Samsung launches the Galaxy Watch5 series

Featuring a regular and a Pro version



The latest Unpacked event shone the spotlight on the latest foldables in Samsung’s lineup. However, the event also saw the debut of the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro. If the brand’s smartphones aren’t enough to stave off your hunger for all things Samsung, you can check out these new wearables now.

Galaxy Watch5

First of all, both wearables are bringing the best in health and fitness tracking. As introduced in the previous generation, the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro have three health sensors: Optical Heart Rate, Electrical Heart Signal, and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It also introduces a new temperature sensor. With an increase in size, the series promises more accurate tracking this time.

In terms of fitness, the smartwatch features a new Body Composition tool which paints an accurate portrait of a user’s fitness. It can suggest workouts and goals personally tailored according to each user. Further, the series can analyze post-workout recovery, including how much water to consume based on sweat loss.

With improved Sleep Scores and Sleep Coaching, the Galaxy Watch5 series can suggest ways to make a user’s quality of sleep better. Plus, with SmartThings integration, the watch can automatically control connected devices — like lights, TVs, and AC units — to create a comfortable sleeping environment. If a user falls, it also has fall detection to contact emergency services.

With up to 410mAh of battery, the smartwatch can last all day long and can provide eight hours of life with just eight minutes of charging. It is also the first Samsung watch to feature Sapphire Crystal for its display, providing excellent durability.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro

However, if all that’s not enough, Samsung also has the more rugged Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Besides the Sapphire Crystal display, it also has a durable titanium casing for outdoor use. It also has a D-Buckle Sport Band for more durability outside of the device.

The improved smartwatch also features a bigger battery, topping off at 590mAh. If you’re camping outdoors, the Watch5 Pro has you covered. There are also outdoor-focused apps to keep you safe and protected outside.

Speaking of outdoor sports, the series also offers a Galaxy Watch5 Golf Edition, which offers unlimited access to the Smart Caddie app and several themed customization options.

Price and availability

Like the Galaxy Z series, the Watch5 series will start selling on August 26. Pre-orders start today through August 25. Those who pre-order can avail of a free Wireless Charger Duo, up to US$ 125 worth of trade-in value, and US$ 50 credit for accessories.

While both will offer Graphite and Silver as colors, the two options for the Galaxy Watch5 — 40mm and 44mm — will each have an exclusive color. The small 40mm version will offer Pink Gold, and the large 44mm version will have Sapphire. It starts at US$ 279.99.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will offer Black Titanium and Gray Titanium. It starts at US$ 449.99.

Pre-order the Galaxy Watch5: howl.me/1782498421062171176


#LuxuryTech: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition Unboxing

Ultra-rare foldable for $4000



Even though the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has exclusive colors, it comes with an additional price — but it doesn’t stop there!—

The Korean giant also sold the ultra-rare Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne Edition for a whopping KRW 4.29 Million (or just about US$ 4000).

Will you even believe that it got sold out in Korea that Michael Josh had to outsource one from a Hong Kong retailer?

In this episode of #LuxuryTech where tech meets fashion, Michael Josh unboxes the sophisticated Thom Browne Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5!

ICYMI: Their last collaboration with the fashion brand was the Galaxy Z Fold3 Thom Browne Edition in a cleaner, white finish. 

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Apple AirPods Pro 2: USB-C vs Lightning

Are there even any changes?



The 2nd Generation of AirPods Pro (or AirPods Pro 2) was launched not too long ago.

It’s got all the nifty upgrades from the first iteration including better ANC, better battery life, better chip with UWB, more sensors, a MagSafe charging case with speakers, and many more.

Then Apple introduced the USB-C version of the same AirPods Pro model.

You might be wondering: Are there even any changes? Or is it just that new USB-C port all along?

Spoiler alert! There are changes you need to know and might convince you to buy one.

Head over to our comparison of the refreshed AirPods 2 USB-C versus its Lightning counterpart (and a mini unboxing in between).

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Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is likely coming early next year

During the first Unpacked event



This year, Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, ushering in a new market for the big names to compete in. Next year, Samsung is now expected to enter a new market of its own: smart rings. A new report has spotted new confirmations that a Galaxy Ring is coming soon.

Via 9to5Google, the Samsung Wearable app now includes references to the unannounced wearable. For one, a new icon, which clearly looks like a ring, has appeared. Further, the current version of the app does include explicit references to a “Galaxy Ring,” confirming the name of the device.

Back in July, it was rumored that Samsung was working on the new device. Not much information came out other than the fact that it was coming.

Even now, it is still a mystery how the upcoming smart ring will perform. While the device will likely come with the usual tracking capabilities of a wearable, we don’t know how it will fit inside Samsung’s ecosystem of devices. Now, at the very least, we know that users will be able to control the device through the Galaxy Wearable app.

In the same report, it is now expected that the Galaxy Ring will launch in early 2024. Ice Universe, through Weibo, is even speculating that the smart ring will be the main event at next year’s first Galaxy Unpacked event.

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