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5 pretty and powerful smartphones in pink

There’s more to them than their looks



Not all shades of pink are made equal. More importantly, not all of them are pretty, especially when painted on a smartphone. Now that we’re in the last quarter of 2019, we’ve rounded up our favorite pink smartphones that you won’t regret showing-off (if you already have one) and buying this holiday season.

Additionally, no other smartphones have come close to making it powerful while being pretty in pink except for the ones on this list — albeit each one suits different personalities. Here are our top pink smartphones that offer power and performance, while staying pretty:

Sunset Rose

OPPO Reno Sunset Rose

When OPPO launches the Reno Sunset Rose, our immediate reaction was that it was just another way to stereotype and lure women. But upon seeing it in person, we were mesmerized. The Sunset Rose shifts colors depending on viewing angles and lighting condition. Most of the time, you’ll see it with a pearlescent sheen, but with the right perspective, you’ll see its soft pink shade in all its glory.

This phone is perfect for those who love a subtle approach in life. After all, subtlety is always classy, especially when it comes to style.

Blossom Pink

Vivo V15 Blossom Pink

While the Vivo V15 Blossom Pink is a limited edition smartphone, there’s no denying that this is one of the best pink smartphones out there, and possibly one of the best collaborations between a technology and a lifestyle brand.

This shade of pink signifies a woman’s love for beauty and makeup, which is perfect for Vivo’s partnership with cosmetics brand Benefit. Unfortunately, this smartphone is limited edition so it might not be available anymore in stores near you. Those who were able to buy it should flaunt it, though, and show off their fabulous selfies!

Misty Lavender

After Huawei’s success in P20 with the Pink Gold, Huawei introduces a new color for the P30 Pro. Bordering between pink and an actual lavender, this shade of pink is perfect for those who take a bold approach in life, and for those who are strong, independent, and don’t want to compromise.

Currently, the P30 Pro is one of the queens in the realm of smartphones. It’s known for its superb cameras that are a must in this visual-driven world.

Not Pink

Google Pixel 3 Not Pink

One of the most confusing shades of pink is Google’s very own Not Pink, which was introduced in 2018 during the Pixel 3 launch. In certain angles, it looks like a soft shade of pink, especially when placed beside other pink objects or against pink backgrounds. Other times, it looks more nude or cream, especially when hit by direct light.

This shade of pink is perfect for those who think they can offer more than their looks. Likewise, this phone is one of the best in the market, especially when it comes to photography. Don’t let its color fool you into thinking that it’s not good just because it’s Not Pink.

Flamingo Pink

The Galaxy Note 10’s Flamingo Pink is one of the hottest colors lately. By hot, I mean warm and burning. This shade of pink borders between pink and red, and it’s surely made for those who want to stand out. With this vibrant color, it’s hard not to attract unwarranted attention from everyone.

If you’re the type of person who wants to live your life out loud, then, by all means, go ahead and buy this smartphone. On top of your love for attention, this color is painted on a smartphone that deserves all kinds of attention: the Galaxy Note 10, one of the best premium smartphones to date. What a perfect combination!

Bonus: Samsung Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition

Samsung Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition

Yet another limited edition smartphone, but in partnership with Korean girl group BLACKPINK. The Galaxy A80 uses BLACKPINK’s official shade of pink to adorn its dominantly black color. If you’ve been living under the rock and need an introduction: BLACKPINK actually produces music that encourages women to be strong and independent.

This shade of pink — and this phone, obviously — fis made for BLINKs, but it’s also perfect for those who want to show the world they’re tough, but not too tough to shy away from love.

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10 gift ideas for the bookworm on your list

Gifts that are not books



If you have friends or family who love to read, chances are other people will already give them books this holiday season. It’s that or they already bought the book they want to read next. If you want to give something different that they will appreciate, here are some other ideas to help you out:


For the friend who has too many books but not enough shelves, get her the new Kindle. It’s also perfect for that friend who brings a book or two when traveling. She always managse to finish reading on the flight leaving herself book-less for the rest of the trip.

The new Kindle retails for US$ 89.99 and comes in black and white.

Kindle case

If she already has a Kindle, how about a case inspired by classic book covers? Not only will it protect her gadget from scratches, it also gives her the feeling of holding a book while reading. Smell of an actual book not included.

The case starts at GBP 25, and comes in varying sizes and covers.

Audible credits

Some people will always prefer reading over listening to audiobooks. For those who are open to the latter, Audible credits are a practical, yet thoughtful gift you can give. If you know of a specific title they want to listen to, there’s also an option to get that book as a gift either through your own Audible credits or using a credit card.

One credit starts at US$ 15, and you can choose to give up to 12 months worth of Audible credits.

Noise-cancelling earphones

A pair of noise cancelling earphones is one of the best gifts you can give this year not just to bookworms, but to almost anyone on your list. Bookworms will especially love being able to block any noise and concentrate on reading (or listening to) their book.

Plenty of great options came out this year, including the Sony WF-1000XM3, which retails for SG$ 349.


Help decorate one’s home with cute bookends. For someone who lives in a smaller space, a multi-purpose bookend is your best bet — maybe one that doubles as a flower vase for the living room or a kitchen utensil holder. You can also get an upcycled one using old records. For a more personal touch, you can even do it yourself and you got yourself a crafty project this holiday season.

Lumio LED book lamp

Any bookworm will appreciate receiving a lamp to help them read when the sun starts to dip. What if you give them something in the shape of a book? They sure will love you more than they already do!

The Lumio LED book lamp comes in different finishes, and starts at US$ 150.

Laptop sleeve

Another gift idea for that special someone is a book-inspired sleeve to protect her laptop. Make it more personal by making her favorite cover made. You can even add the first and last pages of the book to make it feel more like one. There’s also an option to add a smaller but similar case for the charger and other accessories.

The laptop sleeve starts at $199 on Etsy, but is on sale at $59.70.

NYPL Library Card Pouch

The New York Public Library store has a ton of useful knickknacks you can buy as gifts. There’s a pouch inspired by the original library cards from the 1940’s that any bookworm will appreciate even if you bought it at the last minute!

The NYPL Library Card Pouch retails for US$ 15 for non-members.

 NYPL Library Card Socks

Another option is this cute pair of socks that will surely make any bookworm’s heart and feet warm this chilly season. It comes in small and large and is priced at US$12 for non-members.

Black NYPL Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tote Bag

Know someone inspired by the Notorious RBG? This tote could not be any more perfect. It can carry not just that heavy hardbound book, but her groceries or gym clothes as well!

The black tote bag retails for US$ 15 for non-members.

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5 gift ideas for the stylish women on your list

Give the gift of style!



Finding the perfect present for the stylish women in your life is quite the task. But don’t worry – we’re here to make the process a tad easier. Here are some gift ideas that will make the stylish women in your life love you more. Well, much more than they already do, anyway.

Dyson Airwrap

The hair tool of almost any stylish woman’s dreams is definitely from Dyson. This tool gives the gift of quick, salon-quality styling. Drying your hair as you style for voluminous waves and natural-looking curls cuts prep time in almost half. After all, their hair should be as fabulous as their outfits.

A complete set is currently at EUR 499 but that includes all 8 attachments that will let her save from all those dry bar visits. Get the Dyson Airwrap through this link.

Hër Bluetooth In-Earphones

Listening to music while on the go doesn’t have to clash with one’s outfit. We’re in love with the discreet, nude colour of the Hër Bluetooth In-Earphones and its ease of use. The case that doubles as its charger is also pretty and rather minimalist. Connection to a smartphone is quick and painless via Bluetooth, giving the freedom to move while being in a call.

Pose for OOTDs while listening to music and order a set via this link.

Laura Mercier Paint with Light Radiant Face Illuminator Trio

The holiday season means glitz, glamour, and of course – shimmer. There’s no other season that allows for shimmer overload than the holidays. What better way to do it than by using the perfect highlighter palette. We’re in love with the Radiant Face Illuminator Trio from Laura Mercier’s Paint With Light Holiday 2019 collection.

There’s a hue for every skin tone and outfit. The buildable glow is also something that will make anyone a stand-out at all the parties. Get it here.

Mejuri Organic Pearl Large Hoops

Pearls are not just for the grandmas anymore. Pearls are so in fashion right now and letting them dangle on hoops gives them a modern, edgier update. All without losing their elegance.

This pair from Canadian brand Mejuri has us drooling with their use of organic pearls. You’ll definitely get a unique pair from them as no two organic pearls can ever be exactly the same. As far as we know, stylish women love individuality so this gift is definitely a hit. Get a pair here.

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A Rent the Runway subscription

It’s hard to pick a particular outfit as a gift for the stylish women on your list. Preferences and sizes can get in the way. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving them the gift of designer fashion. A subscription with Rent the Runway makes sure they have access to the latest pieces and you’ll never hear them complain about having nothing to wear ever again.

It’s also a more sustainable option for those who love the planet but refuse to break up with fashion. Check out their plans and gift cards here.

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How a connected home can help make your life better

With appliances getting smarter, things can only get better



A truly smart home uses machine learning to understand and adapt to a user’s behavior and preferences. LG’s ThinQ AI technology does exactly that — appliances communicate with each other and learn so it can anticipate the user’s needs and optimize performance.

Take good care of your laundry

Some people enjoy doing their own laundry, especially those who travel a lot; then there are those who just don’t have the time for it. Wash your date night lace and silk items separately from the rest of your wardrobe; or wash yours and your baby’s pile simultaneously so you can spend more time with your precious one. Either way, the LG TWINWash can do the job as it can do two loads at the same time.

Steaming with LG’s stackable front loader washer/dryer can also make things easier for someone who’s single or for a new mom. Using the steam function, dress to impress by making sure your work clothes are wrinkle-free. Baby clothes also deserve the same special care as the heat of the steam will remove 95% of bacteria and allergens.

Keep food fresh while saving energy

Save time and energy with the LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator, which lets you peek into its contents just by knocking twice, reducing the need to swing open its doors. The modern Slim French-Door refrigerators can also help manage energy consumption, thanks to the Inverter Linear Compressor.

If food waste is an issue, a refrigerator like the Two Door Top Freezer can help maintain temperature levels to help keep your food longer. Its digital sensors constantly monitor conditions within the refrigerator and it has strategically-placed vents in every section to help surround your food with cool air no matter where you put it.

Manage your home with a few taps

With the SmartThinQ App, you can control your appliances anytime wherever you may be. Because of LG’s ThinQ AI technology, your appliances get smarter the more you use them. You can use it to turn your air conditioner on remotely or start wash cycles even before you get home.

It’s no secret that home appliances help make our lives more convenient and efficient. This is not going to change anytime soon. With appliances getting smarter, things can only get better.

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