Student makes an ID case with a power bank and USB flash drive

From the same guy who made a life-sized BB-8



Image credit: Angelo Casimiro

Back when I was still in high school, I always carried my 128MB USB flash drive with me. Since it was very expensive back then, I made sure I didn’t lose it by tying it to my ID lace, along with my house keys. Today, there’s another necessity you should carry around: a power bank. You surely don’t want to hang a bulky battery on your neck, but that won’t be a problem with this ID case.

Angelo Casimiro, the Filipino student that created a working life-size BB-8, has a new creation: an ID case prototype with a power bank and a USB flash drive. Portable batteries are already built in to modern wallets and cardholders, so putting it into an ID case is a great idea for students.

Image credit: Angelo Casimiro

Casimiro’s ID case prototype is made using a 3D printer. It has a sizeable 3000mAh Li-poly battery and a pull-down USB flash drive with a whopping 128GB of storage. According to him, the overall weight of the ID case is just 50 grams.

The battery capacity of the ID case should be able to fully charge an iPhone or Android smartphone depending on battery size, while the 128GB storage is more than enough to store software, videos, and games.

Image credit: Angelo Casimiro

On the side, the ID case has a full-size USB port for charging portable devices and an LED battery level indicator. The built-in battery is charged through a micro-USB port just like a typical power bank. A pull-down USB connector is hidden beneath the case when you have to plug it into a computer.

“I usually offer my 3D Printing services and electronics expertise to fellow La Sallians for product prototyping and fabrication, but never have I had a client with such a brilliant idea. David Zinampan and his groupmates had an idea to sneak in a compact 3000mAh Li-poly battery inside a custom 3D-printed ID holder while stuffing in a 128GB pull-down USB flash drive,” said Angelo in his Facebook post.

The ID case is just a prototype and a college project, so you won’t see it in stores anytime soon. But, it could actually be a product designed for students by students.

This prototype is just one of the many creations of Angelo. He has his own YouTube channel called TechBuilder where he showcases his inventions and DIY projects.

Update (July 23, 2018): I reached out to Angelo to ask more details about the project. His post regarding the ID case power bank was just meant to be a showcase of another finished DIY project in collaboration with David Zinampan, Sarah Tan, Celine Solis, Andreana Gabrielle Yu Santos, and Ivan Yeung. He didn’t expect it to go viral outside his circle. The demand pushed them to work on its patent and look into mass production. If things go well, there are plans to start a company and sell the ID case power bank as a consumer product.

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Realme Buds Air: Affordable true wireless earbuds

Cheaper ‘AirPods’



Seems like everyone’s making true wireless earbuds now so Realme decided to join in the fun as well with the Realme Buds Air.

In true Realme spirit, the Realme Buds Air promises to offer quality performance at a competitive price. The company claims it’s the first in its price segment to implement a dual-channel transmission tech for enhanced audio. This helps with minimizing latency which should be perfect for mobile gaming fans — a segment of the market that Realme has been aggressively catering to.

In terms of sound quality, Realme says it has a 12mm bass sound driver that “delivers intensive and powerful audio quality without compromising richness and fidelity.”

While it doesn’t have any fancy noise canceling tech, the company says it does have the capability of filtering out noise. This should help with day-to-day calls and your music listening sessions.

The Realme Buds Air also has a built-in Google Assistant so you can use voice command for various things. It’s also easy to control. You simply need to tap the buds to control what you’re listening to.

It also has the ability to to pause when you take the them off and will resume what you’re playing once you put them back on.

Just like its look-alike — the Apple AirPods — these earbuds comes with a charging case that you can juice up wirelessly or through USB-C.

Pricing and availability

The Realme Buds Air comes in three colors: white, black, and Realme’s signature yellow. It will sell for PhP 3,990 starting January 22, 2020.

As an initial offering, it will be available at a special discounted price of PhP 2,990 on Realme’s official Lazada store on the following dates: January 22, 29, and February 6.

Realme is also giving away a free wireless charging pad to the first 100 customers. There will also be special vouchers on Realme’s official Facebook page from January 22 to February 6. The vouchers will further lower the price of the realme Buds Air by PHP500.

To entice more buyers, customers who will purchase both a Realme smartphone and a Realme Buds Air enjoy an additional discount of Php 1,000.

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PH3 wireless headphones is a wearable Filipino pride

A limited-edition offering that gives back



Electronics manufacturer H-Audio has been providing quality products to its market when it comes to audio solutions. While they have a select lineup of offerings, it caters to different types of users.

What we have here is the PH3 that screams Filipino pride as soon as you put it on. Read on and find out if it performs as good as it looks.

It has a straightforward design

Red and blue stripes signify colors from the Philippine flag

Three stars and a sun on each earcup

Can’t get any more Filipino than this

Solid build quality

Headband has a good flex to it

Clasps comfortably on the head

Doesn’t come off easily

Comfortable ear cups

Earmuffs are made of memory foam

What I personally like about the PH3 when it comes to design is how it has a minimalistic kind of approach with just the three stars, sun, and stripes of red and blue. Apart from these Philippine flag-inspired colors, everything else is white. Sure, it might require extra effort to keep it clean, but it’s just something that works aesthetically.

Build quality feels durable and not flimsy which is what I look for next to sound quality. This is made possible by using stainless steel for the headband support and hard plastic for the rest — making it light, but tough.

It has a nice fit around the ears and wearing it for extended periods of time was still comfortable thanks to its memory foam earmuffs. I’ve used it a couple of times while running on the treadmill and the earcups remained snug and in place.

All-around performer

When it comes to sound quality, let’s get to the point — the PH3 delivers. It’s got warm and distinct mids, decent highs, and impressive lows. The overall sound is what you’d expect of closed-back headphones and leans on the muffled side of the sound spectrum.

Active Noise Cancellation option

One thing I noticed, though, is that sound leaks a little to the outside world so you might want to keep that in mind when you’re in an elevator with other people or something.

Connection via Bluetooth was easy and automatically pairs to the phone each time the headphones is turned on. That alone is a big check for me.

Micro-USB port for charging

The company says it has up to 20 hours of battery life. While I was not able to continuously use it, the headphones lasted me about five days with ANC off and mainly using it for music at the gym, walking around the neighborhood, or even just at home.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

H-Audio’s PH3 is a reliable pair of cans with minimal drawbacks. It might require extra care to keep it clean and sound leak at full volume might be an issue for a select few. Looking past those, however, you have a good set of headphones that not only performs well but also looks attractive with its touch of a local theme.

Additionally, its features like wireless connectivity and Active Noise Cancellation make operations easier and add to the overall music-listening experience.

Priced at PhP 7,480, proceeds will go to platforms to raise funds and help the underprivileged Filipino youth. The PH3 is available in select The Loop by Power Mac Center branches. For more list of stores carrying their products, visit their Facebook page.

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Audio House is giving away freebies for Chinese New Year

Get a voucher or a standing fan for the new year



Image by Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

Chinese New Year is fast approaching once again. This year, Audio House is giving us more reasons to celebrate the festivities.

From January 18 to February 9, Audio House will give away SG$ 28 Ang Pow (red packet) vouchers or standing fan to every customer with no minimum purchase. Customers may use these vouchers to discount their next purchase.

Anyone is eligible to receive these freebies. For any successful friend referral, the customers receive an additional SG$ 1 to their vouchers. However, there’s a limit of 50 persons per referral.

In total, anyone can receive an SG$ 78 voucher eligible for any items in any Audio House store nationwide.

Here are the steps to receive the freebies:

  1. Register via Audio House’s website.
  2. A confirmation email with QR Code will be sent to the registered email address.
  3. Present the confirmation email with QR Code and ID at any Audio House showroom service counter to redeem either the ang pow voucher or the standing fan. Each can only redeem once.

The voucher is a great help for individuals gifting their loved ones with electronic items. With over 4,900 electronic items for sale, Audio House showcases major brands from all over the world. Plus, they give cashback in the form of vouchers on every item purchased. To learn more about Audio House, visit their website.

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