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High-tech gardening tools for your modern green thumb needs

Get your greens growing!



Growing up, gardening with my mom was always a fun activity. I grew up and (sort of) inherited this green thumb, as evidenced by a tiny succulent garden we own and tend to.

I remember spending afternoons outdoors digging around in the dirt, watering plants, and patiently waiting for seedlings to grow. Gardening these days though is a lot fancier than it was during those years back. I looked at tools and apps to get your greens growing and girl, there are a lot of high-tech, modern stuff out there to get your garden going. I’ve rounded up a few that will help you get to your gardening goals:

An app to identify flora


I discovered that apps like this existed from my mom. She’d walk around unfamiliar gardens or plant stores, take a photo, and identify the particular plant she wanted for her own garden. Picture This – Plant Identifier not only gives you info on each plant, it also connects you to a growing community of plant-lovers worldwide.

Download for iOS or Android.

Know what to do with your plants with this handy guide

Gardening Reference Guide gives you info on each plant, their background, what they need, and how they’ll thrive. This cheat sheet in-app form ensures you give your greens all the TLC they need.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on iOS. Download it here.

Organize your garden with some taps on your phone

Plot your whole garden — the different areas, all the types of plants, details on growth, and even progress photos — in one app. Gardenize is a space that allows you to follow every detail of your plant progress. You can even share your progress and follow other garden friends on this app for more green thumb inspiration!

Download for iOS or Android.

Track sunlight for the happiest, healthiest plants

We all know that most plants need sun to thrive, but did you know that different plants also have different lighting needs? Apps like these allow you to track sunlight so that all your plants get just the right amount.

Download Sun Seeker for iOS or Sun Surveyor for Android.

Make sure you water properly

If you keep forgetting to water your plants, this one’s for you. Happy Plant gamifies watering notifications and ensures your green babies aren’t thirsty!

Download for iOS here. For Android users, check out Waterbot (download here) or Plant Care Reminder (download here).

When in doubt, track your plant progress

This Xiaomi 4-in-1 Plant Flower Care Smart Monitor is pretty easy to use: Just stick it in your flower pot, connect to your phone, and you get info on sunlight, temperature, moisture, and soil fertility. (Get it here.)

The Parrot Flower Power Smart Plant Sensor also works the same way and measures your plant’s health in real time. (Get it here.)

If you want something even more intrusive, the Xiaomi Ropot is literally a pot with built-in Bluetooth that allows you to track your plant’s statistics. (Get it here.)

Take it a step further with self-watering devices

If monitoring isn’t enough for you, don’t fret. This device takes it a step further by even watering your plants when need be. Check out the AquaMose Smart Watering System on Kickstarter here.

The Parrot Pot is also a smart pot that waters your plant for up to a month. Read more about it here.

Go all out with eco-friendly gardening

And if going green full on is your thing, you might want to consider using Alphapot planters which are 100 percent environment-friendly. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Go to the next level with indoor gardening

Plants can also be grown indoors these days — all thanks to grow lamps that can simulate much-needed light. There are many on sale at pretty reasonable prices such as this LED Grow Lamp. Find it here

If you want to go all in with indoor gardening, pots like the Flora Intelligent 4 in 1 Flower Pot not only monitors your plant, it waters and provides needed light, too. All that’s left for you to do, basically, is watch it grow. Get it here.

Even IKEA sells Cultivation Sets that allow you to grow fresh herbs and greens indoors all year round. You can check them out here.

For those who want an even more fuss-free experience, Click and Grow is a ready-to-go planter that simplifies the whole process. Learn more here.

Enjoy your planting!


Tinder’s new feature tells you when a lot of people are swiping in the area

You’re welcome, Tinderella!



Dating app Tinder is finding more and more ways to get people swiping more.

Enter: The new Swipe Surge feature.

Let’s face it, not all areas or events are equal — in terms of swipe activity, that is. But, fret not. Tinder will now tell you if you’re in an area with a high swiping ratio to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Wait, what fun exactly? Well, according to Tinder, during a Swipe Surge, activity on the app is 15 times higher than normal. This means that the chance of finding the love of your life (or the love of tonight 😉) is higher by 250 percent and even chatting up some cuties becomes 33 percent faster. Yep, those are some serious computations.

To get in on the fun, enable push notifications so that the app can notify you when a Swipe Surge is happening in real time. Once you’ve joined the Swipe Surge party, you’ll be put on top swiping priority. Tinder will even show you who’s actively swiping at that moment!

Oh, what fun! Swipe Surge is being tested on iOS in select cities. Unfortunately, we don’t know which ones, or when it’s coming to all users; if it even ever will.

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Fitbit Charge 3 comes with so many yummy strap options

It also has a 7-day battery life!



The best trackers are the ones that are always on your wrist and running. Though there are a number of impressive ones in the market, so few of them perform in terms of battery time.

Fitbit’s newest health wearable, announced just last August, promises to remedy that. The Fitbit Charge 3 boasts a battery that will last you seven days.

This sleek little thing features an improved touchscreen display that’s made of aluminum and Gorilla Glass, plus an inductive side button (yep, no physical buttons on this baby!). The Charge 3 comes in two colors: Black with a graphite tracker or Blue-gray with a rose-gold tracker. But, if you don’t like those colors, there are a number of strap options available:

For those who want a less sporty look, there are leather strap options, too.

These woven straps, similar to the Fitbit Versa straps, are also looking pretty good.

Aside from looking nice with the benefit of having a slew of straps available for this wearable, the Charge 3 can do a whole lot of things. This fitness band connects to the Fitbit app and tracks your pace and distance in real time, allows for continuous heart rate tracking, and even records sleep.

There’s even automatic exercise recognition which means you don’t have to manually input activities like running, swimming, or certain sports. It has Fitbit Pay, and it’s the first fitness tracker that has smartphone notifications and quick reply for Android.

The Fitbit Charge 3 retails starting at US$ 150 for the basic version and US$ 170 for the special edition NFC- and Fitbit Pay-enabled one. It’s also available in the Philippines for PhP 9,990 and PhP 10,990, respectively. The different bands retail for US$ 30 to US$ 50 or PhP 1,690 to PhP 2,990.

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OnePlus 6T now comes in a beautiful gradient color

The color we’ve always wanted



Finally, OnePlus releases a phone color I can get behind!

OnePlus phones have always been known for their performance and great value, but I’ve always found their color choices to be lacking. Black, graphite, red, or white works for a lot of different folks but for those, like me, who want a flashier and prettier option, we are left wanting.

Not anymore.

OnePlus has just announced that we’re getting the OnePlus 6T in a dreamy new shade called Thunder Purple. This particular device has a beautiful black to purple gradient and a shiny curve on its back that moves with the light. So pretty!

Just look at that subtle, stunning color pop

The same color, announced in China last week, will be available in the US and Europe starting today on the OnePlus website. It rocks 8GB of memory with 128GB of storage and retails for US$ 579.

Image credit: Joshua Vergara

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