Internet reacts to Sam, Samsung’s newest virtual assistant

Move over, Bixby!



Renders by Lightfarm Studios

Samsung is trending, and it’s for the right reason: It’s over for Bixby. Or at least its future is grim after a new virtual assistant sprouted on the Internet.

Meet Sam, Samsung’s newest virtual assistant rendered by Lightfarm studios, a multi-national creative studio specializing in CGI, Animation, and the likes.

Renders by Lightfarm Studios


Sam’s appearance has created a buzz, especially on Twitter.


The new virtual assistant is hot that it made me sexually confused for a few minutes.

Of course, Internet Rule 34 exists (and a lot of horndogs), which ruins Sam’s innocence.

Some users started shading Apple fans and tweeted their thoughts regarding Sam.

Moreover, Sam’s appearance has created a ripple effect among artists, prompting to illustrate Sam through various art styles.

But will Sam ever come to see the light?

Sadly, Lightfarm studios did it for fun, and after blowing up, removed the content from their website and portfolio. Although, some users speculate that this might be an official work since Lightfarm studios collaborated with Cheil, a marketing agency owned by Samsung.

Nonetheless, Sam is still a step-up compared to our current virtual assistants. We might have to wait for official announcements, but if this is the new direction that technology giants will take, I’m living for it.

And for the record: I love you, Samsung, but Bixby and I aren’t working out. And I need to move on. C’est la vie.


Netflix is losing a lot of long-term subscribers

People are switching



The Netflix revolution was indeed televised. However, after enjoying years of success as the streaming platform of choice, a lot of users are now leaving Netflix for greener pastures. Over the past few months, the company has struggled to patch its failures. A recently released data report does confirm that the platform has a right to worry. More and more long-term subscribers are reportedly cutting their subscriptions short.

According to The Information, around 13 percent of Netflix cancelers in the past quarter are from accounts that have been with the platform for over three years. The data, which was reportedly obtained from Antenna, pegs cancelations at around 3.6 million Americans, a big increase from the 2.5 million of the past five quarters.

Though 13 percent isn’t exactly a giant figure, it’s still a blow to Netflix’s empire. While streaming platform rightly focus on gaining new subscribers, losing the loyalty of long-term users isn’t something to shrug off.

Since announcing lost expectations, Netflix announced ways to save on costs and retain its subscribers. Other methods include canceling projects, opening a games division, and potentially charging users more for account sharing. Naturally, not every plan hits users the same way.

In the meantime, other platforms — like Disney+, HBO, and Hulu — are attracting more users with more varied and exclusive content. Regardless, Netflix is skidding down a slope. Only time will tell whether its latest strategies will stave off more losses.

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A new hue: RELX Infinity, Essential now in 2 new colors

Forest Allure and Gold Spark



RELX Infinity

If you’ve been itching for a new hue, RELX has you covered. RELX has two new colors for both the Infinity and the Essential – Forest Allure and Gold Spark. 

The RELX Infinity now comes in Forest Allure. It’s an elegant green hue with all the same  innovative benefits. These include the ergonomic mouthpiece, leak-resistance, dual charging system and smart pace vibration alert.

Meanwhile, the RELX Essential now comes in this truly eye-catching Gold Spark colorway. It gives your leak-resistant device a premium and sophisticated look. 

Whichever one matches your style, you won’t go wrong because both look absolutely stunning. 

Kick the smoking habit

RELX Infinity

But RELX is more than just its looks. In fact, the RELX Infinity is a Red Dot Design awardee. 

It’s lightweight, pocket-sized, and the SuperSmoothTM Technology gives you that quick fix all without the ash and awful smell that lingers. Its Closed Pod System also ensures there are no leaks whatsoever. 

So, if you’ve been having thoughts about putting out that cigarette for good, you should consider getting yourself a RELX. 

It’s a better alternative to cigarette smoking. They are also built smart. The device will remind you of your puff rate. RELX has a Smart Pace alert which means your device will vibrate if you puff 15 times in under or exactly 15 minutes.

RELX Infinity

RELX also offers long battery life. And when you do run out, you can charge quickly via the USB Type-C port or the built-in pogo pins. 

On the other hand, you have the RELX Essential. It’s the perfect device for anyone who wants to try vaping. Its textured body is easier to grip. And it has a light indicator that serves two functions: to alert the user that a pod has been placed and as a battery indicator.

It’s the more affordable option but it’s also durable so you don’t have to think about upgrading right away. You can stick with it until you become more comfortable with vaping. 

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health

RELX Infinity

There’s been a conscious effort from various sectors to educate people about the risks of cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke.

Some retail packaging even showcases its severe effects. Cigarette smoking has been known to cause cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, and many more.

It’s difficult to break away from a habit as some people use it to chill after meals or just calm their nerves ahead of tense situations.

The first step is never easy, but there’s a way to do it with relatively reduced risk. And that’s by switching to RELX. 

RELX Infinity

In celebration of World Vape Day, we can raise our RELX to help lessen the health risks, amount of cigarettes produced, butts tossed out, toxins released in the air. In the process, we also hopefully lessen our dependence on nicotine sticks. 

It’s still a long shot from completely eradicating cigarette smoking but at least making the switch is another step towards a no smoke journey.

RELX Infinity | RELX Essential

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On being mindful in your everyday activities

The OPPO Watch Free and the OPPO Enco Air2 are the perfect pair to help you tune your mind and body



Watch Free

With everything that’s happening, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel lost. One coping mechanism that might work is being mindful and intentional in your activities. I used to face my issues head-on, aggressively putting up a fight and jumping onto anything that might help me feel better.

For the past few weeks, I used the OPPO Watch Free and the OPPO Enco Air2 to aid me in my quest to become mindful in my everyday activities. It helps me reduce my anxiety about the future, and helped me stay grounded to be more present in my life and within my relationships.

Stay away from ruminating and going on a negative downward spiral. Here are mindful practices that allow you to use technology in helping you become more present.

1 | Start the day with a purpose

Let me be real here: There are no ‘candid’ mornings that are aesthetically pleasing and seemingly picture-perfect. Par exemple, the vlogs you see from social media personalities and the snippets they upload on their platforms.

No one wakes up every day looking pretty, vibing in front of the camera. But there’s one thing that a lot of people consistently do — and it’s waking up mindfully.

Watch Free

Instead of reaching for your phone the moment you open your eyes, try to take guided breathing exercises and drink your water. The OPPO Watch Free has guided meditation tips and reminders to hydrate — which you can set the notifications on depending on your schedule.

Once your breath settled into its own rhythm and you feel at ease, it’s time to begin your ‘daily’ habit. The OPPO Enco Air2 is the perfect accessory to help you focus on your morning routine.

In my case, I alternate my mornings between reading a self-help book, drinking my coffee in utter silence, or journaling my thoughts and/or dreams. Afterward, I prepare my to-do list to ensure my productivity levels will be stable as the day goes on.

2 | Check in with yourself

Throughout the day, it’s easy to neglect your mind and body’s alignment as you press on to meet your deadlines. Wearing your lifestyle devices should truncate the hustle-bustle of your everyday life so you can do more of what makes your soul alive.

Ask yourself: How do you feel about your well-being? Most smartwatches can give you a glimpse of what’s happening in your body. If you’re unsure where to begin, start there.

The OPPO Watch Free carries basic smartwatch functions that might seem elementary to some. It monitors the blood oxygen and heart rate variability in real-time. If you forget to check in with yourself, it doesn’t.

The watch, if you set it up accordingly, will always vibrate at certain times to remind you to drink your water. It also encourages you to stand up when you’ve been sitting for an hour or longer.

At night, you can utilize a watch’s sleep monitoring capabilities. OPPO calls it the OSleep All-Scenario Sleep Monitoring, which records your entire sleep journey. Plus, it also monitors if you snore during your sleep.

You can get a glimpse of the personalized sleep report through the watch’s vivid 1.64-inch AMOLED screen. For a more comprehensive report, you can get more details through the HeyTap Health app.

3 | Pause and recalibrate

There are days when it gets really overwhelming, you might even drown in stress and anxiety. If you encounter one of those days, it’s time to press pause and recalibrate your mind, body, and soul.

I find it relaxing to plug the OPPO Enco Air2 and revel in its clear sound and boosted bass. To adjust your preferences and make the settings personalized, the wearable can be linked to the HeyMelody app. Even if the pair of wireless earbuds don’t snug tightly in my earhole, I can still listen richly as if I’m in a different world.

Call it escapism, but it helps me re-center my thoughts. I find it easy to look at my issues objectively when I step away and detach. I don’t even have to open my smartphone to control my music playback since the Enco Air2 and the Watch Free work seamlessly together. Either I use its touch controls or navigate the smartwatch to change my tunes on Spotify.

Notifications are easily received through the watch, allowing me to check if the message is important enough to warrant an immediate response. Otherwise, I’ll get lost in my little world for a few minutes before I hop back into reality.

4 | Activate your mind and body

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and seasoned gym-goers, there’s no need to rely on a smartwatch’s workout and exercise modes. It doesn’t, in any way, help progress their training because their fitness level is of a different magnitude. I, myself, am part of that category. My focused training isn’t covered by any smartwatch features because it requires me to remove any wearable to perform exceptionally.

For what it’s worth, the OPPO Watch Free and the OPPO Enco Air2 helped me become mindful during my active rest days. Often, I forget to turn on the walking and/or running mode when I take my fifteen-minute stride to the gym or when I hit the treadmill to wake up my senses.

Watch Free

The watch automatically activates the basic exercises mode it detects. If you’re beginning your fitness journey, there are over 100 workout modes that you can use to track and record your progress.

Moreover, I don’t have to worry about my sweat dripping since the Enco Air2 has an IPX4 certification. Simply put, it can handle splashes of water. Heavy sweating included.

In a way, both devices can help you tune your mind and body as you perform physical activities. They can accompany you on your journey, and they can surely keep up as you level up.

5 | Becoming more present

The pair of the OPPO Watch Free and the OPPO Enco Air2 might seem like basic accessories — but they focus on what’s truly essential. Both devices come with long battery life. The OPPO Watch Free, as advertised, has 14 days of battery life. I’ve proven this to be true since, at the end of the thirteenth day, I still have 13 percent battery left.

The same goes for the OPPO Enco Air2, which played music consecutively for four hours. Yes, I sometimes continuously work on my desk for more than four hours straight. Accompanied only by a pair of wireless earbuds and a gigantic, hydration bottle.

Although, the Enco Air2 can be charged multiple times allowing you to get up to 24 hours of music playback. I didn’t find a need for that, though.

At the very least, both devices allowed me to reduce my screentime and severe smartphone usage. I started being more mindful in my everyday activities that don’t involve endless scrolling and wasting hours. It allows me to enjoy life offline and be more present, while still connected with technology.

Where to get this perfect pair?

Watch Free

The OPPO Watch Free retails for PhP 5,999 and comes in two colors: Vanilla and Black. Meanwhile, the OPPO Enco Air2 is available for PhP 3,499 in two colorways: White and Blue.

Shop these two on their respective listings:

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