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LG is working on an extendable OLED TV

With a small opening



Image source: LetsGoDigital

Say what you will about LG’s recent status in the tech industry. Regardless of whether the company is doing well, LG is still experimenting with a lot of new form factors, especially for its television branch. According to a new patent, LG is working on an extendable OLED TV.

Filed last year and published very recently, the patent reveals an OLED TV set that extends up and down from a cassette-like console. Notably, though it’s still an engineering marvel, the patented set doesn’t share in LG’s more bombastic experiments such as the rollable smartphone. The concept is similar, though: a television set that increases or decreases in size according to need.

More specifically (and depicted by LetsGoDigital), users can alter the screen’s size depending on the content they’re watching. Despite current content standards, some content is either way too square or too wide for modern TVs, resulting in unsightly letterboxing. An adjustable screen will eliminate all that mess. Further, a hole in the middle of the console will sneak a peek into the screen even when it’s completely under. With the small opening, the tiny screen can display notifications or even time.

Since it’s still a patent, no one knows when the extendable OLED TV will launch. However, LG has always been known to release its experiments eventually. For example, though its smartphone business is falling, LG has doubled down on a rollable smartphone concept coming soon.

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Sharp Cube Purifier protects your private spaces

Without taking too much space



The Coronavirus pandemic has created plenty of new needs for everyone. One of which is having an air purifier to cleanse our homes. Sharp, with its Plasmacluster tech, has proven to be quite adept in battling the airborne Coronavirus has a new gadget you might fancy — the Sharp Cube Purifier.

This tiny air purifier which measures 90mm x 90mm x 95mm has undergone many tests to prove its effectiveness. The tests were conducted by different health organizations such as the Ishikawa Health Service Association, the Japan Food Research Laboratories, Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and many more.

The tests conducted showed the Cube Purifiers proficiency in removal of airborne mold, reducing growth of adhering mold, suppressing activity of airborne viruses and adhering viruses, and suppressing the activity of adhering bacteria.

Despite its size, it can emit double the amount of ions of up to 50,000 when operating under full power. It can stand on your desk or shelf and it can also be wall mounted.

Price and availability

The Sharp Cube Purifier comes in black and retails for SG$ 299. It’s available for purchase at Sharp’s official online stores and authorized dealer stores.

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Samsung forays into window-type inverter air conditioner

Comes with fast cooling, energy-saving, and anti-bacterial technology



Samsung introduces its first window-type air conditioner that comes with a digital inverter.

This Window-type Inverter saves up to 61 percent energy, compared to non-inverter units. It also regulates the compressor’s speed by analyzing the room temperature, keeping a space cool, and preventing sudden spikes in energy usage.

With Fast Cooling technology, the air conditioner cools the room 15 percent faster than non-inverter units. Through its fastest fan speed, the unit can reach the desired temperature and maintains it by slowing down the fan.

Moreover, the air conditioner is equipped with a 3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Filter, cleaning air through Silver Ion, Vitamin C, and Anti-Mite technology — effective in destroying bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants.

Price and availability

Samsung retails the new Window-Type Inverter at a starting price of PhP 36,995. It can be purchased from authorized Samsung dealer stores. For more information, visit this link.

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Sony launches new Bravia XR TVs with up to 8K resolution

Powered by Google TV and Cognitive Processor XR



Sony just launched the BRAVIA XR TV lineup, which features the next-gen Cognitive Processor XR. The lineup consists of 8K to 4K LCD or OLED TVs powered by Google TV, with compatibility for HDMI 2.1 and more.

The Cognitive Processor XR on the new BRAVIA XR TVs has a completely new image and sound processing method designed to mimic the way humans see and hear. It works by dividing the screen into numerous zones and detecting the focal point. Through the focal point, the built-in AI can intelligently and cross-analyze elements like color, contrast, and detail all at once. The end result is a synchronized and lifelike image for a better viewing experience.

The processor also intelligently analyzes the sound position from a signal so that the sound matches the image almost perfectly. Plus, it also upscales any sound into a 3D surround for a truly immersive experience.

BRAVIA XR TVs also have Google TV under the hood, bringing a whole lot of apps and entertainment to users. Users can also watch personalized recommendations and access bookmarked content from their Watchlist. Plus, Google TV comes integrated with Google Search and Assistant for quicker control of the TV and other connected devices. Users may even cast their favorite YouTube videos from smartphones, PC, or Google Nest to their TVs.

It also has Netflix Calibrated Mode, so users can watch Netflix movies and shows just as how the creators intended them. On top of it all, BRAVIA XR TVs have HDMI 2.1 support and e-ARC compatibility — think pro-gaming features such as 4K 120fps support, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

Different models to choose from

BRAVIA XR TVs come in a variety of models and sizes. Each model also has its own unique features. The top-of-the-line MASTER Series Z9J model, for example, is an 85-inch LCD TV with a Full-Array LED panel, XR Triluminos Pro, XR Contrast Booster, and XR 8K Upscaling. It is also CALMAN Ready for advanced calibration and fine-tuning. In Singapore, this will cost around SG$ 26,999.

Almost the same features can be found on the A90J and A80J models, which range from 77-inch to 55-inch models. These are OLED TVs though, so you get much murkier blacks and saturated colors that aren’t entirely possible on an LCD TV. However, they also have a much lower resolution. The cheaper A80J will start at SG$ 3,999 while the A90J will retail from SG$ 5,999.

Meanwhile, the much cheaper X95J and X90J models pack the same specs as the top-of-the-line model but downgrade to 4K resolution to keep costs down. The X95J is available from an 85-inch to a 65-inch display and will start at SG$ 4,499. Meanwhile, the X90J is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 75-inch to 50-inch display and will retail from SG$ 2,599.

The new BRAVIA XR TVs will be available from April 2021 at Sony Stores, Sony Centres, and authorized dealers. It will also be available to buy online and through the official Sony store on Lazada Singapore.

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