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Dyson launches the Cyclone V10 Fluffy in Southeast Asia

What’s new, how much, and when it’ll be in stores!



The Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy, the technology brand’s top-of-the-line cordless vacuum, is finally in Southeast Asia!

In an event that showed off Dyson’s Philippine facility in Laguna, it was announced that the V10 is indeed coming to this region. Originally unveiled in March, the Dyson machine has only been available to other key markets like the US. This month, that changes.

But, what’s so new about this high-tech vacuum? What exactly can it do? I’m glad you asked.

It’s the most powerful cord-free vacuum

Dyson’s newest engine is the smallest they’ve ever developed — and it’s also the fastest. It rotates one hundred and twenty-five thousand times per minute, that’s over two thousand times per second. Now, think of that in terms of sucking power. As Dyson engineer Kevin Grant put it, “What goes in the V10, stays in the V10.”

If you’ve never seen the insides of a vacuum, this is it!

In fact, Dyson is convinced with this vacuum that they’ve actually discontinued they’re corded vacuum line. Talk about believing in your product!

It’s also pretty interesting to note that this engine is being manufactured in the Philippines!

It’s easy to handle and comes with many, many attachments

If you’ve ever tried a Dyson cordless vacuum, you’d know this to be true.

Never looked so good doing chores 😎 Excuse the factory booties they made us wear.

Designed for ease of use, these vacuums are specially developed with the user in mind. Ergonomically speaking, the well-balanced design allows for easier handling.

Plus, like its predecessor vacuums, it comes with all the different attachments that will allow you to use the machine for every possible vacuuming scenario you could ever think of.

Better, lighter battery

As Kevin Grant explained, the V10 comes with no compromises. It is now equipped with even more batter power but with a lighter pack. Yes, it should be even better than the V8’s 40 minutes of battery runtime.

Dustbin that’s easier to handle

At Dyson, they think of all the little things.

Even the dustbin system has been redesigned for easier use. It now sports a shotgun method for discarding waste in your vacuum compartment which ensures less contact with the dust and dirt!

Yes, it’s coming within the month!

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy will retail for PhP 49,500 in the Philippines for the fully decked-out model and it will be in stores in the coming month!

Who’s excited?

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Google Pixel 3 Top Shot: The Instagram boyfriend you never had

How to get those perfect IG photos



We’ve all been there. You’re at a beautiful place wearing beautiful clothes, the lighting is just right and you wish you could capture it in a photo — the makings of a perfect travel #OOTD photo!

Except, the photo came out bad and you totally looked awkward. Whether it be because of your lack of an IG boyfriend, or just a boyfriend, a friend, or a stranger tasked to take the pic with a lack of IG skills, it happens. And as you sulk in regret at that wasted photo opportunity and the knowledge that that picture you had in your head will never grace your IG feed, know that there is a feature that can remedy this.

Remember the Google Pixel 3? Yes, the smartphone that came in Not Pink.

In the process of reviewing the phone, I came upon a glorious realization: The Top Shot feature is exactly what I never knew I needed for my travel #OOTDS.

Let’s backtrack. Google’s Top Shot is a feature that automatically takes a number of photos to ensure you don’t miss the actual moment.

But, what it’s also good for is making sure you get that perfect Instagram shot. You’ll never have to ask someone to take your photo and insist they just keep tapping the shutter hoping one photo comes out good enough. Top Shot goes as far as recommending you the good takes. It’s the Instagram boyfriend you always wished you had!

This feature also works wonders for awkward posers like myself. I just have someone take a photo, make sure I move around during the shoot, and pick out the best candid-looking one.

The results? Photos that are good enough for your feed! Here are some samples from my recent trip to Paris.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I assure you, none of those looked that good in the initial photos but Top Shot came to my rescue.

Ladies, you’re welcome. Enjoy your prettier Instagram feed!

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Dyson Airwrap hair tutorial and real-life hold test

Is it hard to use? Does it really work?



The Dyson Airwrap, ever since its announcement, has been the stuff of hairstyle dreams and legends. The high-tech curling iron revolutionizes the way we do our hair!

But, does it really work? Can a normal girl like myself actually get her hair to look as fab with this new-fangled hair gadget? I put it to the test.

In the video above, you see me doing my hair and the final looks. I try a total of two styles — curly and straight — and take my ‘do out and about to see if my hair would hold. And yes folks, this was only the second time I used the Airwrap on myself, ever.

The results impressed!

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, click HERE to watch

Stay tuned for the full review of the Dyson Airwrap on Her GadgetMatch. For similar topics and features, visit the website here.

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Tinder’s new feature tells you when a lot of people are swiping in the area

You’re welcome, Tinderella!



Dating app Tinder is finding more and more ways to get people swiping more.

Enter: The new Swipe Surge feature.

Let’s face it, not all areas or events are equal — in terms of swipe activity, that is. But, fret not. Tinder will now tell you if you’re in an area with a high swiping ratio to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Wait, what fun exactly? Well, according to Tinder, during a Swipe Surge, activity on the app is 15 times higher than normal. This means that the chance of finding the love of your life (or the love of tonight 😉) is higher by 250 percent and even chatting up some cuties becomes 33 percent faster. Yep, those are some serious computations.

To get in on the fun, enable push notifications so that the app can notify you when a Swipe Surge is happening in real time. Once you’ve joined the Swipe Surge party, you’ll be put on top swiping priority. Tinder will even show you who’s actively swiping at that moment!

Oh, what fun! Swipe Surge is being tested on iOS in select cities. Unfortunately, we don’t know which ones, or when it’s coming to all users; if it even ever will.

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