The body heat charger inches closer to reality

As predicted by Samsung



Image source: Xiao Lab/SciTechDaily

Last year, Samsung patented one of the craziest ideas in the wearable market: a wearable charger that converts body heat to electrical energy. Though a wild idea, the patent, once developed, can potentially revolutionize how we think of rechargeable energy. For one, we wouldn’t say no to a body heat charger. Now, going outside the patent realm, a research development in the science industry has made such a charger more of a reality than a dream.

In the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder, researcher Jianliang Xiao and his team developed a “low-cost wearable device that transforms the human body into a biological battery.” Reported by science outlet SciTechDaily, the wearable charger functions much like how Samsung described its own device: harvesting body heat through thermoelectric generators which convert it into electricity.

Since Xiao’s device is already a proof in concept, the wearable device already has crunched in the numbers. For every square centimeter of body coverage, the device can generate around a volt of energy. Though the conversion can hardly charge a smartphone, a volt should be enough to top off wearables when in use.

According to the report, the technology should work even better as you exercise, making it a perfect application for fitness devices. Additionally, Xiao projects building on the project much like “small Lego pieces,” eventually creating a device which covers more surface area and, ergo, generating more energy.

Unfortunately, Xiao predicts that the technology will publicly arrive sometime between the next five to ten years. It’s still a while before a wearable charger will make it onto our fingers.

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Third generation AirPods leaked in photo

In-ear and with silicone tips



Through two generations, Apple has tried several form factors for its now-ubiquitous AirPods. You can’t own an iPhone anymore without an accompanying pair of Apple’s wireless earphones. From a pair of relatively loose buds to full over-ear headphones, iPhone users have a lot of choices on their plate. For this year, Apple is reportedly going a slightly different direction with the third generation AirPods, as seen in a new leak.

Reported by MacRumors, and leaked by 52audio, the third generation AirPods will don a new form factor. According to the leak, the earphones will have a more in-ear design, rather than just simply sitting in your ear. Further, the charging case shown in the photo is less wide than that of the AirPods Pro. It will also seemingly have an LED light on the center of the charging case.

According to more renders, the earphones will have removable silicone tips and a touch interface. Since other wireless earphones have the same features, it’s no surprise that the AirPods will have the same ones.

In terms of similarities with the AirPods Pro, the pair will reportedly have the same pressure-relieving system to make them more comfortable for users. According to previous rumors (and not pictured in the leak), the pair will not have active noise cancellation, an unfortunate loss from the previous generation.

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Samsung is reportedly building a new Android-based watch

Goodbye Tizen?



Before the current rise of smartwatches, Samsung captured swaths of the emerging industry armed with the Linux-based Tizen operating system. However, the operating system is definitely one of the most controversial ones out there, especially when compared to Apple’s watchOS and Google’s Wear OS. To the clamor of Android smartwatch fans, Samsung is reportedly building a new Android-based watch, instead of a Tizen one.

Leaked by renowned Samsung leaker Ice Universe, Samsung will return to its Android roots in the next smartwatch launch. Notably, the leaker used “Android,” instead of Google’s Wear OS. With that wording, it remains ambiguous which form of Android will don the upcoming Gear.

As mentioned above, Samsung had used Android for its smartwatches previously. The last one to use the operating system was 2013’s Galaxy Gear. Since then, Samsung switched to Tizen. At the time, Google’s smartwatch software ecosystem was still in its relative infancy. Now, however, Google can boast a thriving ecosystem filled with numerous devices from various brands. One of the key strengths that Samsung can tap is a wider variety of compatible apps. Though Tizen is still superior in terms of battery life, the Linux system doesn’t exactly have a robust gallery of apps.

Currently, no one knows when the next Galaxy Watch, if it’s called that this year, will launch. Though Ice Universe’s leak definitely carries some weight, the upcoming Android-based watch will have to wait for the next report.

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5 home workouts to crush your fitness goals

Tracy your activity with the Lenovo Smart Watch S2



Hopping on the fitness New Year’s Resolution bandwagon may seem cliche especially if you try to do it every year and you end up munching on pizza and chips while on your couch come March. The pandemic is even an added struggle since you can’t do your usual morning jog and frequent your gym.

But you can stay motivated and don’t let these hurdles stop you from your goal of staying healthy and fit throughout the year. Even without your usual equipment, you can do these home workouts to stay in tiptop shape and stick to your resolution.


You’ve probably done circuit training at the gym, a cycle of different exercises that target different muscle groups without resting in between stations and are usually assigned by a trainer. Good news is you can also do it on your own at home and sweat through a total-body, strength-boosting and calorie-torching workout!

Personally, I like to customize and mix up my circuit training sessions to make sure I get to have fun as much as I get to effectively work out. I usually exercise between 20 to 30 minutes while moving at a quick pace. I measure my time for each workout station using my Lenovo Smart Watch S2 to make sure that I get to exert the same effort for all my targeted muscle groups.

Whether you have 15 minutes or a full hour to sweat, circuit training can help you burn fat, build muscle and beat the boredom of the same-old workout routines.

Home Yoga

Going to yoga class has been one of my favorite things to do before the pandemic that I even subscribed to a 3-month package. But as we are all asked to stay home for our safety, I thought it would be disadvantageous but it turned out to be a blessing that I get to do yoga sessions at the comfort of my home.

Using just a yoga mat, wearing the right workout outfit and watching YouTube videos that can walk me through different sessions, I was able to improve my flexibility, muscle strength and balance.

You don’t even have to rush to attend your class and with home Yoga and you also don’t have to spend a single cent. You can practice at your own preferred time, place and pace, helping you deepen self-awareness and even relieve anxiety, tension and stress.

HIIT Workout

The name of this workout alone suggests how this can pump you up. High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) involves bursts of intense and explosive exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods that can really make you sweat and push you to your limit.

This workout has been my favorite during this pandemic since like circuit, I can work on different routines while using different alternative equipment I can find at home like a juice bottle or a chair.

HIIT also spikes up my heart rate, which I conveniently get to monitor with my Lenovo Smart Watch S2, stimulating my metabolism and helping me burn more calories and lose more weight.

Resistance band workout

One of my best purchases during this pandemic was a resistance band — that big rubber band that you usually see on the gym floor or tied up on a pull up bar when were still able to go after work.

It probably looks nothing compared to a dumbbell or a kettlebell but believe me when I say that you can definitely do so many workouts just with a resistance band.

Through its versatility and portability, it is actually a very handy training tool that can strengthen all major muscle groups. You can do squats, bicep curls, lunges and more, eliminating your need for big and heavy gym equipment.

Skipping rope

You’ve probably been playing with a jump rope since you were a kid and I’m making you realize just now that it’s actually a super convenient, easy and effective home cardio exercise.

Skipping rope actually improves your coordination by requiring several body parts to function in order to complete one movement. It also strengthens your bones and increases your flexibility and stamina.

Also, one major benefit of skipping rope is that it quickly reduces your belly fat and burns calories. In just 15 minutes of doing it, you get to lose 200 to 300 calories, which is why some even prefer to do it than running or brisk walking.

I include skipping rope as my daily cardio and even assign “jump rope days” when my muscles are too sore from working out. I find it rewarding whenever I check through my Lenovo Smart Watch S2’s counter how much calories I’ve actually burnt, making me feel like I’ve really done something good for my health.

With all these kinds of workout, you surely don’t have any excuse that you can’t stick to your New Year’s resolution and continue to stay fit and healthy. Do yourself a favor and try to exercise even just thrice a week so you can take good care of your heart, mind and body during this pandemic.

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