Taking the perfect selfie should be fun and easy! With the Vivo V9, you have all the features you need: 24MP photos, A.I. Face Beauty, and 6.3-inch FullView display. But it takes some skill to perfect your selfie game.

All you need are these three tips:

1) It’s all about lighting

Find the most flattering light source and angle for your face. Trouble with lighting? Use HDR mode when in brighter areas, and use selfie screen flash in dark areas.

2) Mind the background

Clear out your background or simply blur it out.

3) Use the perfect settings

Use A.I. Face Beauty for flawless selfies!

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Vivo.


Moments: Toledo, Spain

It’s a beautiful city rich in culture



Toledo was once occupied by Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and this is evident until now as the city was able to preserve a lot of the structures built from centuries ago. Some of the masterful architecture include the Bridge of Toledo. Built in Baroque style between 1718 and 1732, the bridge links the Pyramids roundabout on the east bank with Marqués de Vadillo Square on the west bank.

Another highlight of the city is the Toledo Cathedral. It’s the prime symbol of the Roman Catholic church in the area. It was built in the 13th century in the Gothic style of Spain and is frequented by tourists — Catholic or otherwise.

Toledo is a beautiful city that’s rich in culture at the heart of Spain. We captured it with the Xiaomi Mi A2.

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Her GadgetMatch

TG3D dressing room can scan your 3D body measurements

Think of all the possibilities!



It’s not your ordinary fitting room. Step into this space and you’ll be able to scan your body — yes, every bump and crevice!

The TG3D body scan will then form a 3D version of your bod and send it to their app. From there, the possibilities are countless. Just some examples of what it can do now: Find out what sizes fit you without having to try clothes on, have clothes made that’s specifically tailored to your size, or even track your body changes throughout a period of time.

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Manage your AC consumption with Carrier Smart+Cool

#Adulting shouldn’t be that hard



If you live in the tropics, you’re probably gonna want to keep your air conditioner running all the time.

Of course, that’s sure to cost some serious dough. But wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a way to monitor how much electricity your AC consumes in real time?

That’s exactly what Carrier Smart+Cool system does through the AC itself, a bundled smart plug, and the Smart+Cool app.

After setting up the app and connecting it to your home network, you’ll see the magic happen. It shows you how much electricity the Carrier AC is consuming in real time.

You can also set a weekly budget: For example, if you only want to spend 100 pesos a week, you can set up an alert and once you hit the threshold, you’ll get an alert. No bill shock.

There’s also a scheduler to automate when it turns on and off. You can have it turn on right before you get home so it’s nice and cold when you arrive.

Another feature that I think a lot of us take for granted is maintenance and repairs. Air conditioners need to be cleaned regularly. Using the app, you can set a reminder to schedule maintenance. When the day comes, simply go to Service Request to ask for cleaning or repair.

If you encounter any problems, you can also chat with them and get some help.

Straightforward and simple, wasn’t it? Adulting in your own home should never be that hard!

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