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How to purge your social media accounts

Time for some cleaning!



These days, everything is online — your profile, location, where you were last Wednesday at 8pm, or even that embarrassing 2010 emo version of yourself. Make no mistake, if it’s on the internet, anyone can find it.

Of course, we don’t want that. We don’t want what old social media posts our younger (read: stupid) selves have posted to come back and bite us in the tush.

So, it’s time for some cleaning! Here’s how to do that digital detox:


First up, it would be wise to limit what people can see on your Facebook account based on time that has passed. You certainly don’t want new colleagues seeing your crazy 2014 vacation! Since you can’t prevent social media stalking, prevent what they’ll be able to see on your Timeline instead. Head on to Settings → Privacy → Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline → Limit Posts and voila, social media is a safer space from prying eyes!

But, that’s just switching privacy settings. If you want to make sure those 2014 vacation photos never see the light of day, you can permanently clean up your Facebook page by deleting everything one by one. But ain’t nobody got time for that! You can do it faster with a Chrome extension — that just means you have to be on the Chrome browser to get this to work so download it if you haven’t already and we’ll proceed.

Download Social Book Post Manager (it’s free) and head on to your Facebook page’s Activity Log which can be found on the upper-right drop-down menu.

Once here, tap the Social Book Post Manager button which should also be on the upper-right side of your browser window.

Just input parameters and let it do all the deleting work! Just take note that this will take time but a clean slate is worth all that waiting.


Ah, Twitter. The 280 character limit (previously 140) is, of course, seen by many as an invite to spew whatever idiotic message they can cram in one go. This platform has historically brought one too many famous people to their knees via old viral Tweets unearthed by present haters.

Not saying you’ve Tweeted a lot of stupid things in the past — though, let’s be honest, you probably have — but deleting Twitter history seems like a smart move lest an old out-of-context tweet be used against you in the future.

If you’re (a.) talkative and (b.) have a long Twitter history, you might want help deleting your Tweets. Head on to Cardigan’s website and link your account.

This will allow you to delete your last 3,200 tweets; for some reason, Twitter has picked 3,200 as the magical number and any more than that, you’d need to pay for the service. What’s great is that Cardigan also allows you to remove Twitter likes because who knows what tweets 2012 you mass tapped on.

Another great free service is TweetDelete: The same premise stands, you can delete 3,200 old tweets in one go, but this allows you to pick what point in time those tweets would be from. Perfect for sentimental saps who want to erase only the real old tweets and keep the newer ones.

It also allows for automated deletion, meaning your tweets get automatically deleted after a certain time period — there are options from a week to a year.

Neither of these two services will erase all your Twitter history in one go, but all you need to do to achieve that clean slate is to redo the services over and over to get everything deleted, 3,200 tweets at a time. This may sound tedious but that’s way better than doing it per tweet.


Now, Instagram cleaning is tricky. Unlike the two previous social media platforms, I don’t really see why you’d mass delete your photos on this platform — unless you’re a serial IG poster without regard to feed aesthetics (gasp!).

Either way, I’d suggest archiving photos if you want them to disappear from your feed. This way, the photo isn’t gone forever and you can add it on to your feed if you suddenly decide that the aesthetic is up to par.

Something like Cleaner for Instagram (iOS; Android) can help you clean up. This includes not only deleting photos, but also unfollowing and cleaning up followers. Take note, though, that you can only do 50 actions on the free trial and after that, you’d have to pay for the Pro version.

Be warned that Instagram doesn’t like it when you use any third-party apps and they can construe all this quick cleaning as suspicious behavior which can lead to a ban. The best way, at least for this platform, is to just do everything manually.

After all these steps, your social media accounts will be as good as new, or at least as presentable as you’d want them to be.

Happy cleaning!

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5 coolest Airbnb places you can rent in Tagaytay

For when you want to escape Manila’s heat



Image credit: Airbnb

Tagaytay is one destination you can visit when you’re looking for a weekend getaway. It’s popular for its cold weather, picture-worthy cafes, and an overlooking view of Taal Volcano, the world’s smallest active volcano. In addition, it’s just a two-hour drive away from Manila.

If you’re planning to stay in this city for a couple of days, here are our top five Airbnb rentals:

Dalton’s Lakeview Point

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Dalton’s Lakeview Point is a stylish, modern-themed Airbnb. It’s spacious enough to fit groups up to six people, and its artistic interior design gives you that cozy and calming feeling. Stay here when you want a refreshing view of Taal Lake.

Book it here.

Nordic Jewel

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Couples might enjoy staying at Nordic Jewel, a Scandinavian-inspired Airbnb located in Tagaytay Prime Residences. Despite being small, every corner is Instagrammable. If that doesn’t convince you, let me tell you this: Small spaces make you closer with a person. Now go and have a good time with the love of your life!

Book it here.

Unit 217, Tower 1, Wind Residences

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Even though it looks like a hotel room, Unit 217 in Tower 1, Wind Residences exudes an elegant, contemporary vibe. Its yellow accents give life in this Airbnb’s dominantly black and white design, and its patio invites you to relax and take a peek outside. This is perfect for those who want to feel that hotel vibe with a touch of the usual bed and breakfast.

Book it here.

Chalet de Tagaytay

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If you want to retreat from the hustle-bustle of life, Chalet de Tagaytay is a rustic Airbnb that oozes privacy. Perched on a mountainside, it has the perfect view of Taal Lake for when you want to contemplate about life. Take the time to forget the world and your problems, and just relax during your stay.

Book it here.

Windsor Vacation House

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Windsor Vacation House is the perfect place for get-togethers. It’s spacious enough to let everyone have their own space, and every corner is definitely picture-worthy. Next time you have an occasion to celebrate, bring your families and friends here for a wonderful experience. It can comfortably fit people up to 12 people, and it’s guaranteed you’ll make new memories with a beautiful Airbnb like this!

Book it here.

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4 reasons the new Instax Mini LiPlay is perfect for any occasion

Small but packed with features



Fujifilm recently announced their new hybrid instant camera, the Instax Mini LiPlay. It’s the newest addition to the company’s lineup of Instax instant cameras and by far the smallest and most lightweight in its series.

Despite being small, it’s packed with features that every girl would love to have in different situations. Here are the reasons why:

1. You get to celebrate occasions in a special way

The Instax Mini LiPlay is not your typical instant camera. It comes with an LCD so you can review photos you’ve captured, and choose which one to print.

It also has a “Sound” button which is capable of recording up to ten seconds of audio. The Instax Mini LiPlay then converts the audio’s data into a QR code and adds it to the photo printed. Users can play and replay for at least a year by scanning the QR code. This function is perfect for adding greetings, songs, and other messages you’d love to share through the printed photo.

2. Definitely a travel companion

This hybrid instant camera is different compared to Fujifilm’s instant cameras. Its promise of being the smallest and most lightweight makes it an easy-to-carry travel-sized camera (that won’t take too much space in your bag).

In addition, solo and group travelers can enjoy the remote shooting feature, which remotely takes a photo and print it on the spot using your smartphone. Furthermore, it has a direct print feature so you can transfer your photos from your smartphone and print it using the instant camera’s film. Whatever device you use, the Instax Mini LiPlay is a travel companion you’ll love to bring anywhere you go.

3. For the times when you want to express yourself

If you love shooting flat lays or OOTDs, the Instax Mini LiPlay may be useful as a prop or as an accessory. It has a stylish design that matches your aesthetic, and it comes in three beautiful colors: Stone White, Elegant Black, and Blush Gold.

Moreover, it has an array of design frames. The camera comes with ten pre-installed frames, which you can select during or after taking a photo. When you download the free Instax Mini LiPlay app, you get to enjoy 20 additional design frames.

4. Enjoy taking photos wherever you go

Say goodbye to AA batteries that make you feel like you’re using a device from the early 2000s. The Instax Mini LiPlay uses micro-USB for charging and takes two to three hours to fully charge the device. Its battery can last up to 100 printed photos. Photos are also saved onto a microSD card so you can keep on shooting until your memory card is full!

The Instax Mini LiPlay is priced at PhP 9,999 and will be available around late June to early July in the Philippines.

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Xiaomi makes your dream home more attainable with new appliances

Beautiful and affordable



As a struggling, single twentysomething, imagining what life would be like after 30 can be difficult. On rare occasions when my bank account looks more promising than usual, I fancy my future self as someone who can afford a living space that I designed myself — from picking wall colors, to getting minimal Scandinavian furniture, to hanging my own art, to breathing more life into it with plants.

Even if I’m surrounded by new technology all the time, the thing I find hardest to imagine is filling up that space with home tech — mostly because it’s hard to find well-designed appliances that don’t cost a fortune. While we put so much thought in getting furniture and accents that go well together, it rarely ever matters that we have a combination of a green stove, a white washing machine, a silver refrigerator, and a maroon fan — all in one household. But it does matter, and Xiaomi, once again, saves the day (or in this case, my future) with four new smart products for the dream home we all deserve.

Mi Smart Door Lock

Your dream home should only be unlocked with a mechanical key during emergency situations. The Mi Smart Door Lock offers up to six different unlocking methods, including fingerprint scanning and NFC. This means the new Mi Smart Band 4 or any phone with NFC can be used to unlock the door. This also means saving extra space in your purse for more important things like your lip balm.

The Mi Smart Door Lock retails for CNY 1,699 (US$ 245).

Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer Pro (10kg)

Let’s face it, none of us like doing the laundry but it shouldn’t be a chore. The Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer Pro supports voice control to activate or stop a washing cycle. It also sends a notification to your phone when your laundry is ready, so while waiting you can do a home workout or make yourself a hearty meal instead.

Washing machines should also not be an eyesore, and this one from Xiaomi sports a minimalist design and a singular OLED smart button. Oh, and it’ll be able to receive over-the-air updates in the future, too. The Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer Pro starts at CNY 2,999 (US$ 433).

Mi Smart Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Stove Set

Any grownup kitchen should be a smart one so you can braise beef without forgetting about it and potentially burning your dream homes down. The Mi Smart Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Stove Set supports remote and voice controls, so you can monitor and adjust temperatures even from the toilet. The set is available at CNY 2,298 (US$ 333).

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