Within a year of launching its one and only smartphone, Nextbit has been acquired by gaming company Razer in what looks like the latter’s entry into the world of handsets.

It’s certainly an unusual move by Razer, who hasn’t shown much interest in smartphones, instead focusing on high-end notebooks for gamers. While the company now owns a majority stake of Nextbit, Razer will let the startup run independently and not let go of anyone on the current team.

Neither Nextbit nor Razer are promising any new smartphones out of this deal, but we should definitely expect announcements in the coming months or weeks. Seeing Razer-branded gaming phones with the help of Nextbit certainly wouldn’t surprise us, and should make up for the mishaps of NVIDIA’s Shield series.

As for the fate of Nextbit’s cloud-centric Robin smartphone, all sales have been halted through its official channels, but warranties for current users will continue for six more months and software support will be active until February 2018.

The Robin, as you may or may not know, was Nextbit’s solution to limited storage. By providing complementary cloud storage, users would only have to worry about securing an internet connection for the phone to automatically back up files to an online server and save space in its hardware. Specifications-wise, it was well-equipped for a handset retailing for less than $200 at times.

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Source: Nextbit