Samsung, Maison Kitsuné tie up for Galaxy Watch4 and Buds2

What does the fox say?



A year at Samsung wouldn’t be complete without a slate of limited-edition partnerships with the world’s top designers. In the past, the company partnered with Thom Browne to deliver premium editions of their flagship phones. Now, Samsung has announced a partnership with independent fashion house Maison Kitsuné for two special-edition wearables.

The partnership infuses the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Buds2 with the fashion house’s playfulness. Both devices will now come in the brand’s Moonrock Beige color. Besides the new color, they will also incorporate a few design elements to help them stand above the rest.

Besides the Moonrock Beige leather straps with fox-shaped holes, the Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition will come with an additional Space Gray strap to offer users an alternative look. In contrast, the gray strap will have the fashion house’s lettering emblazoned across its length.

On the flip side, the Moonrock Beige Galaxy Buds2 will come housed inside a Space Gray leather case. The case will have Maison Kitsuné’s fox logo front-and-center. Further, the left bud will have a fox head logo, and the right bud will have a fox tail logo, signaling continuity whenever wearing the earpieces.

To add more style to a user’s Samsung ecosystem, the Galaxy Watch4’s box and the Galaxy Buds2’s case will have an NFC tag linking to an exclusive Maison Kitsuné phone theme.

Both devices will ship starting on October 20 with only a limited number of units available in select markets. The 40mm Galaxy Watch4 will sell for US$ 399.99. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds2 will sell for US$ 249.99.

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How to incorporate “Red” in your daily life

For when you love it in burning red



It’s Red season, folks!

Whether it’s the red cups on Starbucks or “Red (Taylor’s Version)” streaming everywhere, Red is an iconic color that everyone should celebrate, own, and wear periodically.

But wearing Red isn’t limited to the month where Autumn leaves are falling like pieces into place. It’s a color that you can wear throughout the year, as long as you use it sporadically and pair it with the right colors.

Red smartphone

If you’re burning Red, you can always shop a smartphone in that blazing color. Throughout the years, it was Apple that consistently painted their phones Red. Specifically called Product (RED) — a colorway that, when purchased, helps Apple fund AIDS and COVID-19 research.

In case you didn’t know, Red is a company that partners with iconic brands to raise awareness and funds, fighting HIV/AIDS in several countries in Africa.

Red smartphone case

Red can sometimes be overbearing, especially if it’s your phone’s colorway. If you want Red to be worn occasionally, then you can opt for a smartphone case so you can always switch it up to pair with your mood.

The safest bet would be the Product (RED) silicone case with MagSafe from Apple — it’s not as striking as the usual Red, but enough to warrant attention without looking pompous.

Red scarf

Ah, the iconic red scarf that Jake Gyllenhaal kept because it reminded him of Taylor Swift’s innocence. It’d be really hard to forget someone wearing a red scarf; so luscious and prominent, it will bring back memories that anyone will remember all too well.

If you’re out for a fashion statement this holiday, draping a red scarf around your neck can help you stand out especially when you’re wearing neutrals or an all-black ensemble. Let the All Too Well Knit scarf be your statement piece.

Red wireless earbuds

There’s also a statement piece that doesn’t scream attention but captivates someone subtly. For instance, the Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick edition — painted in a sexy Red, housed in a lipstick case that will make women want one to pair with their actual red lipstick.

Red smartwatch band

Some people can’t stand attention. One reason why most people shy away from loud and head-turning colors for their outfits.

However, you can make Red an accent through a smartwatch band. For example, the Apple Watch Series 7 is compatible with Product (RED) smartwatch bands: Sport Band, Sport Loop, and Braided Solo Loop.

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realme Hair Dryer review: Quick, good blowouts

Key to a fabulous hair sans the high price tag



realme Hair Dryer

It takes a lot to have fabulous hair. I highly believe it’s your crown that you can’t take off easily. It’s the first thing people notice, and the way it’s styled sometimes dictates how you’ll feel throughout the day.

For years, I was always growing my hair to a certain length to make it easier to style. I can rule how it should look best before attending significant events and celebrations. And sometimes, I can decide how short should I cut it.

However, in the weeks where your hair grew long enough, it can be an inconvenience. When in a rush, you can’t put a helmet on unless you dry your hair quickly. Or you can’t sleep right after your shower because you’ll wet the pillow. These inconveniences led me to search for a hairdryer to address my woes.

realme Hair Dryer

So clean, so good

Before I started my search, I narrowed down my top three non-negotiables. First, it should look pretty to match my aesthetics. Second, it should be easy enough to understand especially for simpletons like yours truly. And lastly, it shouldn’t put a dent in my pocket. Enter realme’s Hair Dryer — an affordable, eye-candy hairdryer.

In case you’re confused, yes. The prominent technology company isn’t just producing smartphones anymore. They have a set of IoT devices focused on domestic living and personal care.

realme Hair Dryer

The company’s very own Hair Dryer sports a minimalist design that looks clean and simple. Somehow, it resembles Xiaomi’s very own Ionic hairdryer. Although, this one is painted with a colorway that anyone will surely be delighted to look at.

Speed and power

The realme Hair Dryer comes with a nozzle that you can easily attach. In case you’re new to this, the nozzle helps direct the airflow instead of blowing all your strands.

realme Hair Dryer

When you’re all set, just plug the Hair Dryer and move the power button. The realme Hair Dryer is easy to use with all these simple toggles and buttons.

Sliding the button upwards will toggle the Soft Wind option, which blows strongly yet isn’t as loud as you’d assume. For a more powerful blow, you can slide the button upwards one more time to utilize Power Wind. It blows forcefully and will make a loud noise that might wake your roomie — if you have one.

realme Hair Dryer

Despite that, I find the Power Wind option to be useful for my daily life. The realme Hair Dryer uses a high-performance fan motor that can dry your hair in just five minutes. For my hair length and thickness, I only needed three full minutes when using Soft Wind, and less than two minutes when using Power Wind.

Generally, you’d numb your arms if you hold on to the Hair Dryer longer mid-air, blowing for five full minutes. But that’s only when you have long hair.

Weighing only 545g and designed ergonomically, the realme Hair Dryer is easy to grip and comfortable to hold onto even for a few minutes. So much that even my seven-year-old niece was able to use it and quickly dry her long hair.

‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold

You’re yes then you’re no? You’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down? Kidding aside, the realme Hair Dryer has two options for those who can’t seem to choose between being hot and cool.

realme Hair Dryer

There’s a toggle that switches the air from warm to cold, whichever you prefer.

I personally like the cold air, especially when I’m already dressed up for a meeting. It allows me to style my hair easily and gives it a natural oomph.

Moreover, living in a tropical country isn’t ideal for someone who sweats a lot. But what can I do? I’m stuck in a country filled with corruption and beautiful palm trees. It’s like hell in here in terms of heat.

Blowing up warm air to your head can cause your body to sweat from the heat. That won’t’t look nice on your outfit. Especially when wearing blue dress shirts. Trust me, I’ve been there.

In contrast, warm air is ideal when you really need a quick blowout or if you want to alter your hair. But that’s a discussion for another day since it involves hair styling and managing your hair’s wellness.

Nevertheless, the two options are beneficial to your style, hair’s health, and preferences. For a more complex use case, you might need to set your eyes on the more expensive ones.

Safer blowouts

During the course of my blowouts, the realme Hair Dryer heats up a little only when using the Warm Air option. But it’s not heat that should worry you.

After all, realme used flame-retardant, high-grade materials for the device, and built thermal insulation that adheres to the industry’s standards.

Apart from the possible heat issue, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting caught while doing a blowout. The realme Hair Dryer uses a triple-layer protective mesh to block your hair strands and prevent them from getting entangled.

Is the realme Hair Dryer your GadgetMatch?

There are a lot of benefits to using a hairdryer. You can moisturize the hair and scalp, improve your hair’s health, and even reduce frizz.

Not a lot of men bother with using a personal care device, but if you have a thick or long hairstyle, the realme Hair Dryer can be easily your GadgetMatch. Especially if you haven’t personally owned a hairdryer before and are iffy to get one because of staggering price tags.

If you don’t have complicated hair, you probably should start caring about your hair’s health instead. For only PhP 1,690, it’s a small price to pay to keep and/or maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Personally, I like the realme Hair Dryer. It ticks all the right boxes I’m looking for out of a hairdryer: affordable, good-looking, and simply functional.

It’s a tool that will give you good blowouts and might even help skyrocket your confidence. Remember: Your hair is your crown. Don’t ever take it off.

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Look chic in Shigetsu’s geometric anti-radiation eyewear

The anti-blue light and radiation coating have been improved!




Japanese-inspired eyewear brand Shigetsu unveils its Geometric collection, consisting of chic eyewear in gold and silver finishes. The collection uses RadPro metals for better blue light and radiation protection.

In case you didn’t know, too much blue light exposure can disrupt your sleep patterns, cause eye strain, and increase the risk of eye diseases. And Shigetsu’s eyewear helps you block both radiation and blue light, but in style.

Kasai, Kitami, Omitama


The new collection is available in three variants: Kasai, Kitami, and Omitami. All eyewear will come with a unisex design and sports high-quality replaceable, anti-glare lenses. Upon purchase, you can expect the following inside the package: Shigetsu eyewear, a designer pouch, a designer leather case, and a microfiber lens cleaner.

Shigetsu’s biggest sale happening on Shopee’s 11.11 sale!

Shopee’s biggest sale of the year brings PhP 1 deals, free shipping with PhP 0 minimum spend, and 10% off daily from the widest selection of brands and sellers.

Shigetsu will also be participating during the 11.11 Shopee sale. Grab this stylish eyewear here.

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