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Testing the Dyson Pure Cool: Does it actually work?

We put it to the test



Dyson, a leader in innovative home tech and creators of the appliance #homegoals such as the cordless V-series vacuums and Supersonic hairdryers, has released a fan and air-purifier combo that will confuse as much as it will amaze.

First of all, a what?

Also, finally: A high-tech fan that looks good

Yep, Dyson has decided that their blade-less fans go well with air purifiers (this isn’t even their first iteration of the product) and if you think about it, it does make sense. According to studies, indoor pollution has the same adverse effects as outdoor pollution, and indoor air circulation goes hand in hand with healthy indoor air levels. So, in theory, the Pure Cool would be able to help with air movement and quality in general.

You can have air blow out the bladeless fan in the traditional direction, or have airflow move from the fan sides. Plus, you can also make the base rotate so there’s equal air distribution.

Basically, this thing tracks air quality in your room with its sensors. It can even detect particles smaller than what the human eye can see.

That means it can detect indoor pollutants even from everyday activities — I know because we tested it. Yes, I sprayed hairspray and perfume and the purifier picked them up. Powdering your nose? Yep, the PureCool sees that, too! What surprised me was that even particles from tearing paper, the purifier detected! The Pure Cool then worked its magic to lower these detected levels.

Out of all the things we tested, it was cooking and smoke from our attempt at cooking that showed a big change in air quality. Even though it didn’t completely remove cooking odor, the Pure Cool was able to eventually restore the air to normal levels through continued use.

Of course, the Pure Cool isn’t magic. It does take time, depending on the type of substance, for particles to be detected. It also takes time for the device to purify air, so don’t expect it to be an instant fix.

An added feature is that it can be connected to an app that will tell you what the air levels are even when you’re not at your place. It also allows you to control the device remotely or create specific schedules for your device.

In terms of smart home appliances, these fans are as multi-function as they come. The app is also an added convenience for users who want to monitor indoor air quality. For PhP 44,500 in the Philippines or SG$ 949 in Singapore, it doesn’t come cheap, though. But, for those with allergies or are more sensitive to indoor air, it might just be the best investment.

Dyson Pure Cool: You think your air is clean?

Can it really detect all the pollutants?

Posted by Her GadgetMatch on Monday, September 24, 2018


Huawei’s Watch Fit aims to ‘reframe’ health, fitness, and style

Lead your fitness revolution



Photo by GadgetMatch

Huawei unveiled its latest fitness watch, the Huawei Watch Fit. It’s the Chinese company’s first-ever sports-oriented smartwatch with a rounded rectangular face. The new fitness watch aims to reframe your health, fitness, and style.

Reassess your health and fitness

With an assortment of fitness courses, workout modes, and health tracking features, you can get into new routines to reassess your health and fitness.

The Huawei Watch Fit contains 12 workout courses with 44 posture demonstrations, supported by an animated personal trainer. There’s a free one-on-one personal training, and bite-sized exercises so you can stay fit wherever you are. The watch also reminds you to stand up with its reminders, prompting you to move if you sit longer than three minutes.

Moreover, the fitness watch supports a total of 96 workout modes with advanced data tracking. Professional workout modes cover the most popular exercises such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, and more. On the other hand, there are 85 workout modes covered for different niches.

The power of science and technology

Huawei combines its AI technology and scientific data to create comprehensive health-tracking features. With proprietary technologies, Huawei Watch Fit promises to aid consumers in becoming more conscious of their personal health and data.

Monitoring heart rate

Through TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, the Watch Fit assesses your current resting heart rate complete with an infographic detailing the changes over the last 24 hours. Additionally, the fitness watch will notify you when your resting heart rate is too high or too low.

Better sleep tracking

Meanwhile, TruSleep 2.0 monitors your sleep stages and sleep respiration quality. It presents a comprehensive sleep analysis presenting different stages: light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and wakefulness.

Moreover, it identifies typical sleep problems that help the Watch Fit prepare hundreds of suggestions to improve and personalize your sleep. Having a long-lasting battery life, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice while tracking your sleep.

Other health-tracking features

On another note, the Watch Fit also comes with important tracking features such as SpO2 monitoring for your blood oxygen saturation, stress level monitoring packed with breathing exercises, and menstrual cycle management for women.

Style meets functionality

The Huawei Watch Fit presents a sleek style worth wearing at all times. It’s lightweight and it complements any outfit with its breathable strap designs in different colors: Mint Green, Sakura Pink, Cantaloupe Orange, and Graphite Black.

It sports a vivid AMOLED screen with ultra-slim bezels and a dazzling display. Furthermore, it carries over 130 different watch face designs and an option to personalize with photo albums synced from your smartphone.

Pricing and availability

The Huawei Watch Fit retails for EUR 129 (US$ 153) and is available September 2020.

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Meet Bob the Dishwasher: He’s what every small kitchen needs



Bob the Dishwasher at IFA 2020

This year’s paired down IFA had attendees giving more attention to the startups and smaller tech companies that joined the fair. One of the stars of the show is even a compact dishwasher that will fit smaller kitchens. Meet Bob the Dishwasher designed by France’s Daan Tech.

Bob the Dishwasher at IFA 2020

Bob the Dishwasher comes in 12 different colors ranging from brights to pastels. There’s one for every kitchen aesthetic. The whole machine weighs 10 kilograms and can clean your dishes in 20 minutes. It also has an ultraviolet sterilizer that kills viruses and bacteria.

And while it’s so compact, it actually fits quite a lot for its size. It comfortably fits 6 plates, 12 pieces of cutlery, and 6 glasses. This means you can do one wash per day if there are only two of you living in your flat, eating three meals a day. The basket is, however, modular and can be adjusted to fit more. If you’re using different sizes of plates, it can fit up to 8 by putting some smaller ones on the sides.

Bob the Dishwasher at IFA 2020

Bob the Dishwasher fits well in a kitchen counter or a separate stand in your kitchen. You just plug it in, insert the detergent cassette, fill it with water and dirty dishes, and you’re good to go.

Eco-friendly detergent cassettes

Each detergent cassette that you can also purchase from Daan Tech can last you up to 30 washes. Each cassette contains about 120 ml of detergent. It’s the machine’s job to just get as much as it needs. The cassette is made of 100% recycled plastic and can be returned to the company. They will then refill the cassettes and put them back in the market.

Bob the Dishwasher only uses 2.9 liters of water per cycle, making it a really good choice for people who want to be kinder to the environment.

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Uniqlo’s 2020 F/W collection blends fashion, technology, and sustainability

Comfort is at the core of every design



Photo by Uniqlo

Uniqlo is not a fashion company, it’s a technology company,” said Tadashi Yanai, Uniqlo’s founder.

As the Japanese global apparel retailer launched its Fall/Winter collection for 2020, Uniqlo placed more emphasis on its technology blended seamlessly through fashion.

The new collection offers a wide variety of comfortable LifeWear clothing — T-shirts, bottoms, dresses, down jackets, outerwear, sport utility wear, and even its technology-focused clothing such as Heattech and Airism.

Uniqlo also continued its collaboration with fashion icon Ines de la Fressange featuring French chic silhouettes symbolizing female freedom and independence.

There’s also the collaboration with New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima, promoting cultural diversity through clothes focused on detail and easy, comfortable fit.

Moreover, the 2020 Fall/Winter collection focused on innovative solutions to its clothes, aiming to contribute to a sustainable future.

2020 Fall/Winter Collection

Photos by Uniqlo


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