. 

Game Cool 6

We all know things can heat up when we play. Having made many versions of a gaming phone over the years, ROG has come up with optimal cooling solutions depending on the duration of your gaming session. 

They addressed this by revising the ROG Phone’s thermal structure. It all starts with the Enlarged Graphite Sheet all the way to adding the Aeroactive Cooler 6 accessory. They identified the gaming sessions as such: 

  • Short-time – 1 to 15 minutes
  • Mid-time – 15 to 30 minutes
  • Long-time – Over 1 hour 

At each segment, only a portion of the cooling system kicks in. And if you’re playing for a long-time, that’s when they recommend you to use the Aeroactive Cooler 6. 

Peak performance

ROG Phone 6

ROG Phones are specs monsters and the ROG Phone 6 series is no different. Powering the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. It’s supposed to be 30 percent more power efficient than the regular Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. 

You also get up to 18GB of RAM along with 512GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage. And like its predecessors, there’s an X Mode that boosts overall performance for gaming. 

It still has the same 6,000mAh battery, but the new chip should contribute to better power efficiency. You still have support for wired fast charging. 

The main camera now uses the Sony IMX 766 with a 40% bigger pixel size. Alongside the main shooter, you get the Ultrawide angle and macro lenses. 

Snappy, stunning display

ROG Phone 6

Something a top-notch gaming phone requires more than amazing-looking displays is one that’s extremely responsive. Equipped on the ROG Phone 6 is a 6.78-inch Samsung E4 display. 

It has a dynamic refresh rate that ranges from 60Hz all the way up to 165Hz. Touch sampling rate peaks at 720Hz for ultra responsive gameplay. It’s protected by Gorilla Glass Victus. 

Additional features include an Always-On HDR tech that activates where applicable. Typically when you’re Netflix and chilling on the phone or streaming any content that supports the feature. 

Cyberpunk design

ROG Phone 6

The distinct gamer look is alive and well even in the Moonlight White version of the phone. This is where the ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro primarily differ. 

The ROG Phone 6 Pro’s back features the ROG Vision. It’s a customizable LED display on the back. The feature is also present in some of their top-line gaming laptops. 

The ROG Phone 6, meanwhile, doesn’t have ROG Vision but there’s still a screen-like panel at the back to replicate the effect. It definitely heightens the cyberpunk look ROG is going for. 

The ROG Phone 6 series is also the first in the line to get an IPX4 rating. Meaning it’s splash resistant. It’s not totally water resistant so still be careful in bringing it around water-y areas. 


Other than the Aeroactive Cooler 6, there’s also a white version of the Kunai Gamepad that totally matches the color of the ROG Phone 6. For those who like to game with Bluetooth earphones on, whether you’re using ROG’s Cetra True Wireless Pro or another brand’s, there’s a Low Latency BT mode you can toggle for a better experience. 


The ROG Phone 6 comes in two variants. The 12GB/256GB version retails for EUR 999 while the 16GB/512GB variant sells for EUR 1149.

Meanwhile, the ROG Phone 6 Pro with 18GB/512GB is priced at EUR 1299.

Check your local ROG social media accounts for specific pricing and availability in your market/region.


All TEKKEN 8 characters revealed so far

Get ready for the next battle!




Even though TEKKEN 8 is still miles away from being released, there’s no stopping the train on what you can expect. Starting off, no fighting game is complete without the list of fighters themselves. Of course, TEKKEN 8 is no exception to this. Several familiar faces have been revealed over the past few days, with more incoming.

Without further ado, here’s all the confirmed characters for TEKKEN 8 so far. Don’t worry, this list will be updated as more fighters and gameplay trailers are revealed.

Jin Kazama

Honestly, it wouldn’t be a modern TEKKEN game without the main protagonist himself, Jin Kazama. After spending most of TEKKEN 7 healing up and watching from the shadows, Jin is ready to strike back in honor of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Overall, he sports a much buffer look than before. Jin is now rocking the whites and reds compared to previous versions.

What makes Jin different this time around is how he’s harnessing the Devil Gene inside him to power his moveset. From the trailer alone, we see glimpses of the power he wields as he unleashes a barrage of attacks. Also, his character model even reveals one of his Devil’s wings, which most likely means he’s embraced the Devil in him.

Now, the one on our minds is, well, will the Devil Jin character from previous games also make its way onto this one?

Kazuya Mishima

In every TEKKEN game, someone portrays the ultimate villain that holds all the power and will not yield for anyone. For TEKKEN 8, that man is Kazuya Mishima, the leader of the G Corporation and Jin’s biological father. After the events of TEKKEN 7, Kazuya seemed more poised to take over the world than ever before with the G Corporation continuously waging war.

By this point in time, he has fully embraced the Devil and has since showed flashes of its power since TEKKEN 7. It’s not to say that just him alone isn’t already a ton to deal with, as his moveset is just as hard-hitting as before. With the addition of his Devil form as he enters his Heat State, it turns him into a wrecking ball of chaos.

Nina Williams

Nina Williams returns to the roster and is one of the characters that has appeared in every TEKKEN game since its release. The silent assassin has made quite the list of alliances and enemies through the years, and is on the hunt for her next target. However, after the events of TEKKEN 7 and her failure to locate Jin, she’s taking an approach from the shadows.

From a design standpoint, she loses the wedding dress she had on from the previous game and goes back to the leather jacket and purple dress — something familiar and comfortable. Moveset-wise, she retains the cat-like reflexes she showed off in previous titles and can throw punches with the best of them. Also, she had dual pistols now, so be careful when going up against her.

Paul Phoenix

Another staple of the TEKKEN franchise is Paul Phoenix, one of the hardest hitting fighters in the game. In fact, the trailer literally shows off his power as he brings a brick wall with him when he enters the battlefield. Although in TEKKEN 8, he grew his hair out and didn’t really bother to fix it in an upright position as his previous character models showed.

In terms of his moveset, the trailer makes it look as hard-hitting as before, if not more than that. You can tell that the man aged like fine wine in his combat, especially with all the punches he’s thrown. As seen in the last few seconds of the trailer, he even threw a punch that had so much power in it, it resulted in a sleeve getting ripped.

Marshall Law

One of the franchise’s key returnees from previous games is Marshall Law, Namco’s tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee. As with his previous appearances, he is agile, likes to take the fight to his opponents, and has an arsenal of moves relying on quickess and dexterity. In TEKKEN 8, however, it looks like his body has grown significantly.

Law maintains most of his moves from the previous games, with a bit of fine-tuning and power added to them given his growth over the years. Also, this game shows off his nunchakus which make a comeback after appearing as an item move in TEKKEN 6. Unlike that game, however, he only gets to use the nunchakus on specific moves instead of wielding it infinitely.

King II

Yes, for all the wrestling fans out there, King is back! And he is in much better fighting shape than ever before. Of course, the man still dons the same jaguar mask as his predecessor, and is hungry for competition wherever he goes. If all goes well, the eighth edition of the tournament will give him the glory he seeks.

As one of the franchise’s elite wrestlers, his moveset only improved from the previous games. He still boasts a series of gut-wrenching blows and grapples that turn the tide on his foes in combat. Also, he uses a variety of wrestling moves that fans will recognize from a mile away. This time around, as the trailer suggests, he adds more to his kit with moves from WWE superstars, Triple H (Pedigree) and Randy Orton (RKO).

Jack-8, Lars Alexandersson, and Jun Kazama?!

BANDAI NAMCO also released a Story and Gameplay Trailer to help build more anticipation on the upcoming fighter game, and shows what the TEKKEN Saga has in store for us. Also, this particular trailer showed us a few more characters to watch out for:

From this trailer, we can find two familiar faces in Jack-8 and Lars Alexandersson. The former is the eighth iteration of the JACKs since the first TEKKEN. For Jack-8, the main objective remains the same: destruction at all costs; it’s design to learn its opponents and strike at their core. For Lars, coming from the events of TEKKEN 7, the protector of Jin Kazama must now help him in his plot to overthrow Kazuya and put an end to the war.

Perhaps one of the biggest returns for TEKKEN 8 is Jin’s biological mother, Jun Kazama. She was presumed dead prior to the start of TEKKEN 3. Jun reunites with her now all-grown up son to help Jin find some form of inner peace. Whether or not she reunites with Kazuya has yet to be shown.

Let us know who you’re most excited to play for TEKKEN 8!

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Ubisoft announces an AI writer for video games

To streamline dialogue writing



Video game dialogue gets a bad rep these days. Though a good number of titles come from acclaimed writers and storytellers, a sizable chunk can leave gamers grasping for a mute button. Now, in a move to streamline the writing process, Ubisoft has announced an AI writer to automatically create video game dialogue.

Conspicuously called Ghostwriter, the upcoming AI tool can create dialogue based only on a few prompts. Writers only need to input a character and the type of dialogue to create an exchange. The tool can create a few variations for writers to consider and edit as need be.

The tool wasn’t created to replace writers. Rather, according to the reveal, Ghostwriter will help writers focus on larger tasks like grander narratives and important cutscenes.

Currently, Ubisoft has not showcased any examples of how the writer can work. The company is still working on implementing the tool in its production cycles. With huge sprawling games, using an AI writer to streamline dialogue creation will help deadlines. However, it’s still an unknown whether the tool will improve quality as well.

Over the past few months, companies have tried creating their own takes on AI-based chatbots and creators. Ubisoft is the latest to integrate the technology into its own company and one of the first to try it in the gaming scene.

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Counter-Strike 2 is official!

Coming later this summer



Finally, it’s official. After a huge leak a few weeks ago, Valve has officially confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 is coming. And it’s coming fast.

On the last full day of Steam’s Spring Sale, Valve suddenly revealed its official plans for Counter-Strike 2. No longer just a rumor, the upcoming title will come this summer as a free upgrade for those who already own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As was leaked previously, the title will come with several upgrades to the existing system. While it’s still the same formula underneath, Counter-Strike 2 will look and feel better than previous titles.

For one, smokes are now volumetric objects, meaning they can react to gameplay events naturally. If you shoot through smoke, the bullets can push a visible hole through the cloud. It will also fill spaces around objects more naturally.

The game will also feature graphical upgrades to the old titles. Classic maps have refreshed designs with better lighting, more realistic textures, and better reflections. Dust II, or de_dust2, looks absolutely amazing in its upcoming iteration. Smaller elements — such as UI and throwable effects — are also improved.

In terms of performance, Counter-Strike 2 is apparently going beyond tick rates. Though the previous leak hinted that the title might upgrade its servers to compete with modern shooters like VALORANT, the official update introduced “sub-tick updates,” a new engine which will supposedly make tick rates obsolete and gameplay more fluid.

Now, if you can’t wait for summer, the upgrade is already available today in a limited test. Valve will also release more updates for the game before it launches in a few months.

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