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Dyson launches the Cyclone V10 Fluffy in Southeast Asia

What’s new, how much, and when it’ll be in stores!



The Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy, the technology brand’s top-of-the-line cordless vacuum, is finally in Southeast Asia!

In an event that showed off Dyson’s Philippine facility in Laguna, it was announced that the V10 is indeed coming to this region. Originally unveiled in March, the Dyson machine has only been available to other key markets like the US. This month, that changes.

But, what’s so new about this high-tech vacuum? What exactly can it do? I’m glad you asked.

It’s the most powerful cord-free vacuum

Dyson’s newest engine is the smallest they’ve ever developed — and it’s also the fastest. It rotates one hundred and twenty-five thousand times per minute, that’s over two thousand times per second. Now, think of that in terms of sucking power. As Dyson engineer Kevin Grant put it, “What goes in the V10, stays in the V10.”

If you’ve never seen the insides of a vacuum, this is it!

In fact, Dyson is convinced with this vacuum that they’ve actually discontinued they’re corded vacuum line. Talk about believing in your product!

It’s also pretty interesting to note that this engine is being manufactured in the Philippines!

It’s easy to handle and comes with many, many attachments

If you’ve ever tried a Dyson cordless vacuum, you’d know this to be true.

Never looked so good doing chores 😎 Excuse the factory booties they made us wear.

Designed for ease of use, these vacuums are specially developed with the user in mind. Ergonomically speaking, the well-balanced design allows for easier handling.

Plus, like its predecessor vacuums, it comes with all the different attachments that will allow you to use the machine for every possible vacuuming scenario you could ever think of.

Better, lighter battery

As Kevin Grant explained, the V10 comes with no compromises. It is now equipped with even more batter power but with a lighter pack. Yes, it should be even better than the V8’s 40 minutes of battery runtime.

Dustbin that’s easier to handle

At Dyson, they think of all the little things.

Even the dustbin system has been redesigned for easier use. It now sports a shotgun method for discarding waste in your vacuum compartment which ensures less contact with the dust and dirt!

Yes, it’s coming within the month!

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy will retail for PhP 49,500 in the Philippines for the fully decked-out model and it will be in stores in the coming month!

Who’s excited?

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Sound on with Mikme: An easy way to record good audio

Even better if you’re on an iPhone



I’ve always been a writer and my journey into content creation has been a curious one. These days, I’ve ventured into creating video — a new exacting but fun medium. One thing I’ve learned though: You may think you’re mostly dealing with visuals, but sound quality adds a whole lot to each video.

That being said, and me being the furthest from being an audiophile, I set out to find the easiest and simplest way I could record great audio without all the wires and gadgets and gizmos that I’ve seen other people work with.

Enter this godsend mic in a box which fits the palm of my hands and solves all my audio woes: The Mikme.

It’s simple enough to use, press the leftmost button that serves as a power button…

L-R: Power button, Bluetooth pairing button, Micro-USB port, audio port, volume buttons

… and hit record which is that big button up top. Literally, nothing could be easier.

And despite it being pretty straightforward, there are a lot of other things it can do, too. Tapping the record button twice in a row will play your last recording and pressing and holding will allow you to soundcheck — provided you plug in some earphones. Each Mikme has storage built in and you can choose between 16GB, 8GB, or 4GB options. All that means is you need not worry about SD cards or micro-SD cards ever again.

It’s not just the ease of use, though. The sound quality on this thing is very good, as it should be. Inside that black case, the Mikme is basically a condenser mic — the type usually used in studios for hardcore recordings (my way of saying it’s one serious mic). Even with my untrained ears, I hear the difference, especially because I don’t record in sound-proof rooms most of the time.

Honestly, I now use this tiny thing to record all my voice-overs. I’m not even going to attempt to explain or describe it, you just have to hear it yourself. You can do that by listening to the voice-overs here and here.

I have all good things to say about this tiny device and in so many ways, I consider it my audio lifesaver. But, there’s one caveat.

This mic also has Bluetooth capabilities which is a great thing in itself. It literally connects to a Mikme app that will allow you to shoot video with your phone with audio from the Mikme. Mindblowing stuff, really, except it only works for iPhones. 😢

As we hear the collective, agonized screams of Android users the world over with the collective sighs of what great sounding videos could be shot with a Mikme-iPhone partnership, I take it as a testament of how good this mic is. Even without the Bluetooth connectivity feature and despite sticking with my Android for now and the foreseeable future, I’ll probably still be rocking the Mikme. That says a lot.

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The Vivo x Benefit Cosmetics blossom pink V15 box set is here and I want it

Making blooming selfies possible



Vivo has just announced a partnership that I am so here for and the resulting phone is oh so pretty!


The smartphone company unveiled a collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics, a makeup brand we all know and love, to release a phone/makeup box set that will definitely excite the ladies.

The highlight of the kit: Vivo’s blossom pink V15 — the phone color I’ve always wanted but rarely got!

Yes girls, this special kit does not only have this beautifully colored handset, it also includes Benefit box o’ powders in two shades: Dandelion Twinkle and the Gold Rush.

I am all for this partnership and the blooming selfies I will most definitely be able to shoot with this.

The Vivo x Benefit Kit will retail for PhP 17,999 starting May 25.

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Honor 20 Pro Moschino edition unveiled

There are Moschino cases, too!



With Honor’s announcement of their Honor 20 series came a fashion collaboration that definitely excites me. The Honor 20 Pro Moschino edition was just announced and I love how extra it is.

The phone itself has the worlds “This is not a Moschino phone” stamped on the back in true Moschino fashion. Of course, there’s a matching wallpaper that says, what else: “This is not a Moschino wallpaper.”

There are also cases that follow that design lead…

My favorite, a case that features similar bold text for that Moschino flair and straps that you can even hook to your bag.

Though all designs are fresh, the partnership isn’t surprising. Moschino’s Jeremy Scott is known for collaboration; not to mention, Honor also teamed up with the Italian fashion brand for the Honor View 20’s design.

No details on pricing and availability for this particular version of the Honor 20 Pro is out yet but one thing’s for sure: I’m loving the fashion-tech partnership and I’m definitely hoping for more!

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