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Things to consider before getting the ROG Rapture GT-AX1100 router

Do your due diligence



The “strongest WiFi 6” mesh system in the Philippines was introduced late last year, when PLDT Home and ASUS teamed up. With the promising capability of delivering up to 1,000 Mbps, the ASUS ROG Rapture really is something you’d want to have at home.

Before hitting that add-on button, here are some things you would want to know.

The weird design has special functions

Let’s start with the device’s design. While it looks like a big spider or a creepy-crawly creature, the ROG Rapture’s look is truly something. Of course, like any other ROG product, the Rapture GT-AX1100 router features customizable RGB lighting with its ROG logo.

The design is odd, but the eight huge antennas actually function to send out signals for greater WiFi coverage. The device also sports LED lights that are indicators of the Internet connection status. Although enormous, the Rapture GT-AX1100 only has four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, with an Internet port for the modem and a 2.5Gbps LAN port for high-speed fiber connections.

The device has promising features

Another good thing about the ASUS ROG Rapture is that it features two things that we all need while we’re all stuck at home during the pandemic, relying solely on our personal WiFi subscriptions:

  • AIMesh technology that gets rids of WiFi dead spots at home
  • AIProtection against malware, internet threats. It’s also for WTFast Gaming Network, IPTV Support, Parental Control, and Link Aggregation.

Setting up the Rapture GT-AX1100 can be done in two ways: via the ASUS Router app or through a browser. But the best things about the device are (1) it’s future-proof; and (2) it has WiFi 6 capability. It’s available for Php 1,349 per month for 24 months via PLDT Home.

The ROG Rapture GT-AX1100 may be too pricey, but it is very ideal for those who live in big homes. And if you want to get rid of dead spots at home and be able to accommodate the work-from-home and online schooling requirements, plus the gaming and entertainment needs of the family, this router is a must-have.

This is a press release from PLDT Philippines

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Best Portable Projectors: Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K and Capsule 3 Laser

Bring your projector everywhere, anywhere



What if you could bring the movie theater with you and set it up anywhere — no matter how small or big your space is?

Indoor or outdoor?

Meet the Cosmos Laser 4K and Capsule 3 Laser from Nebula!

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Take parties to new heights with Sony’s new SRS-XV900 wireless speaker

Redefine the entertainment experience



Sony SRS-XV900

Sony has unveiled the high power SRS-XV900 wireless Bluetooth speaker that is set to elevate the entertainment experience anywhere.

Retailing for PhP 57,999, the new speaker is available at Sony flagship stores online and in authorized dealers nationwide.


The SRS-XV900 is always ready to fire up any occasion, whether birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or simple gatherings both indoors and outdoors with its front, side, and rear tweeters, midrange drivers, and woofer.

Users simply have to connect Bluetooth 5.2-capable devices to begin playing music on the speaker. When connected, the Sony Music Center app will give users more features such as Gesture and DJ Control.

The speaker supports Clear Audio+, LIVE SOUND, MEGA BASS, and an exclusive TV Sound Booster feature, making sure the audio experience is immersive.

Plug and play

Additionally, users may connect up to two microphones (stereo mini jack) to enjoy karaoke sessions, or play the DJ role with its touch panel on top which allows changing functions, settings, and lighting.

The SRS-XV900 may even connect an electric guitar and utilize it as its amplifier.

Always on the go

With the SRS-XV900, users are assured of keeping the music on all day with its up to 25 hours of battery life on a single full charge.

The speaker is also rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, so you can take it to places like the poolside or even camping.

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Apple might be working on a smart display

Looks like an iPad but with a cheaper price



If the recent slew of reports are any indication, Apple’s future hasn’t been this bright in a while. Besides its iconic lineup of devices, the brand is working on new products to expand what Apple already offers. According to a new rumor, Apple is reportedly developing another one: a smart display.

First reported by Bloomberg, the brand will eventually release a smart display that will work with Siri. The unannounced device will compete with others in the same space as Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show.

The report notes that the device will look like an iPad but with limited features and a significantly cheaper price tag. As with other devices in the space, Apple’s future smart display will likely act as a hub for a smart home, engage with Siri, and contact others.

Besides its features, a cheaper price tag is one of the biggest draws of such a device. Apple is heavily known for its more exorbitant prices. Creating a more affordable smart home ecosystem might work in Apple’s favor.

Though Apple has not announced any confirmation towards the release of such a smart display, the brand is certainly furthering its efforts in the smart home space. Yesterday, the company launched the second generation of its full-sized HomePod after leaving the lineup for several years.

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