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5 pretty and powerful smartphones in pink

There’s more to them than their looks



Not all shades of pink are made equal. More importantly, not all of them are pretty, especially when painted on a smartphone. Now that we’re in the last quarter of 2019, we’ve rounded up our favorite pink smartphones that you won’t regret showing-off (if you already have one) and buying this holiday season.

Additionally, no other smartphones have come close to making it powerful while being pretty in pink except for the ones on this list — albeit each one suits different personalities. Here are our top pink smartphones that offer power and performance, while staying pretty:

Sunset Rose

OPPO Reno Sunset Rose

When OPPO launches the Reno Sunset Rose, our immediate reaction was that it was just another way to stereotype and lure women. But upon seeing it in person, we were mesmerized. The Sunset Rose shifts colors depending on viewing angles and lighting condition. Most of the time, you’ll see it with a pearlescent sheen, but with the right perspective, you’ll see its soft pink shade in all its glory.

This phone is perfect for those who love a subtle approach in life. After all, subtlety is always classy, especially when it comes to style.

Blossom Pink

Vivo V15 Blossom Pink

While the Vivo V15 Blossom Pink is a limited edition smartphone, there’s no denying that this is one of the best pink smartphones out there, and possibly one of the best collaborations between a technology and a lifestyle brand.

This shade of pink signifies a woman’s love for beauty and makeup, which is perfect for Vivo’s partnership with cosmetics brand Benefit. Unfortunately, this smartphone is limited edition so it might not be available anymore in stores near you. Those who were able to buy it should flaunt it, though, and show off their fabulous selfies!

Misty Lavender

After Huawei’s success in P20 with the Pink Gold, Huawei introduces a new color for the P30 Pro. Bordering between pink and an actual lavender, this shade of pink is perfect for those who take a bold approach in life, and for those who are strong, independent, and don’t want to compromise.

Currently, the P30 Pro is one of the queens in the realm of smartphones. It’s known for its superb cameras that are a must in this visual-driven world.

Not Pink

Google Pixel 3 Not Pink

One of the most confusing shades of pink is Google’s very own Not Pink, which was introduced in 2018 during the Pixel 3 launch. In certain angles, it looks like a soft shade of pink, especially when placed beside other pink objects or against pink backgrounds. Other times, it looks more nude or cream, especially when hit by direct light.

This shade of pink is perfect for those who think they can offer more than their looks. Likewise, this phone is one of the best in the market, especially when it comes to photography. Don’t let its color fool you into thinking that it’s not good just because it’s Not Pink.

Flamingo Pink

The Galaxy Note 10’s Flamingo Pink is one of the hottest colors lately. By hot, I mean warm and burning. This shade of pink borders between pink and red, and it’s surely made for those who want to stand out. With this vibrant color, it’s hard not to attract unwarranted attention from everyone.

If you’re the type of person who wants to live your life out loud, then, by all means, go ahead and buy this smartphone. On top of your love for attention, this color is painted on a smartphone that deserves all kinds of attention: the Galaxy Note 10, one of the best premium smartphones to date. What a perfect combination!

Bonus: Samsung Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition

Samsung Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition

Yet another limited edition smartphone, but in partnership with Korean girl group BLACKPINK. The Galaxy A80 uses BLACKPINK’s official shade of pink to adorn its dominantly black color. If you’ve been living under the rock and need an introduction: BLACKPINK actually produces music that encourages women to be strong and independent.

This shade of pink — and this phone, obviously — fis made for BLINKs, but it’s also perfect for those who want to show the world they’re tough, but not too tough to shy away from love.

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LG Pra.L’s Galvanic Ion Booster makes your skincare products more effective

Makes your visits to the facial clinic less frequent



The marriage of beauty and tech is not an entirely new thing. Ionic products, tools that are supposed to help slow down the signs of ageing, even water bottles that will supposedly make water better for your skin — they have been around for a while. LG’s new, Pra.L line is one of the most recent launches which was met with both shock and awe. This is mainly due to the new claims of what their high-grade devices can do but also because of the price tag they come with.

I personally love this whole movement. In the advent of the informed consumer trend, more and more people are becoming concerned about what they put on their skin. It’s highly common now that women who are into skincare are vigorously discussing ingredients. A lot of us are also becoming more interested in the details of what aestheticians are doing for us.

The entire Pra.L line is practically a beauty clinic within the convenience of your own home. It is democratizing the technology of some of the most common, non-invasive treatments and making it accessible to consumers who want to do things on their own.

One of the notable devices in the line is the Galvanic Ion Booster. The idea of an ion booster to help skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin is not entirely new. LG’s version of the device, however, is definitely a cut above most of the products in the market.

As someone with sensitive skin which is on a recovery period from hormonal breakouts, I tend to be quite picky with anything I put on my skin. It has also been recommended that I go for simpler routines using as few products as possible. With little product, you’d want them to be as effective as possible. This is where this device comes in.

Ease of use

For the past month, I’ve been using the Galvanic Ion Booster religiously — morning and night. I would use the cleansing mode with my CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser (green bottle, for normal to dry skin). The device literally tells you which part of your face you should be using it on. The voice is not too loud but perky enough to get you out of your own head. Just in case you get too in the zone. Using galvanic ion technology, the device helps the cleanser draw out the impurities in your pores. Expect a slight vibration that is more relaxing than uncomfortable.

For the boost mode, I either use it with a vitamin C serum or The Ordinary’s Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA. Both serums are helpful in brightening the skin and fading out the marks left behind by intense breakouts. For the boost mode, the same technology is applied but in a reverse direction, helping the product and its ingredients penetrate your skin deeper. The boost mode is something I enjoy a lot as you can actually feel your products getting absorbed right away. I top everything with a gentle moisturizer from La Roche-Posay and on days when it’s extremely dry outside, a face oil from Australian indie beauty brand Ipsum.

I also use it with retinol treatments once a week but would make sure I double up on sunscreen the next day. The heat and vibration from the device do render retinol to be more effective. However, it will also make your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

When a stubborn pimple decides to pop up unannounced, I also use the boost mode to help my Mamonde AC Balance Spot Serum be absorbed faster. I wake up the next day with the little bugger dry and ready to be forgotten in the next couple of days.

Worth the price tag?

The device’s triangular head is made out of medical-grade titanium, making it safe for use on your skin. The shape is also effective in reaching the small nooks around your face like the sides of your nose. I just make sure to clean the device with running water and wipe it dry before putting on the cover.

LG’s Galvanic Ion Booster also has a good weight to it without being too heavy. The device also travels well — it comes with its own carrying pouch — and can charge with a micro USB cable or through the charging dock it comes with. The sleek design of the device makes it an easy hold and a joy to use. This, despite having to move it around your face for about three minutes per mode. Sounds like a short time but not when you’re a busy, working woman. I found it to be a lesson in slowing down and just making sure I enjoy doing my skincare routine instead of rushing through it like a chore — a form of self-love if you will.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

After a month of use, my skin feels more plump and healthy. It’s also brighter and blemishes became more manageable. I can highly recommend this for the skincare junkie; It’s a game-changer.

The device retails for SG$ 529 which might seem like a huge blow to the wallet. However, prevention is definitely less expensive than cure so think of it as an investment for the future.

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Global Sources: Reclar Galvanic Water Peeler

Remove your dead skin cells



Korea is known for a lot of things… K-pop, kimchi, and of course its billion-dollar cosmetics and beauty industry. It’s no surprise that we found beauty tech here at Global Sources.

The Reclar Galvanic Water Peeler promises to improve your skin with the help of water peeling, galvanic ion, light therapy, and gold therapy. You can remove dirt and dead skin cells while cleansing your face at night. Additionally, you can help your skin absorb all the important ingredients from your skincare routine faster. Furthermore, it helps with your skin elasticity so you don’t sag and age fast.

There are two variants: The gold retails for US$ 120 while the silver goes for US$ 80. Buy your peelers at Reclar’s website.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show bridging suppliers and resellers. For more information visit GlobalSources.com.

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The instax mini Link lets you print photos from your smartphone

Time to print your Instagram photos!



Earlier, Fujifilm has just launched a worldwide campaign with the catchphrase “Don’t just take, give.” The aim of the campaign is to encourage users to share their prints with loved ones.


Following up on the campaign, the Japanese company announces the launch of instax mini Link, a portable, compact printer of Instax photos.

The instax mini Link lets you transfer photos from your smartphone through a dedicated app via Bluetooth connection. The app lets you do basic editing such as rotating, adjusting brightness, and the application of a filter. The printer prints quickly, with an average speed of about 12 seconds.

Additionally, it supports continuous printing up to 100 pictures on a single charge. If you’re feeling creative, the dedicated app has a variety of frame designs and collage layouts for your prints.

Lots of fun features for you to enjoy

It has fun features such as “Video Print” function which lets you scroll through video frames, allowing you to choose the best moment to print. There’s also “Match Test” which examines your compatibility with a friend or someone special. The results are shown after the picture is printed.

To see the results, you must perform a “Quick Diagnosis” or use the “Precision Diagnosis” function, which involves a question and answer portion.

On the other hand, the instax mini Link isn’t just for one person to enjoy. Through “Party Print,” the device can connect up to five smartphones to the app.

The printer can receive pictures from each device to combine into one instax print. There’s also a “Surprise Mode” where no one knows the photos that were sent and what the final print would look like.

More than just a smartphone printer

The instax mini Link has a built-in sensor, too. You can use it as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera, and print multiple copies through the printer’s button at the center.

On the flip side, it’s not just smartphones that can connect with the printer. Through the Fujifilm Camera Remote app, the printer can receive pictures directly from Fujifilm’s digital cameras.

The Fujifilm instax mini Link is priced at PhP 6,999 (US$ 135). It will be available in three colors: Ash White, Dusky Pink, and Dark Denim.

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