How to upload to Instagram using Mac or PC



Have you ever edited a photo on your laptop with the intention of posting it on Instagram? But then you had to transfer the photo from laptop to smartphone first. Here’s a tool that will take out the latter step.

It’s called Gramblr, and it lets you upload photos and videos to Instagram directly using a Mac or a PC. You can get it here.
When you click the app after installation, it will open a link on your browser that will look like this:
Gramblr functions mainly as an upload tool, so you can’t use it to browse your feed (you can always do that on IG for web, anyway).
It lets you crop the photo first before uploading. You have aspect ratio choices of 4:3, 1:1, or any. Choose one, crop accordingly, then proceed to upload.
What’s cool is that you can add more than one account:
You can also schedule posts. It follows a 24-hour format; there’s no toggle for a.m. or p.m.
I had trouble uploading videos exceeding 15 seconds, but I think that’s more of a problem with my account than anything else. I had no problems whatsoever uploading a 15-second video.
If you need to delete one of the uploads you made using this tool, simply go to History to see a list of images and/or videos you uploaded. From there, you can delete the upload and it will be taken off Instagram.
To summarize:
1) Upload photos and videos using Mac or PC
2) Schedule uploads
3) Ability to switch accounts
4) Delete posts uploaded using this tool and it will be deleted directly from IG
5) It’s FREE ?
1) Can’t choose thumbnail for video
2) Videos over 15s might take a while to upload
3) Can’t browse your feed
It’s not a tool you can rely on to run an Instagram account, but it does have helpful features.
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Netflix is testing a human-crafted playlist feature

Available only for iOS users for now



After years of watching gritty mystery shows and laugh-out-loud comedies, Netflix still thinks that I might enjoy 2007’s romantic hit, One More Chance.

Content algorithms are far from perfect. At best, algorithm-assisted curation points towards currently trending titles you might want to catch up on. At worst, unappreciated suggestions usually clutter up feeds. Still, streaming services often rely on algorithms to fill up their users’ content menus.

Now, streaming is about to get an assist from its human creators. Recently, Disney announced its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. Besides a whole array of interesting features, the platform touts a more robust human-assisted curation system. Rather than relying on automatic playlists, Disney+ will have curated lists from professional experts. The decision is an interesting change from the streaming landscape’s usual systems.

Almost immediately after Disney’s announcement, Netflix has created a similar feature of its own. Spotted by an eagle-eyed Twitter user, the streaming giant is testing the addition of human-crafted Collections in its iOS app. The new feature will offer up expert suggestions based on a theme.

Currently, Netflix categorizes its suggestions based on theme. In comparison, the Collections feature will include more specific categories, themes, and moods. For example, a list called “Let’s Keep It Light” will suggest an easy-to-watch fare of light-hearted titles. Another one called “Women Who Rule the Screen” will include, as the name suggests, the best female-led titles.

Right now, Netflix is still testing the feature exclusively for its iOS app. As such, the company has not confirmed a wider release in the future. Given the feature’s new addition to the streaming industry, Netflix likely wants better testing results before a wide release.

If anything, human intervention is a welcome change to today’s AI-driven landscape. Maybe now, Netflix can stop suggesting old romances to me.

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Spotify extends free trial to 3 months

Try Spotify Premium for a longer period of time



Spotify offers a free trial for everyone wanting to try the Premium experience. Spotify Premium used to be free for just 30 days, but that is changing today. Starting this August, Spotify is extending its Premium free trial for three months.

Spotify Premium is now offering the first 3 months for free. Everyone can try it out. The feature is rolling out globally with all of the plans eligible upon sign-up.

However, the three month offer is open only for those who haven’t tried Premium before. To activate, visit the website of Spotify Premium. Signing up requires either a credit card or a carrier billing.

Those lucky to grab the three month offer gains access 50 million song tracks available on-demand and ad-free, along with access to 450,000 podcast titles. Spotify is the leading music streaming service globally, and it offers an Android, iOS, desktop and web apps for all. Today, it boasts 217 million users across 79 markets.

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8 career lessons I learned while playing Mobile Legends

The ingredients to winning in-game and in life



This is the first of a three-part series. Watch out for the next two articles.

When people say games have nothing to contribute in your life, I honestly believe they’re wrong. Playing Mobile Legends isn’t something I do mindlessly. I think, strategize, and find a way to win. Throughout the whole match, I’m invested in my game. I focus up, even though to some, it’s just a “game.”

In between defeats and victories, I realized a lot of lessons along the way. Here’s what I learned that’s also applicable in your work and career:

People are the key to success

To rise through the ranks — just like in life — we need to deal with people no matter how much we hate it. If you know how to lead, follow, and go with the flow, you’ll succeed. Mobile Legends taught me that it can’t always be just you. To succeed in this world (and in team fights), we need to work and band together. One man’s failure is our failure, and one man’s success is everyone’s success. We just need to fight and bring each other up to victory.

You don’t always get to retaliate

During my defeats, I learned that life doesn’t give us a fair chance to fight back. Some circumstances in life tell us to just stop and accept defeat and take the lesson learned into improving the next fight. However…

You can still flip things around

If opportunities arise, you can retaliate and strike back. As long as you keep fighting and keep your people together, you can turn the tables and win. Life may throw us lemons, but we can always make lemonade out of it and drink it while we’re on our way to victory.

There are a lot of selfish people in the world

People will leave the match unexpectedly, do things on their own and refuse to cooperate or steal your buffs and kills. You will encounter a lot of greedy and selfish people not just in games, but also in life. It’s frustrating and annoying, but we always have a choice to outsmart them, to try to include them, talk them out of it, or just be kind, try to understand, and accept that some people are just selfish at their very core.

Not all battles are worth fighting for

When you’re running on data, every minute and every fight should be worth it. Just like in life, our time, energy, and resources are limited. A former mentor always tells me to pick my battles, and I find it accurate especially as I am getting older and taking on more responsibilities.

We can’t always win our fights, and when we see we’re on the losing end, we can always retreat. There is no shame in admitting that you lost. Humility goes a long way.

Don’t be arrogant and belittle people

Some people are just starting, and they won’t hit as hard as you do. However, life happens and people gain a lot of experience where they grow stronger and smarter. You’ll never know who will be a worthy competition or an important ally in the end game (or later in life). Choose to be kind, it doesn’t even cost a cent to do so.

We all have our own pace and potential

Some people shine early. They get promoted, recognized, and get awards early in their careers. Heroes like Cyclops, Selena, and Angela are always strong during the first part. Other people (and heroes like Gusion, Claude, and Roger) shine in the middle as they rise through the ranks and the tables start turning around.

However, some shine in the late game. People (and heroes like Hanabi, Irithel, and Lesley) hits harder when they are at their peak condition. I guess what I’m saying is take your time because you’ll shine when the time is right. All you have to do is grind and work on yourself for now.

Communication is key

You can’t expect people to read what’s on your mind (especially when you’re playing a MOBA game). Like I said earlier, teamwork (read: people) is the key to success. If there’s a problem, tell people what’s wrong and how they can be better. Take the initiative to call for backup or ask everyone to retreat when they’re in danger. Lead them when opportunities arise for your team to advance and take down your opponents. The main ingredient in winning in life (and in everything else) is communication.

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