Wouldn’t it be great if you lived by a PokéStop or two? You could just sit on your couch, set a lure and have pokémon come to you? Don’t even think about it! Not only is that a lazy-ass idea, it’s not feasible. If you’re really serious about catching them all, you’ll need to put in the time, just like in the game or TV show, moving from place to place in search of them all.

Apart from Rattatas and Pidgeys that are literally everywhere, different types of pokémon spawn in different parts of the city. In Metro Manila, there are a few pokémon hotspots that are worth your while, we spent a week tracking them down and here are some of them. Goodluck!

best pokemon go locations in manila - bgc

Bonifacio Global City (Taguig)

Put on some running shoes and plan to spend an afternoon in Bonifacio Global City — home to some of the most diverse species of pokémon in the metropolis. If you only have time to see one place, BGC is the place to be. I find the best pokémon spawn along the edges of the Manila Golf and Country Club near three rotondas: Burgos Circle, De Jesus Oval by Kasalikasan garden, and Balanghai at the foot of Pacific Plaza. I’ve caught a few Vulpix out by Kasalikasan.

Pokémon also span close to the Mind Museum, diagonally across Bonifacio High Street, and along 32nd Street from S&R to St. Luke’s Medical Center. Popular pokémon in this area include Bellsprout, Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Horsea, Nidoran, Paras, Pinsir, and Squirtle. I’ve also caught a Magmar, a Porygon, and a Scyther here — but maybe that was just pure luck.

best pokemon go locations in manila - sm mall of asia

SM Mall of Asia (Pasay)

If you’re hunting for electric-type pokémon, SM Mall of Asia is the best place to be. The massive shopping complex is teeming with Voltorbs and Magnemites. Because of its proximity to the sea expect to find a lot of Cloysters, Magikarps, and Poliwags, too. Occasionally, a few Pikachus will also show up. Many congregate on the corners of Seaside boulevard with Conrad Hotel on one end and Ocean Events Place on the other. Pokémon will pop up all around the MOA complex as well.

best pokemon go locations in manila - pearl drive

Pearl Drive (Ortigas)

The entire stretch of Pearl Drive in Ortigas near University of Asia and the Pacific is a treasure trove for water Pokémon. Walk back and forth between Lourdes Street and Exchange Road to farm for Magikarp – there’s no better place in the city to do so.

Pearl Drive is also a great place to find a Psyduck (or if you’re lucky, a Golduck — we’ve caught a few here, too), a Slowpoke, or a Staryu. Several times a day, the occasional Dratini will also spawn here — once I caught three in a span of 10 minutes. Dratinis will also spawn in front of the Philippine Stock Exchange Complex, and further down the road inside the parking lot of the Lopez Museum. Very rarely a Dragonair will also spawn in this area.

While you’re in Ortigas, cross over to Greenfield District in Mandaluyong across the road from Shangri-La Mall. The park is one of the few places in the Metro where Seel spawns regularly and to a certain extent Meowth. Come on a Friday or Saturday evening for the night market and the best-tasting Vietnamese Phở in town.

best pokemon go locations in manila - greenbelt

Greenbelt (Makati)

Not only is Greenbelt a PokéStop hotspot (most if not all always have lures, too) — it’s the best place to hunt for Growlithes. Almost always a Growlithe will spawn under the PokeGym in the middle of the park near the chapel. I recommend walking the stretch along the row of Greenbelt 5 restaurants from Museum Cafe all the way to National Bookstore at Greenbelt 1 — after an afternoon of hunting you should have enough candy for an Arcanine. Eevees, Magikarps, Poliwags, Staryus, and Tangelas are known to spawn here also.

While in Makati, another area worth checking out is the Ayala Triangle for all its PokéStops. Then head over to Salcedo Park, one of the best places to farm Eevies for those all-important Eeveelutions.

best pokemon go locations in manila - eastwood

Eastwood City (Quezon City)

We’re kinda bummed that there aren’t that many hotspots up north. If you live in the City of Stars, your best bet is the Eastwood Mall complex. The place has a good variety of pokémon not as much as BGC but good enough. You’ll find a lot of Exeggutors, Krabbys, Magikarps, Staryus, and Tentacools mixed in with a few random others. They spawn mostly along Orchard Road loop and the Walk of Fame. Haven’t seen him out in the wild, but my sister says she’s caught a Blastoise there as well.

best pokemon go locations in manila - ocean park

Manila Ocean Park (Manila)

You’d think that Luneta Park would be a hotbed for exciting pokémon , but it appears Manila Ocean Park is where it’s at. Apart from being home to a wide array of marine animals, the marine park seems to have also adopted a variety of water and electric pokémon . Unless you have a trip planned, we don’t necessarily recommend this place as the pokémon you can find here are found elsewhere, but we’re putting it in because it is a known hotspot. The place is teeming with Magikarps, Goldeens, Psyducks, and a healthy supply of Magnemites.

While you’re in the area try your luck by the Rizal Shrine and also around Fort Santiago. I’ve seen a few rare Pokémon spawn here from time to time.

We have anecdotal evidence of rares like Dragonites spawning in the wild but we haven’t seen one ourselves. We’ve seen a Charizard, a Lickitung, a Magmar, an Onix, a Porygon, and a Scyther randomly in the wild. But we have yet to find a place where they spawn regularly. Evolved versions of common pokémon (Wartortle, Arbok, Butterfree, Wigglytuff) also spawn randomly.

If you know of any good Pokémon Go hunting grounds in Metro Manila leave a message in the comments section below.

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  • Meldon Quindoy August 19, 2016  

    Veterans memorial medical center along north ave is a nesting grounds for Onix. 🙂

  • Janeil August 20, 2016  

    Caught a lot of bulbasaurs in rockwell area. Every so often one appears. Caught an ivysaur too yesterday and a venasaur last week.

  • Poliswag August 20, 2016  

    Obviously, you haven’t been to the Quezon City Memorial Circle and UP Diliman.

  • kthecyclist August 20, 2016  

    I saw what you did with that title :))

  • Axel Alzona August 20, 2016  

    At RCBC Plaza it’s a 24/7 lure area 😁😁😁 clefairy, bulbasaur, magicarps and a few dratini’s are present in the area

  • Sam August 20, 2016  

    All kinds of pokemon spawn inside the Quezon City Memorial Park.

  • EEVEELOVER August 20, 2016  

    Mendiola, along CEU and San Beda, is always on a lure party at night time, spawning mosty Magikarps, Psyducks & Balbasaurs. We were also able to catch Ivysaurs and Venasaurs there.

  • Carl August 20, 2016  

    Ponytas also frequently appears in the Ecom buildings in the MOA complex, as well as evolved forms of some common Pokémons

  • Trixie Dauz August 21, 2016  

    Clefable sa Luneta

  • QUEEN DIANE August 21, 2016  

    We have a few pokestops at UP Technohub and lures are always dropped there. Psyducks, Slowpokes, and Magicarps are common. Dratinis also come out from time to time, as well as the occassional Dragonair. Of course, Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Spearows are common, too, and their evolved forms also appear from time to time. I’ve also encountered Squirtles, Horseas, Zubats, a Meowth, a Koffing, a Jigglypuff, a Paras, a Gastly, and an Omanyte there.

  • pdadda23 August 22, 2016  

    Whole Ortigas Center and Shangrila Mall are good hunting grounds. Lots of Eevee’s, Growlithe and even caught Porygon and a Machoke.

  • kennzgaming August 22, 2016  

    the Ayala triangle has some best hauls I have seen, you have found the following there, magmar, magicarp, venonats, bulbasaur, Eevee, Squitle, Scyther, tangela, staryu, starmie,Pinsirs LOTS of them,exeggcute, goldeens, magicarps. rare pokemon sights also found along the paseo side.

  • Marlon Salva August 22, 2016  

    Eton Centris, Quezon Ave. Near Mrt station

  • Wilfred Manzon August 23, 2016  

    At Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, there is a spot between two PokeStops that frequently spawn Magikarps, Slopokes, and Psyducks. Use Incenses here, and chances are you’ll also find Dratinis and Slowbros as well.

  • Don August 23, 2016  

    i saw lot of RATATAS in Quiapo area.

  • OlrockyRoad August 23, 2016  

    North Ave. from veterans before intersection going to SM North
    – Onyx (around 9am before routing to MRT)

  • BiGBaDWoLF August 24, 2016  

    Caught Arbok, Seadra, Ponyta, Tangela, Ivysaur, Machoke, Scyther, Charmander, Rhyhorn, Weepinbell, Belsprout, Poliwhirl, Exeggcute, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Machop, Wheezing, Koffing, Gastly, Hunter, Duduo, Dodrio, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Growlithe in QC memorial circle

  • Michie August 25, 2016  

    you should visit QC circle, it has more than 20 pokestops (magkakadikit lng sila as in) and 2 gyms (changes color every min grabe labanan tataas na ng level) , many hunters drop nonstop llures throughout the day…..you will never run out of pokemon to catch…..just bring extra juice for your phone kasi wala ako nakitang charging station, its a plus kung may sasakyan ka haha!

    im looking forward to your blog’s update, nice title pic btw xp

  • JJ Jacar August 25, 2016  

    Blastoise at Maui’s Oasis Condominium

  • JJ Jacar August 25, 2016  

    Thats near PUP

  • iamcaloyski August 27, 2016  

    Rare RATATA and PIDGEY in Farmer’s Cubao. 800 to 1500 CP kaloka come hurry while supplies lasts

  • Jeff August 28, 2016  

    Is this updated? I can’t find any Growlithes in Greenbelt anymore

  • Dave Deluria September 6, 2016  

    I can confirm Pearl Drive is a Pokemon Nest for Psyduck, Magicarp and Slowbro. Every time I go there, my app goes bananas with multiple spawns (3-4) at a time for these. Lots of people go there and there’s lots of places to eat and chillax while waiting for spawns.

  • plimplort September 12, 2016  

    Hands down best spot is carabao in front of rizal monument

  • MG September 19, 2016  

    This needs an update

  • Pat September 21, 2016  

    Growlithe’s nest can be found at Jaime Velaquez Park’s parking area in Makati. Pikachu’s nest is located at Malugay St. in Makati where you can catch 2-3 Pikachus it always appears at Rise Building (currently under construction) and Makati Fire Station. Dratini’s nest is also near Pikachu’s nest it always appear at Philippine Dental Association (also at the back of the building which is also under construction by SMDC), Makati City Police Headquarters, and Makati Fire Station.

    • Rician Larga October 3, 2016  

      I hunt pokemon on greenbelt yesterday because somw says its a growlithe nest but there is no growlithes just psyducks and zubats. Also in Jaime Velaquez Park’s parking area I just saw 1 Squirtle.

  • Depp October 15, 2016  

    Dragonite spawned near our house twice in a span of 8 days. I live in Project 4 near katipunan. Also charizard, Nidoqueen and aerodactyl among the rare types. I’m at level 25.. does anybody know if an egg is dependent where it was given or hatched or totally random as to what Pokemon you’ll get?