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Why size matters: A woman’s perspective on phone size trends

Girls have needs



“It’s not the size, it’s the performance.” Sure.

Honestly, that may apply to other things, but just not smartphones — you know, things that need to be in our teeny tiny hands to use. Here are a number of reasons why the “bigger is better” mentality is taking away from women’s smartphone experiences.

Top three reasons:

Our thumbs

Like, literally not being to reach everything on the phone screen because of our short thumbs attached to the small hands.

We’re not pointing short fingers here; it’s no one’s fault but anatomy’s. But, when it’s a physiological problem, we sort of hope that we get more than two small phone flagship options (as of last count: Samsung Galaxy S10e, Google Pixel 3) when at least 50 percent of the targeted users are affected. After all, we can buy new phones but not longer thumbs.

Small pockets and skinny jeans

Now that there’s been an advancement in the fight for pockets (yes folks, pockets on dresses are a thing), we have to talk about actually fitting things in there. When I say things, I mean my phone which I want to be able to keep in my pocket. Admittedly, we women tend to have smaller pockets based on various other factors but the simple equation is: Smaller bodies = smaller clothes = smaller pockets.

Not to mention, tight pants and clothes mean less space for us so why would you be so cruel as to deprive us of the utility of pocket use with your humongous phones?

Pretty tiny purses

Sure, we can always get bigger purses, but then the men in our lives will keep on asking to put their stuff in it because “it fits, anyway” so we’re not having that.

The cute purses we enjoy, on top of matching our outfits to a T, serve a utility: A space for lipstick, cash, and other emergency knick-knacks like tampons, mints, or Advil for when we get headaches from being treated as the lesser sex (but that’s another story). We’d love to throw in our smartphone in there… if it would fit…

Solutions I’m shooting down

Phone accessory galore

If the sudden uptick in PopSocket sales isn’t an indication that there are people having trouble holding on to their phones, I don’t know what is. As an avid PopSocket user myself, I can swear by how useful these things are. And sure, you get a better grip on your phone but it doesn’t really solve any of my screen reach problems.

Cute accessories like this phone case purse hybrid from Casetify exist but they are few and far between. Plus, they’re only available for certain phones so unless you’re on an iPhone, tough luck finding one that fits your device.

“But Isa, what if you can wear your phone?”

Yes, I get how that fixes things: It has a smaller, reachable screen and you won’t have to worry at keeping it in your purse or pocket. But folks, it looks like this:

ZTE Nubia’s Alpha wearable

Until I can wear my smartphone, and wear it looking great, I won’t stop at wanting smaller ones.

IMHO and other perspectives

Wider displays are always welcome, sure, but with disappearing bezels and companies forcing those notches in our faces, I don’t see why phones can’t shrink back to a size that fits my palms.

In the history of time, not once have I complained about having a screen that’s too small on a mobile phone because if I needed a bigger screen, tablets and TVs exist. Sure foldable phones are cool but why can’t these phones fold to a size that actually fits my small purse.

If phones folded this way… maybe they will fit my skinny jeans’ pocket?

I do recognize that like phones, women come in all shapes, sizes, and perspectives — bless the folk who believe we should only come in cookie-cutter shapes — so there are still probably those who disagree with my points here and that’s okay. They have the choice and no one’s stopping them. But I don’t with these phones and I can’t even. 🙄 That’s the problem.


Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys: Always and Forever’ is your Valentine’s Day treat

Lara Jean’s last hurrah?



The sequel for Netflix’s To All The Boys I Loved Before and To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is almost here. Premiering this Valentine’s Day, Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always and Forever follows Lara Jean Covey’s senior year in high school.

In the upcoming film, a pair of life-changing trips lead Lara Jean to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.

Of course, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo will take center stage. Netflix will also be starring Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, Ross Butler, Madeleine Arthur, Sarayu Blue, and John Corbett. The film is directed by Michael Fimognari and produced by Matt Kaplan, with Katie Lovejoy working on the screenplay.

Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always and Forever is based on the novel by Jenny Han. It will be available on Netflix on February 12, 2021. Stay tuned via Netflix.com/ToAllTheBoysAlwaysAndForever.

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Combine and change scents using Ninu’s sustainable, smart perfume

Wear the right scent that matches your every mood



Of all things that could get smarter, it’s a perfume. Yes, you read that right. At CES 2021, Ninu launched the “first smart perfume in the world,” with a connected device that’s capable of changing scents with every spray.

It’s a unique approach to an everyday item, interesting enough to pique our curiosity. After all, it has an unassuming yet elegant look.

The fusion of beauty and technology

How does it work? This AI-powered perfume uses an app to personalize a scent, fusing ingredients with only a few clicks. It lets you wear the right scent appropriate for every mood and look.

It seamlessly delivers an astonishing perfume through its electronic micro-precision extracting system, guided by its Ninu’s very own assistant — Pierre, the perfume master.

Pierre, just like Siri and Alexa, is an AI assistant that executes whatever wishes you have regarding your scent and helps you have full control over anything you do on the app. The assistant also notifies you when you’re running low on stock.

Feel sexy and earth-friendly

Despite being able to design a premium perfume bottle, assembled with the best of tech, Ninu believes the most important thing is the fragrances themselves. After all, Ninu used 100 percent vegan, sustainably-sourced ingredients — with a wholesome procedure designed in France.

This smart perfume is more than just a smart accessory. It presents itself as a sustainable, essential item that makes you feel fresh and sexy, and also earth-friendly.

Ninu uses natural ink in packaging cartons and uses less packaging to scale down plastic consumption. Instruction leaflets are replaced with a QR code, therefore, fewer papers. Moreover, perfume bottles are made from recycled glass since every 10 percent increase in recycled glass housing cuts down CO2 emissions by five percent.

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Animal Crossing is launching a ColourPop makeup collection

Featuring your favorite characters



Despite a full slate of exciting games last year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was one of the most influential games of 2020. The island life simulator allowed everyone stuck at home to connect with another despite the pandemic. However, even with the gameplay, the game is just so darn cute. If you wholeheartedly agree (and why wouldn’t you?), Nintendo is collaborating with ColourPop for an Animal Crossing-themed makeup collection.

In its announcement post on Twitter, Nintendo unveiled four color palettes in the collection. The forefront of the collection features Isabelle’s yellow complexion and her cute-as-a-button pink top. If you’re looking for something more inspired, Blathers and Celeste have their own color palette featuring combination of their colors. For the stylish, the Able Sisters shine in purple and lilac. If, however, you’re looking for capitalist chic, Tom Nook has his own palette featuring his cash-money green.

The Animal Crossing x ColourPop collection will launch on January 28. Though only four palettes were showcased, the collection might include further characters. Besides the main characters around your island, the game also has a wide variety of cute potential villagers.

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