Huawei Mate 40 Pro available now on Globe’s postpaid plans

Also comes with a wireless charging table lamp until supplies last!



Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Huawei’s latest flagship — the Mate 40 Pro — is now available on Globe via ThePLAN. Subscribers can also avail of the flagship through the premium Platinum plans or through select physical stores from January 29 to February 28.

As part of Globe’s postpaid device roster, subscribers can avail of Huawei’s latest flagship through different plan tiers ranging from the ThePLAN 599 up to the ThePLATINUM Plan 7999. Here is the breakdown for each plan tiers (not including ThePLATINUM plans):


  • 599 — 2GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to Globe and TM (One-time cashout of PhP 42,000)
  • 799 — 3GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 39,600)
  • 999 — 5GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 37,200)
  • 1299 — 8GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 36,000)
  • 1499 — 11GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 32,400)
  • 1799 — 16GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 30,000)
  • 1999 — 18GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 27,600)
  • 2499 — 31GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 22,800)
  • 2999 — 51GB of data, and unlimited texts and calls to all networks (One-time cashout of PhP 22,800)

Subscribers also get additional perks depending on their plans. All plans get a free subscription to KonsultaMD and a free 1GB of data allocation to Facebook services. ThePLAN 999 and above also get a free 6-month Amazon Prime and a free 3-month iflixVIP subscription.

As an exclusive, each plan also comes with a free wireless charging table lamp worth PhP 2,499 until supplies last.

Free shipping is available for all plan tiers. Each plan is subject to a 24-month contract period. To avail of Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro, visit the Globe website today or go to select physical stores nationwide.


Xiaomi working on Mi Band with 360-degree display

Wraps around your wrist



Xiaomi is enjoying quite a nice year so far. Recently, the Chinese company became the second largest smartphone maker in the world. Of course, besides its evidently popular smartphones, the company is also blooming with its slate of other devices including the successful Mi Bands. And, if this new leak comes to pass, Xiaomi isn’t done improving its other products. According to a new leak, Xiaomi is developing a new Mi Band with a 360-degree display.

Leaked on Weibo, a recent company presentation supposedly hints that the device — called the Mi Band X — is coming in the future. As the description implies, the wearable will not use the traditional screen + band system used by most wearable bands today.

Instead, the entire band is a flexible display. It won’t clasp with a buckle or notches either. It will reportedly use a magnetic system to fix itself on the user’s wrist. Though the description sounds complex, the leak states that the device will still be light and usable for a fitness band.

This isn’t the first wearable with a larger and more flexible display, though. Years ago, ZTE’s Nubia released the Nubia Alpha touted an elongated screen packed with smartphone-like features. At the time, it claimed to be the largest screen ever for a wearable. A 360-degree screen can easily upend this claim.

The leak does not indicate if or when the Mi Band X is coming. It doesn’t indicate how much the device will sell for either. However, if the Nubia Alpha’s EUR 449 price tag is anything to go by, the Mi Band X won’t be a cheap one, especially compared to other Mi Bands.

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Google is developing a Switch to Android app for iPhone users

Making it easier to switch



Switching between mobile operating systems is one of the most tedious tasks for smartphone users. The task’s difficulty is often a big reason why Apple and Android users stick to their own lanes. To help ease this for switching users, Google is reportedly developing a Switch to Android app for iOS users.

Reported by 9to5Google, an upcoming APK supposedly reveals the existence of such an app. The unannounced app will help iOS users move their data to their new Android devices.

Data transfer apps have existed for quite some time now. Usually, smartphone makers have their own branded transfer apps. This is the first time that Google has its own app for the purpose. Currently (and without the aforementioned transfer apps), iOS owners have to back up their info on Google Drive (or elsewhere) then download them again on the new phone.

Compared to the current way to do it, the app’s data hints at more transferrable data between devices. The app can supposedly transfer messages and apps. Given how different iOS and Android operates, it’ll be interesting to know how Google transfers these data.

Currently, Google has not revealed when or if the Switch to Android app is coming. However, Apple already has a Move to iOS app, making it easier for those switchers to move. Google’s own take on the app has been a long time coming.

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No OnePlus 9T or 9T Pro, rumor says

Probably because of the chip shortage



The past 12 months have been weird for the smartphone industry. Last year, Apple removed the free chargers from its new iPhone boxes, sparking a concerning trend throughout the entire smartphone industry. Recently, Samsung’s TM Roh confirmed that a Galaxy Note isn’t coming this year. Now, there’s a rumor swirling around that OnePlus will not launch a OnePlus 9T or a OnePlus 9T Pro.

Explicitly leaked through a tweet, Max Jambor states that OnePlus will not launch the premium models of its current flagship lineup this year. Instead, the company will focus on the standard OnePlus 9 models this year.

Traditionally, OnePlus has a two-in-one release schedule every year, launching a standard flagship model earlier in the year and a premium slate later on. The schedule follows the same setup that Samsung uses for the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series.

It’s a strange coincidence that both Samsung and (potentially) OnePlus are foregoing their premium models this year. Both companies could be feeling the effects of the ongoing chip shortage that’s affecting the world right now. Without chips, smartphone makers won’t have an easy time making their devices.

Besides Samsung and OnePlus, Apple is reportedly cutting out its iPhone 12 mini and its successors — albeit replacing the model with a larger one. Consoles are also experiencing the crunch, experiencing shortages across the globe.

Though the current OnePlus report is still a rumor, current events do lend some credence to the sudden disappearance of the OnePlus 9T and 9T Pro this year.

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