When Xiaomi decided to go big with their next smartphone, they weren’t kidding. The Mi Max overshadows most handsets in terms of size, pushing 6.44 inches of display on a full-metal body. It’s by far the China-based manufacturer’s largest phone since starting out, and it has GadgetMatch’s full attention right now.

As part of a series of supersized midranger reviews, the Mi Max currently sits at the top of the screen charts, eclipsing the 6-inch Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro and Sony Xperia XA Ultra we reviewed recently. But this isn’t the largest of the set; a certain Zen is going to impose its even more overbearing size over the competition soon.

Fortunately for the Mi Max, display size isn’t the only major feature Xiaomi jammed into it. We also have a fingerprint sensor on the back panel, a generous 4GB of RAM with 128GB of storage configuration, and an extra-large 4,850mAh battery capacity.

Could this be your next GadgetMatch? Watch the unboxing and hands-on video above to see our initial impressions, but don’t decide until we unveil all smartphones at the same time in our grand shootout. It’s a comparison you can’t afford to miss!