JMGO O1: Best home theater solution for small apartments

Big screen experience that doesn’t break the bank



I love watching movies on the big screen. Who doesn’t?  Movies after all are made for it.

When I moved to a studio apartment two months ago, I didn’t have a TV nor a sound bar. It’s small, like most apartments in New York City, but I knew I wanted to have a good home theater setup despite the limited space I have. The JMGO O1 ultra short throw projector solves this problem.

True home cinema setup

When setting up your own movie theater at home, there are three essential things to keep in mind:

  1. Big screen. The bigger, the better for that grand cinematic experience
  2. Space. If you live in a house where you can have a dedicated room for your home theater, great. But if you’re renting a studio apartment, this can be tricky.
  3. Great audio. This is something we often overlook, but should definitely be on top of priorities, too.

The JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Projector ticks all three of these, and more. It’s also light-weight, a space-saver, and affordable.

Space-saving big screen

One of the main reasons to get a projector is that it lets you customize the size of your screen based on the space that you have. With a TV, this just isn’t something you can do; you’re stuck with the same big black screen.

With a regular projector, and even in the cinema, anyone who walks in front will cast a shadow on the screen. This can be annoying when you’re right in the middle of the action.

With the JMGO O1, that’s simply not the case. It’s an ultra-short throw projector so I put it on my existing credenza that’s flushed against the wall and I still got a large screen.

This means my big screen movie viewing experience will never be compromised just because my apartment is small.

With a throw ratio of 0.25:1, the JMGO O1 can be placed 10 inches from the wall and you get up to 100 inches of projected screen size.

If that doesn’t scream immersive, I don’t know what does.

On weekends when I’m doing meal prep, I normally rely on recipe videos and websites and use my laptop to view them.

Nowadays, I’ve gotten accustomed to moving the JMGO O1 to my kitchen peninsula and project the recipes on the wall. The screen is smaller, around 55 inches, which is actually still pretty big, if you think about it.

It has autofocus and Auto Keystone Correction available so I’m able to quickly set it up or adjust when I want to move it around.

Eye-protection mode is also built-in, which automatically lowers the brightness of the light source. This has been especially helpful when I have guests and they look directly at the light source when checking it out.

I think another underrated feature of the JMGO O1 is that it stays cool and quiet unlike regular projectors. Since it’s placed close to the wall, I never feel the heat it emits from hours of use or hear any hums, if it even makes any.

After all, the only sound I should be hearing is that of the audio of the movie I’m watching.

Co-created with Dynaudio

Speaking of audio, the JMGO O1 is co-created and tuned with Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio. Simply put, I get built-in cinematic stereo sound to match my big display.

So even if the projector is placed close to the wall and not beside me on the couch, the enhanced audio is powerful and immersive. It’s more than loud enough to surround me with stereo sound in my studio apartment set up.

Luna OS and JMGO app

The JMGO O1 runs on an android-based Luna OS. The app store has most of my favorite streaming apps: Netflix, Disney+, and HBOMax.

I loved watching Black Widow on this. Even though it didn’t get the movie premiere that it deserves, it’s one of those movies you’re really gonna want to watch on the big screen to appreciate all the stunts and special effects.

Seeing the animated version of Portofino in Luca made me want to book a trip to the Italian Riviera as soon as possible.

Some nights I kept up with John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, and binged reruns of Downton Abbey.

For regular TV and movie watching, I use the remote that came with the JMGO O1 to navigate. It’s small, white, and has very few buttons. It’s easy to use.

I also downloaded the JMGO app and use my phone as a trackpad sometimes. In the app, there’s a companion tab where I can change themes from Original, to Retro Neon to Ocean Waves.

With it I can also customize the music visualizer when I play my favorite songs via Bluetooth.

Another feature I love is the Digital Art Gallery. It’s like having a live screensaver on my wall, which has been a conversation starter when I have guests over.

There are different artworks  to choose from, and there’s an option to add them as widgets. This way, I can just use the remote to change the art depending on the mood.

One time, I projected this artwork called Blue sunlight by Liu Yaming on the empty wall, to the left of another piece of art. It looked like I had animated framed painting beside a still life.

There’s also a feature called Intelligent Image Flattening. With it you point your phone’s camera to align the edges of the screen. It then adjusts any plane distortion in case you have an uneven wall.

If you have streaming devices that you prefer like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon’s Fire TV, you can use it with the JMGO O1. It has two HDMI ports at the back.

Outdoor movie nights

Another benefit of having a projector, apart from the big screen, is that it’s so compact and portable. When I move to another apartment next year, I wouldn’t have to worry about hauling a big TV and set it up all over again.

It’s still summer here in New York so that means we can watch movies outdoors. One night I brought the JMGO O1 over to Josh’s patio, along with an outdoor projector screen. He prepared some snacks and Aperol Spritz, and we watched Toy Story.

It’s also perfect for romantic date nights or having more friends over to watch sports.

Affordable home theater system

The thought of having a home cinema is a little bit daunting especially with all the costs it involves. Bigger TVs and other short throw projectors usually start at $2,000, and that’s being conservative.

That’s not the case here. At just $699, the JMGO O1 is not just a space saving solution when you live in a cramped space like me, it’s one that’s affordable, too.

If you’re looking to start building a home theater for yourself, I highly recommend that you check out the JMGO O1.

It’s built well, looks and performs great, and most importantly comes with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank.

How to buy the JMGO O1


JMGO has already started shipping the O1 ultra short throw projector to backers. The company is currently offering an additional $50 off for GadgetMatch fans, bringing down the price to $649 for a limited time.

Since launching the Indiegogo campaign on June 1, 2021, JMGO has received support from backers across the globe, including the United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Taiwan, Australia, and Japan. To date, the company has raised over half a million dollars, which is 50 times the original fundraising goal.


Shopee’s 10.10 K-Pop performer is ITZY

Following sister group TWICE’s footsteps



Image from @ITZYofficial on Twitter

Shopee is on a roll. After securing performances from K-Pop supergroup TWICE, the online shopping company has also secured performances from K-Pop 4th Gen superstars ITZY. The group is set to perform on their 10.10 Brand Festival Shopee live.

Shopee has yet to reveal what else they have in store for 10.10. But what we can expect for sure is another generous round of vouchers and giveaways.

ITZY is a five-member girl group featuring Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. The group debuted with the song “Dalla Dalla”. In 2020, they launched the shoulder dance craze with their comeback “Wannabe”. On September 24, the group will release their first full album called Crazy In-Love with the title track “Loco”.

Early Shopee Christmas

In the Philippines, Shopee is already kickstarting its Christmas campaign. They are welcoming the holidays essentially the voice and face of Christmas in the country — Jose Mari Chan.  Shoppers can catch the singer-songwriter on holiday-themed in-app games such as Shopee Catch and Shopee Collectibles from  September to December.

The singer-songwriter will also give out treats via ShopeePay come December. He’s doing it along with other celebrities and influencers. Look for ShopeePay Celebrity Pamasko on your homepage and play the game to receive ShopeePay credits.

You can activate your ShopeePay wallet by clicking on the ShopeePay wallet bar, entering your personal information and OTP, and creating and confirming your ShopeePay PIN.

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Netflix, WWE announces interactive film Escape The Undertaker

Premiering in October



Since the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix has invested more and more in interactive content. In fact, besides its growing library of interactive content, the company is also working on its own video games for the future. Amid the rise of interactive content, Netflix is also working on a new collaboration to bolster its library. Netflix and WWE are releasing an interactive movie featuring The Undertaker.

Escape The Undertaker is an interactive Halloween film from both WWE Studios and Netflix. As the title indicates, the film stars Mark Calloway, otherwise known for his in-ring persona The Undertaker. Viewers have to guide the members of The New Day, a faction consisting of WWE stars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, to… well, escape The Undertaker. The fearsome legend invited The New Day to his mansion. Unbeknownst to the trio, The Undertaker’s mansion is filled with traps which The New Day have to escape from.

WWE Studios is no stranger to cinematic experiences. Before the age of Netflix, WWE produced and released action and horror films featuring their superstars including Steve Austin, John Cena, and Kane. In recent history, the company’s more creative arm got a breath of fresh air with last year’s cinematic matches. Because of the pandemic, WWE held more cinematic matches to compensate for the pandemic’s limitations. Coincidentally, one of those matches also included The Undertaker’s final match before retiring.

Escape The Undertaker premiers on Netflix on October 5.

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JMGO launches JMGO U2, an IMAX-like projector for your home

Already available for your home theater



The seemingly endless pandemic has forced us back into our homes. Though cinemas are already starting to open up, home theaters are still the safest way to enjoy movies, new and old, without sitting around everyone else. Home projectors are naturally making a huge comeback. Fresh off a recent projector launch, JMGO is already releasing its next home projector, the JMGO U2, an IMAX experience for your home.

Touted as a projector that can outperform IMAX theaters, the JMGO U2 can project a 100-inch screen from just 9.44 inches away. Using a tri-chroma laser engine, the projector can deliver crystal clear images from the comforts of your own home. It offers better quality than standard TV sets these days.

Two built-in speakers and two tweeter speakers complement the projector’s image quality. Both can provide surround sound without the need for external speakers.

For extended viewing periods, the U2 has a blue light filter and an eye protection mode to save your eyes while watching in the dark, especially if viewers get too close. Plus, if viewers are close, the projector operates at less than 28 decibels. It also has smart temperature control to regulate how hard the fans will work.

Inside, the projector comes installed with the Android-based Luna OS. The software offers good features for users including previewing different sources.

The JMGO U2 is available at an early bird rate of US$ 1,799 for a limited time, with more announcements to be posted on its Facebook Group. Afterwards, it will retail for US$ 2,099. It can also come with an ambient light rejecting screen bundled at US$ 2,628. Buyers will also get a free one-year warranty and can avail of an additional year for US$ 217.

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