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Fitbit Luxe: Finally, a fitness band that’s actually pretty



One of my major frustrations with fitness bands has always been the way they look. Why is it so hard to make them look pretty enough to wear outside a workout? There’s no rule that they should be unattractive and clunky, right? Enter Fitbit’s answer to said problem: The Fitbit Luxe. It’s sleek and stylish while packing all the necessary features, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance.

The Luxe is not my first Fitbit having owned my now ancient Charge 2 then an Alta HR sequestered from my husband who wore it for a month then got tired of it because it didn’t go well with his suits. 

I wore both fitness bands with pride and as a way for me to send a message that I was now taking my health a little seriously. However, they often looked out of place with most of my outfits. Wearing them to events that had a bit of a more formal dress code always looked awkward. I even thought of wearing a classy watch on my left arm and the Fitbit on the right just to make it work at some point. However, even the smaller Alta HR made me look like I was coming straight from a run.

Form & substance

A common complaint about the Luxe is how small the screen is. Personally, I don’t see it as an issue. I enjoy the size which makes it inconspicuously stylish. Sure, it has a function for you to quickly take a peek at your texts, even read them in full. But who still sends novel-length texts these days? Mine’s usually from delivery services just telling me to pick up my orders. Though I won’t mind getting more notifications from other messaging apps that I have on my phone.

The size also makes it look like a truly elegant timepiece as soon as you slap on a metal strap. I originally wanted the lunar white and soft gold combination but ended up with the orchid (pink) and platinum stainless steel. At first, I was a bit wary of the pink, thinking it might look rather juvenile on me. But it worked out in the end. It’s a lovely shade that I don’t mind wearing with most of my activewear. 

I actually bought myself a gold milanese strap online, similar to the ones I used with my older Fitbit models. They’re pretty inexpensive and are available on sites like Amazon and Shopee. The silver hardware on my Luxe also gave me more freedom to mix my metals within my outfit, instead of getting tied down to a gold-on-gold combo. Fitbit also has their own gold, metal strap. You pay a little more for it but it can be a justifiable investment if it will make sure you don’t have to take off the Luxe whenever you need to dress a little more formally.

Fitbit Luxe

The Luxe tracks your workouts, your steps, and even your oxygen levels as you sleep. It even has multiple watch faces to match your outfits. My personal choice is the ‘Vogue’ which shows the time in pastel pink and green. Très chic.


My favorite thing about the Luxe has to be the fact that it can now be used to track your swimming as well. It’s something both the older models I owned didn’t have. Sadly, the pandemic has rendered most pools closed, even in our building. I did get to dip my unit in water to check its water lock mode which stops the water from accidentally controlling your screen. It worked really well and my unit survived the quick dip.

We’ll let you know how it fares in the pool or the beach once the IATF relaxes its guidelines. So far, however, this wearable is looking pretty good on that front too.

Fitbit Premium

The Luxe also comes with six months of Fitbit Premium. The personalized subscription service on the Fitbit App opens up a whole new world for one’s fitness goals. It gives you advanced analytics on your sleep data, recipe inspirations, as well as video workouts.

As someone who has the Peloton app, I have to admit that it’s still my go-to for my home workouts, even on exercises that go beyond cycling. Though their guided programs that help you in your other goals like kicking your sugar habit, learning how to do a push-up, and even getting more sleep, are such great additions to your self-improvement plans.

Fitbit Luxe

Though I must admit that my favorite among the premium features is how it can give you a comprehensive wellness report upon request. The only requirement is that you have to be using your Luxe for about a month. The report shows you your average heart rate, average steps and sedentary moments, sleep, and menstrual cycles, as well as your heart rate zones.

Great battery life

The Luxe promises about 5 days of battery life but mine usually goes a little over than that. There are times when I go up to a week without charging and I’m someone who tries to workout every other day for about 30-45 minutes and I walk an average of six thousand steps. I know, I could use some more. I also wear the Fitbit to sleep as I enjoy seeing my sleep metrics. 

Fitbit Luxe

Speaking of sleep, its size really makes it easier to wear the Luxe to bed. From a more practical point of view, the Luxet doesn’t dig into the skin – it’s the most comfortable tracker I’ve ever worn. 

Is the Fitbit Luxe your GadgetMatch?

Fitbit Luxe

Personally, I think I’ve found the one when it comes to fitness trackers. Ever since I received the Luxe, the only times it left my wrist was for a charge. It does the job without being too invasive when it comes to my daily life – outfits included.

The Fitbit Luxe retails for PhP 8,490 while the gorjana-designed Special Edition will cost PhP 12,990.

Her GadgetMatch

5 ways to practice sustainable lifestyle

According to these Filipinas




Living a sustainable lifestyle is something we’re trying to achieve. As much as possible, we make conscious decisions to go green and reduce our carbon footprint in our purchases and lifestyle.

We already started with practicing sustainable fashion. And we hope to practice sustainability when it comes to our beauty products, too.

If you’re still on the fence about making a switch to a sustainable lifestyle, let these Filipinas share with you a tip on how you can do it.

The power of small yet consistent changes

“Look for changes you can make that are easy and convenient for you. If you can easily swap out an unsustainable product for a sustainable one, take that win! Making changes easy for yourself and your lifestyle ensure a greater chance of long-term success,” says actress and vlogger Coraleen Waddell.

Find and help advocacies that promote sustainability


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A post shared by Patch Magtanong 🇵🇭 (@patchmag)

“Be vocal, influence your peers, and take action,” says Patch Magtanong, lawyer, beauty queen, and fashion model who was crowned Binibining Pilipinas — International 2019.

Always remember the three R’s


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A post shared by Leila (@leilalcasid)

“Avoid waste by recycling, and consider throwing something out an absolute last resort. Almost everything can be repurposed or recycled,” says singer-songwriter Leila Alcasid.

Be conscious of your decisions


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A post shared by Janina Manipol 🎞 (@janinamanipol)

“Change personal behavior on what you eat, what you purchase, and how you conserve energy and water,” says Janina Manipol.

Choose a product that’s kind to your skin and the planet

Above all, taking care of yourself shouldn’t affect the planet — directly and indirectly. Recently, Nivea is making the jump on sustainable skincare, bringing the WonderBAR to address different skin concerns. Also, it’s good for the planet, thanks to its natural origin, vegan formula, and plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging.

Currently, the Nivea WonderBAR comes in four variants:

  • Anti-Pimple Scrub for effectively treating pimples.
  • Hydrating for those who have dry skin.
  • Radiance for those who want to have radiant and glowing skin.
  • Blackhead-Clearing Scrub with activated charcoal for those who want clearer, smoother skin.

NIVEA WonderBAR is available in select Watson’s stores nationwide and online, as well as in Lazada and Shopee.

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Native Union decks out new, modern accessories for Apple devices

Cover your gadgets with stylish accessories




Having a modern lifestyle doesn’t stop at buying the latest gadgets and having the newest technology. Oftentimes, it’s dressing your devices with stylish accessories.

Lifestyle brand Native Union echoes design solutions apt for a Modern Working Lifestyle. Taking into consideration the user experience, the brand sets out to launch a whole new set of accessories that will enhance your everyday lives.

Snap 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger – USD 80 / PhP 4,370

Lose the cables and make charging easy and organized. With a simple snap, your iPhone and AirPods can charge wirelessly without worry. The accessory is compatible with MagSafe and Qi, and it sports a premium metal base to keep your devices in place. More importantly, it has a minimalist design to complement your neat workplace.

Watch Puck – USD 50 / PhP 2,730

Charge your Apple Watch wherever you go. The Watch Puck is a pocket-friendly charging puck using Type-C so you can fill the juice on your Apple Watch even if you plug it in your MacBook, iPad, power banks, or any wall chargers.

Curve AirTag Loop – USD 10 / PhP 550

Dress your AirTag on a stylish, durable, and flexible silicone to protect them from scratches. It uses a loop-and-lock design for easy attachment and detachment. And it’s available in four colors: black, navy, peach, and sage.

Curve Apple Watch Strap – USD 40 / PhP 2,190

Comfort is key when it comes to smartwatches. Native Union has a versatile and comfortable strap made in smooth, grooved silicone. It has minimalist details and comes with an inner ridge to minimize friction on your skin. It comes in two colors: Black and Sage.

Sling Tech Pouch

Coming soon is a pouch designed for those who live an active life and are always on the go. The Sling Tech Pouch is a solution that comes with a zippered main compartment for smartphones. And another zippered side pocket where you can safely store your cards, cash, keys, and tiny essentials.

It’s designed like an adjustable crossbody sling adorned with metal details and uses a durable, water-resistant tarpaulin as its main material. It’ll come in two colors: Slate or Sand.

Visit Native Union’s website for more information.

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myFirst Insta Wi: For the love of labels, prints, and photographs

Here’s a camera and printer in one!



myFirst Insta Wi

Kids nowadays are neck-deep into technology — smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, television, and other forms of tech in our day-to-day lives.

Being the legal guardian of my seven-year-old niece is tough, especially since my work involves the latest devices in the consumer technology industry. She has access to all the newest and coolest gadgets in the market more than her peers.

What worries me is that I’ll have a hard time encouraging her to be more present, disconnect, and have fun offline. So when Oaxis Singapore reached out for their Kickstarter campaign, I was ecstatic. An instant camera and printer in one could be the solution to my woes.

A bit of history

Before we dive in, let’s have a bit of a background about myFirst. It’s a kids technology brand under Oaxis, founded by a team of super dads who aim to bridge the gap between tech and the toys we used to love.

There are a lot of issues that almost every parent has when it comes to gadgets. These include security in using technology and against online risks, being a factor in a child’s learning process, possible addiction, and safety from hazardous materials. This is what myFirst has been trying to address ever since they launched the myFirst Camera. And it continues to do so with the newest Insta Wi.

So, what is this Insta Wi?

The Insta Wi is myFirst’s newest camera — an all-in-one device that lets you take photos and videos, and print pictures and labels.

It comes in an adorable, familiar shape with a yummy yellow colorway. Seems familiar? The color follows after the Pantone Color of the Year 2021.

It has little ears where you can hook some straps so you can bring the device wherever you go without worry.

On its front, you can find its 16-megapixel rear camera together with the printer.

Moving to its sides, the right part has a mouthpiece and a slot for the micro-USB port and memory card, covered by a yellow silicone flap.

The other side comes with its speaker grilles.

On the back, you can find its selfie camera above the 2.4-inch IPS LCD screen, surrounded by plenty of buttons for navigating the device and doing its function.

It also comes with a dock that doubles as its protective case and holder for kids to grip easily.

The case has two instant buttons on its back: a power button and a wireless print option.

Playing around

So let’s dive in on what this all-in-one device can do for you or your kid. You can boot the device by pressing the power button on the left side of the screen. When it’s opened, it will automatically use the selfie shooter. If you aim to use the rear camera, flip it through the same button you used to boot the device. You just need to click it to switch, since pressing long will shut it down.

On the right side of the screen are buttons that let you capture photos and videos. It’s the same process as the power button; the icon on top requires a single click while the icon below requires a long press for it to work.

The button below the power toggle is for the back option and settings. You can change the printing density, or switch the photo resolution between 6M (3280×1848), 9M (4000×2248), and 12M (4032×2880). Just make sure to use the plus and minus sign as the up and down buttons, and the camera button as a replacement to the usual “enter” sign.

myFirst Insta Wi

Other settings include video resolution options (VGA, 720P, and 1080P), language setting, sound, date and time, wireless connection, and format option. The other buttons below the screen let you access the gallery and print photos, assuming you have inserted a roll of paper.

Thermal printing!

myFirst Insta Wi

Let’s go back to the front and figure out how to print and insert a roll of paper. First, you need to open the yellow cover by pulling it from the side.

myFirst Insta Wi

Once opened, you’ll find a slot where you can insert the rolled thermal paper included in the box.

myFirst Insta Wi

Of course, you have to insert the rolled thermal paper so we can get things rolling. Remember to remove the sticker and put the edge to the opening so the printer can detect the paper.

myFirst Insta Wi

Once you’re set, you can check your gallery and click the print button. Printing doesn’t take long, ten seconds top. The results aren’t quite lovely, since we’ve covered thermal printers before that have clearer and firmer results.

Although, that’s only an inconvenience for adults. When my niece used the printer to make physical copies of her photos, she was astounded. The key here is making the kid indulge and have fun using technology.

myFirst Insta Wi

To make things more adorable, the package comes with colorful stickers to adorn your prints and labels.

Needing labels

myFirst Insta Wi

If you don’t have a label in your life, then that’s a problem. Kidding aside, the Insta Wi prints not just photos, but labels, too. You can download the myFirst Insta Wi app on the App Store and the Play Store.

myFirst Insta Wi

To make it work, remember to turn off the camera (if you have it on), and place it on the dock. Then, turn it on again through the power button and press the wireless print option.

This enables Wi-Fi connectivity so you can connect both your smartphone and the Insta Wi. It took me a few minutes connecting both, but when I succeeded — everything was just seamless.

myFirst Insta Wi

There are so many things you can do using the app. I even asked my niece to write something and use a layout so that the print looks cute.

myFirst Insta Wi

If you have a Galaxy Note or a tablet with pen support, it would be perfect to draw on the app and have it printed to give a handwritten and personal touch to your labels and prints. Nonetheless, fingers do well on any smartphone if you’re creative enough.

myFirst Insta Wi

There are options to make a label, layout a design, and even add filters to your existing photos through the app — and you can print it easily and continuously. I would advise cutting the rolls using a cutter or a pair of scissors since the thermal paper is tougher than it seems.

myFirst Insta Wi

For those who want to make things a little bit personal, you can print old photos from your phone. The thermal prints need a higher contrast so consider editing your photos to appear clear and visible when printed.

Taking snaps

I didn’t have any video samples with me but I took a stroll with the device while my cousins and I were out for a walk. And for the record, I was able to upload these photos because the device comes with a memory slot for a microSD card. And a microSD card reader in the box to ensure you can have a copy of your snaps!

Of course, the shots aren’t remarkable if you compare them to the latest cameras and smartphones we have today. However, it’s reminiscent of digital cameras of the past — grainy films, dates and tags, and colors that saturated our photo albums back in the 90s and early 2000s.

Lasts enough

The Insta Wi has a 1,500mAh battery capacity which can last up to five hours. Charging time is capped at 2.5 hours. If you ask me, the capacity is more than enough since we’re not going to spend the whole day using the device. When I went out, I turned it on and off in between chats and walks.

Just because you have cool and cute technology at your hands doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the present. Remember: variety is key when it comes to recreational activities with our kids.

Price and availability

The myFirst Insta Wi retails for US$ 129. However, you can snag it for EUR 59/US$ 69 through its Kickstarter campaign which started last September 14, 2021, and will end on October 14, 2021.

myFirst Insta Wi

After the Kickstarter campaign, production will begin in October 2021 and will start shipping in November 2021 for early birds. Regular Kickstarters will have their Insta Wi shipped by December 2021.

Is this your Kid’s GadgetMatch?

I’d give a resounding yes — whether you snag the Insta Wi at an affordable rate through its Kickstarter campaign or if you have spare cash to buy it at retail price.

Most gadgets aren’t designed for kids. There’s a handful that does so, but it’s rare to see a product that considers the kids’ user experience,  safety, and security, as well as addressing a parent/guardian’s concerns.

And myFirst’s Insta Wi ticks all the boxes to make it a kid’s GadgetMatch. And possibly, a gift that parents and guardians can consider for birthdays and holidays.

myFirst Insta Wi

After all, it has an adorable design made of kid-friendly materials and an experience that helps kids unleash their creativity through prints, photographs, and a bit of video recording. More importantly, it encourages a balanced use of technology to help be more present.

My niece surely had a good time, and even I, as an adult, had a fun time playing around with the Insta Wi. Incidentally, it became a bonding moment for us, too. My high-end cameras, printers, and novelty devices are too difficult to grasp for kids under 12. At least with the Insta Wi, my love for prints and photographs lives on to a whole new generation.

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