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How to purge your social media accounts

Time for some cleaning!



These days, everything is online — your profile, location, where you were last Wednesday at 8pm, or even that embarrassing 2010 emo version of yourself. Make no mistake, if it’s on the internet, anyone can find it.

Of course, we don’t want that. We don’t want what old social media posts our younger (read: stupid) selves have posted to come back and bite us in the tush.

So, it’s time for some cleaning! Here’s how to do that digital detox:


First up, it would be wise to limit what people can see on your Facebook account based on time that has passed. You certainly don’t want new colleagues seeing your crazy 2014 vacation! Since you can’t prevent social media stalking, prevent what they’ll be able to see on your Timeline instead. Head on to Settings → Privacy → Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline → Limit Posts and voila, social media is a safer space from prying eyes!

But, that’s just switching privacy settings. If you want to make sure those 2014 vacation photos never see the light of day, you can permanently clean up your Facebook page by deleting everything one by one. But ain’t nobody got time for that! You can do it faster with a Chrome extension — that just means you have to be on the Chrome browser to get this to work so download it if you haven’t already and we’ll proceed.

Download Social Book Post Manager (it’s free) and head on to your Facebook page’s Activity Log which can be found on the upper-right drop-down menu.

Once here, tap the Social Book Post Manager button which should also be on the upper-right side of your browser window.

Just input parameters and let it do all the deleting work! Just take note that this will take time but a clean slate is worth all that waiting.


Ah, Twitter. The 280 character limit (previously 140) is, of course, seen by many as an invite to spew whatever idiotic message they can cram in one go. This platform has historically brought one too many famous people to their knees via old viral Tweets unearthed by present haters.

Not saying you’ve Tweeted a lot of stupid things in the past — though, let’s be honest, you probably have — but deleting Twitter history seems like a smart move lest an old out-of-context tweet be used against you in the future.

If you’re (a.) talkative and (b.) have a long Twitter history, you might want help deleting your Tweets. Head on to Cardigan’s website and link your account.

This will allow you to delete your last 3,200 tweets; for some reason, Twitter has picked 3,200 as the magical number and any more than that, you’d need to pay for the service. What’s great is that Cardigan also allows you to remove Twitter likes because who knows what tweets 2012 you mass tapped on.

Another great free service is TweetDelete: The same premise stands, you can delete 3,200 old tweets in one go, but this allows you to pick what point in time those tweets would be from. Perfect for sentimental saps who want to erase only the real old tweets and keep the newer ones.

It also allows for automated deletion, meaning your tweets get automatically deleted after a certain time period — there are options from a week to a year.

Neither of these two services will erase all your Twitter history in one go, but all you need to do to achieve that clean slate is to redo the services over and over to get everything deleted, 3,200 tweets at a time. This may sound tedious but that’s way better than doing it per tweet.


Now, Instagram cleaning is tricky. Unlike the two previous social media platforms, I don’t really see why you’d mass delete your photos on this platform — unless you’re a serial IG poster without regard to feed aesthetics (gasp!).

Either way, I’d suggest archiving photos if you want them to disappear from your feed. This way, the photo isn’t gone forever and you can add it on to your feed if you suddenly decide that the aesthetic is up to par.

Something like Cleaner for Instagram (iOS; Android) can help you clean up. This includes not only deleting photos, but also unfollowing and cleaning up followers. Take note, though, that you can only do 50 actions on the free trial and after that, you’d have to pay for the Pro version.

Be warned that Instagram doesn’t like it when you use any third-party apps and they can construe all this quick cleaning as suspicious behavior which can lead to a ban. The best way, at least for this platform, is to just do everything manually.

After all these steps, your social media accounts will be as good as new, or at least as presentable as you’d want them to be.

Happy cleaning!

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Home appliances that fit your pastel, feminine aesthetic



Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to marry your aesthetic with technology that fits your needs. No, I’m not just talking about phones and personal gadgets here but appliances that make life much easier.

I still remember back in Spring of 2017 when we just moved to Berlin and we were still putting our kitchen together. I wanted some pastel colors in the kitchen. This, to make cooking a fun activity even in my busiest of days and in the dead of winter.  It was hard to find anything that matched my palette that also fit our budget.

Looking through this year’s IFA, we were given a glimpse of what’s now available in the market and what’s to come. Let’s just say, you won’t be stuck with just two options. So if you’re looking for appliances that fit your feminine aesthetic without having to sacrifice technological advancement, we got you covered.

SMEG: Retro Chic

A touch of color and retro feels that can make any Instagram feed happy. Their fridge is a classic and the design is something we are definitely familiar with. For functionality, it does tend to be basic but if you’re someone who wants something that is a straight-up fridge with not much frills, then this would be perfect.

You get ample space that can fit a small family’s needs for a week but it’s not a fridge I would recommend if you’re someone who likes to store food much longer than that. And let’s face it, why would you? You’d just forget about it anyway. Might as well get to them at their best state.

The price tag for a SMEG fridge here in Berlin start at about EUR 1,000 (US$ 1,107). If that’s pretty steep for you, the brand offers other items for your kitchen that come in pretty pastels as well. Something you can get for now while you save up for that fridge. From electric kettles, juicers, toasters, blenders and even mixers that can be a serious threat to Kitchenaid looks-wise, SMEG offers products that can still fit your budget despite its premium status.

What’s impressive is their dishwasher that comes in such a gorgeous shade of Cadillac pink. Despite the retro look, it comes with various modes that any modern homemaker will be happy about. Five programs that even cover your crystal plus five quick versions of each. For all those times when you get unexpected guests and you just need your dishes stat.

Bosch: For the Fickle Minded

We’ve all been there — waking up one day and just wanting to redecorate the whole apartment, wanting a fresh look for all the fresh starts we keep having. But if you decided on a bright red two years ago for your fridge, how in the world will it fit your new, much more relaxed, pastel aesthetic?

No worries, Bosch has the Vario fridge. The first fridge that was designed to be re-styled whenever you want and whatever your color your mood dictates. As long as it fits in their 24-color palette which, come to think of it, already feels like more than enough.

Prices in Germany start at EUR 1,279 inclusive of the standard grey fridge with a pair color panels. Extra panels come at EUR 179 for a pair.

Another thing we definitely enjoyed at the Bosch pavilion at IFA was the CookIt. It may not come in pretty pastel colors but it does come in white – which will definitely go with your colored pieces. The food processor and multicooker in one is definitely a game-changer in the kitchen that it got a GadgetMatch Best of IFA Award.

Samsung: Personalized Elegance

The first in their line of customizable appliances, Samsung introduced their BESPOKE refrigerator line. Not only do you get to choose the colors of your fridge, you also get to design how the modular configuration of the fridge can fit into your kitchen.

From the size, material, the number of doors, handle position, and the way it will all fit in your space, everything is decided by the customer. Choosing the configuration and colours for the fridge also come as an experience for the customer. A screen that immediately lets you see how it will look like in your own (or dream) kitchen wasn’t just convenient, it was fun to use as well.

A choice between nine colors also gives you the power to give each fridge door a different color. Another recipient of the Best of IFA award here at GadgetMatch, the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerators are rumored to come out mid-2020 here in Germany and we obviously can’t wait.

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How to wear nude: The perfect summer to fall transition

Look chic this transitional season with a color you most probably have in your closet



The combination of cool breeze and sunny skies can only mean one thing: summer isn’t completely over but autumn is almost here. Dressing during this transitional season can be tricky — sweaters and boots can still be too warm during the day, yet the wind can easily blow your favorite summer dress up.

And then there’s color. Summer whites and bright colors have to slowly start taking a back seat to give way to fall’s earthy tones. My go-to during this summer-to-fall transition is a closet staple all of us should already own: nude. All 50 shades of it. Here are some styling tricks you can take note of before heading out this month of September:

Layer with linens

Linen-blend paperbag shorts from & Other Stories

There are very few things more comfortable than linen during the summer. On days when temperatures fluctuate more than usual, wearing layers with a linen piece can be your go-to. Combine it with something warmer like a cotton sweater. You can also throw a blazer on top if the weather permits.

Slip into a slip dress

Slip dress from ARA

Who says you need to give your slip dresses a break this season? You can keep wearing those silk pieces as you transition into fall with a warm turtle neck sweater underneath or over it to turn it into a skirt.

Keep calm and carry the mini bag

Leather mini bag from Looks Like Summer

Mini bags may be the it accessory this summer, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to keep using them. Neutrals like nude will work with your outfit when styled appropriately for the season, even when the item is no longer trendy.

Power dress with an extra long coat

Nude trench from & Other Stories

Sweating underneath a powerful outfit is neither attractive nor commanding. Power dressing when it’s hot and humid out is not easy, especially when getting to work involves a lot of walking or subway rides. During this summer-to-fall transition, you can bring that light-colored coat from spring and wear it over your work outfit when needed. Plus points if your smartphone (or its case) doesn’t ruin the look, but actually matches with it.

There are many other ways to survive the summer-to-fall transition as stylishly as possible, but there’s nothing like sticking to pieces you most probably already have in your wardrobe — and styling them for the season — instead of buying more pieces that you won’t be able to wear until next year. There is, for sure, something nude in your closet that’s begging to be worn. It’s a staple that works with almost anything, may it be summer or fall.


How to wear red: 3 stylish pairings to try
How to wear pink: 4 ways to look chic and grown-up

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Elodie unicorn diffuser: Adorable lamp and humidifier for your baby’s nursery

Keep cold and flu viruses at bay with this super cute unicorn humidifier



Infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to sickness-causing bacteria that thrive in dry air so it is important for parents to be aware of the humidity level of their homes. This is why a diffuser is an essential item in many moms’ checklists, including mine, to add healthy moisture to every home.

A humidifier, night light, and a cute unicorn accessory all-in-one — the Elodie Unicorn LED Diffuser 2.0 by Smoko makes a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery.

“It can continuously change colors on its own if that’s the magical show that you wish to achieve.”

How it works

Using ultrasonic vibration technology, the machine breaks its water particles into cool mist. The amount of mist that comes out of its golden horn depends on the humidity, temperature, and air flow in your room.

Its full tank capacity of 200ml should last for up to 6-8 hours although it only lasted for 4 hours, in my case.

You can choose to set the duration to one hour, two hours, or to stay on until the machine automatically shuts off when it is out of water. The water tank is pretty big which allows for easy refill.

This unicorn can also light up with 8 different colors: red, violet, blue, light blue, green, yellow, white, pink. It can continuously change colors on its own if that’s the magical show that you wish to achieve.

Low maintenance

It’s important to regularly clean any diffuser to prevent the buildup of mold. With Elodie, maintenance is a piece of cake.

Just empty the tank after 5-6 uses and wipe with a clean, soft, and damp cloth. If you choose to use essential oils, you’ll want to clean the tank before using a different one.

When not in use, just keep the tank dry. You wouldn’t want idle water to attract bugs or insects.

Is it any good?

At US$ 65, this isn’t some smart high-tech humidifier, but it does the job of doing exactly what I need it to do: add moisture to the nursery I’m building for my baby, and more.

It also doesn’t make any noise, neither does it leak nor scatter water droplets. It’s simple but with added unicorn cuteness other diffusers don’t have.


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