Huawei FreeBuds 4: Price, availability in Singapore

Another quality TWS from Huawei



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Huawei’s FreeBuds 3 is a great true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, and the company is set to launch its successor soon in Singapore. Launching this July 24, the FreeBuds 4 brings improved noise cancellation, audio quality, and design to rival premium TWS earbuds in the market.

Improved noise cancellation

The headlining feature of the FreeBuds 4 is its improved noise cancellation. It now has Open-fit Active Noise Cancellation 2.0, which builds upon the FreeBuds 3’s pioneering open-fit noise-cancellation technology. Indeed, this is a pioneering piece of technology since the earbuds don’t rely on seals yet still manages to cancel out noise.

Huawei says that this technology is a combination of innovation on both the hardware and software front. True enough, this technology builds upon dual-microphone noise-cancelling technology. The earbuds also tout adaptive ear-matching (AEM) noise-cancelling technology, which matches the earbuds’ noise-cancelling setup to the user’s ear shape.

A more immersive audio quality

Huawei FreeBuds 4 also feature a bigger 14.3 mm dynamic driver, which means a more powerful and immersive bass. Combined with a Liquid Crystal Polymer, the earbuds deliver a much richer and immersive audio quality too. Plus, the AEM technology also adjusts the audio effect for the users so they can enjoy the higher audio quality regardless of how they wear the earbuds.

Quick charging is also here to stay, with Huawei claiming 2.5 hours of battery life with just a quick 15-minute charge. With the case, the total battery life of the FreeBuds 4 is at 22 hours. As for the earbuds, both have a rated 4 hours of battery life without ANC and 2.5 hours with ANC.

Lightweight build and smart connectivity

Huawei claims that it made a number of design optimizations to the FreeBuds 4. The end result is a lighter-feeling earbuds with improved ANC. The casing also went optimizations and features a rounded design first seen on the FreeBuds 4i.

Various connectivity smarts also made it into the mix of features. Users can pair the earbuds via proximity pairing or automatically with Huawei devices. The earbuds also support dual device connection, and can be managed through the Audio Connectivity Center.

Price and availability

Pre-orders for the Huawei FreeBuds 4 rans from July 17 to 23. During this period, users can pre-order the earbuds at SG$ 20 off and receive a protective casing too. Come July 24, the earbuds will retail at its usual price of SG$ 198. It will be available in a choice of two colors: Ceramic White and Silver Frost.

Users may avail of these earbuds on all Huawei Experience Stores, selected consumer electronic stores including Best Denki, Challenger &, COURTS, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Sprint-Cass Online as well as official online stores on Lazada and Shopee.


Nokia created a new Nokia 3310 but it’s just cake

Always has been



After years of languishing in the darkness, Nokia has ascended back into the spotlight as a staple of the smartphone industry. That happened five years ago. HMD Global, the current owner of Nokia’s products, has a lot to be thankful for. And what’s a better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than with a cake? To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Nokia’s new era, the company has partnered with renowned cake sculptor Michelle Wibowo.

The cake is designed after none other than the iconic Nokia 3310. Though it’s the newer version of the classic phone, the cake looks hyper-realistic. It looks as great as the actual phone. However, it was made with chocolate sponge and vanilla buttercream. The casing, on the other hand, is made with a hand-painted sugar shell casing.

Of course, Nokia has since launched a flurry of other phones since then. But the brand is especially indebted to the Nokia 3310 as one of the early devices that catapulted it to the top of the tech world in the early 2000s. The classic Nokia 3310 was launched in September 2000.

Michelle Wibowo is a famous cake sculptor known around the world. She has created works of art like the Hogwarts Castle and lifelike depictions of popular figures like Queen Elizabeth II. The hyper-realistic Nokia 3310 cake certainly echoes the past trend of creating everyday items with cake.

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Qualcomm officially launches Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Coming first late 2021



A few days ago, Qualcomm officially confirmed a coming name change for its ubiquitous Snapdragon chipset series. Of course, though Qualcomm already announced the change, the company did not reveal the new naming scheme. Now, the mystery is gone. Welcome, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Sporting a new coat of paint, the chipset touts an improved 5G modem, the X65 5G. According to the company, the modem can reportedly reach 10Gbps in download speeds. It can also connect to the emerging Wi-Fi 6 standard, allowing up to 3.6Gbps in download speeds. The upper limit won’t mean much in today’s still-young 5G global network. However, it does mean much for the chipset’s longevity.

In the camera department, the chipset sports an 18-bit processor which can supposedly process 4,000 times more data than its predecessor. It can support up to three 36-megapixel cameras simultaneously. It can shoot up to 8K HDR footage at 30 frames per second, UHD footage at 120 frames per second, or slow-mo 720p videos at 960 frames per second.

Qualcomm didn’t specifically indicate how much the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 differs from the Snapdragon 888 in the performance department. However, it will once again focus on the future of AI. Features that use AI will reportedly get a boost going forward.

According to the company, the first smartphones with the chipset will launch sometime by the end of the year. As expected, more smartphones will come out next year in 2022.

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Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO

Successors named



Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has been as much of a staple for the social media network as Mark Zuckerberg has for Facebook. However, as followers of Apple and Microsoft can attest to, long-standing figureheads of tech can change in an instant. Twitter is suddenly undergoing just that sort of shakeup. In a surprise announcement, Dorsey has announced that he is stepping down as Twitter CEO.

On-brand for his eccentric personality, Dorsey tweeted out the internal email detailing his resignation from his post. According to the email, Dorsey now feels that it is time to transition the company from a “founder-led” system to something potentially greater. He, along with other members of the board, has already appointed successors for his position.

First, now-former Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal will serve as the company’s CEO effective immediately. Agarwal was formerly an engineer with Twitter but has since led the company through several key decisions beside Dorsey.

Secondly, Bret Taylor, a member of Twitter’s board, will eventually serve as the new chairman. Dorsey will still serve the rest of this term until around May. Between now and the end of his term, Dorsey will help both new leaders transition into their new positions.

Though Dorsey’s announcement has a sense of intensity, this isn’t the first time that the Twitter founder exited his position. Back in 2008, he left his post for a time before returning to helm the company again in 2015. Only time will tell whether this current resignation will stick and what role he will transition into now. Regardless, it’s a new era for Twitter.

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