#ShotoniPhone: iPhone Photography Tips

Plus, exclusive sessions at Apple to hone your photography and videography skills



Taking photos and videos on an iPhone? Scott Woodward, a Singaporean-based photographer, shares some of his tips for taking the perfect shot on an iPhone.  Take advantage of these tips which you might find indispensable when shooting on the go.

1. Use the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is perhaps the most well-known “rule” of photographic composition. Imagine your image is divided into 9 equal rectangles by 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines. The Rule of Thirds dictates that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect, for more well balanced and interesting photos. This asymmetry makes photos more appealing to a viewer because it causes visual tension.

Turn on your grid in your iPhone settings to assist with guiding your composition.

2. Add life to landscapes

Beautiful landscape shots can be breathtaking, but if you’ve ever been subjected to a friend of a family member’s holiday snaps, you know how dull they can become after you’ve looked at dozens of them in a row. Try adding people to your landscape photographs – living elements tend to evoke stronger emotions in viewers.

Even if they occupy just a little bit of space within your frame, human touch helps make a more powerful photograph: it gives scale to an image, offers perspective, and adds drama.

3. Take advantage of the Golden Hour

The most critical ingredient in all great photographs is lighting. The best images always make interesting, powerful use of light. The sun’s angle significantly affects the warmth, contrast.

Practice understanding how light works, reflects, and warms. As often as possible, shoot in the warm “golden hours” of early morning and late afternoon (one hour after sunrise or one to two hours before sunset; this is when the sun is low and the light is soft and yellow/orange).

4. Take photos and videos during the Blue Hour (Night Mode)

Blue Hour is that magical time when the sun has already set, but there’s still some light left in the sky. This twilight period  — typically about 20 minutes after sunset — is special because, for a few fleeting moments, the sky takes on a predominantly blue shade.

Night Mode on iPhone 12 makes it even more dramatic. Night Mode automatically turns on when the camera detects a low-light environment and, using a combination of hardware and software, helps bring out the detail in the dark areas of your image while preserving the night time feeling.

5. Take some risks

An iPhone is much easier to handle than a DSLR — it is lighter and more compact, which means that you can use it to effortlessly make more interesting photographs. You can use this to your advantage: be on the lookout for dynamic and creative angles, and experiment and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Shoot without looking at the screen. Track a moving subject with your camera. Get on the ground and shoot up or get on a balcony and shoot down. Keenly observe your surroundings for natural frames, symmetry, reflection, patterns, and textures.

The more creative you get, the more you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t. Your photographs will be better or maybe you’ll just get lucky and make a beautiful accident.

#ShotoniPhone, Today at Apple sessions, Apple Music hits

On a related note, Apple is also showcasing its #ShotoniPhone movie — Nian — which is directed by Lulu Wang. The movie is a reimagining of a Chinese New Year legend as a contemporary coming-of-age story. The team shot the whole movie using an iPhone 12 Max. You can view the film here.

For those wanting to level up their photography and videography game, there is also Today at Apple sessions starting this February until March 14. During the sessions, you can connect with various photographers and videographers and learn the tools of their trade.

Virtual Studio: Picture This with Scott A. Woodward (14 February, 3:00 pm)

As part of the Joyful Perspectives series, join award-winning photographer Scott A. Woodward online as he inspires you to reframe your every day using your iPhone. He’ll share his pro tips on everything from cool composition to capturing the magic of the golden hour. You’ll explore night mode, portrait mode, and more to take striking photos in all situations. You will also get editing tips to make your pictures pop.

Sign up for the session here.

Virtual Studio: Celebrations in Slow-mo with Chai Yee Wei (20 February, 3:00 pm)

Capture celebratory moments in slow motion using your iPhone in this virtual session with filmmaker Chai Yee Wei. He’ll share how memories are best-appreciated frame by frame and how he stretches time to amplify them in his work. You’ll explore Slo-mo, Timelapse, and more to record fun videos at home with the Camera app. Join more sessions to push your creativity in the Joyful Perspectives series.

Sign up for the session here.

Virtual Studio: Crafting Stories in Film with Ang Geck Geck (27 February, 3:00 pm)

Discover how to shoot and edit emotive stories using your iPhone with filmmaker Ang Geck Geck. As part of the Joyful Perspectives series, she’ll introduce you to her visual language and share tips on framing your shots using the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras. You’ll explore the creative power of editing in iMovie to craft your own compelling narrative. Sign up for the session here.

Meanwhile, Apple Music has also collaborated with 10 top C-Pop artists such as E.SO, Miriam Yeung, Shi Shi, and Nathan Hartono to curate a playlist based on the theme “Recharge, Review, Remember”.

You can access these playlists with the following links:

App Store and Apple TV deals

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, special deals on design and editing apps will be available at the Apple App Store. There will also be limited-time in-app purchases from select games such as Genshin Impact, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Clash of Clans.

Meanwhile, Apple TV subscribers can get family-friendly hits such as Frozen II, Onwards, and Sonic the Hedgehog at unmissable prices from February 11 onwards. Classic Chinese movies such as God of Gamblers, A Better Tomorrow, and Once Upon a Time in China will also be available in 4K.


Foldable iPad coming in 2024, report says

With a carbon fiber kickstand



Only a few things are as mythical as Apple’s first foldable device. For years, Apple has reportedly worked on foldable technology in hopes of eventually releasing an iPhone or an iPad with the form factor. Now, years later, more and more reports are revealing optimistic developments for the company’s first set of foldable devices.

According to a new one from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will likely release the first foldable iPad sometime in 2024. With the new device, the company hopes to revamp the iPad lineup, releasing a more varied mix to boost shipments.

Additionally, Kuo states that the device will come with a carbon fiber kickstand. Besides offering a unique form factor for the lineup, the kickstand’s material will also decrease the device’s weight, making for a lighter iPad.

It’s still some time away from now. Even if Kuo hit the nail on the head with this report, Apple can still change plans between now and 2024. Besides an iPad, the company is also reportedly working on a foldable iPhone to take on Samsung’s dominance in the industry. However, like the enigmatic iPad, not much is known about the foldable iPhone. Given the increasing abundance of reports about the foldable lineup, we will likely learn more as the year progresses.

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It’s easier to get a PlayStation 5 now, Sony says

More supplies worldwide



Still struggling to get a new PlayStation 5? If dwindling console stocks are keeping you down, Sony has announced a reprieve for queue waiters. The company promised that supply for the console will greatly increase ahead of the PlayStation VR2’s launch in February.

Since the console’s launch back in 2020, scalpers and bots have persistently plagued the industry, taking supplies away from most gamers. Over the years, the impact of supply problems gradually dissipated. Today, it’s easier to buy a PlayStation 5, but supply can still be an issue in some parts of the world.

During CES 2023, Sony initially hinted that PlayStation 5 stocks should increase even more this year. Now, Sony is making it even more official. Today, the company officially posted that it’s easier to find one in retailers globally.

For users hunting for the console in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Sony recommends going to the official PlayStation store to buy one.

To promote the increased supply, Sony has also released a new promotional video for the PlayStation 5’s exclusives set to imitate a news show.

Only a month into the year, 2023 is already looking to be a great year for the platform. Later in February, Sony is set to launch the new PlayStation VR2. The console will also host a flurry of notable exclusives including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Street Fighter 6.

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Netflix confirms One Piece adaptation coming this year

Plus a new poster



Netflix continues its huge gamble on anime adaptations. Over the past several years, the platform produced a couple of live-action versions of classic anime shows. To the company’s dismay, neither of the adaptations were received well. Still, the gamble continues to truck on. Netflix has confirmed that the upcoming One Piece adaptation is coming this year.

The live-action adaptation isn’t exactly new. Netflix first announced the title back in 2020 but offered only a few developments concerning the show’s production. Now, we have a release window and a poster.

To be fair, the new poster doesn’t show much except for Luffy’s back. A wider shot shows a bit more including the rears of all the Straw Hat Pirates and a shot of the Thousand Sunny in the distance.

Likewise, Netflix has not shared what the synopsis of the One Piece adaptation will be. Historically, the platform’s live-action adaptations start from the very beginning, taking viewers on a compressed tour through the original anime show’s plot.

That said, the company has a long uphill climb to legitimize its live-action anime adaptations. Despite featuring Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, Netflix’s previous Death Note adaptation quickly receded into a forgettable title. Additionally, Cowboy Bebop was canceled after only one season.

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