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Adidas X9000L3: A comfortable pair of casual running shoes

Plain and simple but also look great



Earlier in September, Adidas dropped their new X9000 Series of “High Tech” running shoes. These are built around an entirely new silhouette and are apparently inspired by gaming culture.

There are 5 pairs of shoes in the series:

X9000L1 — The most affordable and features an algae-based sockliner, with Adidas Bounce midsole cushioning.

X9000L2 — Slightly more expensive and features a more comfortable textile upper, with the same Algae-based EVA foam and Adidas Bounce midsole cushioning.

X9000L3 — Has boost cushioning in the forefoot area, a slightly more comfortable upper, and a special outsole tread pattern that is apparently inspired by computer-generated data to provide reliable traction on city streets.

X9000L4 — Has everything the L3 model has, but with an even more comfortable, primeknit mesh upper, a very dramatic full length boost midsole, and the same computer generated data inspired outsole thread pattern.

X9000 4D — Boasts a 4D midsole along with everything that comes with the L4 model. Also because Adidas is obsessed with making 4D versions of every one of their shoes this year.

It’s an interesting move by Adidas to announce a new silhouette under their performance brand. And then different versions of it available at different price points.

 A closer look at the Adidas X9000L3

We’re checking out the mid-range Adidas X9000L3 to take a look at what is a casual running shoe. It’s unique in that it features Adidas BOOST cushioning in the forefoot area, and Adidas Bounce cushioning in the heel area.

Adidas X9000L3

We got the mostly black-and-white colorway with hits of this neon orange kind of color. It looks subtle yet grabs attention. This is just one of eight colorways available at launch. I’m sure we’ll see even more colors coming along in the next couple of months.

The silhouette of the Adidas X9000L3 borrows elements from ZX silhouettes of the past. It’s a really sleek, streamlined design that looks quite futuristic.

Materials and design

Starting with the upper, it is constructed out of a black textile material which is decently breathable. Unfortunately the L3 does not use the same Primeknit material upper as the L4.

There’s also this geometric taping like floating triangular accents along with a few supportive underlays. It adds more structure to the upper but also adds a distinctive design to the shoe.

Moving to the lateral side of the shoe, the Adidas three stripes have a reflective 3M coating which looks pretty cool. The medial side looks pretty much identical except for the Adidas Bounce branding at the bottom.

Adidas X9000L3

Moving towards the back you have this interesting TPU heel counter that extends towards the back of the heel. This area, with that pull tab-thing at the back, feels very similar to the Ultraboost.

At the top of the shoe is a pretty regular lacing system with flat black laces. They go through eyelets made out of the TPU and supportive overlay materials.

There’s this interesting pop of a neon orange color on the first two lace eyelets and the top three, which is fun. The flat black laces weave through these and feel with enough comfort for your feet.

Underneath the laces is a nicely padded nylon tongue which also feels really comfortable on your feet. Admittedly, a little disappointed that Adidas didn’t use the sock-like one-piece upper that they used on the L4 but it’s no big deal.

Apart from that, moving upwards, there’s the Adidas 3 stripes performance logo at the top of the tongue, in a grey color. Coming to the inside of the shoe, you have a black insole with the BOOST logo in this neon orange color.

Adidas X9000L3

Boost and Bounce combo

Moving downwards let’s talk about the most interesting part of this shoe.

While it is not as dramatic a design as the midsole on the L4, the midsole here uses two different kinds of cushioning. There’s BOOST cushioning towards the forefoot area, switching over to Adidas Bounce cushioning underneath the heel area.

I wish they stuck with the dramatic, chunky design of the midsole on the L4s here as well but these still look okay.

We’ve talked about BOOST cushioning a few times before. It’s pretty much the best cushioning tech on shoes right now. It has just the right amount of soft and plush while also being really responsive.

Adidas Bounce cushioning has been around for many years and is more rigid. This while having a decent amount of softness and responsiveness.

The result is a shoe that feels firm underfoot without as much of a sink-in feeling that you’d get from a full length Boost midsole. I’ll talk more about how this feels later on.

Moving on, you’ll notice that the midsole at the forefoot has this hit of a neon orange rubber outsole. It adds to that sorta futuristic look of the shoe and has a nice pop of color as people see you walking around.

The rest of the outsole seems to be your usual black rubber Adidas outsole in a thread pattern. It’s apparently inspired by computer generated data. No continental rubber her, unfortunately.

One thing I did notice were these tiny rubber spikes on the outsole. It’s supposed to be for added traction. But these tend to get worn out pretty quickly the more you wear the shoe.

Comfort and performance

I thought the L4 were more meant as comfortable lifestyle shoes. But with the L3, you slip them on, and you immediately feel like going for a run.

The combination of the Adidas Bounce cushioning under the heel and the BOOST cushioning under the forefoot gives this shoe a really different feeling than what I’m used to. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to full-length boost or full length Nike React foam.

The combination of two midsole cushioning tech also means that the wearer has an ever so slight forward lean. It’s a kind of firm feeling underfoot. TheBOOST cushioning gives it a soft feeling under the forefoot. Under the heel, it’s quite a bit more firm.

As a result, these aren’t exactly super comfortable for everyday casual wear. But for runs and general exercise, these are pretty great.

Great for casual runs

I feel like these are designed more for casual runners rather than elite runners.The L3 does a great job at providing you a soft, yet firm and responsive cushioning with every step, at its price point.

I wore these on a few casual runs around my block, and even for a basketball session (I know, sacrilege) and the L3 actually held up really well.

Over the two weeks I wore them around for exercise, I really appreciated the way the bounce cushioning felt under my heel. It’s firm enough that it is supportive, but soft enough to help absorb any impact on your heel.

As I mentioned earlier, the outsole tread pattern was inspired by computer-generated data and is supposed to provide reliable traction on city streets. From my experience with these shoes, that seems to be true. It holds up pretty well on city runs, on streets and roads, and seems to have plenty of traction.

The traction held up pretty well even on a rainy run on wet roads. But then I’m a really casual runner so take that advice for what you think it’s worth.

All in all, the L3 is a pretty good exercise and running shoe. I’d even recommend getting these over the more expensive L4 if you’re really looking for a general running and exercise shoe. But please note that these don’t have the super breathable primeknit mesh upper of the L4s. But that’s just my opinion.

Sizing and fit

The best way to know how these feel would be for you to head on over to an Adidas Store to try out a pair. The X9000L4 and the X9000L3 are both available in-store here in Malaysia to try out.

Speaking of which, in terms of fit, the Adidas X9000L3 are a little snug. If you have wide feet like I do, I’d definitely advise going up half a size. For example, I’m a UK11, so Adidas sent these to us in a half size up and they fit pretty great.

If you have regular narrow feet though, you can go true to size here, no worries.

Is this your SneakerMatch?

The Adidas X9000L3 is priced at MYR 500/ US$ 120. That makes them quite a bit cheaper than the L4. Obviously, they have their own pros and cons. But while I could only recommend the L4 as everyday lifestyle shoes, the L3 is a pretty solid pair of casual running shoes.

It’s a supportive firm ride that is soft enough to be comfortable for runs or general exercise.While the upper is not primeknit, it is still lightweight, breathable, and comfortable enough. These make it a great pair of casual running or general exercise shoes.

Adidas X9000L3

While you probably won’t want to wear these throughout the day, the L3 is still worth checking out. It’s great as a casual lifestyle shoe, with the large amount of colorways available, and the stable ride.

The Adidas X9000L3 is a plain and simple solid pair of running shoes that also look great.


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Bang for your buck

The Infinix Note 7 is powered by a Helio G70 Processor paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. If you’re worried about storage, the phone has a dedicated microSD card slot. But, note that the phone has more than enough space to run apps on the Google Play Store without much of a hitch.

The Infinix Note 7 doesn’t falter on features when tested. The phone didn’t stutter or struggle when putting it through the stress test of scrolling, unlocking, and opening and closing multiple apps. On top of that, the Infinix Note7 has a 5000mAh battery that makes your daily grind of work and play look easy.

For gaming, the phone didn’t seem at all bothered with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Genshin Impact, and Among Us. And, with the amount of storage the phone had, I’d downloaded all the games I wanted with reckless abandon. The phone held up to its dependable battery life too, despite a full day of work and play.

Does size really matter?

The Infinix Note 7 is big for a phone. Facts. If anything, it’s a love child of a phone and a tablet. With its 6.95-inch HD+ display and dual speakers, the phone makes watching Netflix or playing games an overall immersive experience. Despite Infinix sticking to HD+ on a bigger display, it doesn’t really impose on all the great features the phone has.

Remember: the Infinix Note 7 has a good price tag of PhP 7,990. If you’re asking it to feature 2k or 4k resolution, that good price tag isn’t even remotely ideal on top of the other features the phone comes with.

Is the cake a lie?

No, just misunderstood. Hear me out here: The Infinix Note 7 features a quad-camera set-up with a 48MP primary shooter, a 2MP macro lens, 2MP depth lens, and a 2MP dedicated video camera. On the front, the phone has a 16MP selfie camera. These specs can sometimes come misunderstood since Infinix does say the phone features a quad rear camera set-up. The phone technically features three with the fourth as its dedicated video recording camera.

Sunset view

Boop the snoot

The Inifinix Note 7 performed really well even with little lighting. I tried to photograph a dim sunset and most phones would often scrap some details in photos to compensate with the lack of lighting. That wasn’t the case for this phone. With a phone at its price point, it greatly outperforms phones in the same category quite easily. The phone delivers on detailed selfies with it 16MP in-display front camera and doesn’t struggle to focus using either rear or front cameras.

Strawberry and granola on yoghurt

it me

The phone doesn’t seem at all bothered with taking detailed photos. Sometimes the contrast can be a bit much but again, seeing a budget phone like the Infinix Note 7 perform well under tough circumstances that can just be from being nit-picky.

Is this your BudgetMatch?

If you need a phone to get you good shots and get you through a long day of non-stop work and play while delivering good photos overall, this is the phone for you. There’s nothing to complain about with this phone besides Infinix being utterly underrated for the quality of phones they put out. The Infinix Note 7 is a great phone for your daily grind if you’re looking for a phone that delivers on functionality, efficiency, and durability. It even delivers on good quality shots!

The Infinix Note 7 costs PhP 7,990 (US$ 165).

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