A Pixel 3 XL bug is creating a second notch

Bug or a potential look at the Pixel 4?



Is there anything worse than a notch? Apparently, there is.

On launch, Google’s Pixel 3 XL earned thousands of raised eyebrows as the much-awaited smartphone featured a ghastly notch. Once a bastion for Android purity, the Pixel brand was seemingly contaminated by the year’s most divisive motifs.

So, what is worse than a notch on Android’s universally lauded phones? Two notches, in fact.

An oddball bug is snaking its way through Pixel 3 XL models as of late. The bug causes the phone to grow a freakish second notch, just southeast of the original one. Thankfully, the glitch comes only to a handful of users. Even more thankfully, the bug usually disappears with a restart.

Currently, the bug’s origin is shrouded in mystery. No one knows how it happened. Possibly, the phone’s software is confusing the screen’s orientation between portrait and landscape.

In a statement, Google has declared its awareness of the issue. The company is already working on a more permanent fix for the glitch. Presumably, a patch will roll out soon.

Regardless, the second notch is a source of hilarity for the brand. Besides the additional notch, the glitch also includes fragments of the phone’s rounded corners. Although a glitch, Redditors are wondering if this is a beta test for next year’s Pixel 4. On the other hand, some are also asking Google to fix (or remove) the notch on the top part of the screen.

Bug or a feature? Whichever way you look at it, Google’s glitchy blunder is a humorous way to look at the industry’s most hated feature. The notch won’t go anywhere soon. At the very least, we can revel in the absence of two notches.

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Apple patches out the latest way to jailbreak your iPhone

iOS 13.5.1 rolls out today



Last week, Apple experienced a sudden blast from the past. The Unc0ver team, a renowned hacking team, successfully jailbroke the latest iOS version, marking the first time in years that a jailbreaking tool caught up to the operating system in such a short time. Though skirting the fine edge of cybersecurity, the latest hack celebrated the former glory days of jailbreaking.

As you might expect, Apple has diligently worked on a fix to patch out the vulnerability. Today, the company has released a minor update to the current iOS version. Rolling out today, iOS 13.5.1 carries a small but ambiguous changelog. “iOS 13.5.1 provides important security updates and is recommended for all users,” the update said.

However, Apple’s website contains more revelatory details. The update specifically names the unc0ver vulnerability as “an application [that] may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.” It will roll out to the iPhone 6s and later models (as well as several iPad and iPod models).

Naturally, the update will roll out to users that signed up for automatic updates. If you haven’t received the update yet, it is available through Software Update in your device’s settings. If you still want to participate in the recent unc0ver vulnerability, you can opt to steer clear from the iOS 13.5.1 update. Still, jailbreaking remains a security risk regardless of how anyone views the hacking tool.

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Sony postpones PlayStation 5 event amidst US protests

Letting more important voices be heard



Last week, we finally heard some news about the upcoming but strangely silent PlayStation 5. Since the pandemic, the next generation of gaming kept out of the limelight, allowing the current generation to flourish amongst the locked-in gamers. Breaking the silence, Sony was scheduled to hold a showcase of PlayStation 5 launch titles this week for the upcoming console. Unfortunately, because of current events, the company has decidedly shelved the digital event.

Through their official Twitter account, PlayStation announced the postponement, allowing other issues to resolve in the meantime. “We have the decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event scheduled for June 4,” the company said.

“While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard,” the post continues.

Naturally, the announcement is timed perfectly for the currently ongoing protests happening across America. Recently, George Floyd, an African American man, was murdered under the custody of a white police officer. The incident, followed by the subsequent lack of justice, sparked a wave of outrage throughout the country.

Since then, other companies and personalities have shown their support towards the cause. Notably, Google postponed Android 11’s launch previously, starting a wave of similar postponements. Though none of the postponing companies have named the George Floyd case specifically, one can easily assume the announcement’s relevance to the current political climate in America.

In any case, it looks like gamers will have to wait a little bit longer before more details about the PlayStation 5 will inevitably surface.

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vivo introduces TWS Earphone Neo

Joining the TWS party!



Another one has joined the TWS party!

vivo is launching its TWS Earphone Neo — a companion to the upcoming X50 series. It’s built to provide a stellar audio experience for everyday music lovers. It also features voice-activated smart controls and AI noise cancelling for clearer phone calls.

Neo runs Qualcomm’s 4th-generation TWS platform named QCC3046, offering low latency, high precision, and stable listening experience. Moreover, it’s equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, reaching a maximum of 10-meter range.

This pair of wireless earphones carries a design-centric compact body. It has a 14.2mm ultra-large driver unit and a bio-fiber composite diaphragm, promising to deliver enhanced audio and powerful sound.

In 2012, vivo pioneered the Hi-Fi chip technology, being the first smartphone to incorporate the chip to deliver unparalleled audio experience. Together with the X50 series, the TWS Earphone Neo is the realization of vivo’s decade-long investments and commitment to improving consumers’ lives with their devices.

Pricing and availability of the TWS Earphone are yet to be announced.

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