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How the Dyson Pure Cool Me helped my morning allergies

Get your personal blast of cool, clean air



I’m admittedly a fan of all things Dyson. The company has been making products that are not only aesthetically pleasing (aka, pretty) but also functional. Earlier this year they released a couple of new gadgets that aim to make our lives more comfortable — one of them being the Dyson Pure Cool Me. And, as a girl who suffers from morning allergies, I was excited to be able to test this out and see the difference it would make.

What is it?

First things first, what exactly is the Pure Cool Me and how is it different from the Pure Cool? Well, they both function as a fan and air purifier but the Pure Cool Me is positioned as a smaller, more personal device with stripped-down features compared to Dyson Pure Cool.

The Pure Cool Me is most obviously smaller in size as it was designed to be a tabletop device. It operates with Dyson’s new Core Flow technology which projects air towards you in a precise direction. The center dome can be pushed either up or down which opens corresponding vents to either blow straight forward or upwards. It can, unfortunately, only be manipulated in those two directions. However, it does oscillate on a 70-degree range to make up it.

When set to the highest speed, the Pure Cool Me can deliver some serious air. I, more often than not, never had it maxed out when I was in close range. Setting the fan speed mid-level provided the right amount of wind on my face without being too bothersome. And though poised as a personal fan, the Pure Cool Me is still able to push out enough air to cool a small area.

Cool, clean air

The Pure Cool Me’s air purifier is equipped with a filter that combines activated carbon and glass HEPA filter. Dyson’s air filters are one of the few air filters approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and claim to capture gases and 99.95% of air pollutants. I didn’t instantly notice the change in the air quality around me but I did eventually start waking up without having to profusely sniff and scratch my nose. This filter is also supposed to help the fan run extremely quiet but I found that the sound was still noticeable. But, fortunately, the sound it makes is a bit akin to white noise which makes it tolerable.

You can monitor the filter’s life by using the remote control. When pressing the dedicated button, a small screen upfront will show you your filter’s status and whether or not it should be changed. To replace it, you just need to pop the top open with a button on the fan, pull out the old filter, and insert the new one. Dyson suggests filters be changed every 12 months if the fan is used for 12 hours a day but, of course, this varies from user to user.

Controlling the device

Each unit comes with a magnetic remote controller that sticks to the front of the fan. With it, you can control the power, fan speed, timer, oscillation, and check on the air filter’s status. A small, circular display is situated on the front of the fan and works as a visual aid for the controls. While having the magnetic holder is pretty useful, I found that the lack of physical buttons on-board the fan proved to be a hindrance. It only has one button on the device which controls power. I sometimes found myself without the remote and needing to adjust the fan speed and I, despite being just beside the fan, couldn’t operate it. It led me to miss one of the best features from the Dyson Pure Cool, which is its smart functionality.

Dyson’s Pure Cool fan had smart functionality that allowed you to connect it to an app to help monitor air quality as well as control the actual device. It also worked with smart assistants like Alexa but unfortunately, the Pure Cool Me is not capable of any of these features. Hopefully, they make this feature available for future generations of the Pure Cool Me.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is first and foremost a personal fan but after a couple of weeks using it, I find that it can go beyond that. It does its job superbly as a purifier as I honestly did wake up with less of a stuffy nose and the fan speed was a lot strong than I expected. It’s a lot smaller than most of Dyson’s fans but I feel it could be just a tad bit smaller or thinner to make it more at home on a desk. Other than that and the lack of smart functionality, the Dyson Pure Cool Me hits all the other checkboxes a Dyson device might have. The Pure Cool Me is the cheapest in the Dyson fan/purifier family at $299.99. Needless to say, it’s still not cheap but could be a good starting point for those who want to try out Dyson’s products. With this, what you get is basically a small fan with a high-end air purifier.


How to make your crush view your Instagram story

Three easy steps to get that validation



Catching up with friends entails a discussion about your love life. Being single for a long time, a friend asked if I were dating someone new. I responded gleefully, “no, I’m not dating anyone but I have a new crush I met at an event.”

Giggly about my newfound love interest, my friend advised me how to tease my crush. However, it’ll only work if we’re following each other on Instagram. To see if my friend’s strategy works, we used our own accounts and to my surprise, we succeeded.

While it may yield different results, here are three easy steps you can do to make your crush view your Instagram story.

Step 1: Post a story you want your crush to see

Uploading a story feels like a small window to our lives. Make sure the photo you upload is something that you want your crush to see. It’s like making an impression, and you only have one shot if he/she ever sees your story. I posted my gym photos and pizza stories — something that both my crush and I enjoy.

Step 2: Edit your story settings

Here’s the not-so-tricky part! We’re calling it the hide-unhide strategy. When your story is uploaded, immediately adjust your story settings and hide your story from your crush. Save it, and then change the story settings again to unhide the story. This strategy beats Instagram’s algorithm and pushes your story to one of the first stories he/she can view.

Step 3: Enjoy the validation

As long as you and your crush follow each other on Instagram and regularly use the app, then it’s guaranteed that he/she will view your story. Enjoy the frickin’ validation. I’ve been doing it for almost a month now, and I always giggle whenever I see my crush’s name.

There are times that the strategy won’t push you to the first story he/she can view. For some reason, my friend tried hiding and unhiding her story to me, and she only ended up being second on the queue. Instagram still prioritizes the accounts you engage with the most through reacts and direct messages. However, being at the first five ensures you have a shot at making an impression that lasts.

Now, hurry and make your crush view your story. It won’t be long before Instagram’s algorithm changes again!

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6 shows on Netflix with hot sex scenes

Netflix keeps it wild and steamy



Photo by GadgetMatch

The following is intended for readers 18+

Netflix has a variety of shows that you can enjoy: From romantic comedies that make you blush to thriller films that make your heart race. Common knowledge, but Netflix also has a lot of TV series with steamy sex scenes.

Below are six shows on Netflix with sexy scenes. If you’re looking for a show that’ll give you a wild, hookup idea or make you drool over someone, you’ve come (pun not intended) to the right place. And oh, there are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Photo by GadgetMatch | Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 1, Episode 3 (06:20)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones has the thrill you’re looking for — crimes, investigation, murder, and wild sex scenes. Its season 3 may have a lot of sexy scenes, but nothing can beat the first episodes in its first season.

I mean, come on! Luke Cage and Jessica Jones — two powerful superhumans — thrusting while moaning hard, and breaking the bed? That’s WILD.


Photo by GadgetMatch | Riverdale Season 3, Episode 5 (15:00)

Sure, it’s all about murders in Riverdale town, but teens from Riverdale are so hormonal, they’re also obsessed with sex. Some of the hottest scenes are from Season 3, Episode 5 (15:00) where Veronica uses her connections to get to Archie — and have sex in the locker room.

Another is from Season 4, Episode 2 (04:00) when Betty and Jughead started making out in front of Archie and Veronica. At first, you’ll think it’s going to be a foursome, but the two had their one-on-one session in another room instead.


Photo by GadgetMatch | Elite Season 1, Episode 3 (48:58)

Another teen series starring some of the casts from the popular La Casa de Papel, Elite follows three teenagers who transferred to an elite school. If you think this is some high school drama, you’re kidding yourself. It has a lot of murder, alcohol, party, and of course, sex.

Starting with Season 1, Episode 1 (20:40, 41:43) where a shower and bed scene happened while the couples were being watched. Then, there’s Season 1, Episode 3 (47:41) where a threesome between two guys and a girl happened, and Season 2 Episode 2 (38:28) where two guys did the deed while someone beside them is sleeping.

Orange is the New Black

Photo by GadgetMatch | Orange is the New Black Season 3, Episode 2 (54:08)

Orange is the New Black has a lot of girl on girl scenes, obviously because the show took place in a women’s prison. The show follows Piper Kerman’s memoir when she was indicted for money-laundering and drug-trafficking.

One of the hottest scenes in the show was between Alex Vause and Piper Chapman. At Season 3, Episode 2 (54:08), Alex and Piper had a “fight” that led to a pushing, grabbing, and hair-pulling sex scene. There was a lot of strength and aggression.


Photo by GadgetMatch | Sense8 Season 2, Episode 1 (53:12)

Sense8 might be a sci-fi drama revolving around the theme of “connection,” with lots of superhuman powers but its sex scenes are abundant. At the finale of Season 1 and during the first episode of Season 2, an orgy happened. Most of the scenes were shown in unrealistic places like inside a toilet cubicle.

Sense8 is filled with steamy sex scenes that might make you want to stay away from your favorite adult sites. Maybe you can just use this as a buffer for your date night. You can really get them in the mood with the show’s intriguing plot and steamy scenes.


Photo by GadgetMatch | Bodyguard Episode 2 (57:08)

What’s hotter than having a relationship with someone you’re not supposed to be with? Say, someone older than you, your client, or probably your direct superior at work? At Bodyguard, fans reveled at the sexual tension between the hot bodyguard David Montague and hot politician Julia Montague.

In the second and third episodes, the sexual tension hit a fever pitch with fear and anger becoming one of the driving forces for both David and Julia to do the deed — even though it’s going to get things complicated. Also, nothing sounds sexier than hearing someone as hot as David being polite while humping you on a desk.

Bonus: The Witcher

Photo by GadgetMatch | The Witcher Season 1, Episode 3 (14:00)

The Witcher has been the talk of the town lately — from memes to incredible fight scenes, and its nudity. Almost every episode has it, but the scene between Istredd and Yennefer at Episode 3 is something to watch out for. *wink emoji*

Finding the right show to Netflix & Chill to

Identifying a scene as hot, wild, and steamy is purely subjective. Some shows might be hot for you, some might not. However, the key to enjoying these shows is to watch and dive into the story. Follow the plot and understand the dynamics between the characters.

The plot is integral since it builds sexual tension. And honestly, we’re always pumped in those moments where we can’t wait for the characters to “just do it.” 😏

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3 fitness apps for people who travel a lot

No excuses!



Traveling makes sticking to a workout routine difficult; but in an era with apps that cater to just about everyone’s needs, it’s now easier to achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re committed to making health and fitness a priority this year or simply feel bad about not having a go-to workout, here are three apps that can help no matter how busy you are, wherever in the world you may be:


Work out whenever your schedule allows it, wherever you may be — sans the contract. That’s the idea behind FlexIt, a pay-by-the-minute app that gives you access to thousands of gyms.

You simply scan a QR code at the front desk before and after a workout so you only pay for the time you spend at the gym. The app also lets you see which gyms offer the best per-minute rate in your area, and which times are off peak hours so you can get an even better deal.

FlexIt is currently available across the US, and will soon be expanding to Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Finding a workout that you enjoy can be daunting. With ClassPass, you get to try different physical activities for as little as US$ 19 per month. It’s also perfect for people who get bored with sticking to just one type of workout.

With the app, you can search classes offered by the different gyms around you. Whether it’s indoor cycling, yoga, HIIT, or boxing — booking a class that you feel like taking that day is one tap away. Can’t find a gym in your area? A ClassPass membership also gives you access to on-demand workout videos.

ClassPass is available across the North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania although monthly subscriptions vary per country.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

If time constraints and the lack of gyms in the area are what’s stopping you, try J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app. It’s completely free and it gives you access to a virtual coach and a video library of workouts that you can do in 7 minutes.

If you have a little bit more time to spare, there’s a Smart Workout mode that creates a variety of workouts based on your fitness and motivation level.

The best part is none of the workouts require weights or machines, just your own body weight, making it easier to get your heart pumping whether you’re in an airport lounge or an Airbnb.

Committing to a one-year gym membership can be too much — not just for people who travel a lot like me, but also for beginners. These three apps don’t require contracts, but a self-commitment to make working out not just a New Year’s resolution but also a lifetime habit. With everything accessible with a few taps on your smartphone, there are just simply no excuses.

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