30 creative activities for kids that you can do at home

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Being a parent with young kids can be tough and overwhelming, especially at a time like this when kids can’t go to school. Coming up with ideas to not only entertain them but also to keep them engaged and curious is a challenge so Apple’s team of educators wants to help.

Here is a set of 30 fun, constructive, and creative activities for younger kids (4-8+) to do with the built-in features of iPad and iPhone. These activities are age appropriate and your kiddo can work on them independently. They can also be tailored even for those who are young at heart.

1. Personify something

Take a photo of an everyday object at home or outside, and draw on it using Markup to transform it into a character.

Get started: Open your photo, tap Edit, then tap the three dots in the top-right to use Markup.

2. Capture a time-lapse video

Set up your iPad to capture a time-lapse video while you build a fort, make your favorite snack, clean up your toys, or watch an ice cube melt.

Get started: Choose Time-Lapse mode in your Camera app. Tap the Record button to start recording; tap it again when you’re done.

3. Make coloring sheets

Take a few fun photos, then change them to black and white to create your own coloring sheets. Use Markup to add color.

Get started: Open each photo, tap Edit, and apply one of the black-and-white filters. Go further by creating a book using a template in the Pages app.

4. Picture your name

Take a photo of each letter of your name by finding them in books or signs. Put them together to spell out your name in a colorful collage.

Get started: Crop the letters in the Photos app, then add each photo to a Keynote file in the right order.

5. Go on a photo walk

Pick a color or letter of the day and take photos of things that are that color or start with that letter. Then put them together in a collage or video. Try to make a rainbow or complete the alphabet!

Get started: Add the photos of each color or letter to a slide in the Keynote app. Or add each photo to Clips and record your voice saying the colors or letters.

6. See color in slo-mo

Record a video in slow-motion of drops of food coloring falling in water. Do primary colors first, then mix them together to create secondary colors.

Get started: Choose Slo-mo mode in your Camera app, then record.

7. Emojify your mood

Draw a circle, then add silly eyes, a happy face, or eyebrows that show the mood you’re in. You can also add shapes and images, then share it with your friends!

Get started: Add the images to a Keynote slide, then tap 
 the plus sign to use the drawing tools. Or use shapes to get started, then decorate with emoji.

8. Storyboard your daily routine

Take a photo of something that represents each of your regular activities. Combine the photos and add a title, time, and checkbox for each activity. Mark it up daily!

Get started: In the Keynote app, tap the plus sign to use the drawing tools. Draw your emoji, then add shapes or images to decorate your picture.

9. Calendar together

Download this fun template to identify the days, months, seasons, weather, temperature—and even your mood!

Get started: Open the document using the Keynote app. Copy the labels and paste them to the right spot on the calendar.

10. Find shapes in nature

Take a photo outdoors, then use Markup to trace all the shapes you can find in the photo.

Get started: Open your photo, tap Edit, then tap the three dots in the top-right to use Markup.

11. Make a simple book

Think of an imaginary story. Take photos or videos acting out different parts. Create a book with each photo or video scene, along with story captions. Then decorate it with drawings, shapes, or emoji images.

Get started: Add your photos and videos to a book template using the Pages app.

12. Tell a story with shapes

Add a variety of shapes from the Shapes menu to a blank page, and rearrange them to create a story. Try rearranging the same shapes to create three different stories.

Get started: In the Pages app, tap the plus sign in the top-right to open the Shapes menu. Drag the shapes to rearrange them.

13. Record news interviews

Have fun recording yourself asking and answering questions. Use different sounds and voices, becoming an alien giving the weather in outer space or a squirrel covering nut collections outdoors.

Get started: Use the Audio Recorder in the GarageBand app.

14. Create a comic strip

Take a picture of yourself and each of your favorite toys
as the characters. Combine the photos in a video, transform them using the comic book filter, and record yourself telling a story.

Get started: Touch and hold the Record button in the Clips app to import each character’s photo from Photos. Tap each clip to use the comic book filter effect.

15. Concentration

Write phrases or sentences using only emoji or shapes with a friend or sibling. Share your clues with each other and take turns solving them.

Get started: Open a document in the Pages app and tap the globe in the bottom-left of the keyboard to see the emoji. Tap the person icon in the top-right to collaborate with a friend.

16. Go back in time

Find an old photo. Re-create the scene, take a picture, then use a black-and-white filter to make it look like it was from the past.

Get started: Open your photo, tap Edit, then tap the three circles at the bottom to use filters.

17. Write a love letter to the planet

Take, find, or draw a picture of your favorite place. Add text boxes or a voice recording of why you love it and how you’ll take care of it.

Get started: Add your photo to the Pages or Keynote app. Tap the plus sign to choose Record Audio, or choose Shapes and add a text box.

18. Make skip counting fun

Record yourself skip counting by 2s, 5s, or 10s. Use the fun voice effects to give yourself a monster or robot voice.

Get started: Use the Audio Recorder in the GarageBand app.

19. Make patterns

Add a series of two or three shapes to a blank page to create a pattern. Repeat the pattern with a new set of shapes, then practice identifying and tracing each shape.

Get started: In the Pages app, tap the plus sign to use the Shapes menu to add shapes. Drag the shapes to arrange them in a pattern. Tap the plus sign again to use the drawing tool to trace on top of the shapes.

20. Go on a scavenger hunt

Use this template to create your own scavenger hunt by replacing the items in each square with different shapes or images.

Get started: Open the template in the Keynote app. Tap the plus sign in the top-right to open the Shapes menu, and replace the items in each box with shapes of your choice. You can also replace them with emoji.

21. Leaning tower of pillows

Build a tower of pillows, and record a slo-mo video of the tower tumbling to the ground.

Get started: Choose Slo-mo mode in your Camera app, then record.

22. Strike a pose, twice

Have a family member take a pano photo with you in the first frame. Run to the end so you appear in the photo twice.

Get started: Start on the left side of the camera frame, then run behind the photographer to pop into the frame from the right side.

23. Send flowers

Use shapes to make a bouquet of flowers. Add some text, and send it as a postcard to someone special.

Get started: Tap the plus sign in the top-right of the Keynote app to open the Shapes menu. Export as an image to share.

24. Have a laugh

Ask Siri to tell you a joke.

Get started: Say “Hey Siri, tell me a joke” into your iPad.

25. Reach for the stars

Lay on the ground, and looking up, take burst photos of a family member jumping and reaching for the stars. The upward angle will make it look like they’re touching the sky.

Get started: Touch and hold the shutter button to take a burst of multiple photos. Tap Edit to select the frame when the person jumping is highest in the air.

26. Become an artist

Take a photo of yourself or your favorite toy. Trace the lines on top of the photo, then delete the photo to reveal your work of art.

Get started: Add your photo to a blank slide in Keynote. Tap the plus sign to use the drawing tool for tracing on top of your photo. Save it as an image when you’re done.

27. Put things in order

Take a picture of each step of an everyday activity, like washing your hands: turn on the water, soap your hands, scrub, rinse, and dry. Put the photos in order to create a sequence. You just learned your first coding concept!

Get started: Add your photos to the Keynote or Clips app, and sort them in the correct order. In Clips, you can make a short movie that includes music, titles, and stickers.

28. Get your questions answered

Have a question? Like, why is the sky blue? Or, how much does an elephant weigh? Let Siri find the answer.

Get started: Say “Hey Siri” into your iPad.

29. Use your voice

Use Voice Memos to create an audio message to share a funny joke with a friend, send an invitation for a virtual play date, or just say hi!

Get started: Record a message in the Voice Memos app, then share it using Messages or Mail.

30. Personalize a portrait

Take a self-portrait and use Markup to draw on it and let your personality shine. Do you have a cape or wings? Maybe a unicorn horn? Green highlights in your hair?

Get started: Open your photo, tap Edit, then tap the three dots in the top-right to use Markup.

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Microsoft Edge really doesn’t want you to install Chrome

Warns users with a pop-up



It’s a meme by now. Users all over the world use Microsoft Edge only to download Google Chrome. It’s been a trend that started since the Internet Explorer days. Of course, Microsoft desperately wants everyone to use Edge properly, rather than just as a conduit for another Browser. To do so, the company has implemented another measure to discourage users from downloading Chrome.

Now, when you try to download Chrome from Edge, the browser launches a pop-up stating, “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft,” as spotted by Windows Latest. It’s certainly a true claim. Edge does run on Chromium, making it a lightweight Chrome clone. However, since the browser’s name is already tainted with its shared history with Internet Explorer, people still prefer Chrome. Microsoft’s latest pop-up tries to assure users that Edge is still as safe, secure, and fast as Chrome.

Further, searching for Chrome on Edge usually shows the browser’s webpage as one of the top results from a search. The system also makes it harder to set Chrome as your device’s default browser. Microsoft is trying its best to dissuade users from switching.

Over the past few years, Microsoft has started a massive revamp for Edge to further delineate itself from Internet Explorer’s history. In fact, the company even shut the old browser down to spread Edge’s reach throughout Windows users.

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PayMaya lists superior features that make it #TooGoodToBeNo.2

Cashback, free stuff everywhere



PayMaya, one of the leading digital financial services platforms in the Philippines, launches a campaign called #TooGoodToBeNo.2 highlighting the company’s superior features.

For instance, it’s the only FinTech in the country running a consumer e-wallet app, enterprise payment processing business, and a remittance agent network with Smart Padala.

Free cash-in, free transfers

PayMaya currently offers FREE cash-in at 90,000 out of its over 110,000 touchpoints nationwide. Compared to other e-wallet apps, you don’t need to pay up to PhP 200 in cash-in fees just to put funds in your e-wallet account.

It’s easy to cash in for free, too. You can do it easily at a sari-sari store with Smart Padala, or via go-to convenience stores like MiniStop or at a supermarket like Robinson’s. Online transfers work seamlessly too, especially via InstaPay or via linked accounts from BPI, RCBC, or UnionBank.

Sending money to other PayMaya users is also free. Moreover, you earn a cashback of PhP 15 when you transfer funds from PayMaya to a bank account via InstaPay.

Wide selection of billers and digital goods

With a wide selection of over 1,500 billers and load items, it’s easy to pay for everything you need using PayMaya. Whether it’s utility bills, condo association dues, credit card payments, government dues, and even your everyday needs from online and favorite stores.

There are also digital goods such as prepaid loads, gaming pins, digital subscription packages, and even digital vouches for yourself or as gifts to your loved ones.

Safe and secure purchases

Online shopping through PayMaya is safe and secure. The app ensures you only purchase from legitimate sellers — whether it’s via Maya Mall or with a casual seller.

With Maya Mall, you can access over 360 of your favorite brands — fast-food chains, grocery sites, and even your go-to retail stores.

You can also have a safe transaction from casual sellers that are PayMaya-verified. You can check if the seller you’re paying is legitimate by looking for the Verified Seller badge on the app’s confirmation screen right before you pay.

An app that won’t let you down

Compared to other e-wallet apps, PayMaya lets you keep track of your transactions in real-time, giving you peace of mind when your payments push through.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about an app going downtime, because PayMaya doesn’t let you down — 99.9% of the time. The app’s uptime rate ensures your transactions will go through whenever you need them.

Register to PayMaya

Registering a PayMaya account is easy: You just need your phone and mobile number to sign up. To unlock more features and upgrade your account, you just need a primary ID such as your license, passport, or other official government cards, and a quick video selfie.

Sign up today and get 100% cashback on your load or gaming pin purchase when you cash in a minimum of PhP 100. You can even get up to PhP 200 if you upgrade your account.

For more details, visit

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Shopee’s 11.11 Big Christmas Sale comes with fabulous deals

PhP 1 Deals, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 10% off daily!



Shopee kicks off its annual 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, presenting an unbeatable selection of deals, fun, and entertainment to shoppers.

Accelerating growth for businesses

This year, more than 8 million new local shops opened on Shopee. The 11.11 sale aims to give greater visibility for brands and MSMEs to maximize demand.

Exclusive deals await on Shopee Mall, especially from top brands such as Xiaomi, POCO, realme, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, DJI, Deerma, Coocaa Home, and Bata Philippines.

Additionally, offline businesses can still participate through ShopeePay and other digital products feature. Shoppers can check “Deals Near Me” to discover special in-store deals from brands such as Puregold, National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Power Mac Center, Family Mart, Olympic Village, Mary Grace, and more.

Fun deals for everyone

First-time shoppers can look forward to a free welcome package, bills cashback, free shipping, 100 percent off vouchers, and PhP 1 deals with their first purchase.

For those buying gifts for the holidays, Shopee has a list of gift guides called Christmas in our Carts loaded with discounts up to 90 percent off on a wide range of branded gifts and bundles. Shopee Mall also offers 10 percent off Mall vouchers, special deals on holiday gifts, and vouchers from their favorite brands.

Moreover, Shopee will be hosting an 11.11 Midnight Mall Exclusive Sale from 12 midnight to 2 AM. Huge price drops and exclusive bundle deals await, allowing shoppers to enjoy discounts up to 90 percent off on leading brands in the country.

The big finale

Shopee aims to spark joy with a big finale on November 11, bringing NCT 127 — one of the hottest K-Pop boy bands today. The band will be performing chart-topping hits at the 11.11 TV show on November 11 from 9:30 to 11:30 in the evening on GMA 7 and Shopee Live.

Visit this link for more information about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale.

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